Her Awakening Ch. 05


After her experience with Penny, Victoria found herself to be insatiable. It was like that experience had triggered something primal in her. She spent all of her alone time thinking of sex and how else she could please her lovers and herself. This posed a problem when her husband came home. She couldn’t just call Jake when her husband was home. She no longer dreaded her husband leaving on his trips, she now wished for them. Her husband had come home a few days after her tryst with Penny. He had barely put his luggage down before he grabbed Victoria, taking her to their bedroom and attacking her. However, like always, before she could even begin to enjoy it, he let out a groan and came inside her, and rolled off to get a shower. The next day her husband announced that his boss had promised him that he would not make him travel for at least a month since his last trip was so long.

That was a week ago and Victoria was going mad with desire. Her husband was going to be home for at least another three weeks and she needed some release bad. Of course she could masturbate, and it felt good, but she needed more. She was even starting to consider calling Jake and meeting him while her husband was at work. That was too risky. She knew she shouldn’t do it, but even thinking of the danger was beginning to excite her. She looked at the clock, 4:00 PM, no, it was too close to his arrival time. Then she decided it would be best if she called today and set it up for tomorrow. She grabbed her phone and dialed Jake. When the voicemail came on she waited for the beep.

“Hello lover, I need you bad. I was thinking maybe you could come over tomorrow morning after my husband goes to work and give me a good fucking. Call me before 6, and we can make arrangements.”

Jake retrieved the message a little later and purposely waited until about 6:15 to call back. Victoria was in the kitchen when her phone rang. She looked at the display and noticed it was from Jake. Her husband was in the room changing. She didn’t want to answer, but was afraid Jake would not call back. She really needed to see him. She pushed the “send” button and in a low, almost whisper, she spoke.


“Hello my little cock sucker. Can’t even wait for your husband to leave town huh?” He teased.

The sound of his voice immediately sent chills through her. She could feel the tingle between her legs. “No, I need to see you tomorrow. Can you come?” She asked

“You want to suck my cock?” He said

“Yes.” She whispered.

“You want me to fuck you?”

“Oh yes!” she said raising her voice a bit.

“You want to taste my cum you little slut?”

“YES!” She said almost too loud. She didn’t know what to do. She wanted to grab her crotch right now and please herself while he talked to her that way. However, she realized where she was and remembered her husband would be back soon. So she controlled herself and asked again. “Can you come?”

“I have to work, but I get an hour for lunch. I would love to come over for a nooner tomorrow. See you about 12:00.”

Victoria hung up the phone and her husband came in a moment later.

“Did I hear your phone ring?” He asked.

“Yes, it was Penny.” She answered, knowing he wouldn’t want any more details.

“I don’t like her. She is a trollup. She is soiling Jackson’s good name at that club the way she sleeps around. I wish you wouldn’t spend so much time with her. People are going to think you are friends.” He said with righteous indignation.

“Oh stop that, you know I have to associate with her, she is the head of the auxiliary.” She told him.

“Maybe, but I don’t want my wife to be associated with someone of her moral fiber, or lack of it.” He spat back.

Victoria started to sweat. What if he found out what she had done with Penny not 10 feet from where he was standing. She nervously pulled his chair out from the table and told him to sit down for dinner.

The next day Victoria woke up and excitedly readied herself for Jake’s arrival. Not long after noon, there was a knock on the door. Victoria hurried to the door and pulled Jake inside. Jake was delighted to see Victoria dressed very provocatively. She had on her high heeled slippers, thigh high stockings and a one piece teddy that held up her heavy breasts with spaghetti straps.

“Well, my little cock sucker is eager to please.” Jake said with a grin.

Victoria immediately dropped to her knees and pulled out his soft cock and eagerly sucked it to life. As she did, Jake played with her.

“Aren’t you worried your husband will catch you?” He asked.

Victoria ignored him, sucking in his manhood and savoring every inch as is slid past her lips and down her throat.

“I asked you a question. Are you afraid your hubby will come home and catch you with my cock down your throat?”

Victoria removed his hot shaft from her mouth, and while stroking it with her hand she looked up at him and answered, “He won’t be home for hours.”

