Happy Camper Ch. 02


Anna followed Nate out of the tent, stepping into the afternoon sun. She couldn’t help but to smile to herself. She was camping! Her, Anna! CAMPING! And she was happy and horny while doing so.

Nate took her hand and helped her down a small rocky trail past their campsite.

“Be careful,” he said, as Anna’s feet slid down the rocks and leaves, causing her to let out a small yelp.

“Oh my god,” Anna said breathlessly when they had reached the bottom of the trail. “This is, like, actually pretty.”

They had come upon a small beachy area where the edges of the river licked at the black rocks spread in front of them. The sun hit the water in such a way that the entire scene was cast in a golden-white glow, like something from a postcard.

Nate pulled Anna towards him, kissing her passionately, and giving her ass a playful squeeze.

“I love you very much, Anna,” he said, looking into her wide green eyes.

He lifted Anna’s chin to his face again, pressing his lips hard against hers, his tongue slipping inside. Anna groaned, his hand firmly holding her face as they kissed like that for several minutes in the sun.

Nate slipped his hand down Anna’s yoga pants, and she let out an involuntary gasp. His fingers slid down her vulva until they got to her wet, sticky opening, where Nate gently pushed in a finger, but only just so.

Anna couldn’t help but to gyrate against his touch, desperate to feel him inside her.

Nate chuckled. “Okay, okay. I won’t tease you anymore. Why don’t you come over here and bend over for me?”

Anna hesitated, watching Nate move back from the water’s edge to a few large, smooth rocks. She worried for a brief second about someone seeing them, but a quick glance around reassured her.

“Anna,” Nate said, snapping his fingers, and pointing down at his feet, indicating for her to come bend over in front of him. The gesture made her instantly shiver.

He took his flannel shirt and folded it so Anna would have a place to put her knees.

“Good girl,” Nate said, as Anna got in position, slipping her yoga pants down over her ass.

Nate looked down admiringly at Anna, on all fours and looking gorgeous in this sunlight, while the peaceful sounds of birds and the river rushing surrounded them.

“I’m a lucky man,” he said, kneeling and grabbing his hard cock, teasingly dragging the head across the entrance of her wet pussy.

Anna looked back görükle escort at him, letting out a small moan. She watched him stroke himself for a few moments, eager for him to fuck her.

Finally, Nate had pushed his cock all the way inside of her, filling her up.

“What a good doll you are,” Nate said, pumping in and out of Anna, whose soft whimpers of pleasure seemed louder than normal out here in the open. “Such a perfect pussy.”

Anna felt satisfied and full as Nate fucked her, grabbing her ponytail as he increased his pace. He knew this was how she liked it, deep and hard inside of her. He knew she’d be cumming soon. He gave her ass cheeks a few hard smacks, watching the skin there turn a light shade of pink.

“Can I cum?” Anna panted, Nate’s skin slapping against her ass as he pounded her even harder with this request.

“Cum for me,” Nate said between his teeth. “Let me feel you cum on my cock.”

Anna reached down to rub her clit as Nate continued his pace. Moments later, she was shuddering underneath him, her pussy tightening against his cock as she came. She let out a loud groan that started in her throat and erupted into a cry.

“Fuuuuck! Baby!”

“Good girl. I bet that felt nice, huh?” Nate said, running his hands across her ass cheeks, spreading them apart and squeezing them together. Anna twitched at his touches, sensitive after her orgasm.

Suddenly, a loud car horn beeped somewhere just beyond them.

“That’ll be Jeremy,” said Nate, slowly pulling out from Anna’s pussy.

He helped her up, stopping for a second to feel how wet she was between her legs. He brought his fingers then up to Anna’s lips, where she licked her own wetness off him.

“Hope you’re ready for tonight, doll,” Nate said tauntingly, grabbing her hand as they headed back up the rocky path to meet Jeremy. “You know how it goes when Jeremy’s around.”

Anna giggled. “I like when Jeremy’s around.”

“I’m sure that you do,” Nate said, smacking her ass, just as they emerged at their campsite.

“There they are!” came a familiar voice.

Jeremy stepped out of his SUV, pulling his sunglasses up onto his shaved head. He was much taller and bulkier than Nate, with thick arms, and sculpted muscles that always seemed to bulge no matter what he was doing.

“What’s up man?” Nate said, greeting his friend with a handshake and a hug. “Anna, don’t be rude. Say görükle escort bayan hi.”

Anna smiled and stood on her tiptoes to give Jeremy a big hug, wrapping her arms around his thick neck.

