Good Girls Ch. 02


Good Girls 2: A Good Boy

This is Rhonda. Letty went home to her folks this weekend, so I will continue her story.

She has already described me very favorably, so I will only tell my side of the story. On this campus, there are very conservative people, who upon realizing my life style, flatly rejected me. Especially Theresa, my roommate. She is attractive, blonde, but she’s not my type. We barely tolerated each other.

One day at the library where I worked part-time, a charming young freshman called me: with short black hair, very white skin, green eyes and impressive breasts. She requested me to recommend some books about journalism, and I took it upon myself to bring them to her. She thanked me with a dazzling smile before sitting down to work, and that filled my day, what’s more, my whole life until that moment. It was love at first sight, but I didn’t tell her, and that was worse: she had to find out about my sexual preference from other people.

They weeks passed, and the sight of her walking around the campus made lose control, and my roommate got angrier because she realized that I had seen fresh meat.

One week in particular, she gave me this ultimatum before going to class:

“I can’t stand you anymore! Hurry up and move in with that slut, whoever she may be, or else, I’ll be the one to leave!”

“But I’m not seeing anybody!”

“Then, why are you walking on air? Some bitch must have bewitched you. I don’t want to imagine the filthy things that you dream about doing with her!”

I stormed out of the dorm room, and in a recess, I went to the student center to think about how would I solve my dilemma. I guessed that, if I were fucking a man, she would not nag me so much, that hypocrite. Meanwhile, Letty came close by me. She was radiant that day, but I was not in any mood to greet her, nevertheless, she took the trouble of conversing with me, and she even offered to be my new roommate. At first, I could not believe that somebody would do this for me, especially she; but as the day of her moving approached, I looked forward to it, but I was afraid that she was going to reject me the day that she got to know me better. I was especially afraid to give in to the temptation of her body and make an advance on her that we would both regret. I thought of building willpower to, at least, admire her in silence. Anyway, she narrates our first encounter better.

A great advantage of having this kind of intimacy with my roommate is that we didn’t compete, let alone fight for the use of the bathroom, on the contrary, the surprise of entering when the other one is already inside is more pleasant.

She worried a lot about my well-being, as if she were the older of the two, and her attention was escort an oasis in that desert of affection. When the gossip began to affect her, I wanted to fight for her.

A month later, we met Julio, a Pedagogy student, who became interested in Letty. He has tan skin as I do, but the bright eyes like those of her. He is not tall but he is muscular. Any woman would find him attractive, except Letty or me, for obvious reasons. One afternoon in the cafeteria, I was held back too long at the checkout line and I saw how the boy approached my friend, trying to start a conversation. I looked at them unnoticed, and at first, I noticed that she politely insinuated that she was not interested. Feeling a little jealous, I barged toward the table and I touched her shoulder without subtlety. That attracted the looks and murmurs of others nearby. Julio was going to leave us, but he seemed to have noticed everyone else’s reaction, and then, he tried to also chat with me. Among other things, he mentioned that he came from another university and that he was already a sophomore. He did this so that we would not have to leave the table, at least, until we finished eating. Then he disappeared.

One Saturday afternoon, we attended a basketball game on an outdoor court, and there was Jules. I commented to Letty:

“That guy doesn’t know when to quit…”

“Don’t speak so loud, here he comes.”

He sat at our side and he greeted us:

“Hi, girls!”


We politely answered at the same time, and we could barely contain a giggle. Soon the game began, and the local team won. When the teams and most of the spectators left, some girls invited us to a “friendly” game. The opponents and one of our own team played rough, but I could take it. Trying to pass to Letty, one of the opposing players tripped me. In my pride, I got up trying to show that they could not hurt me, and without reason, they insulted me, and when they started saying mean words to Letty too, I threw a punch to the other player, and then, madness broke loose. Julio tried to stand in the middle to separate us, but he could not handle the situation by himself. Letty ran away very upset and I wanted to catch up with her, but the pain in my leg held me back. Suddenly, I saw that she crossed the street and a car sped toward her, while I watched helplessly. Fortunately, Julio was already on his way toward us, so he reached her and pulled her back toward the sidewalk. Due to the haste of his action, he tumbled and fell on top of her, squeezing the air out of her lungs. I limped all the way to them and yelled at him:

“What have you done? You might have killed her!”

I pried the male off her and I began to give mouth-to-mouth to my girl. She reacted and pushed me, panting:

“Stop it, Rhonda! Don’t be so dramatic. I’m all right.”

“Are you sure?”

“Look, your leg is worse than I am.”

