Husband, Wife and Schoolboys

Husband, Wife and Schoolboys

Part One
Let me explain. My name is Justin. I am a healthy
looking 40-year-old married guy and in quite good shape.
Not film star shape but I can still pull a
compliment or two. I was lucky to marry an extremely
pretty, little women called Carrie. She is still 30
and we have been married for 10 years so you have
probably guessed that she was 20 when we married. I
was lucky, O.K? She has certainly stayed in shape and
her slim body pert little upturned breasts and cute
butt work well with her short blonde hair to give her
a tomboy look.

Now that’s is probably the reason I married her. At
school I did fool around with a few guys. Nothing
serious, just some mutual masturbation, a little
sucking, and other light fun. The guys all started to
go off the idea before I did, but at the risk of being
branded “gay”, I had to go off the idea too. While
going out with some of the girls in my late teens and
early twenties, I still had an urge to fool around
with the guys but was really too scared. When you live
in a small town in Northern England, the opportunities
don’t come your way much. Even if they did, should it
get out, then reputations could be ruined.

Somewhere around 21 or 22, I did visit a sauna in
Manchester. The guys were sitting around me nude some
sporting erections, and I found myself getting a
little hot in more ways than one. I let a young guy
kneel in front of me and suck my cock in front of
three other guys. I blew my load almost immediately
into his mouth. I felt really guilty and left the
sauna in a hurry but the thought stayed with me and
fuelled a few late-night wanks for some time to come.

Carrie was my third girlfriend. She was 17 and I was
27. I suppose I impressed her. I had a good job in
Manchester by this time, as an computer analyst (don’t
bother asking for an explanation). She just looked
like a little boy and as she liked jeans a lot, she
was often mistaken for one.

We had sex on our third meeting. She was fed up with
me beating about the bush and one evening when she
agreed to collect me from my flat for a night out, I
discovered she had other plans. She was surprisingly
active and took total control, sucking, licking my
balls, licking my hole, and then a 69 with her wet,
tight cunt stuck in my face. Her pubic area was neatly
trimmed and very inviting. I didn’t fuck her that
night as, once again, my load blasted into her sweet
little mouth and she swallowed every drop. When she
orgasmed, she almost brought the roof down. I feared
the neighbours would think I was murdering someone.

We went out for almost three years and I was the envy
of all my friends. A few suggested we experiment and
some even offered to join us. The idea of getting my
hand on a guy’s cock while with my girl friend was
highly erotic to me. I broached the subject lightly
with Carrie but she didn’t ever take the hint. We had
a great sex life and that was it.

By the time we married, she was getting even more
adventurous and she loved a dildo in her arse while I
fucked her. One night she pushed the dildo in me and I
came almost immediately. From then on, I was allowed a
share of the toys.

So you have the idea, 13 years of knowing Carrie. She
still turns heads and I still love her but I began to
realise that I had married her because she looked like
the boys I had met at school. I also realised I was
looking at schoolboys more and more when I was out on
my own and wondering whether their cocks were big,
whether they came much, how they kissed and what they
looked like naked. Now I am sorry to upset the
paedophiles amongst you but I am not talking little
boys here, I am talking grown up 16 year olds with a
bit of face fuzz, a sizeable lunchbox, and that “in
heat” look that schoolboys tend to have. I certainly
was not going to go out in a raincoat and seduce one
so it had to stay as a fantasy.

Carrie and I also had our fantasy talk during sex and
we had often talked about other guys screwing her and
me screwing other women. She was not sexually excited
by other women at all, but the thought of another guys
having sex with her did help her cum on a number of
occasions. She had also fantasised about younger guys.
We talked of virile young cocks spurting in her and I
even got her turned on one night when I said I would
lick her out afterwards. I still couldn’t get her to
take the plunge.

One afternoon when we were both having a week’s break
from work, we decided to walk to the local supermarket
and, as we walked back across a local park, the nearby
school was coming out. Dozens of young eligible boys
were walking to wards us and Carrie was wearing a
rather short skirt with a vest-like top, which showed
her nipples. She didn’t have her bra on as it was a
warm day. I watched the first group of boys come
towards us and was intent at seeing their grey school
trousers and white shirts, trying to determine how big
each of them would be when I caught a passing comment
from one.

“Wouldn’t mind fucking that!” He said

“Only if I could too!” Said the other

“One up each end then!” Said the first.

Carrie visibly blushed but I noticed her nipples

Another group of slightly younger looking boys came
towards us and again, the comments were similar. A
couple of boys actually turned and followed us for a
short while looking at the way she wiggled her arse as
she walked.

We got home and she sounded quite indignant.

“I could almost be their mother!” She said

“But you look more like a sister” Said I.

“Surely boys that age wouldn’t really mean it, would
they? She asked

Remembering what I was doing at 16, I felt sure they
would if they were given the chance.

I told her so and noticed she was flushing.

“Want to fuck?” Said I

We ended up naked and gasping on the bed, tearing off
clothes like k**s. I entered her very quickly and
started to fuck her wildly.

“What if this was a 16 year old cock?” I said

“Imagine being fucked by one of those boys and imagine
another waiting to follow him into you.”

She screamed in orgasm as I filled her quickly and
then collapsed on the bed.

We dressed and carried on as though nothing had
happened but later that night, as we shared a bottle
of wine, I asked her what she thought.

“It doesn’t matter what I think,” she said, “It’s
never going to happen, is it?”

“It could if you wanted it to.” I had said it before I
had time to think.

“You mean a threesome?” she said.

“Eventually,” said I.

I had to have time to think. All of a sudden she was
interested in sex with someone else and better still,
with a schoolboy. Two kinks in one.

I couldn’t just walk up and ask if they wanted to
screw my wife. None of the boys had even looked in my
direction anyway. All attention had been on Carrie.
Then a thought hit me. I could let her pick one up and
bring him back. I could put a two way mirror on our
bedroom wall with a hole through to the next door
cupboard and watch. Then, perhaps we could organise
for me to come in on one of their sessions and “catch”
him with my wife. He would have to let me join in or
“suffer my wrath.”

I put it to Carrie.

“Surely you wouldn’t want to touch a boy’s cock.” She

“If you were there, darling, I would do anything.” I

“Absolutely anything?”

“Yes, absolutely anything.”

So she agreed to think about it and I set out to buy
the mirror before she had time to change her mind. It
wasn’t as difficult as I thought. I told the glazier
it was for reception area in an office and he cut the
glass to the size I wanted. I bought a rather nice
standard frame and put the mirror and back into it
after cutting a 3 inch square hole in the rear. I then
drilled a matching hole through the wall into the
cupboard. The mirror looked great on the wall and, by
covering up the hole in the cupboard nothing was
visible on the bedroom side. I put a lock on the
inside of the cupboard in case someone accidentally
opened the door while I was in there and that was

When Carrie came home from work the following week, I
showed her my handiwork. She was a little nervous.

“Are you sure your don’t mind?” “I feel I’m being
selfish, having my fantasy while you only get to
watch,” She said.

” It excites me knowing you are happy,” I lied.

“When will be try?”

“Well.” I said, ” We can both be free on Wednesday
afternoon so why don’t we do it then.”

The plan was that she would walk through the park and
sit around in as sexy as an outfit as decency would
allow. I would park the car nearby and watch or just
wander about the park watching and listening. If she
was lucky first time, I would wait until I was sure
she had a pick up and rush back to the car and drive
back to the flat to prepare while she walked the 15
minutes with her prey. I had a feeling she might have
to make a few visits until the boys got used to her,
before she would be able to get into conversation. I
also realised that adults were always on the look out
for men in the park preying on young lads, the toilet
there was notorious. A woman would not raise
suspicions. Anyway she was looking for boys over the
age of consent, though probably just over!

