Gonzo Gurl

Gonzo Gurl
All about me….

As Hunter S. Thompson was known as a “Gonzo Journalist” I am in most areas of life eccentric and for lack of any existing better word a Gonzo. This blog isn’t entirely based on why I am different, it may in fact bring to light why you and I are the same. If you are taking the time to read this I will assume you are familiar with the videos I make and have therefore seen the word “Metaphorphosis” which is a word I made up as an umbrella term to stamp the things I create. I apologize if this ends up being all over the place but for those who are interesting in knowing here is my attempt at explaining. First and foremost am I here to entertain people or entertain myself? I don’t know. As Dr. Gonzo would probably concur whether it was the chicken or the egg that came first the real question is whose the one responsible for sticking us in this coupe? That is the one that has the only real answer if not a great question.

Sex and Sexuality:

I guess this would be the topic of most interest considering the audience. I’m going to elaborate in the simplest terms I can come up with. I guarantee there are very few out there that admire a woman’s beauty as much as I. I am not, however, transitioning my physical body by any means such as supplements or surgeries. Do I possess mental and physical characteristics that resemble that of a female? Yes I do but no I do not expect society to accept me as one. As a “transgender” person I find it very confusing to safely identify one’s gender based on the amount of options to choose from. Also I know of many people born as a genetic male that couldn’t be farther from what I would consider a MAN. So if we apply the theory of relativity to gender and say balls doesn’t mean man, then in turn balls doesn’t mean not woman either and subsequently having female anatomy isn’t enough to expect you will be treated like a lady. The fact is you can call me whatever word you feel captures the essence of what I am. It’s really none of my business what anyone thinks about me in the first place and I have enough of my own thoughts to sort out I really have no time to try and persuade yours.
Am I in the closet? Nope. The people I want to be close to need to know who I am so that we don’t waste each other’s time. My ego is nothing more than a fossil of something that used to make big decisions for me but no longer has any use or purpose. Does that mean any random asshole gets to read me like an open book? Nope for better or worse I am harboring a very unique personality and if I chose to share that with someone it is a token of my respect and interest that I have for that person. For anyone who has a problem with sharing a planet with someone like me please ask yourself if that is because you want me or want to be like me. Never have a met a prejudice person that didn’t possess a little bit on evny. The fact is it’s none of your business. Do thieves and liars eventually “come out” and tell their coworkers, friends and family that they do the things they do? Do straight binary people like it when strangers ask them about who they fuck and what is in their pants? Even if you have no dealings with transgender people I’m willing to be you could learn a few things about respect and kindness by striking up a conversation with one.

Note: This is just a draft and not the entire entry for my page. I will work on this as long as it takes until I feel like it’s done so in the meantime I am taking a break. If there are any thoughts or questions related to this or the content of what is to come please feel free to message me and thanks so much for giving me a few minutes of your time and interest.

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