And she got up easily. Julio looked at us concerned and we both realized that he had saved my lover’s life. I got carried away, and I told him:

“Oh, Jules, forgive me by judging you wrong, in fact, you saved Laetitia! If she had died, I swear that I would have thrown myself under the next car…!”

She looked back and forth between him and me, and she was also moved upon hearing me rant. Trying to maintain her serenity, in spite of the fact that she was still afraid, she invited him to our dorm:

“Julio, you are my hero. You know what? I am going to get something special for the three of us to dine together. Is there a problem with you, Rhonda?”

“No problem.”

The boy said:

“Deal. But first, I will take a shower and I will also bring something nice.”

We gave him directions to our “love nest” before he left. Letty supported me on her shoulder and walked me home. There we took a bath, but at first, our bodies were sore, so we didn’t “play.” Once out of the shower, she put some ice on my shin and I soon felt better. Then, she her face turned serious and she said:

“Rhonda, I owe my life to that man. What I plan on bringing are some condoms.”

“Laetitia, have you gone completely out of your mind?”

“You said yourself that you could not live without me. Forgive me if this means cheating on you, but Jules more than deserves it. I don’t even intend on enjoying it.”

She sweet-talked me into it, and I felt that it was the least we could do for the guy. I told her:

“You’re right. A life for a life. Go and get them before I change my mind.”

They arrived almost at the same time, she with Chinese food and a bag that she attempted to conceal, and he brought some beers. He even poured some on my sore leg. I would have told him not to waste it, because it didn’t hurt so much, but he flashed me a very charming smile, even for a dyke such as myself.

We ate and we drank, and loosened our inhibitions. Letty and I exchanged mischievous glances and she took off her shirt. He looked at us astonished, and I followed her game, taking mine off. I didn’t wear a bra, being flat-chested, and she imitated me by taking off her bra. Both Jules’ and my mouth watered, while she did a little “striptease.” I took off whatever I had left on, and between the two, we undressed him too. We led him to Letty’s bed and she took out her condoms, and he sat down so we could put one on him very sensually. This foreplay aroused us so much that it didn’t matter anymore who was man or woman. She placed her tempting breasts right in his face and he timidly licked one of her nipples. I looked at them enviously and he encouraged me:

“Come, Rhonda, here is another one for you too.”

I leaned to take her other breast in my lips and she embraced both our necks, and between the two, we gave her an orgasm before anything would touch her vagina. Then she lay on the bed and I leaned next to her in order to hold her in my arms, while he settled between her legs. Slowly, he inserted his larger-than-average penis in her vagina, and Letty sighed. When his manhood was fully inserted, he kissed her lips and looked at me too, asking me for a kiss with his tender gaze. I complied and felt something almost as beautiful as with my mate. Upon parting our lips, he began slowly with his pumping, and I wanted to keep touching Letty so that she wouldn’t be left unsatisfied if he finished too soon. Jules understood our bond and allowed me to also stimulate her. She reached her second orgasm and he took advantage of this to accelerate and gratify himself in the vulva that, until that moment, I believed that was only for me.

Jules pulled his penis out of Letty, and when he began taking off the condom, she told him:

“Not yet! Please, don’t you have some more stamina left in you for my Rhonda? She also loves you.”

My heart began beating faster, and I was doubly surprised, hearing her speaking like that. I knew that she read my arousal, in fact, she might have noticed the wetness of my crotch, so she got up, and with gentle caresses and kisses, she lay me on the bed as she had been laying herself. He watched the scene enraptured until she motioned him to me, and then, he also penetrated me. It hurt a little, but Letty caressed my nipples a little more, and Jules also gave her room so she could stimulate my clitoris before he began his sway. My skin became coated with a fine layer of perspiration and that gave our man the signal to pump into me in earnest. He held me tight and I embraced him too. As my enjoyment increased, I tightened my vaginal walls instinctively and he groaned while we both climaxed. My arms hung limply and he got up. Letty pulled the condom from him as fast as he would let her and she turned to me so that we could taste the secretions of the three that were mingled in the preservative. On the outside, it had the flavor of both girls, and inside, the entire semen of two ejaculations. Jules contemplated us while he got dressed, and I looked at him, imagining that he was disgusted by these harlots, but he said:

“I’m not judging any of you. How could I? You have given me the best welcoming since the day of my transfer.”

He kissed both girls on the lips, he drained the last of his beer and he left happily to his dorm, the kindest man that I have ever met. Letty and I took a shower, playing with each other’s bodies once again, before going to sleep.

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