Goddess in my class knew she could easily make me

Goddess in my class knew she could easily make me
(I would just like to promise that this story is 100% true. I get my inspiration to write from real life events. Although it may seem fake, I insist I wouldnt have written a 7300 character story if it wasnt real. )

It was a computer class and I sat in the corner of the room. I had nobody to my left…. and her to my right. Her name was Courtney. She was hands down the most attractive girl I had ever seen in my life, even till today. She was much taller than me, with long brown hair, big brown eyes, huge tits, a massive yet firm bubble butt, and super long, firm legs and thighs. Seriously she could have beat me in a fight with just her legs. But the most attractive thing about her was how confident she was. She knew that she was the hottest girl in the whole school. She knew she could get any guy she wanted. And she knew every time we sat down for class she could easily get me fully erected and focused on her the entire class. She knew just by sitting beside me, completely clothed, she still had full control over me. I think it was a game for her to try get me to fail that class by distracting and sexually frustrating me so much that I would never get any work done. If that was her goal then she accomplished it because I did fail that class horribly, simply from not getting any in class work done.

She had two different outfits she liked to wear. A winter outfit and a summer outfit. In winter she always wore super tight black yoga pants; with long Hunter rubber boots. The tight yoga pants always perfectly showed off her legs and butt.It was the biggest tease ever. Her legs and butt barely cover by this skin tight, almost see through fabric. Whoever invented Yoga pants truly wanted to see men suffer. During the winter her shirts were usually big cute sweaters and hats. but the highlight of the year was when the heat starting coming back and she started wearing her summer clothes. She would wear a pair of small little pink sneakers, a tiny pair of short shorts, and a tight low cut T-shirt. When she wore those shorts both her entire long legs and thighs were visible. She would usually sit with her legs crossing at the knees but whenever she stretched her legs I could see the firm muscles in her thighs flexing. One kick from her to the balls and you’d never cum again.

The year started and we had assigned seats. I almost screamed when I realized I had Courtney to my right and nobody to my left. To make it even better there was another attractive girl sitting on Courtney’s right so there wasn’t a guy in sight.This left me completely open to be as blatant and horny as I wanted. She didn’t start teasing and taking advantage of me until I made it clear I had no control around her. The first thing I started doing was putting my hands behind my head and leaning back like i was stretching. Then I would look over at her lap. Her thighs in those tight yoga pants. Her long legs. Her big boobs bulging out of her shirts. One of the greatest sights I’ve ever seen. At first I would only look for a second. I didn’t know if i wanted her to see me looking or not. I was scared she might say something and call me out in front of the whole class. But then eventually I just didn’t care. I couldn’t help myself. I wanted her to see me looking. I wanted her to see how horny I was for her. I wanted her to see how sexually frustrated she made me just by sitting there fully clothed. I would lean back and then just stare down at her legs for 5 seconds, 10 seconds sometimes even around 20 seconds. I would just sit there, mouth dropped, staring at her juicy thighs and curves. Then eventually i stopped leaning back before staring. i would just straight up turn my head 90 degrees to the right and look down. Inevitably she caught on, just like I wanted. Every time I would look down at her lap, in the corner of my eye I would see her look over at my eyes. I wont lie, the first time I saw her catch me in the act I was a bit scared she might say something, but she didn’t. She didn’t say anything. She just went back to doing her work. Then I would look at her legs again, she’d catch me in the act again, and so on. When I realized she wasn’t gonna call me out, I stopped hiding my erection. I would wear sweat pants, get a huge boner for her like always but not hide it. I would let it spring straight up. The computers in this class were really small so we were literally sitting right beside each other. So my erection was very clearly visible and very close to her. The first time she saw it she was just doing her work, then she looked over at me like she was gonna ask me for a paper or something, then she suddenly stopped, put her hand over her mouth and laughed. then she quickly took her phone out and started texting someone, then she went back to doing work. I hope she texted all her friends something like “LOL this loser sitting by me in class has a boner!. Hes literally been staring at my legs all class.”
My tiny, in class boner amused her. It made her laugh. and she knew that boner was for her. she knew that just by me looking at her fully clothed caused that boner. Everyday after that I would get boners and not hide them just for her amusement. Just so she knew how desperate I was for her. Just so she knew how much she controlled me.

Obviously by now she realized she could take advantage of me. Before this she would never really get out of her seat during class. but now she started standing up 6-7 times a class. Whenever she would stand up she would stand up on the left side of her chair so she was really really close to me, then she’d turn to her right to push her chair in so her butt was literally right infront of me, almost touching me. Then at this point she’d always check her papers or make sure she had her phone or something. Anything just to prolong the time she spend standing with her big bubble butt right in my face. she knew that would completely fuck me. and it did. on multiple occasions her doing this made me pre-cum on the spot. she knew that it took me incredible self control to not just turn over and grab her big juicy ass.

Another thing she would do to fuck with me was when we were passing papers around the class, she was always in line to pass to me. So she would always not look when passing to me and intentionally hit my boner with the paper. At first i though it was an accident but then it kept happening every time we got papers.

She would always make sure to fuck with me or try to turn me on as much as she could before class was over. then as soon as class ended she would get up, put her ass in my face as she collected her stuff and leave instantly just so i would be stuck there with a furious hard on.

She knew I was just her fucking toy that she could do anything to. She knew how bad i wanted her. But only a real alpha male with a huge cock could satisfy her. her huge ass, and long strong legs. her massive boobs. her amazing face.

to this day i follow her on Instagram and see her posting pictures with her boyfriend. He is a really successful, rich, buff alpha male. Im glad she has tones of money and a huge alpha male cock to please. while i still sit here poor, smaller than her, masturbating to pictures of her fully clothed.

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