Hit Me Harder! Ch. 01


I started to write this story a few years ago and it was originally published on the forum for female bodybuilder admirers. The first part is a classic femdom genre, but in following episodes it turns more into a romance series about a guy dating a very muscular female bodybuilder. There is a lot of development of their relationship further in the plot, but many hot and steamy scenes also. Currently the story consists of ten chapters, which I’ll be publishing successively.

I hope you’ll like it. Enjoy!


Hey guys, my name is Daniel and I’m 25 years old. I am an amateur muay thai fighter. After almost 6 years of training, I feel really strong in a fight or in the street. I have good boxing technique, strong kicks and a really great stamina. But a few days ago something happened in the gym, which caused me to completely lose my confidence…

It happened early in the morning, so I was literally the only one in the gym. I was training my favorite combinations on the heavy boxing bag in the corner of the room. I was convinced that I was alone, when I suddenly heard a female voice:

“Oh, what a warrior…” I turned and in front of me was standing quite a tall woman, in her late twenties or early thirties, with long blonde hair tied into a ponytail. She was smiling, but there was nothing friendly in it. Her smirk was rather sarcastic and her blue eyes were looking at me with absolute coldness, that seemed to be drilling through me. She had a gorgeous face with a clean fair complexion, big eyes with naturally long lashes, straight, classically sculpted nose, full, glossy lips, delicate cheeks and chin. And it was all natural, I didn’t notice any traces of makeup on her face.

Even though she was very pretty, it wasn’t her face that was drawing the most attention, it was her body! Oh my God, she was built like some super-heroine from the Marvel comics. It was amazing, how her beautiful feminine face was in contrast with the enormous muscles she had. And she was wearing only a sports bra and panties! Her muscles were huge and defined, she didn’t even need to flex them, they were still bigger than 99% of the people I’ve known.

An obvious thought crossed my mind, that she had to be a professional bodybuilder. She looked like she was wearing medieval armor with plates made of muscles instead of steel.

My gaze finally broke away from her pretty face and went lower, slowly, in awe and shock, examining her neck, behind which were rising up two huge slopes of her superhumanly developed trapezius muscle. The ridges of these giant traps led my eyes to other huge muscles of this mysterious blonde, her shoulders. Her deltoid muscles were round and big, almost like bowling balls, making her frame very wide. But they were also in contrast with her narrow waist, which made her silhouette similar to the V letter or an inverted triangle.

She put her hands on her hips and that gesture made her posture even more intimidating. Jeez, those arms… Veiny, pumped and simply enormous! Her biceps, even relaxed, were giant. They were huge peaks of meat, clearly separated from the deltoids muscles, with thick veins running along them. I couldn’t even imagine how big her biceps could grow when she flexed them.

Her forearms were as big as my calves, I am not kidding you, they were also so defined, that I was able to see every fiber under her tanned skin.

The chest of this woman was just massive in every aspect. Wide and thick slabs of pectoral muscles seemed to be bulging with their density, hardness and strength. This blonde muscular beauty also had really huge tits, it was obvious that they were implants, but not because they looked fake, rather because she had minimum fat in her body. As far as I know, it is impossible to have big natural bosom and be so ripped at the same time. Implants that size would look grotesque on most of the average chicks, but in the case of this muscular woman, they were just perfectly proportional to the rest of her immense body. And they looked like huge and juicy breasts, not like balls attached to a body. The surgeon who made her these boobs had to be very skilled.

Below her impressive cleavage, the most perfect, sculpted and defined abdominal muscles I’ve ever seen, in real life or even in pictures, were visible. Her belly looked as if it was carved in marble, each cube of abdominal muscles was separated from another by rifts so deep, that there were shadows in them. These abdominals looked like they were constantly flexed, even though they weren’t… I guess…

Honestly, I didn’t realize that human thighs, especially female, could grow to such incredible volume. Her quads were enormous, their combined girth was at least three times bigger than her waist! Huge thick veins were running down and entwining these monstrous thighs. Under her silky thin skin were visible striations, which combined with the giant mass of her quadriceps, were making an kütahya escort outstanding impression. As a sort of crowning of her incredible figure, were powerful calves that looked like they were casted in steel. They had huge heads with sharp ridges and rifts between them. They seemed to be ceaselessly flexed, they were so huge. Those legs seemed to have inexhaustible power and made me wonder how much big weights she could squat.

