Granddaddy Dick


Granddaddy DickDavid Townsend held the door for his wife, Yvonne, as they walked into the casual dining restaurant to meet their two sons, daughters-in-law, and five grandc***dren. Everyone was there to celebrate their 35th anniversary. The marriage had been successful by customary standards. They owned a nice home outright. Both of their sons were well-educated – one an engineer, the other a pharmacist. David was a deacon in the church and Yvonne was president of the usher board. Most folks secretly envied what they had. It was all due to hard work. David had been employed by the postal service for nearly 32 years and Yvonne had recently retired from teaching.The couple greeted their waiting family members. The grandk**s went crazy all vying for hug and kisses from Pops and Mimi. As they sat down and ordered their food they carried on small with the other adults. David loved his family dearly although he never said it much. His actions over course of their lives had shown each of them the depths of his emotion.“I’ll be right back,” David said excusing himself from the table.“Where are you going,” Yvonne inquired.“I gotta pee,” he whispered into her ear.“Okay,” she giggled.The five-foot-eleven-inch, dark-skinned man rushed to the restroom. At the stall he pulled out his soft six inches and let a stream flow. His dick was super meaty even though it wasn’t hard. At full erection, he was nearly eleven inches long kayseri escort and very thick. As he had gotten older, urinating took a bit longer. The sixty year-old shook his penis and then washed his hands. He smiled at a waitress as he headed back to join his family. His phone vibrated in his pocket.He checked the text message to see it was from Caleb, his twenty-four year-old pussyboy. David had not always been into boipussy, but ten years ago he let an effeminate man suck his dick after a night of drinking in Vegas with his brother and two friends. Being the best blow job he had ever received, the encounter opened his eyes to an entirely different world. Now, he was a full-fledged fudge packer. He enjoyed fucking ass more than anything. And, it did not interfere his marital love life. Yvonne was a pious woman and even before menopause only wanted sex a couple of times a month. Since the change set in, he was lucky if she wanted it five times a year.He replied to the message letting the much younger white boy know that he would be over in a couple of hours. Caleb lived a hundred miles away, but came up every two weeks and grabbed a hotel room. They met online through an amateur porn hosting website. The video of Caleb shaking his big ass while wearing lime green tights made David’s dick brick hard. Naturally, he sent a message to the chubby sissy and within a week, they were fucking like rabbits at the Roadside Motel on the outskirts of the city.They finished dinner, hugged the family, and headed to their silver 2010 Buick LaCrosse. David drove home slightly faster than usual. Yvonne paid no attention as she was buried in her phone texting her sister in Maryland. When they pulled into the driveway, David announced, “I’m gonna go play poker at Tony’s.”“Okay,” Yvonne replied.David walked her into the house making sure she was safe. He said goodbye and made his way to his kelly green 2011 Toyota Tundra pickup. David sped away intent on seeing his young fuck toy. He made it to the Roadside Motel in a record 19 minutes. He parked next to Caleb’s Honda Civic and grabbed a small bottle of Listerine he kept in the glove box. He rinsed his mouth then spat the remnants on the ground before knocking on the door. Caleb answered with a broad smile.“Hey, baby,” Caleb mused.“Damn,” David remarked taking in the red star shaped pasties covering Caleb’s natural boy boobs and the yellow lace panties he wore.“You like?”“Hell yeah!”They embraced and kissed passionately as they made their way to the bed. Caleb got on his side while David undressed. David stroked his meaty cock as Caleb flicked his tongue indicating he was ready to suck. When Caleb’s lips met David’s dick, a surge shot through his spine. Caleb was a pro at sucking dick and David felt this way every time they were together. “Fuck me,” Caleb begged after having sucked David’s dick for several minutes.David removed his dick from Caleb’s mouth and climbed onto the bed. He pushed back his slut’s legs and placed his tool at the anal opening. He spat on his dick head then began grinding. Caleb cooed and moaned encouraging David. “Open that pussy up,” David demanded. “Take this dick, boy!” Caleb’s tight pink hole began to give way to the love stick. “Just the head,” David remarked. “Get the head in that pussy.”“Mmmmm,” moaned Caleb.“Take that dick,” David remarked as he felt Caleb’s pussy widen for him.“Oh, god!”“Hell yeah! Open that pussy for Daddy.”“Oh, baby. Gimme that dick!”“Hell yeah! Take it, baby!”Caleb’s hole expanded as David rammed his fat dick in the boipussy. “You want this nut,” the athletically built top inquired.“Yes sir,” Caleb screamed.“I love fucking this faggot ass!”“Fuck it, Daddy!”“That pussy feels so good. I’m gonna fuck you all night,” David declared.“Ooh yes sir! I love that big Black dick in my pussy.”“I know you do, faggot. Bend over.”David pulled out his dick and studied the beautiful lily white faggot in front of him. When Caleb stuck his rotund ass in from him, David slammed his dick back inside of him. “Damn! That’s some good pussy,” David confessed.“It’s your pussy.”“Take that dick, faggot!”“Yes sir! Fuck me,” Caleb moaned.David collapsed as his dick shot a humongous load into the slutty bottom’s boipussy. He kissed Caleb as he convulsed from the pleasure. “Mmmm,” Caleb purred. “I love you, Daddy!”“Love you too, bitch.”

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