I think my cock was stiff for the next 4 days. Every
time we fucked, I fantasised with her about the young
sperm she would be tasting. It drove her wild. She
even suggested that it would turn her on so see one of
the boys replacing the dildo and fucking me. We
covered every scenario. I suggested that if she could
get a virgin and get him to fuck her bareback, I would
get to lick her out afterwards.

Then it was Wednesday. We had lunch together and went
back to the flat to clean up. She dressed in the same
outfit she has used when we went shopping and made
sure her brown nipples were showing through the white
top. Her pantie line was visible through the skirt and
she looked good enough to fuck. The cupboard was
prepared with a stool and box of tissues. The bedroom
has KY jelly handy, condoms, the curtains drawn and a
couple of lights on so that it remained darker than
the cupboard area ensuring the hole could not be seen.

I drove her down and dropped her off at 3-15 pm. I
then parked at the edge of the park and walked around
in the sun. At 3-30 pm the first of the classes
started coming out. Small groups of boys from aged 12
upwards walking across the park with their black
blazers over their shoulders, grey trousers, white
shirts and school ties loosely tied round their necks.
They looked so sexy. She walked towards the first
group who were way too young (I presumed to test
reaction). She dropped her bag as she approached and
bent over to collect the contents. Two boys bent to
help and I caught one of them trying to look down her
top. As he handed her the mirror from her bag, she
held his hand and thanked him. He blushed and giggled
to his friend but as she walked away, the gestures
suggested he was thinking sexually about her. She sat
on a bench.

Two older boys went past. Her skirt was riding up and
her panties were clearly visible. Both boys noticed
and commented. After a few minutes, they walked back
and sat on the grass opposite her so they could get a
better look. I would guess they were both 16. One
looked quite adult with dark short hair but the other
still slim and quite boyish with blonde hair Both were
very attractive to me. She pretended to read a
magazine and occasionally she would rub her fingers
over and up her thighs then slip the fingers into her
pants to give them a flash of female anatomy. I could
see them giggling but also noticed them making
adjustments to the front of their trousers. Eventually
the older looking one looked at his watch and
suggested they go, which they did.

Carrie went to get up when they left but I walked past
and told her to stay put. I watched the boys walk to
the park gates and split to walk off in different
directions. The younger looking one had kept looking
back as he went and I could see him now, slowly
walking down the road by the park perimeter, looking
back at his friend and at Carrie. He stopped, checked
his friend had gone, and slowly walked back into the
park. Carrie continued to “read” her magazine and,
seeing him come back, pulled the elastic of her
panties so that her clit was partly showing. He walked
past again, then circled and sat on the grass opposite
her. He was an extremely attractive looking boy. He
looked about 14 but the class number written on his
schoolbag suggested 16. He was quite slim, only about
5 feet 3 inches, very blonde short hair with a darker
streaks through it and obviously in heat. Carrie
continued to stroke herself and he sat mesmerised
watching as her fingers played with her clit. By now,
he realised she was doing it for him so her edged

Carrie looked over and smiled, patting the bench
beside her. He got up and sat beside her. I couldn’t
make out much of what was said from my position but
she seemed to ask if he liked what he saw. I saw him
nod. I also heard something about a girlfriend, which
produced a shake of the head. Then the conversation
got quieter. I saw him look at his watch and point as
though to indicate how much time he had. Carrie looked
at hers and nodded and they both got up together. I
quickly rose and headed for the car.

I drove quickly back to the house, parked and ran into
the flat. I stripped naked and locked myself in the
cupboard. I heard Carrie enter about 10 minutes behind
me and I heard voices. So she had succeeded on her
first attempt. Five minutes passed and Carrie came
into the room alone. Knowing what she was like about
hygiene I presume she had sent him into the toilet to
freshen up. Five minutes later and the scared looking
boy entered our bedroom still in his full uniform. The
show was about to start but I wondered how long it
would last.

Carrie stood by the bed and called him over. He went
and stood beside her. She kissed him first softly,
then with increased urgency. I could hear his moan.
She slipped his jacket off and put it on the bottom of
the bed. She unclipped his tie and slowly unbuttoned
his shirt. His hands were round her waist and he
placed one on her breast under her top. He lifted the
top and kissed her nipple. His shirt came off and his
beautiful pale skinned and hairless chest was visible.
His back was partly to me so I could see everything.
She pulled her top off to expose both breasts and I
could see him watching her body in awe. I felt this
might be virgin. Carrie turned him sideways and
unclipped his trousers. They fell to the floor and he
stood in a pair of tight pale grey lycra shorts. His
bubble butt was beautiful. Carrie sat on the bed and
pulled the shorts down to his ankles exposing a
beautifully shaped bottom. I couldn’t see the front,
but I did see Carrie’s head moving in that direction
and obviously taking his cock in her mouth. He put his
head back as though in ecstasy. I gripped my pulsing
cock and started to stroke. Then she stopped, stood up
and slipped out of her skirt and pants standing in
front of this young boy in the nude. He touched her
tits with both hands then she took his hand and placed
it on her vagina. He gently pressed his finger into
her and she gave a low moan.

Then she turned him round and I could see him in all
his glory. His flat stomach sloped down to a small
light red patch of pubic hair, almost transparent. His
cock was about 5 to 5.5 inches and it still looked
quite large against his slim body. The head had a
little bunch of foreskin with just a peep of the cock
inside showing and his balls were also quite pink and
hanging loosely between his legs. The cock was at a 45
degree angle straight up against his stomach and
absolutely rigid. Again, she took it in her mouth
while I wanked madly. She licked his stem and licked
his balls. She laid him on the bed and lifted his
legs, licking his hole. His eyes were tight shut and
his mouth open.

She climbed on to him and moved up to straddle his
face. He had no option but to lick. Then she turned
into 69 position and started to suck his cock again
while he licked her.

“You must fuck me!” she shouted, and rolled on to her
back with her legs open and her slit exposed.

He stood up and looked at her, then stuck his mouth
between her legs again, licking for all he was worth.
Obviously he had discovered something he liked.

“Fuck me, now!” She again said.

He stood up and she pulled a condom out of the drawer,
opened it and rolled it gently on to his cock. Such an
erotic site to watch your wife rolling a rubber onto
the cock of a schoolboy who is about to fuck her. He
lay on top of her and guided his cock into her quite
quickly. It was in to the hilt in two seconds and he
started to hump while holding both tits. She was
screaming almost immediately. I had never heard her
orgasm like that in all our time together.

“Sorry” he called, “I’m cumming now!”

He went absolutely rigid in her then collapsed in the
bed. He pulled out and carefully slipped off the
condom to put on the bedside table. She went down and
sucked his wet cock until it went soft.

“What about your friend?” I heard her ask. “Would he
be up for it?” “Have you seen his cock, or even
touched it?”

He blushed.

“You can tell me, it turns me on.”

“Well we have kind of played around a bit together,”
He said. “I’d never had a girl till today and I think
he might like it too.” “He is a lot bigger than me

Carrie’s face lit up. “Well I’m married, and I have a
husband that might like to see you both fuck me. What
do you think of that?”

“Cool” said the boy. “When can we?”

“What about this weekend,” said Carrie?

“I’ll talk to Brian,” he replied.

“I’d better run you home,” said Carrie.

