Hitch-hiking 1993

Hitch-hiking 1993
Hitch-hiking 1993

How to flirt by e-mail? Through stories of past experiences, perhaps? What was your first experience with a fella? Where did you meet him? How did it come about? Was it a once off, or the beginning of something special? How did you feel?

Mine was in 1993, so I was quite young, as I hitch-hiked from Dublin to Cork. A man picked me up, in a nice big car. He was in his late forties with a bushy beard. He had a pleasant manner and we chatted about the usual things, including the weather. Somehow, the conversation came around to the taste of semen! He said that he really liked the salty taste, while I said that I had no experience.

When he asked if he could taste mine, I politely refused. I declined ‘free’ oral sex, because of conditioning, growing up in Ireland in the eighties and being told that it was somehow wrong to receive pleasure from another man! His generous offer of £40 did not even sway this poor broke student!

Until, I began to think more deeply. He seemed like a very nice man, and not pushy at all, he accepted my answer. Who would ever know? What was so wrong anyway? £40 was a lot of money back then! And so, I changed my mind and asked if he was still interested? His face light up with excitement and pulled off the road to find a nice quiet country lane.

As he drove, I began to rub myself through my trousers, becoming aroused at this strange and unfamiliar scenario. He seemed to become aroused himself as he watched me, so I went further by opening my belt, and slowly undoing the buttons of my fly, pulling down my underwear to expose my very erect penis!

Wow, how strange but sexy it felt, I had never done this in front of a man before! Nor had I ever really stroked myself in front of a girl either! He was afraid to freak me out, so he did not reach over to touch me. I lifted my bum and slid my jeans down to my knees. Now, I wonder if you are doing likewise as you read this?!!! I hope you are 🙂

Can you feel how I felt? Bare bum on cool leather seat…..genitals exposed to the world…..hands between my legs…….gently stroking my shaft……up and down…..up and down……in front of another human being………so wrong…….yet, so right…….so yum…….about to explode……..in ecstasy……..

He found a secluded spot and parked the car at a gateway to a field. He said that he really enjoyed watching me wank, and asked me to also massage my testicles in front of him. This was a new move for me and I said that I was about to cum! He leaned over and took my whole length in his mouth!

I felt the electricity of his moist tongue connect with the pre-cum on the head of my penis. The same wonderful, all-over feeling that I get from my girlfriend’s lovely tongue. The only difference being the tickling of his beard against my scrotum, which was new and strange!

All these wonderful, familiar feelings and new feelings were so much for me that I felt my balls disappear up into my body as all my muscles contracted and I ejaculated with great force into that man’s mouth! What an orgasm! I could feel my heartbeat all over, especially in my genitals and in my head.

Wow, out of breath, I relaxed and sank deep into his seat. Looking over, I noticed a look of tasty satisfaction on his face. Silence……not sure what to say…….no need to say anything…..post coital bliss…….satisfied.
Hhmmmmm………satisfied………guilt free……..nice……….no problems…………no big deal………what a nice and also sexy introduction to same sex sex………yum.

Would you credit it….we were lost! As we regained our composure and re-dressed and drove off, we realised that we were lost! Did you ever get carried away by passion or lust, and throw caution to the wind, and lose all concept of time and space? No matter, it was a wonderful and erotic day finished off with a magical mystery tour!

Well, there you go…..my first experience with a man. I look forward to hearing of yours. Or any other sexy story you’d like to share. I hope you enjoyed reading as much as I enjoyed writing for you.


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