“Hi babe,” he said, kissing her cheek.

She felt a flush come over her face. Jeremy always had that effect on her, but she wasn’t sure if it was because he was Jeremy or just because he was her boyfriend’s best friend. Either way, she was glad he was here.

“Oh look, Jeremy brought a tent, too,” Nate said, as Jeremy began pulling things from his trunk. “Anna can help you with that, man. She’s good for a few things, like looking pretty while she helps put tents together.”

Anna blushed. “Just tell me what to do,” she said, looking at Jeremy.

Jeremy let out a laugh. “Man, I’m so fucking glad you decided to bring her along. It’s going to be a good weekend.”

Nate grinned. “I’m going to run up the road and get us some more firewood. I don’t think we have enough. Anna, help Jeremy put up his tent. Do whatever he asks, okay?”

Anna nodded, knowing exactly what that meant. She smiled up at Jeremy’s devilish expression.

“She’s all yours,” Nate said, slapping his buddy’s hand as he got into his truck.

“Hey, drive slowly!” shouted Jeremy, with a laugh.

He pulled out the tent and all its poles, laying them out on the ground.

“Alright Anna,” he said, observing her. “It might help me stay motivated if you were to take off your top.”

Anna felt warm all over. She made eye contact with Jeremy, who looked mischievous and sneaky, then took her tight-fitting shirt off over her head.

“Bra too,” Jeremy said, not surprisingly.

He watched as she reached behind to undo the clasp, her DD breasts popping out. They bounced slightly as they fell, hanging.

“Thank you, Anna. You’re helping already. Come over here and hold this stake for me, okay?”

When she approached him, she couldn’t help but give her tits a little shake. She loved to tease, loved hearing the reactions she always got.

“Goddamn, your tits are perfect,” Jeremy said, clicking his teeth.

He reached down to grab them both, pressing them together, before leaning over to take her already-hard nipples into his mouth. She sighed, closing her eyes as Jeremy sucked on her tits, swirling his tongue over their soft peaks. Every ounce of arousal she thought had been satisfied when bursa escort she had cum only moments ago, was now back with full force.

“Fuck, I’ve only been here five minutes,” Jeremy groaned, unbuttoning his pants, “and you’ve already made me hard. Suck my cock for me, babygirl.”

She dropped to her knees, Jeremy dragging the head of his cock across her lips before pushing it inside. Anna moaned happily as he filled her mouth, adjusting so that his cock could reach perfectly down her throat.

“Oh my god,” Jeremy said, closing his eyes and throwing his head back, letting Anna do all the work. “I forgot how good you are at sucking cock. That’s right, just like that.”

For the next ten minutes, Jeremy enjoyed Anna’s mouth, alternating between fucking her face and letting her slide her throat up and down his cock. Drool pooled at the corners of her mouth, dripping down her chin, hanging.

“I see someone’s having a good time,” came Nate’s voice. Neither Anna nor Jeremy had noticed that he had returned.

“Wanna give me a hand, man?” Jeremy asked, as Anna didn’t pause for even a second.

Nate came over to the pair, brushing Anna’s stray hairs back off her face. He bent down to kiss her forehead, whispering, “that’s right, be a good slutty thing now.”

Then he held her head steady and straight, not that she needed the help. But this allowed Jeremy to fully have control, fucking her throat faster and sloppier. He loved the wet, gagging sounds she was making against his cock.

Anna looked up at him as he used her face, watching his expressions twist and contort until he was cumming straight down her throat.

“Fuck,” moaned Jeremy, until he was out of cum. “You’re so good at sucking cock, Anna.”

He pulled out of her mouth as she grinned up at him, spit and remnants of her lipstick smeared across her lips and chin. Nate twisted her ponytail around his hand.

“What do you say when someone tells you you’re a good cock sucker, Anna?”

“Thank you,” she said, licking her lips as Jeremy helped her up.

“We have to keep you useful this trip, don’t we?” Nate said, turning her head and pinching her cheeks with his fingers, so that her lips puckered into a kiss for Jeremy.

The guys got to work setting up Jeremy’s tent as Anna gathered her bra and shirt from the grass.

“Anna, why don’t you go into our tent and change into something else for us, hm? Can you also find the things I packed for you in my bag?” Nate asked, swatting her ass as she walked by.

“Whoa, man, you gave her two instructions back-to-back,” Jeremy said. “Are you sure she’s got it?”

The guys laughed, as Anna headed back to the tent, tingling all over. . .

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