With that they dressed and left and I slipped out of
my cupboard and into the bedroom to smell the aroma of
sex and cum. I picked up the condom and found it with
about 2 inches of thin cum in it. A pretty full
condom. I took it, poured it on my hands and gently
rubbed it on my cock and balls while masterbating.
When I came, my cum jetted straight over my head and
hit the wall.

I knew I would still have some left for Carrie when
she got back so I just lay there covered in his cum
and mine.

When she did return about 15 minutes later, she said,
“You randy bastard, I’m I meant to lick that off you?”

“Yup,” Said I

She did!

She started to tell me about Saturday as I fucked her
with a vengeance. Not normally one for a quick
recovery, I was amazed at my own prowess as I came
again, firing deep into her slit.

We didn’t know quite what to plan for Saturday.
Whether it would be another two, a three or even a
four. I repeated the Wednesday trip and at 1.30 pm she
sat on the same bench and waited nearly 30 minutes
early. I wandered around and found myself in the
toilets. There was no one at the urinals but I noticed
that the cubicle behind me was locked and there was a
small hole in the door with an eye looking out at me.
I stood patiently and the door opened to expose a slim
young guy in jeans with light framed glasses. He
looked to be about 25 or so and was totally naked with
a slim 6 inch cock in his hand. I walked over and
knelt down to take the full length in my mouth and
started to suck him. Holding his balls and cock base,
I sucked the firm strong head and licked his foreskin.
He groaned just once and blasted a load of cum in my
mouth. I thought it wasn’t going to stop and squirt
after squirt shot into me and I had to swallow. I was
beginning to like this!

He quickly closed the door and I remembered why I was
here. I ran out of the toilet just in time to see two
young boys walking over to Carrie. They both sat down
and started to talk to her. It was the same boys as
last week. After 5 or 10 minutes of talking, she
looked over at me and beckoned to join them. I went.

“This is Brian and Gerry,” she said. “They both want
to fuck me and want you to help — do you mind?”

Needless to say we were on our way to the flat in
double quick time. She asked both of them to freshen
up and we started the session without them. By the
time the two boys returned to our room, I was in my
briefs and Carrie was down to hers. Both lads were
still fully dressed in t-shirt and jeans. Brian was
about 5 feet 6 inches, well built with broad
shoulders. I little bit of fuzz on his face and dark
hair, He had stunning blue eyes and that wonderful
smell of puberty. She beckoned them over and I stood
back to sit on the chair and watch. She unzipped Gerry
first and dropped his jeans. He had white lycra tight
shorts on and she took his beautiful pale cock in her
mouth, gently pulling back the foreskin as she did so.
Once more it stood straight up against his belly.
Brian started to unzip his own jeans and dropped them.
He had smart little tight blue briefs that looked as
though they had been bought specially. They stripped
off their tops and for the first time I saw Brian in
his glory. He may have been 16 but he was a man. His
cock was around 8 inches long with the head sticking
out from behind the foreskin. He had dark pubic hair
and large tight balls. His cock was very thick, at
least twice that of Gerry. He walked over to Carrie
who dropped to her knees and devoured it. Both boys
were standing in front of her as she sucked them
alternatively. She called me and I stepped out of my
briefs and walked over to handle her tits, standing
behind her.

She lay back on the bed as little Gerry lay on top of
her. As I watched, I felt a warm feeling on my cock
and Brian had taken the head of mine in his mouth. He
looked up at me and I nodded approval. He had
certainly done this before as he expertly gripped my
organ and held my balls as he sucked. I pulled his up
and dropped to return the favour. His cock was
wonderful. I pulled the foreskin fully back and
exposed the large head licking and sucking him in full
view of my wife. By this time she had Gerry’s little
penis inside her and he was fucking like mad. Once
more she was screaming with excitement. I stood up and
leaned over on top of Gerry pushing my tongue into his
exposed arse. He gasped. As I did it I felt Brian do
the same to me. I was in heaven.

When Gerry said he was about to cum, Carrie stopped
him immediately. He pulled his naked cock out of her
and Brian climbed on top. He gently pushed the head of
his cock into her wet clit and then in an
inexperienced way, lunged straight into her. Carrie
gasped. I took my cue and led little Gerry over beside
Carrie and lay him on the bed while I sucked his cock.
Her juices were all over it and tasted wonderful mixed
with the flavour of teen pre-cum. My thoughts were to
fuck him but this randy little sod had other ideas. He
slipped out from under me and asked if he could lick
my hole. I knelt doggie fashion and he started to lick
my open bum hole. Carrie meanwhile was screaming
obscenities at Brian.

“Fuck me with your big boy cock.” “Rip me open.”

He was pumping like a wild thing. I was so intent that
the shock of Gerry’s cock pushing into my hole brought
me to my senses. He was up to the hilt before I could
say anything. This cock may have been small but it was
like a metal pole, it was so hard. He fucked like a
wild thing and I could hear Carrie orgasming beside me
then Brian wailing as he pumped into her. If every
grunt was a spurt she was going to be pretty full.
Just then a warm feeling filled me as boy cum fired
into my arse hole. I could actually feel every spurt.
I came immediately without touching my cock. Spurt
after spurt landed on the bedspread. The boys pulled
out and collapsed on the bed with trickles of cum
running down their cocks.

I buried my face in Carrie’s snatch and slurped the
remaining boy juice hungrily. Carrie had yet another
orgasm as they boys looked on.

We dressed quite quickly afterwards and after an
awkward few moments the boys left with our telephone
number. Carrie and I felt a little guilty. Had we
seduced them and had we done anything wrong — or even
i*****l. I suppose with the age of consent at 16, we
hadn’t but we did feel a little guilty in the post sex
We thought that perhaps we should see it as a one off
and if we were going to pursue sex, we should chase
people our own age.

“Yes,” I said, “That’s what we’ll do.”

I think deep down, we both knew we were fooling

Carrie’s manager asked her to spend a week, Monday to
Friday, at their Glasgow office to do some training as
they were having some trouble there. This was part of
her job and the following week she was off there by
train. On Monday, after work I had a wonderful evening
on my own, stripped to my tight shorts, I spent the
evening semi-nude just wondering about the house
having a wank here and there. I had some Viagra and
swallowed a half pill so my cock stayed stiff for all
the wanking I was doing. My orgasm some two hours
later, was wonderful. I hadn’t done anything like that
since my teens.

“Teens,” the word kind of lingered in my head. Should
I go to the sauna again. No, I shouldn’t. The
following day, I feigned a doctor’s appointment and
found myself, once again, in the park and near the
toilets. They were empty. I sat on the bench, watching
them quietly when all of a sudden, I heard someone say
“Hi.” It was little Gerry.

“Hi,” I said, “How are you?”

“Fine,” he answered,” Were you looking for me or
Brian?” “Is your wife looking for it again?”

“Well no,” I said, “She is away for the week and I
was just out for a walk,”

He looked disappointed.

“I see. It’s just I was kinda bored as Brian has got
football practice today and I don’t need to be home as
my parents will be late.” “Pity isn’t it?”

“So your randy,” Said I. “Do we need Carrie?”

His eyes lit up and we decided to head for the flat
for a chat. I made his a drink and popped a Viagra in
my mouth. I told him what it was and he asked if he
could have one. It seemed rather irrelevant but I gave
him half. We sat and talked a bit longer in an awkward
kind of way, then I asked if he would like a shower.
He said he would and I started to take his school
uniform off.

