Granny Sex


Granny SexThis is a true story told to me by a guy I had met a few weeks ago. I had to change the grammer as he was not very well educated.I slow growing up and by that I mean not very smart. I had not even come close to finding a girlfriend. I was eighteen and had finished school and was looking for a job. We lived way out in the country so I really did not have much to do but wathc tv all day. The only women I ever saw was my mom, sister, aunt and granny. I must say that at this time in my life I was mega horny and jacked off alot. From my early teen years I had to sneak peaks at these women as they were naked to know what women looked like and have something to jack off too. I had several hiding places where I could be and not be seen but still would allow me full view of their naked bodies. Granny had come to stay the summer with us and I had not seen her naked in quite some time. I knew granny would be getting out of the shower and was in my spot waiting. Soon granny came into her room and she was completely naked. Granny was 67 years old and had some nice tits. She was chubby with wide hips and gray hair. My cock was hard as I watched her. All of a sudden granny yelled at me to come out. She had somehow seen me and now I was busted. I crawled out from under the bed and stood before granny thinking about all the trouble I was about to get into.Granny told me bostancı escort to sit on the bed. Then she started to dance naked in front of me. She showed me her boobs, yelling at me to look at them. Then granny put her up on the bed next to me and spread her pussy open and told me to look at her pussy, she even grabbed my hand and rubbed it all over her wet pussy. Granny calmed down a little and asked if I had ever been with a girl. I told her no. Granny said that at my age I should have been with a girl already. Granny then told me to take off my clothes so she could look at me like I had looked at her. I hessitated and granny said she would tell my mother how I have been spying on everyone. I got my clothes off real quick. My cock was still hard. Granny laid on the bed next to me and opened her pussy and told me to look and she showed me where her clit was and wanted me to rub it with my fingers. I did as granny told me. As I did this granny told me this was the magic spot to make a woman happy. As I rubbed granny started to breathe harder. Then granny told me to place my face down there and lick her clit or else. I got in position and put my down between granny’s legs and started to lick her clit. Her pussy smelled really good and made my cock much harder. Granny had a big thick bush of soft dark hair and I liked the feel fatih escort of it on my face. I licked granny and she was really liking it. Then she screamed out and clamped her legs tight around my head and started to buck her hips grinding her pussy into my face making my face all wet with her pussy juice. Granny then pulled me up so that my face was even with hers and my cock was right up against her pussy. I felt her hand guide my cock into her pussy, granny told me to push it up into her which I did. Her old pussy felt tight and very warm, just how I thought pussy would feel. I pushed my cock all the way up into her I stayed there. I did not know what to do. Granny told me this feels really good to her and she wanted me to fuck her. I told her I did not know how. She said for me to move my cock back and forth inside her which I started to do. After I made a few motions I felt my cock getting ready to spurt and asked granny what to do and she yelled me to fill her up with my hot spunk. At this point I was already squirting all inside granny, I had seen my sticky spunk shoot when I jacked off and was thinking about shooting all inside granny. Granny told me she loves the feel of a man squirting his juice inside her. She loves knowing that his seed is swimming around her womb. Granny said she could feel my cock is still hard and she wanted bağcılar escort me fuck her real hard this time and then push really deep when I was ready to squirt. I did as granny told me. I was trying to as granny told me when she started to yell at me. Granny was yelling at me harder, harder, and she grabbed my hips in an effort to make me thrust harder. As granny yelled she bucked her hips. We both kept picking up speed when all of a sudden granny yelled and she pulled me deep inside her and held me there. i could feel her pussy clamp onto my cock and she started to buck some more. My cock was full again and exploded squirting more of my juice deep into granny. I collasped on the bed and granny told me that she came and that I was a good fuck and she wanted to teach me more. And any time I wanted I could put my cock in her and squirt my juice inside her. I told granny I liked squirting inside her better than squirting in my sock. I asked granny how many other guys she let squirt inside her and she laughed and said maybe a hundred. Thinking about that made my cock hard again and this time granny got on top of me. She moved her hips back and forth tickling my cock inside her. As she did this her boobs were shaking and this made me squirt again. I asked granny if I squirted too much inside her and she said her pussy will drink all that I can squirt. Granny and fucked alot after that day. As soon as we were alone she would yell for me to come and take care of her. Sometimes she would hold me down till I squirted inside her. I told granny that I wanted to see another guy squirt inside her. She thought that was a good idea. But that is another story.

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