Goddess Comes Home


Waiting patiently on his knees at the door, a warm scented bubble bath and tall glass of wine already filled, he prays his goddess is in a good mood. An internal jolt as the lock rattles and slowly the handle turns. He springs to action, edging forward to meet his goddess. All his chores are done, and everything is perfect for the goddess return.

Without meeting his longing gaze, goddess grabs the leash from around his neck and walks him into the hall. She sits down on a soft padded stool and he begins to remove her boots from a long day. His fingers tremble as he unties the laces. He can sense his goddess is in no mood for mistakes. Goddess takes the removed boot from him and presses the opening against his mouth and nose. A perfect fit. He takes three long sniffs while looking at his goddess admiringly. He loves the smell and needs his goddess to know but she still does not look at him.

The process repeats with the second boot before goddess leads him into the bathroom by the leash. He crawls behind. Her beautiful, divine ass bounces hypnotically and tormentingly from side to side as she walks. She pushes open the bathroom door. The room is scented with goddess’ favourite candles, clean fluffy towels and a luxurious bubble bath filled with water the perfect temperature. Finally, goddess looks at him.

“My wine?”

He hurries into the kitchen to fetch it for her, returns promptly, places it carefully on the edge of the bath and returns to his knees. Goddess sits on the edge of the bath and looks down at him intently. With devoted, soft eyes he meets her gaze.

“I think I need a pre-clean tonight; it’s been a long day.” Goddess says teasingly. görükle escort

“Yes, goddess.” The reply fires back quickly.

Goddess begins removing her clothes starting from the top. She signals to him with a tap on her thigh and he edges closer. Holding the back of his head she forces his mouth under her breasts, into her armpit and across her stomach. Diligently he attends to every spot, passionately cleaning and worshiping. The goddess stands up. Slowly and delicately she begins removing her suit trousers. She turns around and he trembles with excitement when she bends down, her divine ass just inches away from his face. Every fibre of his being just wants to bury his face, sniff, lick and worship. But he must refrain. To do so without goddess permission would ensue a severe punishment. Bending down she then removes her silk underwear. Looking at him side on he can admire the perfect shape of his goddess’ body. His divine goddess is now completely naked in front of him as he looks on paralyzed with excitement.

“I want you to sniff and smell how busy my day was.” Goddess demanded with a softer tone now.

“Yes, goddess.” The reply quivers back.

She holds her soft, silky underwear to his nose.

“Inhale, inhale!” She demands encouragingly.

A long deep inhale sounds as she holds out her underwear at different parts for him. His eyes fixated on hers the whole time.

“Good boy.” She says while gently caressing the back of his head.

“Do you want a necklace?” She asks while sitting back down on the edge of the bath.

“Yes, goddess.”

She places the underwear over his head and görükle escort bayan around his neck before getting into the bath. She lets out a tremendous sigh of relief as her perfect body slips into the water. At this, he is filled with a tremendous feeling of fulfilment and achievement. He continues kneeling while his goddess bathes. A little helper ready to assist and worship in whatever way she needs him to.

“I will have my dinner now.” The goddess proclaims.

“Yes, goddess.” A contented reply comes back.

After a perfectly cooked dinner of goddess’ favourite food. She sits in front of the TV and watches her programmes. He kneels by the couch beside her and wonders if she will want to cum tonight and if he will get his kisses. He does not ask however, as he will be severely punished. For now, she seems content to watch her shows and be adored by her ‘good boy’ who occasionally refills her glass and brings her snacks.

It starts to get late. By this point his mind is racing. He remembers how long it has been since his goddess hugged him and kissed him. His entire body cries out to be held by his goddess. He knew that up to fifty slaps await him if he asked but he could not take it anymore.

“Goddess?” The fateful, trembling question left his little mouth unable to be withdrawn.

Goddess turns from the TV and looks at him seriously.

“Please may I have my kisses tonight?”

Goddess’ face turns from serious to angry and looks as though she will surely punish him. But suddenly something switched in her mind. She looked at him down on his knees in front of her, trembling, his mouth open. He looked bursa escort as though he would cry. She remembered the bath, the meal, and the way she felt when she came home in comparison to how she feels now. She took pity on him, took his leash and walked him into her bedroom.

Her bedroom was immaculate, and her sheets were fresh on her queen-size bed. He had paid particular attention to this room in his chores. She led him onto the bed, and he lay flat on his back with his hands neatly by his side. She climbed onto the bed and leaned up beside him looking down with one leg across his little body. He looked up at her big red lips. His body trembled with excitement as slowly those lips came down and pressed against his face. Goddess can feel his body quiver and his heart beats fast as her soft moist lips pressed against his eager face. As her lips came down again and passionately pressed into his face a tremendous feeling of fulfilment washes over him. In this moment he felt completely owned by his goddess. In this moment he felt whole. The goddess continues kissing his face softly and passionately again and again. His cock throbs harder with each kiss but he dares not touch it. Eventually goddess stops and holds his head into her chest and caresses it for a heavenly fifteen minutes.

“It’s bedtime now, little one.” She whispers softly to him.

“Yes, goddess.” He replied in a daze.

He climbs off her bed and she turns to face the wall away from him. Quietly he leaves and shuts the door behind him. He feels euphoric in his love for his goddess. Still, he knows it was wrong to ask. He knows the punishment still comes.

He climbs into his own bed in a small spare room. The room does not light properly, and the bed is almost too small for him. He sets his alarm early to make her coffee before she starts her day and he starts this day all over again. He pulls his covers closer, rolls over, and dreams of his goddess.

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