Once more he had a little sexy pair of tight grey
shorts on and when I pulled then off his cock was so
hard, I could have used it to hammer nails. Mine was
standing to attention so we both ended naked and I led
him to the shower. We both stepped in and I started to
rub his beautiful body with shower gel as the water
played on us. I gently pulled back his foreskin and
popped the head in my mouth. I soaped his little butt
hole and gently worked my finger inside him. He moaned
as I did it. Then he reciprocated. My cock was sucked
quite softly and his finger, then two fingers worked
their way into my hole. I was beginning to get the
feeling I was never going to get to fuck this boy.

He bent me over in the shower and pushed his tongue
inside me. I could feel its warmth probing while his
hands were between my legs cupping my balls. He soaped
me again as I bent over in the shower then, just as he
had done the previous week, thrust his five inch rod
of steel straight into my hole. I gasped as this
rigidly stiff digit rammed into me. He held my hips
and thrusted almost violently into my hole. I was in
heaven. I made his stop though and we dried and headed
for the bedroom.

I sucked his cock. I worshipped his cock. I licked his
soft downy balls. My cock was so hard it hurt. I
kissed him on the lips and let my tongue explore his
mouth. He responded with the hunger only a teenager
has. I sat astride him and gripped out two cocks
together. My eight inches dwarfed his slim 5 inch cock
as I wanked them together. When he said he was
cumming, I stopped.

“Would you like me to fuck you,” I said?

“O.K.” he said softly.

I opened a tube of KY Jelly and rubbed it around and
into his tight virgin hole. I worked my fingers softly
into him and gently stretched him until I could get
two fingers up. He panted quietly. I coated my cock
and laid him sideways, lying behind him in the “spoon”
position and gently probed my large meat into his
hole. Gently around then slowly in, the head plopped
into him. He gasped. Then with care, I took my time to
ease it in, inch by inch as I stoked his rampant cock
with my other hand. Then it was all inside him.

I lifted him on to all fours, doggy fashion and
started to pump, slowly at first then increasing.
Still be was hard. I looked across in the mirror at
the large 6 feet tall man and this fragile, almost
hairless body under him and the image was wonderful. I
fucked and I fucked. I turned him over with his legs
in the air and I fucked. I turned him back on his side
and I fucked. Then his legs over my shoulders and his
cock in my hand and I fucked. Without warning I
blasted my cum into him.

“I can feel that,” he shouted.

I bet he could as I certainly could. I came and came
then collapsed on the bed. Gerry scooted up on top of
me and sat across my chest with his knees on my
shoulders pinning me down and started to wank
urgently. I jet of almost clear liquid squirted out in
one long stream and hit me square in the face. A
second followed, then third, fourth and on to around 9
jets of liquid. It was so thin it was in my hair, my
mouth and running down my cheeks. Its warmth was
wonderful. He lay down on me and rubbed cheeks with me
the warm cum rubbing on both our faces.

We lay for about 30 minutes I rose to shower again. As
I did, he followed me into the shower and started
again to soap me. I had a feeling what was coming. He
pointed his little digit at my hole and started to
fuck me. It wasn’t a long session and more cum was
soon jetting inside me. I wanked my self off once more
and this time he caught all of it in his mouth. This
was one randy guy. This time we were finished.

When it was time for him to go, I reminded him that
perhaps my wife might not understand so if and when he
came again, it should not mention today’s visit. He

Guilt crept back in and I stayed a good boy for the
rest of the week.

When Carrie came home nothing much was mentioned again
about teenage boys, swinging, or threesomes so I let
it rest for a while.

Some Scottish friends of ours were due to be married
locally the following month. The church was near the
city centre and the reception was quite near us in a
hotel. I was quite happy as it meant we did not have
to drive and we could have a few drinks and a taxi

On the day of the wedding, the affair was quite grand.
All the immediate male family and friends were in
kilts and it was quite colourful. We headed for the
reception and soon the party was in full swing. My
eyes were drawn to a young lad of about 17 who seemed
to be the brother of the bride. He was about 5 feet 7
inches, slim build strong shoulders and was wearing a
kilt, which made him look very sexy. He was doing his
round of family dancing and on one occasion his kilt
lifted revealing a naked bum. He was wearing nothing
under it! I don’t know if Carrie saw it or not but a
little while later he was near us and I mentioned that
he suited the kilt. He thanked me, looked at Carrie
and gave her a wonderful smile with beautiful white
teeth. This time she saw him and smiled back. Carrie
had been drinking quite steadily during the meal and
was quite merry. I was partly excluded as this young
man started to chat to her. She introduced and he
pulled back, obviously realising she was not alone but
just as he did it, Carrie asked him to dance.

I watched as they danced about the floor and I even
got a glimpse of teen bum again. The floor was quite
crowded though and I lost sight of them for a while.
Next time I saw them, I could have sworn I saw his
hand on her tits. Then they disappeared into one of
the small hallways off the room. I walked over and
passed by looking down the slightly dark hallway and
saw Carrie against the wall and I was sure the front
of his kilt was lifted. Someone brushed past me and
into the hall and they came out as I mixed with the

Carrie brought the young guy who was introduced at
Kevin over to me and said, “Kevin has offered to walk
me home as I am a little tired but you can stay on.”

I looked at her puzzled.

“I suppose,” she continued, ” We could get there by
taxi in about ten minutes but I would like to walk and
that will take about twenty minutes, won’t it”

Now I realised where she was coming from. This young
stud thought he was going to score behind my back with
my wife, without my knowledge but if I got my finger
out, I could have a grandstand view.

“Yes darling,” said I, “I would rather stay on for an
hour or two.” ” If Kevin doesn’t mind, I would be
happier to see someone escort you, especially a
chivalrous young man like this.”

He looked at me sheepishly and smiled.

I saw them leave and I quickly followed and jumped in
a taxi which had me back home in five minutes. I
stripped and ran into my cupboard but not before
setting the scene in the bedroom. I put on the bedside
lamps and made sure there were condoms and KY jelly in
case they were needed.

I heard them come in about fifteen minutes later.
After some talking and I presume, some “freshening
up,” Kevin walked into the room, still in his highland
jacket, shirt and tie, kilt, long socks and tied
leather shoes. He though he was alone and his hand
went under his kilt to stroke his cock. I couldn’t
actually see it but when he pulled his hand out a
point was clearly visible in front of the kilt.

Carrie walked in stripped down to her sexy little
white lace bra and flimsy panties which showed her
little pubic mound through the lace. He walked over to
her and kissed her. His hands went to cup both breasts
and he thrust his front into her. Carrie dropped to
her knees and lifted the front of his kilt up to
expose a wonderful erect teen organ. His balls were
large and tight to his body, his cock stood out about
7 inches with the head sticking out of the foreskin.
His pubic hair was restricted to the mound above his
cock and around his balls and it was hard. She went
under and he stood there with Carrie hidden and just
the up and down movement as she slurped on his stiff
member. He threw his head back and held her head
through the kilt fabric. I was so turned on! This boy
was having my wife “behind my back” and it was turning
him on.

Carrie stood up and turned him round. She forced him
to bend over and lifted the kilt, throwing the hem
upwards to expose his perfect teen bum. She dropped
again and I knew what she was going to do. Her tongue
darted into his hole and I saw the reaction. A woman
licking his hole!!! He bent right over to allow her
full access and she fingered him as she licked. Oh.
How I would have liked to get my cock inside him but I
felt sure if I went in, he would run a mile. Carrie
stripped him off his kilt, much to my disappointment.
I would like to have seen him fuck her in his kilt but
that was not to be. At least his teen member was more
visible to me.

