Heather and James

Alpha Male

My wife Heather rolled off her lover James’ cock and lay spent on the bed. I glanced up from my position, kneeling at the foot of the bed wearing her worn pantyhose and watched his cum ooze from her pussy. Their breathing hard, and their bodies soaked in sweat. I watched James drift off to sleep and Heather reach for the television remote. Dutifully I waited for her command. She flipped through the channels and in an very offhand manner said, “Clean me Tinkerbelle.”

Without hesitation I clambered between Heather’s legs and began lapping up James’ cum. It was warm and salty and I’d become used to the taste after these many months. You see my life wasn’t always like this. I married Heather and we had a normal husband wife relationship. Until one night when she had been drinking pretty heavily and we were in bar and she began flirting with James. It was a side of her I had never seen. That night when the two of us went home and had sex it was fantastic. I confessed how turned on I was by her flirting with James in the bar. As drunk as she was, she played it for all it was worth and I had the most incredible orgasm of my life. That night changed it all. The next morning over coffee and aspirins she confessed that she too was incredibly turned on by the whole thing. She asked if I wanted to see her do it again and without hesitation I say yes.

That night we were back at the bar. Heather was dressed in a black strapless dress that was cut way above her knees, high heels, no panties or bra, wearing heavy slutty makeup, her hair done up, she was hot! I did everything in my power to assure Heather that I wanted this to work. I found myself running to the bar to get them drinks as they sat huddled in the same side of a booth. Pumping dollars into the jukebox playing slow romantic songs so they could dance. As for James, he was a typical ex-jock type. Very tall and muscular and extremely attracted to Heather. As for me, Heather simply waved me off and said to James, “My husband likes it when I flirt with other men, or do anything else I damn well please. You see, we have an understanding. I do what I want, and he complies and never complains.” James merely smiled as I bowed my head and headed toward the bar.

That night James accompanied us home and made love to Heather as I never could. I say made love, because they didn’t just fuck they made love. I’ll spare you the details now, but that first time I merely knelt at the foot of the bed and watched the two of them. When it was all over, they both fell sound asleep and I retired to the couch. The next morning I awoke early brewed coffee for them and had breakfast ready when they woke up. I must admit it was a bit awkward serving my wife and another man breakfast in bed in our bedroom with both of them naked and shameless. As I washed the dishes I could hear them laughing and talking. It was then that I heard Heather’s voice behind me. She called me into the living room where I found James lounging in what used to be my recliner.

“Honey sit down.” Heather’s voice was chilling and all business.

“Yes dear.” I said as meekly and humbly as I could.

“Honey, it appears that we all had a great time last night. I know I did and James said he did and I assume you did.” She just kept speaking never waiting for my reply.

“So we have a proposition for you. It will require a lot on your part but it’s something I think you want and need. Our proposition is this: James recently lost his job and needs a place to stay, so we think he should move in here. It’s a perfect situation for all of us. You will get to serve and be the sissy you’ve always wanted, I’ll get a nice hard cock I richly deserve and James will get to fuck until his hearts content and will have a place to stay!”

I sat there confused, angry, upset, excited, jealous, and mostly head over heels in love. Yes in love. Head over heels in love with Heather. That’s what sealed it for me. I realized that I loved Heather so much that I couldn’t bear to lose her and if that meant me being humiliated and degraded, so be it. It is a strange feeling to explain and an even stranger rationale to understand. But knowing that by me submitting Heather would a) be happy, and b) would still be in my life, my fate was cast the deal was sealed.

“Whatever you want dear.” I muttered, as helplessly as possible.

A smile beamed on Heather’s face. “Oh Honey, you make me so happy and you know this is what you’ve always wanted!”

“Yes dear.” I said, bowing my head.

“Well now that means things are going to change dramatically around here. First of all, you need to move all your clothes out of the bedroom and move all James’ stuff in there. Next, we’ll make the spare bedroom your bedroom as James will move into ours with me. Now to get our roles defined, once James moves in, he’s the head of the household period. What he and I say goes. You have no say in anything here. Your job from this day forward is to do what we say, when say it, and for as long as we say it without question. Is that understood?”

