Heather – Office Receptionist Ch. 01


I work in your typical software office of about 50 employees; business casual all the time, if not that, then it’s casual that most of my co-workers seem to subscribe to. So there was one exception to that, the receptionist Heather. It’s no secret that when a company looks for a receptionist, they are looking for someone that is professional, attractive, and dresses to impress. Heather was that, and in her mid-forties, lush brunette, a haircut just below her shoulders, medium bust, somewhere between a B/C cup, and 5′-3 tall; she was in her prime if you ask me. Gorgeous eyes, a perky little nose that would tingle just the right way when she beamed that perfect smile your way.

Not a negative by any means, maybe small insecurity with her height you could always find her in heels, minimum of three inches, and she carried that well. Meaning her walk was mesmerizing. Rarely had I seen her in pants either, she was a girly girl, always in skirts or dresses.

I started working there about a month after her, and soon after I started we hit it off. She was in the middle of a separation and I was just leaving an abusive relationship. Her husband was an abusive alcoholic type and she was looking for an ear to fill, I fell into that role. The relationship started through instant messaging and one day when Heather was wearing this sexy black skirt and blazer with grey pinstripes, hugging tight around her torso; the buttons on the blazer strained the fabric, compressing her stomach creating a corset-like effect, and elevating her breast. She had a red satin bra poking through the blazer just to tease; off-black sheer pantyhose sheathing her shapely legs, and black four-inch sandals showing off her dainty feet. For me, it was hard to resist and hard to forget. This was the day our relationship went a step further, walking the ığdır escort scary line of sexual harassment in the workplace.

I mention to her subtly that she is ‘smoking up the room.’ in an instant message.

The ellipsis starts and stops, then I see them pause for longer than a young man’s heart should. The little dots fade and start up again moments later, then stop and vanish. I went out on a limb, foot in mouth, everything you’d regret in this situation. I started typing, going into detail the erotic eccentrics of how she worked this professional outfit into a hard to resist sexual outfit. The ellipsis pulsed, then,

“Thank you, Brad, that means a lot to me right now.”

Heather was easily the most beautiful, and sexy lady in the building, and I think she knew it.

The conversation from this point on was chock-full of flirting and figuring out how deviant this girl was, not to mention the string of potential I possessed. Every afternoon she would head back to the break room and clean the coffee pots and other minor office chores, this afternoon, with my heart beating out of my chest, I decided to head back there and join her. I arrive to see her bending over at the dishwasher, loading something into it, ass high in the air, skirt raised high enough to see the cotton gusset of her off-black sheer pantyhose. I paused a minute taking in what was a small wet spot at the thin cotton crotch of her pantyhose.

Happy to see that the conversation we just had, had an effect on her just as much as my cock was straining behind my slacks, I moved up behind her, ran my hand up her silk-covered thighs softly, with gentle pressure from my fingertips. My heart was beating out of my chest, the risk of going down this path in this new office.

‘Will she welcome the advance?’

She ığdır escort bayan was startled for a second, but without looking up at who was molesting her, she remained bent over, propping one arm against the counter above the dishwasher, and using her free one to pull the hem of her skirt up to her waist, exposing her naked ass through the shiny nylon fabric.

‘Wow.’ I thought, and probably vocalized, about how fast this went from purely innocent conversation to a sex fantasy.

The pressure from my fingers increased, as they traveled up the back of her thigh coming to rest on the saturated cotton gusset hiding her sex.

“You are perfect, you know that.” I say to her as now both hands brace onto the countertop, never once looking back or straightening her posture.

‘So are you.’ She whispers.

My fingers were now straining the fabric over her pussy; her fleshy labia spreading and moving as the nylon cotton mixture entered into her soaking wet cavity. My other hand was busy exploring the sheer fabric on her ass and thigh. My cock is now fully engorged, begging to show itself. I accidentally brush the tent pole against her soft butt cheeks, finally, she turns around, looking back at me. She beams that intoxicating smile that I had accepted as so casual; pushing her torso up off from the counter, causing her flimsy business skirt to recede down her ass with a swishing sound against the nylon.

Heather rested a hand over my throbbing manhood, through my slacks as she turned to face me; Reaching her other hand to mine, which was still partially playing with the cotton-nylon barrier over her pussy to accept the gusset of her hose. She took my busy fingers, soaked with her fluids, and brought them to her mouth. She sucked them hard with her eyes locked on mine. She breathed escort ığdır a low moan, eyes closing slowly as hot air poured over my hand. Heather’s tongue was bathing over my fingers as her facial cheeks concave. After the short display, she moved my hand back down to her sex, aggressively shoving my fingers against the protesting gusset. I gave in, focusing on her gaze and tilting my head as I lowered down and met her mouth with mine for the first time. Slow and tender, gentle kiss as our lips learned each other, her tongue and mine timing the assault as both our mouths opened and battled our tongues against each other.

Suddenly our mouths broke and with a sharp look from her, turning on a heel and stepping away from me; my moist fingers cold on the moving rapid moving air of the movement. The arrival of some co-workers caught me off guard in my daze; talking as they rounded the corner to the break room. I stepped back just as well, my heart racing, and I’m sure Heathers was too. I walked over to the other side of the room and filled up my glass of water as Heather straightened her skirt out just before the two co-workers walked in. With the smell of sex in the air, I casually left the break room, heading back to my desk and leaving her to finish her chores. My mind was racing all the way back at everything that just happened.

I fired up messenger and sent off a line for her to read when she got back to her desk. I see her crossing the office, face slightly blushed, maybe euphoric.

‘When and where?!?’ I pose through the messaging client, sending it off as I watch her legs swish and glade together as she moved, her motions elegant as she walked effortlessly back to her station in her pointed heels. She vanished around the corner and moments later I get my reply.

‘NOW. OMG. I’m so hot. But I can’t today, I soo want to. I do. But I need to pick up my daughter from cheerleading practice right after work. ? Tomorrow, I promise!’

Not what I wanted to hear, or not what my bulging cock wanted to hear, but this day had already been full of more than the unexpected.

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