Once more the organ was proud and stiff, pointing
gently upwards. He took control and pushed Carrie on
to the bed, diving his head between her soppy wet
vagina lips and slurping. I could hear the wet noises
he was making. My cock was now rigid in my hand. I
wanked wildly while I watched. He stood up above her.
She anticipated his move and reached into the bedside
drawer for a condom. I watched as he tore the wrapper
and placed the rubber ring on the end of his cock.
Carrie reached up and rolled it down the full length
of his cock. It was a magnificent site. A naked
teenager with a stiff and straining cock wrapped in a
condom making it look even longer and my wife lying
naked in front with her pussy wide open waiting for
his entry. The image burned on my memory like a

He lay on top of her pushing his cock into her in
almost one thrust. She gasped as it invaded her. Teens
are not known for foreplay, nor for technique, and
this guy was no different. He literally hammered into
her. She moaned, she screamed and she dug her hands
into his back as he pushed his rock hard cock into
her. Two more big thrusts and he held rigid. I could
see his arse in the air and under his legs I could see
the vein pulsing as his thin young seed fired inside
my wife. He collapsed on to of her and lay while his
cock slowly deflated. He pulled out his cock and took
off the condom, laying on the tying it expertly and
putting it on the bedside table.

I heard Carrie say, ” He might be home soon, you had
better go.”

They kissed a little more and then Carrie, still
naked, saw him out. She came for me and I opened the
door, standing naked in front of her and went into the
bedroom. I picked up the condom, untied it and
revelled at the amount of cum inside, a quantity I
could hardly think about producing. I slipped it on my
stiff cock with the cum inside it and rammed my cock
up Carrie. The feeling of fucking her with my cock
swilling in a boys cum was too much for me and my cum
soon expanded the already full condom.

When I pulled it off, Carrie took it and drizzled the
cum over her tits and rubbed it down to her clitoris
as I used my finger and years of practice to bring her
to a wet, cum smelling climax.

“Wow,” She said, “That was amazing.” Did you enjoy

“You bet,” Said I

We lay basking in the pleasure that a young virgin had
seduced someone else’s wife and both Carrie and I had
shared the moment and the fruit of the union.

I couldn’t wait for the next one.

Part Two

Those of you who have followed our erotic introduction
to the dirty minds of teenage schoolboys will remember
that Carrie is my petite 30 year old wife who looks
about 23 and is randier than she was at 23. I am her
husband and have realised that the reason I married
her 10 years ago is because she has the tomboyish look
of a young lad, even if her butt and pert little tits
give her away. I am Justin, a not too badly shaped 40
year old who after the adventures of the last few
months realise that I share her interest in teenage,
hot blooded young guys.

Our adventures into schoolboy lust had been fun but we
were concerned that if she hung about the park
exposing herself to young lads, one of them was going
to talk. We also decided that though the lads we had
met, seemed keen for a rerun, boys tend to brag and we
didn’t want stories going around the school, We
decided to restrain ourselves for a short time and
think about a new plan. The lads we had been having
sex with were above the U.K. age of consent and that’s
how we wanted it. We were, however, treading very
close to that age of consent so perhaps a loving
parent might not share our logic if they found out.

The last month had therefore been all fantasy talk
between us of what we would do and what our next
pick-up should be like. Carrie was working hard and so
was I. I had just worked through a weekend and the
office had suggested I take a couple of days in lieu.
As Carrie couldn’t share it with me I was reduced to
running her to work and returning to the house to
spend a lazy day or doing some DIY. However on day
one, I dropped Carrie off and was weaving my way back
home at around 9-30 am when my attention was drawn to
a couple of k**s in their mid teens, one boy and one
girl, walking hand in hand. School had been back a
couple of weeks after the summer break and as the
classes started at 8-45 am, these two were walking
away from the school, in a leisurely fashion, hand in
hand. “Obvious truants,” I thought.

Why I pulled over and watched them, I don’t know. The
lad was about 5 feet 5 inches in black school blazer,
grey trousers, white shirt and school tie hanging
loose round his neck. She also had a blazer, white
blouse and tie, and the skirt was as short as school
rules would allow. Her white socks on bare legs
finished the image. She was about an inch shorter than
him with pretty short blonde hair and a very rosey
English complexion. He had short, dark blonde hair
with a gelled spikey look, an image which most young
guys liked. I parked and watched as they left the main
street and headed into a quiet part of the town, which
was slightly more industrial. He was obviously not
taking her home. As I watched, they walked about half
way up the street to an semi derelict old dairy which
was completely surrounded by 6 feet high fencing and
the only entrance via a securely chained double gate.
The fencing was a solid type made of corrugated metal.
I was intrigued and pulled over, sitting low in the
car seat. The streets were almost deserted, even
though we were close to town centre, mainly because
most of the warehouse and factory units looked ready
for redevelopment. They stopped. The lad looked round
and went close to the fence and they just seemed to
walk through it.

I stayed where I was. What could they be up to this
early in the morning. They didn’t look like vandals.
There was only one possibility and my cock started to
grow with the prospect. I left the car and walked up.
Someone had cleverly loosened the fence from the top,
making it slide open, then close like a door. To
anyone passing, it looked secure. I slid it slowly and
looked inside. There was a lot of rubble around the
ex-parking lot but the building beyond looked secure.
There was no sign of them. At least I was dressed
right. I had dark blue jeans, short black, official
looking jacket, heavy rubber soled boots and I looked
every bit the security guard (just in case I got
caught). I entered.

I made my way carefully towards the building and the
started to go round it. There was only one possible
way in and that was through a door on the far side. As
I walked, I noticed the open area covered in used
condoms. Obviously the local ladies of the night used
the open area under cover of darkness to ply their
trade. I slipped inside and waited. The building was
on two levels with small open offices round a main
hallway. Most had had glass walls though many were
smashed. I listened and could hear footsteps in the
distance, climbing the stairs. They had been here
before as they were making no attempt to be quiet. I
quickly followed keeping out of sight and saw them
enter an office at the far end of the corridor. This
had been a larger office and had a partition down the
middle with glass at the higher lever and just ply
board as a wall. I slipped into the office next to it
to wait when I noticed that there were many splits and
cracks in the wall. I went up to it and had a
perfectly clear view of the office next door. As my
room had little sunshine and there’s was quite bright
I had a great clear view.

He kissed her. They were a beautiful couple. I
realised they could be no more than 14, so my initial
plan of surprising them and trying to get a bit myself
was going to be out of the question. It didn’t mean I
couldn’t watch though. His hand was on her breasts and
he took off her blazer. He unbuttoned her blouse
slowly and revealed her little bra which he kissed
again. He took his own blazer and tie off and kneeled
to kiss her little flat belly. Her head was back and
her breathing was in short gasps. When he stood up,
his erection was painfully obvious pushing a tent in
the front of his school trousers. She took off her
blouse and he unclipped her bra, kissing her back as
he did so. She turned and I had the first glance at
her little breasts and their small brown nipples, the
teats standing erect and he put his mouth over one,
then the other. His hand was running up her leg and
found its mark and he was obviously fingering her. She
was whimpering. He pulled her white pants down as he
pulled off his shirt. He was a slim young lad, really
quite skinny. I could just make out the top of his
pants and thought I could make out the “Calvin Klein”
logo on the band. My cock was in my hand and I was
stroking slowly. I wanted nothing to spoil this show.