“Yes dear.” I stammered Gaziantep Saatlik Escort not realizing what I was getting in for.

“Well the first order of business is your clothes. From now on around the house you are to wear only feminine clothing or you are to be naked. Is that understood?”

I merely nodded.

“Well get those clothes off!”

I can’t tell you the mixture of excitement and embarrassment it was to undress in front of my wife’s lover. Slowly I peeled my clothes off exposing my tiny cock which they both snickered at. At that point she ordered me into the shower to shave my body totally free of hair which I promptly did and reported back to them for inspection.

Satisfied, Heather handed me a bundle of clothes and told me to change. Five minutes later I found myself standing in the living room wearing a crotch less black bodystocking with a sheer white top over it and heels. My tiny cock and balls all shaved clean now looked even smaller as it stuck out in contrast to the black color. Heather applied some lipstick, rouge, heavy eye shadow and a platinum blonde wig to complete the outfit. She stood back and laughed with James.

“Oh honey you look so cute!! But something’s missing, stay right there and don’t move!” Heather hurried off to the other room as I stood there in front of James embarrassed and turning red. Finally he spoke. “Don’t be embarrassed. I understand this is what you both need and I know that I can supply it for you.” I merely bowed my head, as Heather rushed back into the room.

“Here we go!” She said placing a small elastic band around my cock and balls. The rubber band had a tiny bell attached to it. “There! Now whenever you walk we’ll hear your little bell tinkling all around the house. As a matter of fact, I think we’ll call you Tinkerbelle!” James and Heather both roared with laughter as she pulled my tiny nub and made the bell ring.

“Tinkerbelle, I think you need to do one more thing to show us how willing you are to make this work. I want you to suck James’ cock for him and show him how you’re willing to surrender it all to him.”

James smiled, and without hesitation I knelt unzipped his pants and removed his huge cock from his shorts. Holding it in my hands I placed a small kiss on the tip and then began to lick his shaft. James leaned back in the chair as I opened my mouth wide and took his cock inside. Furiously my head bobbed up and down on his cock as I sucked and sucked reaching my other hand down to cup his balls. James placed his hand on the back of my head and guided me up and down on his huge shaft. I gagged but managed to get it all in m throat at once. I could hear Heather chuckling and saying something but I was lost in the salty taste of his huge shaft. I sucked until my jaw was sore. Finally I felt James begin to buck in the chair and heard him say, “I’m gonna cum Tinkerbelle and I want you to swallow it all.” He grabbed my head with both hands and rocked into my mouth cumming in waves. I felt his hot load coat the back of my throat as he pumped his load into me, I swallowed every drop.

Releasing my head, James leaned back as I slowly slid my mouth from his cock and could feel a small amount of his cum dribbling down my chin. Heather looked and laughed as I wiped it on my finger and sucked it off. James had a huge smile on his face as he and Heather exchanged a long romantic kiss while I knelt there watching. Finally they broke their embrace and Heather looked down at me and smiled.

“Oh Tinkerbelle, you did a great job on James’ cock! Honey how did it feel?” It was at that point that I realized she was talking to James and not me! Calling him Honey! I felt even more embarrassed, humiliated, and degraded, but also very excited.

“Felt great, felt like he’s….or she’s been doing it all her life!”

They both chuckled and Heather told me to go fix them lunch.

That was over a year ago. Since then all of our lives have changed for the better. James did move in and basically took over the house. I proceeded deeper and deeper into my submissive role as hubby, sissy, slave, maid and love to both of them. Heather made me sign all I owned over to her thereby leaving me without a home, or any belongings, or money and therefore totally dependent on their generosity. My emotions run wild on a daily basis. They go from jealousy, to sadness, to excitement, to anticipation, to eroticism, and the list goes on. Heather and James have both become very comfortable in their roles too.

