Honey Glazed


Jesse exits the bathroom into the dimly light hallway, he gives a coy smile and walks toward the bedroom door. The door is open, there she lays watching him make his way to the bed. She grabs onto the collar of his robe and kisses the base of his neck, taking in the smell of his skin and feel of his goosebumps as she glides her lips up his neck, to his ear. She slowly kisses his earlobe, giving it a quick flick of the tongue before whispering in his ear “I have been waiting for so long” he pushes her back onto the bed and presses his hard body against hers.

He whispers back in a firm tone “I have something” she runs her fingers across his chests and begs for him to show her. He kisses her smoothly and then turns on the light. There wrapped around his hard throbbing dick. A honey glazed donut. Perfectly round, fluffy, golden, crisp and the aroma heavenly. Her mouth begins to water but her eyes widen. She asks him if he is serious. He tells her he has never been so serious.

She puts her hair into a bun and starts to kiss her way down, but he stops her and tells her “not this time. I can do it.” Jesse ties his hair back and puts his legs behind his back. She begs him to let her izmit escort help. But he’s too far gone. His Craving for that honey donut on his big cock is too intense. One lick of that glazed honey sugar will melt in your mouth in pure satisfaction. Jessse begins licking the donut in a full circle around his cock, she keeps watching and can tell his cock is getting harder with every full lick that he does. Jesse is moaning softly into the pastry. He then takes his first bite, he lets out a loud moan and Pre cum starts to dribble onto the donut. She is yearning to taste the donut and cock herself, trying to control her and now not intervene. Jesse has already taken three more bites, he is high on a sugar rush and his body is pulsating in pleasure. From the taste of the sugar and the feeling of his tongue teasing the tip of his dick every time he takes a lick of the donut.

Rebecca can’t take it anymore she wants to taste the delicious sweetness of the honey glaze but she also wants to feel his hard cock thrusting inside of her. She reaches over stopping him mid lick, she kisses his lips and licks the sweetness off of them. Jesse untucks his legs and moans as she kisses and bites kadıköy escort his neck and shoulders. Rebecca makes her way down, giving his nipples a quick flick of the tongue and soft nibble. She kisses his stomach and drags her nails along his thighs. She reaches his dick and kisses the tip. The smell of the donut is so intense. A freshly baked sweet cinnamon pastry and melted honey smell. Her mouth begins to salivate. She takes the first bite and it’s a explosion in her mouth and her body. Her pussy begins to drip with excitement. She begins to eat the donut like she hasn’t eaten in days, as well as sucking on the tip of his dick and licking off all the sugar. As she takes the last bite Jesse lays her back down onto the bed. His cock is throbbing, wanting to feel more of her. He kisses her neck, and and explores her body with his hands. Running his finger gently across the flat of the stomach, slowly taking his finger to the lips of her wet pussy. She moans as he slowly spreads them open, she begs him to fuck her.

She’s dripping with excitement and wants nothing more than his hard cock inside of her.

He holds her hands kahramanmaraş escort above her head with one hand and than slowly teases her pussy with the tip of his dick, sliding it downwards and pressing light against the opening. Before slowly inserting just the tip and pulling it out, he whispers in her ear asking her how badly does she want him. She moans and replies back that she wants him more than she wanted that donut. With that he slowly inserts his dick into her pussy, this time all the way in. As deep as possible. They let out a moan together, he begins to thrust making long deep strokes, he slides his other hand up to her throats holding and gripping it. He looks her in the eyes and makes a big deep hard thrust forward, he kisses her as she moans. Her pussy vibrating with him inside of her, her body covered in goosebumps and a damp sweat.

He fucks her harder, kissing her neck. Before he flips her over and fucks her hard. He pulls her hair, and says I want you to cum for me. He starts to fuck her hard and harder, his body slapping against her firm ass. He gives it a good slap and she lets out a long moan and she squirts and gushes all over his hard cock and body, he flips her back over and she holds him close, a few more pumps and he starts to climax himself. He finishes his load inside of her making her his Boston Cream like she desired. They kiss each other gently tasting a small reminder of the honey glazed donut they shared before collapsing into the bed together.

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