Her skirt dropped, leaving her completely naked except
for socks and shoes. It was then I noticed a blanket
on the ground, obviously brought there previously. She
took off her shoes but kept her little white socks on
and as she squatted to do so, I saw my first glimpse
of her slit. She had a small “V” of hair and the
vagina lips were pink and puffy and surprisingly
large. I could make out her clitoris like a little
penis sticking out. She unclipped his belt and his
white CK tight boxers came into view. He had a very
slim boyish butt, which filled the shorts. He helped
her pull them and his shoes off and though I could not
see his cock, she leaned forward and was obviously
going to take him in her mouth. I could hear him moan
as she sucked him, squatted between his legs while he
stood with his back to me. She stopped and stood up
and he turned sideways giving me my first glimpse. His
balls were small and hung very low with two little
nuts swinging. His cock, however was almost pencil
thin but stuck out almost 7 inches. It was the
thinnest cock I had ever seen. The foreskin on the end
was quite long and as she dropped down again I could
see her pull it back — in fact almost unravel it, to
reveal a small pink head, which she swallowed with

She licked his balls. His pubic hair was sparse but
covered mainly the area above his cock with little on
his balls. He went to his trouser pocket and pulled
out one single condom, which he opened and slowly
peeled it on to his cock. There is nothing more
exciting to me that watching a young guy with a very
stiff cock pulling a tight latex condom over it and
accentuating its size. It stood upwards at almost 45
degrees. She smiled as, still standing he bent his
knees and slowly slipped the full length of his cock
into her and started to fuck her standing up. At the
angle, I could see his cock enter and leave. He then
gently laid her on the floor with his arse facing to
me. She opened her legs as he went between them and by
dropping down, I could see his cock pushing open her
lips as his beautiful teen bum raised and lowered. His
little rosebud hole was towards me opening and closing
as he fucked. What I would have given to fuck it.

He kissed her more, he stroked her breasts, he cupped
her and then he groaned as he came in her. I heard her
whimper too so whether she had cum or not I do not
know. He lay for about 10 minutes kissing and I saw
the cock slip out with the condom still dangling on
it. He pulled it off and tied a knot in it before
throwing in on the ground beside another two or three
of the same brand. They dressed and talked and I
waited quietly in a corner, hoping they would not
investigate this room on leaving. They didn’t.

As soon as they had gone, I ran into the room,
recovered the condom, untied it and slipped it on my
cock. The cum was warm and thin with that wonderful
smell like a sweet ammonia that only comes from teen
sperm. I untied the others and poured the liquid into
my hand as I wanked and I shot from my soul. My knees
gave and I fell down spurting shot after shot of my
hot jism into the condom to mix with his. As I lay
there, I knew that Carrie and I had to get back in
business again.

I had a rush of adrenaline. I felt guilt at watching
such a young couple, randiness at not having had by
share and frustration that Carrie and I had not had
much recently.

That night I told Carrie the story and we had our best
sex in weeks. She loved my description of the boy’s
cock and the amount of cum he shot and, once more, I
fired from the depths of my balls. Where were we going
to get our next unsuspecting randy young men? Trust
Carrie — she had an idea.

On a Friday and Saturday night, groups of young guys,
and girls for that matter, congregated around a small,
open air, neighbourhood shopping centre. It consisted
of around 20 small shops and included a small pub,
fish and chip shop as well as all the other things a
small community needed. The newsagents and grocers
shops were closed in the evening and the k**s who were
too young to get into the pub hung around outside.
Presumably they hung around wishing for the day they
could get in. They aged from a young 12 to around 18
(the legal drinking age). Some, who could not afford
to drink in the pub, were over 18.

The older ones would buy cans of beer and cider and
let the younger ones drink. They were usually quite
merry, a little noisy but, to be fair to them, rarely
destructive. Carrie decided that this would be her
next target area. She had spotted a couple of really
good looking guys when passing for a late evening bag
of good old British fish and chips and was given the
eye by them. Since there were many more boys than
girls, she felt that they would not be problem. The
idea was that she and I should take a trip to the pub
on Friday. She would go first and I would follow.
After a few drinks we would return home and she would
see what she could do to ensnare a boy or two. I
reminded her again that, though I might have spied on
a couple of 14 year olds, I had no intention of
letting her fuck one. The minimum had to be 16. She
seemed disappointed, but agreed.

Well Friday came, and a rather tarty Carrie appeared
before me in a very short, white skirt, revealing
t-shirt, bare legs, no pants and a wiggle to die for.

“If it wasn’t that this is not a red light area, I
would think you were on the game,” I said.

“I suppose I am,” she replied.

“Let’s go,” Said I.

We enjoyed the walk down in the balmy Autumn air. It
was already getting quite dark and we even stopped on
the quiet footpath to kiss and to let me lubricate her
with my fingers and her own juices. She was on fire!

There were about 12 k**s there. I had a quick look at
them as we approached the centre. There were 10 boys
and only 2 girls. I would say that 4 of the boys were
within the category we were looking for. I girl looked
16 but the other was definitely u******e. By this
time, Carrie was ahead of me as we had agreed so that
we looked like two people heading towards the pub
separately. I had time to watch the reaction.

Just like the time in the park, all conversation
stopped as they watched her. The four older boys, and
most of the younger ones were drawing in breath and
Carrie was making the most of it. As she approached, I
heard her call out “Good evening boys,” as she wiggled
past and entered the pub. By the time I passed,
conversation had returned.

“Did you see her tits,” said a young looking 13 year
old. “I could see her nipples.”

“Wouldn’t mind fucking that,” said one of the older
boys, adjusting the front of his jeans. “I wonder if
she’s on her own?”

The conversation drifted behind me and I could still
hear the lewd remarks as I entered the pub.

One thing this pub was not, was a hip place to be. A
boring, pseudo-Victorian English pub, in a modern
block. It smelt of smoke, and was mainly full of older
men and a few wives/girlfriends. We managed to sit and
have a few drinks. I took my time telling Carrie about
the guys’ comments and she was even hotter.

“We need to take it easy though,” I warned. “If they
don’t take the bait tonight, we might need you to get
better known by coming down a few times.” ” They all
look like virgins.”
The word “virgin” got her panting again. To think I
thought it was only men who could turn themselves on
and off in seconds.

At 10.00 pm, we decided the younger ones may have left
and hoped the older ones were still there. We had been
about one and a half hours in the pub.

She left first by the door we had entered. I went out
by a side door and stood over by some trees in the
dark. There were six boys and one girl. Three were the
older boys from earlier plus a new one who seemed to
have a girl friend on his arm. The other two looked
about 14 or 15.

It might be an idea to give you a description of what
I was looking at. I would say the oldest boy may have
been 17 or 18. He was 5 feet 9 inches tall with dark
short hair and a small earring in his left ear. He was
wearing a sleeved t-shirt and quite tight CK jeans
with boots. Next was a 16 or 17 year old who was
shorter, stunningly attractive with almost girlish
blonde hair, and I remembered he had blue eyes. You
know those really piercing ones that look through you.
He was generally baggier in his clothes with a baggy
shirt and jeans so nothing of his frontage could be
seen. He too was slim. The other two were both very
similar and could have been brothers, even twins.
Reddish, medium length hair, average to slim build,
one in natural Chino type trousers and the other in
baggy corded jeans and his tongue stuck down his
girlfriend’s throat. The one without the girl had very
red hair while the other was a dirty brown/red hair.
She was a pretty girl, though slightly common, with a
skirt as short as Carrie and his hand up her back
exposing the bottom of a white trainer bra. She looked
about 16 with bleached blonde hair.

The last two were the youngest and it seemed to me,
the hottest. Their eyes looked as though they were on
stalks. They were definitely boys. Though their voices
were deep, they had that squawky sound that boys make
with their newly found man’s voice. Both were cute and
one even had freckles over his nose.

