Hardwood casino action

Hardwood casino action
I was at the hardwood casino playing black jack getting beat hard, when I decided it was time to try another table I got up looked around the casino floor and saw a fine looking woman at the slots by the main isle that goes up to the bar.

I walked up and sat down at the $5 slot I noticed she seemed a bit distracted as I put my $5 in and hit the button, I turned to her introduced myself asking her if the machine she was playing was hot, she told me her name was Vivian and no the machine was cold to her and she was thinking of going to the bar for awhile.

I asked her if she’d like some company. she asked if I was alone I said yes , she told me she was there to meet a guy but he must have chickened out because that was hours ago, so I said lead the way Viv, we got up and I let her walk ahead of me , wow did she have a fantastic set of legs on her a sweet peach shaped ass that just swayed rhythmically as she strolled up the isle.

We entered the bar and sat down in a booth the place was busy quite a bit of chatter loud music playing , she leaned across the table and said sit next to me, I got up and sat down next to her, the waitress came by got our orders and was gone in a flash she was back with a couple of zombies.

After a couple of rounds we were both feeling pretty good when she whispered into my ear I’m not wearing any panties want to feel? she asked grabbing my hand and placing it between her legs my hand could feel the heat from her crotch I slid my hand up her thigh as her body shuddered slightly my fingers were up her mini skirt rubbing against her shaven snatch she moved her head back and let out a soft moan.

She leaned up against me her lips near my ear she said I want you right now, let’s get out of here go back to my apartment I said let’s go up to my room we left the bar got on the elevator and was going at it until the elevator stopped at my floor and we got off we walked a few doors down I opened the door and guided her inside closing and locking the door behind me I turned in time to see her stripping off her clothes she looked even better with nothing on at all except a smile and her 6″ high heels she motioned me to her with her finger telling me.

I haven’t been with a man in years I got out of prison a month ago I was in for d**g distribution , I was behind the wall for 12 years and your the first man I’ll have had since before I got locked up.

She grinned wickedly and said in a sultry voice I am going to rock your f***ing world mister man, I gave her my devilish grin and she could tell I was up for it.

She was about 5’4″ a 110 lbs. nice 34 b cup breast beautiful perky nipples hard to believe she was 38 yrs. old she was smoking had some piercings a couple through her nipples and a ring on her clit hood.

She was dripping wet as she started pulling off my pants as I unbuttoned my shirt I got off my shirt as she yanked down my trousers and boxer briefs staring her in the eyes was my throbbing hard dick I hadn’t had an encounter like this for a few years and with how things were going that night and as hot as she was my dick was like a fence post .

She dropped to her knees and began to lick the tip of my dick wow what a rush that went through my body when she did that it was what seemed like an eternity before she started licking up and down the shaft playing with my balls she ran her tongue up and down swirling her tongue around the tip I was just about there ready to blow when she said my turn baby oh and take your time licking me with a smile on her cute face.

she took my hand and said you want bottom or top? I said bottom I laid on the bed and she climbed over top of me straddling my head she bent down and started sucking me off as wrapped my arms over her hips pulling her wet p**** to my mouth as I flicked my tongue up and down her sweet hot p**** it wasn’t long before I had my tongue plunging into her and she dug her finger nails into my legs her back arched as she let out a scream and came on my face her body quivering and convulsing as she came again.

she was out of breath panting hard as she rode her climax out when she caught her breath she told me she wanted me to give it to her hard that she loved doggy and cry baby positions best but really wanted to try being bounced up and down on a big dick like mine I got her to get off of me and sit on the edge of the bed I got up standing in front of her told her to warp her legs around my waist and her arms around my neck.

She did this and put my hands under her ass and slid her down onto my engorged d*** she was tight and I started pumping her ass up and down with my arms she was taking a bit more d*** into her with each bounce with a few minutes she was riding hard up and down I could feel her getting wetter and wetter as kissed me she bit my lower lip and that’s when I thrust ti hard into her as I pulled her down onto my d *** she went into convulsions her eyes rolled back into her head.

her arms went limp and there I was trying to hold her up as I was unloading massive amounts of cum deep into her my knees began to shake as I fell forward onto the bed on top of this gorgeous raven haired beauty the two of dripping with sweat and our body’s locked together in a tight embrace as we both came.

It must have been an hour or two since we got to my room. she was still quivering as I caught my breath and asked if she wanted to stop get something to drink or just lay there for awhile.

She smiled and said I want to get a drink and then go for some more of you baby.

More to this story later on

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