Gulf Waters


Gulf Waters
One summer long ago, Rascal and I took a vacation in St Petersburg, FL to enjoy the Florida sun and the warm water of the Gulf of Mexico. The beach was beautiful and the waves were gentle. Rascal and I enjoyed the relaxed pace of sleeping late and then sitting on the beach during the day and nice meals at night. We enjoyed swimming and playing in the gentle waves of the clear green water of the gulf. Ah, we were relaxing and enjoying each other.

Yes, we enjoyed each other with plenty of sex in the morning and evening in our room. However, one afternoon I was feeling frisky. As I watched Rascal sunning her lovely body on the beach, I was building up a great desire to have my way with her. I convinced her to go out for a swim to enjoy the refreshing waters. We swam out to a sand bar and splashed around in the shallow water on the sand bar. In our playful splashing, I caught her and gave her a passionate kiss, which she returned by pressing her wet body against mime. We embraced for awhile in the warm sun, and that just increased my desire for her even more.

We started to return to the beach, but when we got waist deep in the water I pulled Rascal close to me for another kiss. When she turned around I saw her hard nipples poking thru her top. It was obvious that she was not cold. That sight sent me over the edge. I kissed deeply, and she started to grind herself against my leg. At this point I decided to see how horny Rascal was by sliding my hand down her back to her ass, which was underwater. Rascal did not stop her grinding as my hand worked into her bottoms and rubbed her cheeks. While we continued kissing, I moved my hand toward her pussy. What I felt next was amazing, when my fingers reached her lips, they were met with moist pussy juice that flowed in spite of the fact we were in the gulf. My fingers easily slide into her, and at this point, I was all hers. Rascal let out a soft moan as I rubbed her pussy. I looked around to see if anyone was watching, but did not see any obvious gawkers, but really who cared at this point.

As I fingered Rascal, she relaxed and let me do the work. It was not long before she was cumming, but she tired to stay still to avoid being too apparent that she was enjoying sex in the water. After she came down from her orgasm, she slided her hand into my shorts to find my hard cock waiting for her. She stroked and squeezed me and smiled as I squirmed from her hands. Next she surprised me by untying my trunks to better massage my cock. Feeling the freedom of the warm water and Rascal’s hand almost sent me over the edge, but I held on for more. I reached for Rascal’s bottoms to find that she had slid them down over her hips. If it was possible, my cock got even harder.

Next, Rascal turned her back to me and rubbed her backside against my hard cock. I grasped her hips and pushed my cock toward her pussy. When my head was at her pussy, I felt her heat and tried to thrust deep into her, but she stood up quickly and turned around. As she turned, she took off her bottoms completely. I just had to follow her lead, as she positioned herself on top of me and embraced me. My cock easily slid into her and we slowly fucked. The sensation of a wet pussy and warm salt water was wonderful

I looked again for gawkers in a half hearted manner, as Rascal increased her thrusting. I was wishing to keep this up for a long time, but Rascal’s pussy was amazingly hot. After a couple of adjustments and catching her bottoms which tried to drift away, we finally approached the summit of sexual bliss. Up till that time, we did not make to many obvious waves, but as we reached climax, I raised her up slightly out of the water as I cam deep into her pussy. She moaned as she felt my cum and climaxed also. We sank back down into the water and embraced again in a passionate kiss.

Next, we collected ourselves and returned our beach chairs and relaxed in the sun enjoying the warmth of a wonderful sexual experience. Matter of fact, it was so much fun, we did it again our last day on the beach. And, it was fun as well especially since Rascal exposed her breasts as we fucked in the water. Did I say Rascal is awesome and amazing?

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