I could hear Carrie’s voice as I snapped out of my
evaluation of the prospective candidates “I was going
to taxi home but I think I’ll just walk.” “Is the best
way to Willow Drive through the park,” She asked?

“Yes,” said the red haired lad. ” I am just about to
head that way with my brother and his girlfriend if
you want company part of the way.”

“That’s kind,” shrilled Carrie.” It’s good to have a
strong boy for protection.”

At that the 16 year old blonde boy said, “I’m going
that way too so I’ll come along.”

The oldest boy looked like he was in the huff. “I live
the other way,” he said.

“Don’t worry,” said Carrie, I’ll be back next Friday
so you could see me home then.”

He seemed to perk up with that and the small entourage
headed off with Carrie in the lead between the two
young boys, arm round both, and the couple following
on at a slower pace. I kept off the pavement on the
other side. As they crossed the parkland, I would have
plenty time to get closer to see what was happening. I
had a real itch to be involved but knew that if it was
not to be, then at least I could have the pleasure of

The young couple were really dawdling and were opening
up a gap between them and Carrie’s group. This meant
that I was falling further behind. Then I saw them
pull off into a small clearing at the side of the
path. I took my opportunity to walk past like the
pedestrian I was and, as I did, saw them involved in
some serious heavy petting. I was torn as to whether
to stop and enjoy or move on. I realised that for
Carrie’s safety, especially as she was acting like the
local hooker, I had better press on.

I saw them way up in the dim light of the parkland.
The street lights from the surrounding main roads gave
an eerie glow over the whole dark area. I stayed to
the side of the path so that my silhouette was not
visible to them. I could just make out one of the lads
putting his hand on her butt. Carrie stopped and
turned towards him, pushing him gently against a small
wall, she kissed him. His friend stood idly by. I used
the opportunity to leave the path and, walking on the
grass behind some bushes, to get really close. She was
kissing the younger looking lad with the reddish hair
and I saw her hand go to the front of his light
coloured chinos. She took his hand and led him gently
into the bushy area and his friend followed on like a
lapdog. Leaning him against a tree, she unzipped his
pants and dropped down to take his cock out. From what
I could see, it looked to be about 5 or 6 inches and
stiff as a poker. She sucked it. My eyes were drawn to
the other, girlish looking blonde boy, who had removed
his own cock and was beating on it. That’s where the
shock came in. From what I could see, he was holding
about 8 inches of thick cock which looked almost
obscene sticking out from such a frail looking boy.
Carrie had not seen it and was slurping away. The
blonde boy walked up to the crouching Carrie from
behind and put both his hands over her shoulder on to
her tits. She turned to take his cock out and was
immediately hit in the face by the erect monster I had
already seen. I could hear her intake of breath.

I longed to get my hands on it. She put what she could
of her mouth over the uncut head as the red haired boy
pulled the straps off her dress revealing her tits to
the Autumn air. My cock was already in my hand as I
watched them. Just then, Carrie looked in my direction
and I presume she spotted me.

“Right,” she said, “I am not taking risks here. Have
you guys got a hour to spare?” “If you want some real
fun, you need to come back to my flat which is a ten
minute walk away.”

The boys looked at each other and, with their cocks
standing at full mast, nodded. She adjusted herself
and off they went. I wasn’t sure whether I was meant
to run on ahead and watch through our recently
installed two way mirror, or whether I should walk in
on them and try to join the group. Number two on the
agenda appealed most. I dropped back a little more and
called her mobile number. I could hear the shrill ring
in the distance. When she answered I asked what she
had in mind.

“I favour number two,” She said.

“Good,” said I.

I ran diagonally across the parkland to meet the main
road and caught a cab to take me the five minute run
to the flat. When I arrived, I quickly showered and
decided to pull on my new tight grey boxer briefs,
which showed my cock and balls to their best. I then
climbed into bed and waited.

Carrie and her friends followed about ten minutes
later and I tiptoed across to look down the hall where
she had the blonde boy pinned to the wall and her
tongue down his throat while the red-haired boy was
grinding his cock against her arse.

“Come one boys, I want you both squeaky clean so off
to the bathroom and hurry,” She said.

She joined me in the bedroom.

“What do you think our chances are,” I asked.

“They’re so horny, they would fuck their grannies,”
She said. “I’m going to warm them up a little more
then bring them in here for your pleasure when they
have reached the point of no return.”

She quickly showered and slipped into a transparent
negligee, which showed everything she had to offer.

The boys came out and she took them into the lounge. I
could hear her kissing and slurping and I could hear
clothes being removed. Then they came my way.

They walked in first as I sat up in bed. “Hi honey,” I
said,” Friends of yours?”

“Mark and Ricky,” She said pointing to the blonde then
red-haired lad. “Looks like I get an extra cock
tonight.” ” This is my husband boys, meet Justin.”

Both boys looked like angels. Mark stood in a pair of
grey tight boxers, almost identical to mine with his
large erection visible at an angle, while Ricky had
small white Jockey briefs, with his cock sticking
indecently outwards and a little patch of bright red
pubic hair visible out of the gap the erection made at
the side of his pants.

Before either could move she had Ricky down on the bed
and was sitting astride him. Mark looked on
uncomfortably so she pulled him down to lie beside his
friend and stroked each cock through the underwear. I
pulled my pants off and stood up with my stiff, thick
7.5 inch cock sticking straight out. I kneeled to the
side of the boys and stuck my cock in Carrie’s mouth,
only inches away from both their faces. They were
fixed on her tongue licking my foreskin and cock head.
She pulled off my cock and stripped naked. Lifting the
boys to an upright position she pulled their briefs
off and I was able to see them properly for the first
time. Ricky was a treat. His cock may only be about 5
inches but his balls hung white and loose between his
legs. His pubic hair was carrot red in a small patch
above his cock and his skin was covered in freckles.

Mark was really something. He was the smaller build of
the two with an almost pre-pubescent look but his body
was quite well defined and his cock…! This small
boy stood there with at least 8 inches of thick uncut
cock. The veins were visible on the side and the pink
head stuck out of the top. It stood straight out from
him and almost looked obscene. He had a small dark
patch of pubic hair and two quite small balls
(certainly small compared to his cock).

“Jesus” I uttered and swiftly took his cock in my
hand. He jumped! “I just wanted to make sure it was
real,” I mumbled. “Are you a virgin?”

He nodded quietly. His cock felt surprisingly light
for it’s size.

“Not for long,” I said, as it jumped in my hand.

I knelt and took his cock in my mouth before he could
say anything.

“I’m not queer,” he said.

“Neither am I,” Said I, Only enjoying the experience
of sex so just relax and go with the flow.”

He did and threw back his head while Carrie swallowed

Ricky was groaning like a wild a****l and Mark pulled
out of my mouth to get his share of Carrie. These boys
were definitely straight so I was going to have to
take it easy. They took a tit each and sucked like
babies. I took the opportunity to go round to Carrie’s
front, lay her back on the bed (with both boys still
attached to her tits) and I entered her in one swoop.
She was wet — very wet. The boys stood up and both
watched as I fucked her. I took Ricky’s hand and
placed it between her legs and he gripped my cock as I
fucked. I could have cum right away! Carrie was in
ecstasy. Her legs were open and in the air, her slit
was wide and exposed and my cock was pummelling into
her. I pulled out in one go, opened the drawer and
handed the boys a condom each. They ripped the
wrappers open and Mark was struggling to get the
condom over his cock head. I took it off him and
expanded it before slipping it over his cock,
revelling at the touch of his warm boy skin.

