Help Desk Ch. 7


I was used to getting up around 5:30 in the morning, but after the sexual gymnastics I had engaged in with Paula and Geneen the night before, I didn’t awaken until almost 7:00. I had fallen asleep between the two women, and during the night we had managed to rearrange ourselves into a comfortable position with Geneen pressed against my back, me facing Paula’s back, and all of our legs and arms intertwined. It was a very nice way to wake up, except that I had to pee, and couldn’t think of a way to extricate myself without waking my partners.

I disentangled myself as gently as I could, and made it to the bathroom just in time. The face looking at me from the mirror had a sleepy, satisfied look on it, but the hair was a mess. I reached up to touch my hair and was greeted with a sticky feeling – the champagne the girls had doused me with was definitely better applied internally rather than externally. I took a quick shower to clean my hair, and several other parts that still retained some residue from last night’s activities.

When I returned to the bedroom, I saw that in my absence Paula and Geneen had managed to turn to face each other, and were now sleeping with their arms around each other. I was trying to decide how best to waken them when my pager began emitting a series of beeps. It took me a few minutes to find it in the pile of clothes on the floor, and a glance at the display told me that there was trouble at the office. It wasn’t even 7:30, and already the weekend was looking like it was turning out to be a bad one – I was going to have to leave my sleeping beauties!

I called the office, and was relieved to find out that there was a very minor problem that was taken care of by the weekend supervisor. He had called me at home to see what to do, and when he couldn’t get an answer he made a decision and solved it. He paged me as a courtesy to let me know what had been done. I thanked him and let him know that I would be out of touch except for pager for the rest of the weekend.

As I hung up the phone, an idea was forming. When I felt Geneen’s hand stoke by back in a lazy fashion, the idea solidified.

“What’s up, honey?” Geneen asked sleepily.

“Just a minor problem at the Help Desk,” I replied. I turned to her supine form and kissed her slightly puffy lips, her sleepy eyes, her cheeks and nose. She moved under the covers and the smell of sex was still there from last night.

I caressed her face and said, “I have to go for a little while. It won’t take long, I promise. And I will bring breakfast with me when I come back.”

Paula’s hand snaked between Geneen and me and grabbed at my crotch. “This is what I want for breakfast,” she said. She looked like she was still asleep, but the smile on her face belied that. “I promise to be quick,” I said, trying not to get too aroused yet. This was not an easy thing to accomplish, because as I quickly dressed Paula and Geneen snuggled close to each other. They kissed ‘good morning’ and moaned a bit. Leaving them was not something I wanted to do, but if my idea worked out we would be able to enjoy each other for quite a while when I returned.

I leaned in and kissed them both again, then hurried out before I could change my mind. The grocery store in the neighborhood was not the kind to carry champagne and caviar, but it had everything I wanted to get right now. I hurried escort to the store and rounded up the things I wanted – fresh muffins and bagels, some cream cheese, fresh fruit and some juices. Plates and plastic utensils, jellies and honey, napkins and Handi-Wipes. The last items on my list were finally found, and I made quick work of paying for the groceries. I wanted to get back to the hotel as fast as I could.

When I entered our hotel room, I heard voices over the sound of the shower running. The ladies had gotten out of bed while I was gone, and while they cleaned off, I set up breakfast on the table. Room Service arrived with the coffee I had ordered on my return to the hotel, and by the time Geneen and Paula emerged from their shower the food was waiting for them. Having spent several years as a chef in a hotel chain, I had no trouble arranging everything to look as appealing as possible. The ladies were suitably impressed, and we all began to eat. This was very difficult to do with two gorgeous women sitting beside me, wearing nothing more than towels.

We had fun feeding each other and laughing over the events of the last few nights. The muffins and coffee went over well, but I had to stop Geneen when she bit into a strawberry.

“Don’t you know the right way to eat a strawberry?”

“I guess not,” she replied. Geneen looked over at Paula, who was looking a bit confused as well.

I picked out a large berry and removed the leaf from the top. “Now I am going to hold this between my teeth, and you have to try to get it from me. Whoever gets the bigger part of the berry wins!”

Geneen laughed as I gently held the berry and leaned in toward her. Then she leaned in and placed her opened mouth on mine, grasping the berry between her teeth, too. As we bit into the strawberry our tongues and lips maneuvered together. We each got some of the firm flesh in our mouths; the sweet juices dribbling down our chins. I tried to stop the flow of juice as it trickled down Geneen’s neck by licking it up and towards her lips. She was doing the same to me, and we both forgot about seeing who ‘won’ that round.

Not wanting to be left out, Paula pulled my face close to hers, offering her strawberry to me as I had done to Geneen. We battled for the larger piece, and ended up swapping the berry halves back and forth between our mouths several times before we finished. When we parted, Geneen was waiting with a strawberry, and for the next few minutes we all ate the berries with each other.

The erotic effect this was having on us was obvious. We were pulling each other closer and rubbing our bodies together as we devoured each other’s lips. I soon had a finger caressing the slick creases of their cunts, and Geneen and Paula were giving my dick a workout through my pants. The berries were almost forgotten as the sweet smell of cunt filled the air.

Paula suddenly slipped off her chair and sat on the edge of the table. She parted her thighs and placed her feet on my shoulders. She leaned back on one hand while the fingers of her other hand opened the petals of her pussy.

“I know there used to be a cherry here once,” Paula said huskily. “Maybe you can try to find it again and eat it instead of the strawberries!”