“May be not, but he might come home early. Gaziantep Mutlu Son Escort Maybe we should stop. I don’t want you to get in trouble” He teased. With that he backed away from her and his cock fell out of her mouth.

Victoria let out a small whimper, “No, I need your cock, please don’t stop.”

“So you don’t care if your husband catches you?” He said again.

At this point, Victoria would say anything to get Jake’s cock back. “NO! I don’t care; just give me your cock back please.”

Jake grabbed a handful of her hair with one hand and his cock and with his other and slowly slid his cock into her mouth until her nose was buried in his pubes. Then he aggressively fucked her mouth for a few minutes until his cock was nice and hard.

“Let’s go to your room, I want to fuck you on his bed.” He told her.

“No! We can’t.” She said

“I thought you didn’t care if he caught you.” He replied.

Victoria was stuck. She knew he would leave if she didn’t comply, but she didn’t want to do that in her husband’s bed. Then she thought about how much she needed to be fucked, and she gave in. They went to her room and Jake lay down on his back with his hard pole lying on his stomach.

Jake grabbed it and pointed it straight up and spoke, “Come ride my cock slut.”

Victoria reached between her legs and unbuttoned the crotch of her teddy and climbed on top of him. She grabbed his throbbing meat and slowly lowered herself onto it. She let out a long sigh of satisfaction as it crawled up her velvety hole. When her ass reached his pelvis, she moved in circles. As she felt his cock move inside her, she moaned out with pleasure. Jake grabbed the outside of her thighs and started moving her back and forth on his shaft. They both were enjoying the feelings and really getting into it. Then Victoria began to rise up and drop down hard on his body, driving his cock in deep with every stroke. She began to talk to him, “Fuck me! Yes! Fuck me with that big cock of yours! Talk to me! Tell me what a slut I am. It makes me hot.”

Jake loved to hear her get this way. Just as he was about to do as she asked, the phone rang. Victoria stopped what she was doing and looked at the called ID.

“Oh no it’s my husband.” She said with panic in her voice.

Jake got a devilish look in his eye. “Answer it. I want to fuck you while you talk to your husband.” He told her.

The phone rang a second ring.

“I can’t he will know something is wrong.” She retorted

“Alright, then I am out of here.” Jake told her.

A third ring.

Victoria was too far gone to let him take his cock and go home. She was sure she would get caught, but at this point, she was willing to do almost anything to get fucked right.

“OK!” she reluctantly answered.

Just as the fourth ring sounded, she picked up the receiver and said hello.

“Hello honey.” She said as she grabbed Jake’s pole and again impaled herself on it.

“uh hmmmmmmm.” A prolonged answer to her husband’s question because of the pleasure Jake’s cock was bringing her.

As she listened to her husband she again ground her round ass into Jake’s pelvis.

“Uh hmmmmmmm.” She again said, feigning interest in the phone conversation.

Jake reached up and pinched her nipples hard through her teddy.

“Oh!” she said out loud with surprise from the pain in her breasts.

“Oh nothing sweetie, Just got a pain in my finger from a staple……Yea, I’m fine.”

Jake pinched them again and Victoria bit her lip to keep quiet. Victoria began to now slowly rise and fall onto his shaft as she continued her conversation with her husband. The thrill of it all was so exciting. Chills raced through her as she just kept saying, “H hmmmmmmm.” into the phone. Jake was mauling her large breast now and he was enjoying this too much.

“OK, honey, I will have dinner ready for you all by 6……..That’s fine, see you then…….I love you too……bye” she said as she ended the conversation. Then she put the phone back down.

“You are a nasty little slut. You were fucking me on your husband’s bed as you were talking to him. You really don’t care if you get caught.” Jake now turned her over on her hands and knees and positioned himself behind her.

Of course what Jake said was not true, Victoria didn’t want to get caught, but she also wanted more of what she was getting. She pushed her ass in the air and told Jake to fuck her like a dog. He grabbed her hips and drove his man meat deep inside her. Victoria was so turned on by the thrill of it all that after only a few deep stroked of his cock, she began to cum.

“Yes! Yes! Yes! That’s how I like it deep and hard, fuck me harder, I am cuuuuuuummmming!” She yelled

Jake continued to pound her pussy hard and fast. Victoria’s head flew back and her body shook as her orgasm flowed through her.