I’ve never seen someone so massive and lean at the same time. Maybe some pro male bodybuilders on TV, but I had never seen a woman with such muscle mass! At glance, her fat level had to be around eight percent or even less! She was a little bit shorter than me, so her height was around five feet nine inches, something like that. I am not very muscular, but I am also not skinny, I try to keep my weight between 185 to 187 lbs. This woman was more massive than me, she had at least a twenty pounds weight advantage. So, by my guess, she was 5 ft 9″ and more or less two hundred pounds…. Holy fuck, all her body weight was by pure muscle mass!

So apparently, when I was working out, I was stealthily approached by an amazon beauty, with a giant muscular body covered only by a tight sporty bikini. Is this some kind of prank? Hidden camera? Did I fall asleep in the locker room and this is only a dream? Meeting such a muscular woman with this extreme level of development seemed to be an unreal situation for me. Millions of thoughts just ran across my mind. Who is she? What does she want? Why did she approach me?

She allowed me to stare and check her body without any sign of being uncomfortable or shy, she is probably used to people staring at her. I assumed that is nothing extraordinary when you have muscles this size.

Finally she broke the awkward silence and said with a provocative smile: “You have a good technique, you’re pretty fast, but your blows are definitely way too weak.”

I do not remember what I exactly answered, but it was some stupid and cocky, which I regretted, because it cost me a huge humiliation… After I said that, her smile disappeared and only her ice blue eyes were staring at me.

“All right. Then prove to me that you can punch really hard.” She raised her massive arms behind her head and flexed her abdominal muscles. “C’mon, hit me in the belly!”

“What?! Are you crazy lady?! I can hurt you!” I could not believe that she proposed something like that.

“Hurt me? Don’t make me laugh. Do you see these muscles?” She asked while massaging her impressive six-pack.

“I see. You have a nice washboard, a good job and so on, but I’m a Muay Thai fighter! I can punch really fucking hard!”

“I am muay thai fighter, hurr durr, wow, so strong, bla bla bla” The woman started mocking me! “Don’t be such a pussy! Hit me, coward!”

“Ok, don’t sue me if you get hurt!” I said with anger.

This crazy muscle bitch got on my nerves. I will show her then! And I threw a punch at her stomach, not with full force, but rather strongly. I was certain that this punch would pump the whole air from her lungs, even if I didn’t commit my full body strength into it. But my knuckles collided with the concrete wall of her ABS! That blow only made her more angry or rather annoyed, because she was still cold, similar to the deepest voids of hell.

“What the fuck was that? Did you hit me with a pillow? I know that you are weak, but you clearly can punch harder! Hit me! Hit me harder!”

So, I hit her again, much stronger. Still not with my full force though. My punch slammed with a thud sound on her muscular belly. Her stomach was so hard that I felt an unpleasant pain in my wrist. But she didn’t even blink. Her icy blue eyes were emanating disdain for me.

Stupid steroid bitch! What is she thinking?! What’s her fucking problem? I won’t play her games anymore, fuck her! – I thought angrily and decided that I will go back to my training and ignore her. But at that moment, I didn’t realize yet that she was in control of our conversation from the very beginning. So, she started to provoke me again and she was very skilled at it.

“Please, don’t tell me, that was your hardest punch. I can’t believe that someone can be so weak. Where did you learn this muay thai? On Youtube?”. She was mocking me constantly and in the meantime, she was flexing her abdominal muscles, as if she wasn’t intimidating enough. “I am a woman, you claim to be a muay thai fighter and yet you can’t hit me so that I feel something, except tickling! C’mon, hit me, boy, hit me, make me scream from pain!”

So, I hit her as hard as I could. Fully rotated hips, shoulder rolled, a perfect technique. I didn’t wait for her reaction, but I threw another punch in her belly. And another. And again. I wasn’t even looking at her face, my only goal was to fucking crush that arrogant bitch! I was punching her abdominals furiously, I don’t know what got into me! If someone would ever tell me that I will escort kütahya punch any woman so hard, I would call that person insane.