I needed no further encouragement, and began to lick along the hot flesh she so willingly offered to me. I teased along the length of her slit with my tongue, and gently sucked her lips into my mouth. As I slid my tongue between her lips and started to lick again, I felt my belt and zipper being loosened. Geneen was on the floor coaxing me out of my pants, and it was only the size of my erection that kept them from sliding off easily. I redoubled my efforts on Paula as Geneen took my dick into her mouth and began to lick and suck in an agonizingly gentle way. The way she was going was intended to keep me hard and ready for a long time, without actually coming. It was exquisite torture.

Paula began to move her hips against my face, and I concentrated on making her come for the first time that day. I buried my nose between her lips and drove my tongue as far into her as I could. She grabbed my head between her hands and pulled me close, bucking against my face as she built toward an orgasm. With her arm no longer supporting her upper body she lay back onto the table, pushing the rest of the fruit out of the way. I took the opportunity to pull her ass just over the edge of the table so I could hold her cheeks in my hands as I ate her blonde essence.

Geneen suddenly released my member and moved from under the table. She stood beside Paula and began to peel a banana that had fallen to the floor. When a good 4 inches of the banana were exposed, she pulled on my shoulder.

“Time for me to get a piece of that pussy,” she said.

I traded places with her, and watched Paula take the banana up into her pussy as Geneen pushed it in. Then Geneen pulled down on the banana and broke it off. She handed me the last of the banana, and looked at Paula with a horny gleam in her eyes.

“I’m fond of banana splits,” Geneen commented, “but this is the first time I am going to enjoy eating the bowl it came in!”

With that Geneen proceeded to push the banana as far as he could into Paula. Paula’s face was contorted in ecstasy as the fruit filled her, and when Geneen’s talented tongue began to eat the banana from Paula her moans turned into screams.

“Oh GOD that feels good! Eat me Geneen, suck my pussy hard and make me come all over your face! I can feel it coming! Do it! DO IT!!”

Not wanting to have the neighbors disturbed by this noise, I went to the other side of the table and climbed over Paula’s writhing body. As her mouth opened again, I slid the tip of my cock between her lips. She immediately clamped down on me and began to suck. Geneen looked up to see what was going on, and I motioned her away from her feast. She moved back, and I was able to enjoy the last bit of banana in Paula’s pussy as she had her first orgasm. She sucked me harder as she came, but I pulled away before it was too late. I climbed off the table and pulled Geneen to her feet.

As Paula came down from her orgasm, I asked her to move over so Geneen could get on the table, too. When both women were laying side-by-side, head to toe, I pulled the honey from the tray and began to drizzle it over their bodies. The golden shine of the honey contrasted with the ebony beauty of Geneen, and I was mesmerized by the trails is made as it flowed across her body. Paula’s golden complexion was enhanced by the honey as well, and the sight of her nectar and the honey in her blonde bush was too exciting to describe.

I began to lick the honey from them, pausing to savor the taste of their flesh sweetened by the honey, relishing in the way their bodies reacted to my attentions. Realizing that I was going to be a while at this endeavor, Paula turned slightly and began to lick the honey from Geneen’s thighs and belly. Geneen began to do the same with Paula, and soon the three of us were frantically eating each other’s bodies.

I made my way down to Geneen’s bald pussy, and I pulled the last item from under the table. Without warning her at all, I placed the nozzle of the Redi-Whip can at the opening of Geneen’s pussy and proceeded to fill her with whipped cream. The effect was amazing. She screamed and bucked, and started coming almost immediately. I watched the cream come pouring out of her snatch and hungrily devoured as much as I could. Paula watched in fascination and then grabbed the can from my hand.

“I have to try that, Mark! I never thought about doing that, but GOD it looks like fun!”

Paula proceeded to give herself a whipped cream douche, and then pushed me away from Geneen. She straddled Geneen’s face and began to slide her cream-filled treat across Geneen’s lips. Geneen responded by grabbing Paula’s thighs and burying her face in the sweetness at her lips.

As Paula built to another orgasm, I stood up and moved to Geneen’s feet. I raised her legs to my shoulders and began to slide my throbbing cock into her hot creamy hole. I buried myself inside with no effort, and began to fuck for all I was worth. Paula leaned forward and rubbed Geneen’s clit as I fucked her, and the noises Geneen was making in Paula’s cunt told us we were doing it right.

I had been so hard for so long that I though I would come right away. The whipped cream had lubricated Geneen so much that there was little friction, and I was able to hold back for a short time – long enough for Geneen to have another orgasm and for her to get Paula off again. Finally I could take it no more, and shot my hot load into Geneen. As I started to come, Paula pushed me back and grabbed my cock in her hand. She bent down and took me into her mouth as the next jet of sperm flew out, and proceeded to suck on me until my balls were dry. Then she turned around and kissed Geneen, to let my sperm drip into her mouth as well. We all moved from the table to the bed, and held each other close.

“What a way to wake up!” exclaimed Paula.

“I could get used to this myself,” answered Geneen.

“I could get used to it, but I don’t think I could keep up with you two all the time,” I responded.

“Well checkout time is noon, so we have a few hours before we have to go anywhere. What do you think we should do with the time?” Geneen asked innocently.

“Well I don’t know about you, but I am going to take a shower and get dressed,” Paula decided. “I have to get home soon. You see, my ceiling fans are making a lot of noise, and I was hoping that the repairman was going to come by today.” Paula looked at me pointedly. “I hope he brings his assistant, so that everything gets worked on properly!”

We all began laughing, and decided that Paula might just have a good idea. We showered and dressed, and went our respective ways. But just before we parted company in the lobby, Paula said, “I’m expecting the repairman around 1:00. Sound good to you?”

Geneen and I agreed to the time, and we went to our cars. The drive home was a long one, but not as long as the drive to Paula’s that afternoon!

To Be Continued…

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