After she had finished cumming, Jake pulled out his cock and ordered her to turn around. “Alright my little cock sucker, come clean my cock and swallow my cum.”

Victoria willingly took hold of his member and sucked its entire length into her mouth and down her throat. She expertly sucked and stroked him until he could feel his orgasm approaching. However, unlike what he had said, he had no intentions of cumming down her throat. Just as his seed rushed up his shaft, he grabbed Victoria’s hair and pulled her off his cock. The first glob of cum shot out like a rocket and landed right on her face. With his other hand Jake now grabbed his cock and stroked rope after rope of jizz from his cock onto her face. Victoria opened her mouth wide trying to get some into her mouth so she could taste it, but it was no use. Jake’s whole intent was to cum all over her face. It landed all over her face and hair. After his climax was over, he pulled her hair back a bit and looked at his work. He was beaming with pride for his dominance.

“You look like a good little slut with my cum all over your face.” He teased.

Looking at the clock, he noticed it was close to 1:00.

” I gotta go. I am glad you called me yesterday. I need that. Talk to you soon.” Then he picked up his clothes and left.

Victoria lay back on her bed and began to clean the cum from her face. As she collected it with her hand she would slowly lick it off, relishing the taste of every drop. When it was all gone, she lay back for a few minutes, but then realized she had a lot of work to do if her husband was bringing company home for dinner. She got up, straightened the bed and headed to the shower.

Later that afternoon, after she had finished preparing dinner, Victoria went to her room to get ready. She applied her make-up and styled her hair just like a proper wife should. As she looked in her closet, she noticed that with her new found sexuality, that all these prudish clothes she owed didn’t fit her personality anymore. However, she knew where she was, and how she was to act when in her husband’s presence, and especially when he brought work colleagues home. She pulled out a nice conservative length skirt and a button up blouse that covered sufficiently. All this made her a little disappointed. So to even things out for herself, and to feel a little naughty, she pulled out one of her sexy new bras to wear underneath, and since the skirt was so long, she figured she could get away with not wearing underwear. If she couldn’t look sexy, at least she could feel sexy.

After dressing, she noticed that her blouse was a bit tight and did show off how large her breasts were, but figured it was not something her husband would not notice. She went to the living room and waited for her husband’s arrival.

It was not long before the door opened and in came her husband and he was chatting with whoever it was with him. Victoria rose and went to meet them. As she got to the door, she was taken back a bit. Her husband had a young man, maybe 20 years old with him.

“Carl, this is my wife Victoria.” Her husband said. “Victoria, this is my new intern Carl.”

Victoria was expecting someone much older. She didn’t remember her husband saying he was bringing an intern home, but then again, she wasn’t paying much attention to him during their phone conversation.

“Pleased to meet you Mrs. Mueller.” Carl said stuttering a bit.

“Nice to meet you too Carl.” She returned.

Victoria could tell Carl was not too confident. He was thin and not too tall and wore his hair slicked back. He wore a white button up shirt, slacks and loafers. He was not a classic “nerd” but was not too far from it.

They all went to the living room and Victoria poured everyone a drink. Victoria sat next to Carl on the couch and her husband sat on the chair opposite them. As they all chatted and sipped their drinks, Victoria caught Carl trying to glance down her top at the small amount of cleavage he blouse was displaying. Victoria’s husband may not have noticed how tight her blouse was, but apparently Carl had. The attention of course was exciting Victoria. She started to lean a bit in Carl’s direction when she noticed her husband was not paying attention. Carl was doing everything he could to see what he could, but still not get caught. Victoria was getting a tingle between her legs from all the attention. She could tell Carl was getting excited, because he started shifting in his seat and trying to discreetly adjust the growing penis in his trousers. Victoria kept playing the game for as long as she could when her husband announced he was going to go to the restroom.

When he had left and she heard her bedroom door close, Victoria decided she would have a little more fun with Carl. Not a word had been said when Victoria just came right out and said, “You like my boobs?”

Carl almost choked to death on his drink,”What?” he said after regaining his composer.

“You have been staring at them the whole time we have been here.” She said matter-of-factly.

