Her First Experience


She was surfing the Internet looking for someone interesting to chat with. She had no idea when she answered his “hello” what she was really getting into. When he asked her if she had ever been with a Dom, she felt her heart beat a little faster and her stomach quiver at the thought. She was excited.

She had read many books on bondage, sex slaves and masters and they had excited her sexually but she never thought in a million years that she might get the chance to have that kind of experience.

She was very curious about this man’s lifestyle and wanted to ask a lot of questions but she also didn’t want to look like an idiot. For some reason, right at the very first moment she found out he was a Dom, she felt the need to please this man. She didn’t understand why she felt this way about him.

So, she tentatively started asking questions. She was trying hard to phrase her questions so she wouldn’t look naïve and silly. After all, she didn’t know what this man liked and she didn’t want to make him mad at her. She feared that he might punish her later if she decided to let him know she would like to be his sub. And she knew that she would be his.

He was patient and kind in the answering of her questions, which made her feel more at ease with him. She was so excited. She really wanted to try this sub/Dom thing with this man but at the same time she was a little reluctant because she didn’t know him.

She then asked what she would have to do as a next step if she decided to participate with him. It was then that she received her first task. It was something her husband had asked her to do a thousand times and she never would for him. Something about this man on the other side of the computer made her want to for him though. He told her to shave her pussy. Then she was supposed to let him know when she had done it and how it made her feel.

At first, she had no intention of shaving her pussy. Hell, she wouldn’t even do that for her husband. But the more she thought about it, the more it appealed to her because she would be doing it to please this stranger that she had just met on the Internet. And she really did wish to please him.

So, she decided that she would shave her pussy for this man but she wasn’t able to do it all the way. She only shaved it partially. For some reason kuşadası escort though, she decided not to tell him that she had shaved her pussy and actually decided she wouldn’t talk to him again because she felt silly.

And she didn’t talk to him again for some days. Then, one day she made herself available to her whole chat list and he popped up. Uh oh she thought and she actually thought of ignoring him. But she didn’t because she was drawn to him and what he could possibly do for her. She had a feeling he was for real and not just telling her tales about his lifestyle. She said hello. Her stomach was fluttering as she typed.

He asked her first thing if she had shaved her pussy. She thought about not telling him the truth but decided that she really did not want to lie to this man so she told him that she had tried but had only partially shaved. Immediately he wanted to know why she had only partially shaved when he had told her to shave it all the way.

She felt timid and shy, but she told him that she had felt funny doing it so had stopped shaving. He demanded that she shave it bare right then. She felt trepidation and hesitated but told him she would try. Secretly, she thought of rebellion but something inside pushed her to tell him she would try again. She really wanted to think about it but was not allowed to by this man. He demanded that she do it now and come back and tell him about it.

So, she did it. When she came back, she could tell how pleased he was with her and it made her feel great! She knew right then that any thought of not talking to him was banished forever. She wanted to do anything he asked her to do.

He asked her if she wore panties and she said yes. He told her that from now on she was not allowed to wear panties except when she was having her period. Her heart beat wildly just thinking of not wearing any panties even though she had done it a million times before.

They set up a time to talk on the phone later that night after her husband left for work and her son was in the bed. She was getting very excited and wet at the thought of what this man might ask her to do for him. But she was also excited to think how those things he asked her to do would make her feel.

After her husband left for work, she went to her bedroom kuşadası escort bayan to get ready for bed as usual. This meant that she would completely undress – because this is how she normally slept – as well as brushing her teeth and putting in a movie that she could relax and watch. As she climbed into the bed and pulled the covers up, she felt her stomach fluttering in anticipation.

He called her as scheduled that night. She answered her phone with some trepidation. She did not know what she should expect. They made small talk for a bit but she really wanted to start pleasing herself and this new man she had met. The anticipation was almost overwhelming. Then all of a sudden, he asked her to get her hairbrush and bring it to bed. She was unsure of how to react to this request but she did as she was told and brought the brush to the bed.

He started by asking her to rub and pinch her nipples. As she was doing it she started to feel radiating warmth spread down her stomach and through her pussy. Next, she was instructed to suck on her nipples. She felt even more heat rush to her pussy. She was so wet she could feel her juices running out of her as she sucked.

Then, he told her to spank her nipples with her hairbrush. She did and she could not believe how incredible this made her feel. She would have never dreamed that she was capable of feeling what she was feeling from spanking her nipples with a hairbrush. She was so close to cumming that she couldn’t stand it. She knew that she needed to cum very soon but she was to find out that she would have to wait for it.

He finally told her to touch her clit with her fingers. She nearly exploded with the sensation of touching herself but she was trying hard to prolong the orgasm in hopes that it would be better later. This would indeed prove to be the case.

She was instructed to pinch her clit as hard as she could. She squeezed hard and the sensation was so intense. She raked her fingernail over her clit as instructed. Ahh! She thought she wouldn’t be able to take anymore.

At this point, she was instructed to get her brush and spank her clit. She nearly came undone as she spanked her clit. She could not believe how this spanking was affecting her. She HAD to cum.

And then, just as she thought she escort kuşadası was going to cum before she was told to do so, he told her to fuck her pussy with her vibrator. In and out as hard as she could she fucked herself. She played with her clit and pinched it as she fucked her cunt. He could tell she was going to explode and demanded that she cum immediately. And she did. The orgasm she felt rip through her body was so intense that she thought she might die from sheer pleasure.

She came down slowly from the orgasm with small tremors continuing to rack her body. She had never felt anything like it. At this point, she knew she needed this man.

She was not fully prepared for the next part of her instruction. She was still recovering from the first orgasm when she was instructed to get her hairbrush and insert it into her pussy and to grab her vibrator. He told her to push the vibrator into her ass so she did. She was very excited at this because she had told him how much she loved to have her ass fucked.

She started fucking herself in the ass with the vibrator. Slowly at first but then she fucked herself hard and fast. The sensations running through her body were incredible. She knew that it would not take long for her to cum. She sensed that this man knew that she would need to cum fast.

He instructed her to use the brush and lightly hit the vibrator as it was in her ass. While this seemed odd to her, she decided that he hadn’t steered her wrong so far. She hit the end of the vibrator with the brush. This was her undoing. She had to cum and she had to cum now. He could tell what she needed and demanded that she cum for him. This orgasm was even more intense than the first. She never would have thought that she could get off in this way, never mind that it would be this intense.

Her knees were weak with her recent orgasm. She knew she would not be able to get up for a few minutes that night. And she told him so. He chuckled at her and told her that it was good.

They talked for a few minutes more. He could tell she was exhausted with her recent ecstasy. He told her to go sleep but she knew as she said goodbye that she would not sleep yet because her mind was going a million miles a minute.

She knew that she had to talk to this man again and soon. She also knew that more than anything she wished to please him and that she had just embarked on an adventure that she knew would bring her unbridled pleasure and hoped a long and lasting relationship.

She thought of him and the things he had made her feel as she drifted into a dreamless, deep sleep.

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