James and Heather no longer work and spend most of their time lounging around the house, fucking or going on vacations which I pay for. I have been forced to take on several jobs, some menial, to make ends meet and pay all the bills. Aside from my regular job as a computer analyst where I make good money, but not nearly enough to quench their insatiable spending habits. When I get out of my regular job, I rush home, fix dinner for Heather and James (I don’t eat), clean the house up a bit, and then I go immediately to my second job as a janitor for a company that a friend of James owns. Where I clean and work until about ten o’clock at night. Then I rush home, change into my fem attire, finish the dishes, laundry, and cleaning, and by that time Heather and James are either out on the town or lounging in bed. If they’re in bed, I’m usually required to give both a warm oil massage or to kneel at the foot of the bed and massage and lick and suck their feet and toes.

This usually leads to them having sex, and me kneeling and watching. Or on some occasions if Heather is too tired, I’ll pleasure James by sucking his cock. Lately, Heather has hinted that she’s been thinking about having James take my ass so I can satisfy him when she’s not around. Most nights when it comes time for them to make love they go to my bedroom where the three of us play and they make love, leaving the sheet and pillows covered in Heather and James’ cum for me to sleep in while they retire to their master bedroom and sleep on clean fresh sheets. It is a life I’ve come to cherish and love.

Heather and James part 2 by cuckytoher

The phone hasn’t rung all night. I keep staring at it as if it’s going to speak to me. The house is silent except for the tinkling of the tiny bell attached to my cock and balls and Beth filing her long nails while the TV drones in the background. Heather and James have been on vacation for the past week in the Bahamas, while I have been home working like a dog to pay for their vacation and making sure all their wishes are met when they come home. When they left a week ago, Heather left me a long two page list of things she wanted completed this week in addition to me working my two jobs. She also left her best friend Beth to watch over me.

The list seemed endless, paint and entirely redecorate their bedroom, move all of James’ remaining things into the house and cancel the lease on his apartment, laundry, cleaning, waxing James’ truck, refinishing the basement into a ‘man cave’ for James’ pleasure and entertainment, and the list went on from there. I hadn’t heard from either James or Heather for the entire week and I must admit I longed to hear either of their voices. It’s weird how you come to depend on someone once you fully give yourself over to them as I’ve done with Heather and James. I depend on them for everything, from finances to emotional dependence of pleasing them.

Since James moved in, he and Heather have proceeded to take my submission to new levels that even I never thought I could reach. Shortly after moving in, Heather thought it would be fun to show James ways in which she had humiliated me in the early years of our marriage. One of her favorites was to show James humiliating ways in which she had trained me to cum. One of her favorites was that she had trained me early on to cum in a most humiliating way, only after I had pleased her. After I had made her cum, sometimes two or three times, she would grab the remote control and being channel surfing and say, “okay your turn.”

At that point, while she lay on her back, totally ignoring me while she flipped through the channels, I would assume my position on all fours next to her on the bed, and attempt to put my balls in her outstretched hand. If she were in a good mood she might open and close her hand a bit, or if she was in a really good mood she would jiggle her hand around with my balls in them like she was rolling a pair of dice. Most times though she would merely lay there more interested in what was on TV than what was going on with me. I would place my balls in her hand and hump her arm while she lay there. During our early years she would talk to me and get me so worked up and excited that it didn’t take long for me to cum. As the years passed she had trained me over time to cum with little or no participation from her and to do it quickly.

If I failed to cum in what she considered enough time, she would simply remove her hand and roll over on the bed, leaving me to hump the bed and cum that way. I soon learned to acquiesce to her demands and basically cum on demand. Heather thought this to be rather amusing and powerful, something she could flaunt over me. That she could make me cum on demand within a few seconds secured her ever growing power over me. Most nights after I had cum in this most humiliating of ways, I would be required to lick Heather’s arm clean of my cum and then go get a wash cloth and wash her arm clean. I was not however allowed to clean or wipe any cum that had landed on the sheets, which I was required to sleep in.

After a time, Heather began to enjoy her domination over and found more ways to humiliate me with her making me cum on demand. Some days she would have me clean the house naked and she would call me over to stand next to her while she lay on the couch and merely put her hand out. I knew what this meant and would immediately get into position and make myself cum while she watched TV and laughed. When it was over, she’d pat me on the head like a dog and say, “good boy, now back to your cleaning.” Of course she would sometimes make me hold off for a month or more and I would be so excited that the minute my balls touched her hand I would shoot. She loved this and seemed to revel in her control over me. I once heard her tell a girlfriend on the phone that she had trained me to cum without even touching my cock, a detail both of them seemed to find very amusing!