Carl knew he was caught. He decided to go for the sympathy. “I am sorry Mrs. Mueller I could not help it. Please forgive me, don’t tell Mr. Mueller I need this internship for my degree.” He pleaded with her.

Victoria was in control. The tingle in her pussy had now turned to pure wetness. She was going to torment this boy for all it was worth. She unbuttoned two of her buttons. Carl could now see her full canyon of cleavage and the top of her sexy black lace bra.

“Here’s a better view. You like?” she asked

Carl just gazed in amazement at the large display of tit flesh in front of him. “Oh my yes, they are great.” He answered back.

“I’m not wearing any panties either.” Victoria said tantalizing him with a quick shake of her shoulders that caused her tits to shift back and forth

All this stimulation made Carl’s dick so hard he had to reach down and adjust it.

“I have to get dinner on the table.” She said as she walked away buttoning he top.

Carl was again adjusting his swollen member when his boss re-entered the room. Carl stopped immediately and tried not to look too embarrassed. Just then Victoria called them in for dinner. Carl excused himself, telling them he wanted to wash his hands. He was really just wanting to go get rid of the raging hard-on in his pants.

When he returned to the dining area, his hard-on was more under control, but Victoria could still see it pressing against his pant leg. Carl’s place was set directly across from Victoria. He quickly went to sit down. When they all had served themselves and the conversation had again started, Victoria decided it was time to play some more. Carl had pulled himself all the way under the table trying to conceal his arousal, and the dining table was not very wide, so she decided to play a little footsy. As she started asking Carl innocent background questions, she removed her shoe under the table and slid he foot up the opening of Carl’s pant leg. She could only reach halfway up his shin, but the soft rub of her foot on his leg again sprang his penis into shape. Victoria could see him getting more uncomfortable and she continued to torment him. She removed her foot from his leg and slowly climbed up the outside of his trousers until she had the ball of her foot resting in his crotch. Victoria could feel his hard cock with her foot and she gently rubbed back and forth across it.

When there was a break in the questions, Victoria’s husband decided to ask one, “How are you doing at the university Carl. Has college been hard for you?”

Victoria saw an opening and started to play dirty. “Yea, Carl, has college been HARD for you?” As she emphasized the word, she pressed her foot into his stiff shaft.

Carl tried with all he could not to look guilty. “Yes, it has been hard.” Looking a bit embarrassed he took a drink.

Victoria just continued to fondle his member with her foot the entire meal. The activities were exciting her as much as Carl.

After dinner was over and they all had a drink, they retired to the living room. This time Victoria sat across from Carl and every chance she got she teased him. She licked her lips, or winked at him, even crossed her legs a few times, and watched as poor Carl tried to hide his excitement. The evening ended, and Victoria and her husband walked Carl to the door. Victoria trailed behind on purpose. Carl was immediately in front of her. For one more little torment, Victoria reached in front of her and grabbed a handful of Carl’s ass and squeezed hard. “It has been a pleasure meeting you Carl.” She said as she released his cheek.

“The pleasure has been mine.” He retorted.

“Don’t be a stranger.” She replied.

They all said their goodbyes and they closed the door. Victoria’s husband excused himself for bed and Victoria followed. She waited until he was in the restroom brushing his teeth before she undressed and put on a long robe to cover her under garment. She kissed her husband good night and went back to the living room to watch some TV until she went to bed. She confidently walked down the hall knowing all the torment and excitement she had caused that evening, and knowing she had not even risen any suspicion in her husband.

The next night there was a silent auction at the club put on by the Women’s auxiliary. Both Victoria and her husband were to attend. Victoria needed to go early to help the women finalize all the details. She was still feeling a bit randy from her escapade the night before with Carl, and she thought about the fact that she would be seeing Penny. She didn’t know whether to be excited to see her, or terrified. She loved her wild time with Penny, but was afraid Penny may talk or subtly make reference in public to their little tryst. Nevertheless, when she got dressed, she did as she had last night. Knowing her husband would be there, she needed to be appropriately dressed, but she liked feeling sexy. So, she put on a skirt and nice top, but under, she wore a racy red satin bra and no panties. In addition, when she put on her skirt, she folded the waist band over a couple times; this brought the hem up to the top of her knee. A subtle change she felt her husband would not notice, but a change that would make her feel sexier.

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