Giving a try to a stranger

Giving a try to a stranger
nowadays phone apps are very convenient to date girls or boys. especially on wechat search nearby. i probably will turn on my search nearby all day and that’s how i become BI.

one night i check my wechat , and notice a red dot at my search nearby so i click on it and look. is a guy, quite handsome and look like a tough guy. well , i notice he just 300m away from me so at that time i quite bored at home so so i decide to accept him.

after accepted , he ask to meet and have a drink nearby. 5 min to my nearest hyper mall, i meet him in tea life. orders our drink and he ask if i’m ok to sit corner with him. so i didn’t too much and go for it. afterward he straight to the point and said “actually i’m gay and i’ve been long time didn’t have a cock inside my mouth and ass” . his hand starting touch my thigh…

i was totally stun! and try to avoid it but he reach my private part and i’m erection…..(i’m was curious why i have erection touching by a men!!! i keep telling myself it can’t be…) and that guy know i was hesitate, he try to rub my penis through my pants….

i can’t reply him anything…i was enjoy…his touching…and sudden he grab my penis through my pants. my penis shape is showing out and his kinky smile…looking at my penis and whisper my ear “you’re hard, why not we go back to your house and continue…” i still didn’t reply him anything but i nod to him…

i living alone…so sometime i bring some girl back to my house and having some fun. but this time i bring a guy…lol.
after reaching , i went to kitchen wash my face. i was thinking… is that i really can do with a guy? not a sec , he grab my belly and slowly taking down my pants….. he smell my penis through my underwear and lick from hips to testis….it feel good (i also like girls, lol) , and finally he took down my underwear and suck my hips very tight. i feel so good until i can’t stand properly…he grab my ass and hold my up. he really have a strong arm and muscle…..

he start to give me a slow bj , hands on my testis. and another hands teasing my anal hole. i start moan but i try cover with my hands, after few min he carry me to bathroom. he undress me very fast…and he ask me to undress him too. while i took his pant off…i just notice he din’t wear anything. a 20cm thick cock infront of me… he move forward until his cock touch my face. i was stun again! his cock is lean on my face…it feel very hot and smell astringency but it still ok…he ask me dun shy and try it…

i dun know how to start with it so i directly kiss his lips…my hand barely hold his big cock… and he teach me how to give him a hj and bj at the same time…he catch my hands and start rub slowly and his hips keep touching my lips…at that time i still haven ready to let it inside my mouth…i feel hesitate again…..

and he didn’t let me ready for it , he pinch my nose not letting me breath through so once i open my mouth he push his cock inside… i feel hot inside my mouth and i didn’t even reject it…i try to taste his hip with my tongue…lick all over his cock…and he still catching my hand rub his cock… and i start to hear his moan…(well, is curious i feel myself accomplishment a new thing in my life…giving a stranger bj)

i used to blow his thick cock , after few min i feel tired. i said why not we do it in my room. he carry me again… lol , i really to slim for him… in my room we starting 69 post , bj each other … he gave me a deep throat bj. i just using a normal way but my hand moving fast on his cock. after awhile he ask me to follow his move ,how he blow me and i do the same to him. he start to suck my hips very tight, and his tongue keep teasing my urethra…his hand is soft and keeping rubbing my cock…

i feel like reach to heaven that time , so i return his favor… i did what he said. follow his move… his hips is big…and i feel his hips dripping wet… he start moving his body …trying to push his cock deeper…but i try to hold back…after 2 min…i feel he wanna cum… because he breath heavily…(so do i…) and his hand move faster than before and i do the same. at last he use his tongue lick all over my hips….. i finally can’t hold any longer … i cum in his mouth… and not a second he push his cock deeper and cum directly into my throat … i had no choice…have to swallow all his cum… and he did the same…clean up my cock with his tongue…i feel so good…

(my story haven end…need to rest early…will update when i’m free)

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