And so it was that this was to continue once James became a permanent fixture in our home. Many nights after the two of them had fucked themselves silly and covered my sheets with cum, and after I had cleaned both of them, Heather would say in her most sadistic voice, “does Tinkerbelle want to cum?” Of course she knew the answer and she was would proclaim, “James watch this pathetic show!” James would turn on his side and watch as Heather lay on her back in her old ways and put her hand out. I would scurry to her side on all fours and place my balls in her hand, sometimes only humping once or twice before shooting all over. Heather would then take her cum covered arm and wipe it over my face and hair and say, “night Tinkerbelle, me and the real man of the house are going to bed!” Off they would saunter to their bedroom while I lay there in their cum soaked sheets, my hair and face covered in my own cum!

This ritual would repeat itself in a variety of forms. Heather and James revealed our special relationship to only some of their closest friends as we live in a very small town and word travels fast. One of Heather’s closest friends was Beth who she had been best friends with since kindergarten. There was no secret the two of them did not share. Beth was single and lived about an hour away from us and she would visit often with her then boyfriend Thomas. Physically, Beth was nothing like Heather. She was extremely tall, and rubenesque or what many would consider a BBW or big beautiful woman, she had long blonde hair and huge tits and had a pretty face. Heather used to joke and say guys didn’t care about Beth’s being overweight as long as they got to see her tits and fuck her! However Beth’s attitude was the most striking feature of her personality. She would walk into a room and carried the air and attitude of a bitchy runway model.

Prior to James moving in, Beth and Thomas and Heather and I would go out like normal couples and have dinner and drinks and enjoy each others company. Heather did confide in Beth about our sex life and how she had trained me to cum on demand. One night when the four of us were together enjoying the hot tub, Thomas excused himself to go to the bathroom.

Out of nowhere, Heather said that she had been telling Beth all about making me cum on demand and she wanted me to show her. She told me to stand show her and that I was to cum before Thomas got back from the bathroom or there would be serious consequences to pay. I obediently stood and got out of the hot tub so as not to get my cum in the water. Standing next to the hot tub, I lowered my swim trunks as Heather reached her arm over the side and held her hand palm up. Immediately I squatted and placed my balls in Heather’s palm. Beth squealed with laughter as I began to hump, while Heather casually sipped her wine. Within four strokes I could feel myself shooting all over. I could also see Thomas coming through the kitchen back towards the deck. I finished and pulled my swim trunks up quickly and handed Heather a towel. Her and Beth exchanged smiles and smirks and I quickly excused myself as Thomas made his way back into the tub, saying I had to go to the bathroom.

Heather and James seemed to revel in their ability to humiliate and degrade me in a number of ways. After James moved in whenever Beth would visit, she had since broken up with Thomas; they would continue their little game. Heather of course couldn’t wait to bring Beth up to speed on everything that had transpired since James had come into our lives. Like I said earlier, the two had no secrets from each other and so Beth new about our new arrangement as well as my new attire around the house, bell and all. They delighted in having Beth over and while the three of them watched a movie consuming gourmet snacks that I’d prepared, they would call me in, pause the movie and Heather would make me cum on demand and the three would roar with laughter and continue watching their movie while I cleaned up.

Once when Beth was over she brought up the question to Heather and James as to whether I could only cum on demand in Heather’s hand or did it matter whose had it was. I was once again summoned into the living room and Heather told me of Beth’s question and said we were going to test out her thesis. Beth was wearing tight jeans, and a tight tube top with no bra and plenty of cleavage spilling out. She motioned for me to come over to her and held her palm out. As I was naked all I had to do was squat down and let my balls fall into her palm. As my balls touched her big hand I could feel myself beginning to cum, it was amazingly like nothing I had ever felt before. It was as if my cock and balls were even tinier as they lay in her huge hand. I’m not sure if it was that sensation or her cleavage or the combination of everything, but almost as soon as my balls touched her hand I shot a huge load all over.

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