Also, any witness of this bizarre situation, would tell that I assaulted this woman and it would look exactly like that! I punched her several times and my wrists started to hurt as hell. It was like hitting a wall, her muscles were unbelievably tough! During this madness I heard her moan and it made me regain consciousness.

Fuck! I hurt her! What am I doing? She is clearly out of her mind, maybe under the influence of some drug and she was asking for it, but am I also insane? She is a woman and I was hitting her like a madman, only because she hurt my ego?! – Nervous thoughts flooded my mind.

I stopped and looked at her face….. and WHAT THE FUCK?! Although she had a grimace on her cute face, it wasn’t caused by pain, but by….. pleasure! Sexual pleasure! She had her eyes half-closed, biting her lips and she was pinching her nipples through the material of her bra. She opened her eyes and asked with some kind of mean and sarcastic grin: “Why did you stop? It started to be quite enjoyable. Your pity attempts at hurting my belly affected me in the total opposite way, you know?” she chuckled.

I was in shock, genuine shock, but I was trying not to show her that. I knew that she wasn’t faking it. No one is able to fake and hide pain so well. From my martial arts experience, I can always determine if my punch or kick hurts someone during a sparring or a fight, even if my opponent is desperately trying to mask it.

Red marks appeared on her skin at the spots where my punches landed, but it was the only visible effect of my strikes. The only explanation of her strange inhuman endurance for pain I could think of, was some enhancement substance she had to take, I don’t know, drug or steroid. She had to take something, no one could withstand punches thrown with full force and ‘pretend’ that it would be in no way titillating!!

“Are you stoned? What did you take? Some drugs? Steroids?” I was asking her quite intrusively. I just couldn’t accept other explanations…

“That’s so cliché. It’s typical male insecurity, which always comes out when some so-called macho man encounters a woman much stronger than him. It seems to be impossible for you to accept this option, that you simply don’t have enough power to penetrate my abdominals with a punch, isn’t it? Is the possibility of hurting your ego so hard, that you have to accuse me of being juiced or intoxicated?” She responded with a calm, but ice cold voice, which made me even more unsettled. Her self-confidence was overwhelming, but perfectly reasonable, after such a display of her body capabilities. But she was right, a part of me was amazed by her body and these rock hard abdominals, but the other part, the one with the hurt ego, was still in control. Sadly for me, but that wasn’t determined yet…

“Whoa, whoa! The only cliché here are your speeches. Why are you talking like some villain from a cheap action movie?” What the fuck came to my mind… I regretted those words later. “First of all, my ego isn’t hurt, I wasn’t punching you with my full force”. Why did I lie? She read through this bullshit in seconds! “Of course, you have an amazing developed muscularity and I bet you are very strong, but I doubt that you are stronger than me, so….”

She was listening to me with a mix of amusement and impatience, her mesmerizing azure eyes were piercing through mine. When I finished my cocky statement, the muscular belle smiled innocently and said something, which later turned out to be my sentence…

“So, if you truly believe in what you just said, you won’t have any objections to let me try?” She asked with a seductive, but sneaky smile.

“Let you try what?” I replied like a total moron, because I knew exactly what she meant.

“To return the favor and punch your chubby… hm… forgive me, to punch your mighty, strong and indestructible ABS, trained after many years of muay thai”. Again she mocked me. She knew perfectly well that my ego, my male pride and my previous arrogant statements wouldn’t allow me to retreat. Fuck! She outsmarted me so easily!

“Don’t worry, I will throw only one punch and if you withstand this without crying in pain like a pussy, I will drop this topic and never bother you again. Deal?”. Another mean grin appeared on her pretty lips, showing rows of shining white teeth. Jesus, she was setting traps on me with every word. And although I was aware that my torso muscles are able to stop a lot of punches and kicks, I had real muay thai fights for god sake, but I would lie again, if I would say that her confident behavior and those huge muscles of hers, didn’t intimidate me at all.

At that point of this bizarre situation, I think a part of me wanted to… impress her, at least a bit, but then I wasn’t aware as to why. Now I think, one of the reasons was that she shocked kütahya escort bayan me like hell with this display of muscle toughness and I wanted to show her that I am tough too, maybe? But was it only my male pride or my competitive spirit? Much later, while rethinking this situation, I realized that the main reason that I also wanted to prove to her my durability, was because I was attracted to her. Despite all her mind games in which she dragged me into, all this trash talk, insults and manipulations.

As I mentioned many times, she had a gorgeous face. Really beautiful. But such a muscular female body wasn’t something I had been into before meeting her. Of course, I liked fit girls with sporty figures, but in the past almost all female bodybuilders I’ve seen appeared to me too manly and unattractive. Many of them had signs of steroid abuse. But in her case it was different! Her muscles were gigantic, but she looked freaking hot, standing in front of me with her arms crossed on her massive chest. These hands looked like two pythons during a deadly duel. So, considering all of that, I was trapped by my own words. I had no other choice, but to agree to her challenge…

“Okay, let’s do this.” I laughed nervously like a moron… but I was still playing the tough guy.

“You really believe that you will be able to survive the power of this arm?” She winked, as if all this was just a joke, and then flexed her right bicep. Her arm was huge before, but now it just exploded. Giant peaks of both short and long heads of her bicep muscle suddenly popped out. I couldn’t say a word from disbelief, so I only nodded my head. “Ok then, prepare your alpha male abdominals!”

Remnants of my common sense suggested that I tighten my core muscles as hard as possible, which I did, however I naively still thought that she wouldn’t hit me that hard. Muscles are muscles, the most important is proper technique. Oh, fucking stupid me.

She hit me so fast that I barely noticed the movement of her arm. It was incredibly fast for someone with such a big muscle mass. And yes, she didn’t throw her punch with the right boxing technique, she just pushed her fist forward. Without rotating her hips, barely moving her shoulder. And yet she totally destroyed me…

Immediately when her knuckles connected with my belly, I felt like the whole air from my lungs was brutally plucked out. I bent in half like a penknife with a gasp of pain. Her punch seemed to be unstoppable, penetrating deep inside my guts, nearly hitting my spine! I felt like a character from this Dragon Ball anime, who was hit so hard in the stomach, that the hand of his enemy bulged in his back!

I was desperately fighting to regain my breath, but my diaphragm didn’t respond, the same for my lungs. I had never been hit so hard in my muay thai ‘career’, even in the fight I lost, due to my opponent’s multiple knees hitting into my mid section. But I never felt something like that after one single blow by hand, not even when my liver was hurt or when I was hit in the solar plexus. And she didn’t aim for those weak points! She only ‘pushed’ her muscular arm forward and slammed her fist near my belly button. And it was enough to break me…

The most similar pain I ever had felt was probably when I was twelve years old and I fell from the tree on my back, from around 10 feet high. Then, I also couldn’t catch my breath very long, but first of all, I was a skinny, untrained kid, secondly, that was due to an accident! Now I am a grown man, in, as I thought earlier, the best shape of my life and yet a woman wrecked me with only one hand…

While I was curled in an embrional position on my knees, devastated and crushed, she gently stroked my head and theatrically pitied me.

“Oh, poor babe. What happened? Did I hit you too hard? It wasn’t that hard, c’mon. Believe me, boy, I didn’t use even half of my force”. Her every word was hurting my ego, just like her punch hurt my stomach. But I believed her, oh I believed her so much!

When I finally recovered and started some sloppy attempts to get up, she pushed me down and said something, which really scared me.

“Not so fast, boy. We’re not finished. It’s time for my reward for winning this challenge!”

What the fuck is she talking about?! – I thought with fury and tried to stand up again.

But… suddenly, I found myself in the air! She grabbed the collar of my t-shirt, the belt of my shorts and lifted me up, like a dog carrying its puppy! She used me as a human barbell for deadlifting, I was hanging more or less two feet above the floor, but only for a moment, because she had more incredible strength tricks to offer!

“Let’s go to some more discreet place…” She whispered and then did something which shocked me to the core. SHE MADE BICEPS CURL WITH MY WHOLE BODY! I couldn’t believe that! She was inhumanly strong!

Holding me only using her monstrous biceps, she carried me easily behind the wall which separated the gym from the smaller room, with wrestling or ju jitsu mats. Early in the morning, it was the most desolate place in the entire gym, but I wasn’t sure if it was good info for me…

She entered the room and stopped in front of one of the many mirrors hanging on the walls.

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