“Fuck her,” I commanded

She lay with her back to him and he entered her from
the rear, offering Ricky and I a great view as her
slit opened to allow the monster in.

“My God,” She groaned. “Fuck me hard but please don’t

I put my mouth round Ricky who was standing watching
and got all his cock and even his two balls in my
mouth. His cock, though small and boy-like, was very
hard. His foreskin was lovely and loose and slipped
back and forward as I sucked.

“I’m gonna cum soon,” He said.

“Oh no you’re not,” Said I, stopping immediately.
“Want to try sucking mine Rick?”

He looked apprehensive. His friend was now fully
occupied as was Carrie. His big dick was ramming into
Carrie. Rick knelt down when he realised no one else
was watching and gently took the head of my cock into
his mouth, pulling my skin back nicely as he did so.
After a few apprehensive sucks, he actually gripped it
firmly and started to really suck. If I wasn’t better
mannered, I could have let him have both barrels there
and then. I had to ask him to stop, sadly.

“Come on Mark, don’t hog the lady,” I said.

Mark pulled out and I slipped (much more easily), the
condom on Rick’s cock.

“You won’t even feel mine after that,” he said to
Carrie, pointing at his friend’s member.

“Have you never seen it before,” I asked?

“No — never,” he replied.

“It’s technique that counts.” “Do it from the rear
like Mark did,” I said.

His cock slipped in easily and from the rolling eyes,
he was enjoying it. He pulled out and rammed in, out
then in when suddenly he missed and penetrated
Carrie’s arse. She yelped, but grabbed his buttocks to
hold him there.

“Don’t pull out,” She said. “Fuck my arse.”

Mark said,” Wow, I would love to fuck arse but she
woulld never take it.”

“I could,” I said quietly to him.

He looked at me, then to his friend who was fucking
like and a****l and said. “You’re on.”

I lubricated my hole and his condom covered cock and
lay beside Carrie in exactly the same position. He
pushed gently to my hole and I felt it stretch. The
head entered and stopped. He pulled out then entered
again, this time going further in. Soon I had all 8
inches in me. It hurt but as he slowly pushed and
pulled I relaxed until Carrie and I were facing each
other on the bed and kissing, each with a young teen
cock inside our butts. I was in heaven. I pulled
Carrie until we were actually entwined then realised I
could get my cock inside her. I pushed in so that
every thrust from Mark, pushed my cock inside her.

I wasn’t going to last. I felt Mark’s cock tense and
every spurt of his spunk firing inside the protective
rubber sleeve. My cum shot into Carrie and I heard her
scream as she orgasmed yet again with Rick screaming
that we was cumming too. We collapsed. Mark pulled off
his condom and the load that filled it would have made
any man happy. I was going to enjoy both of those
later. Ricky had a smaller load but his rapidly
shrinking cock was already boy sized. My cum was
leaking out of Carrie as she lay on the bed.

“Well,” said I, “What did you think?”

“Awesome,” was the chorus from both boys.

Awesome it was.

When the boys had dressed and left, my cock had
somehow resurrected. I laid Carrie in the missionary
position and entered her. As I did so I opened each
full condom in turn and drizzled the cum on her tits,
massaging the precious liquid round the mound of her
nipples. I fucked her and held on as long as I could.
I don’t think it really mattered to Carrie. She was
already cumming too and I fired my load in to join the
cum already there.

“Next Friday,” I asked?

“You bet,” She said.

Though our a****l instincts were driving us to go to
the centre the very next night we resisted. The town
was not exactly awash wish eager teenagers willing to
shag a 30 year old and her husband and though you
might think us mad for not arranging to meet the boys
again immediately, we had left with a casual “see you

I really didn’t want all the local k**s knowing what
was going on as I could visualise the Sunday tabloids
if what we were up to got out — legal or not!

We had quite an exciting week sexually going over the
Friday session again and again as we made love. On
Wednesday, I called a halt and told Carrie to keep her
legs crossed until Friday.

Friday came and I couldn’t wait to get home from work.
We had an early meal and decided that, once more,
Carrie should go down on her own, but a little earlier
to see if the older tall lad was there. We were also
curious to know if the younger boys had talked!

This time I went ahead and positioned myself across
the road behind some trees. I could make out a very
small group of 3 or 4 but could not identify any of
them, though one looked taller than the rest. I moved
a little closer just as Carrie came round the corner.
She had dressed slightly less tarty. She chose a
natural short sleeved top, which showed her bra quite
clearly and also tight natural coloured pants, which
easily showed the line of her panties small though
they were.

>From my new location I recognised the slightly older
brother of the red haired lad and his young girl
friend. I realised that I did not know the other boy
and girl at all.

“Damn,” I thought none of last week’s group.

The boys and girls were drinking from cans of lager
beer and as, Carrie approached, I was surprised that
the boy and girl from the previous week approached
her. The other couple just drifted away. They spoke
for quite some time and I could see them signing and
asking Carrie something. She nodded and they moved
away and sat on a wall to continue drinking. At that,
the two boys from the previous week walked up and
looked really pleased to see Carrie.

“Good sign,” I thought,” But where’s the older lad we
were looking for?”

Carrie continued to talk, looking just like one of the
group and then they all sat on the wall as though
waiting. The older boy arrived.

“Now we are getting somewhere.”

I started to fantasise in my head about a teenage orgy
with all of them fucking Carrie and realised I was
stroking my cock which was as stiff as hell.

There seemed to be some heated discussion and the
older boy looked annoyed. Carrie walked up to him and
kissed him on the cheek in full view of everyone. She
walked away out of earshot and my telephone rang.

“This looks interesting,” She said,” Just get yourself
home and dress really casual and sexy.” ” I’ll be home
with someone but I’m not sure who at the moment.”

“You o.k.,” I said.

“You bet,” She replied,” But I have a plan and am not
sure if it’s going to work out.” “As I say, we’re
going to get something, I’m just not yet sure what.”

I was home in 10 minutes and sitting in casual sports
shorts and top, looking like I was engrossed in a porn
movie on the DVD player when the door opened. In
walked Carrie with the whole group.

“We thought we would have a little party,” She said.
There’s plenty of beer in the fridge and the guys here
are bored.” ” By the way, our two friends here have
spilt the beans about last week — in full detail.” ”
You already know Mark and Ricky. The other boy with
the darker red hair was introduced as Ricky’s twin
brother, Gerry while the girl was introduced at his
girlfriend Kirsten. The tall boy was Ray. What a
handsome boy he was. He was a little off 6 feet but
looked about 17 or 18. He had a very lofty, slim
appearance and a pair of unfashionably tight Calvin
Klein jeans which showed a pleasing if not enormous

The two boys from the previous week were very relaxed
and made themselves at home, getting and opening the
beers. This looked like a “wait and see” evening.

Gerry asked me if he and Kirsten could make use of a
bedroom (this being why they had come along). I
remembered my one way mirror and ushered them through
to that room. I told them to take their time, relax
and enjoy themselves.

Whenever they left, Ricky became a little bolder and
moved beside Carrie on the couch. Ray looked nervously
at me and I winked at him and nodded for him to go
too. The boys were nervous of me and of each other. I
don’t think that many experience a gang bang at their

I said I wanted to have a shower and left the room
closing the door behind me. I went through to the room
adjoining the one the young couple were in, moving
back the picture which covered the hole through to the
two way mirror we had installed when all this started.
We thought I would only be able to watch Carrie having
sex. It didn’t occur to us that I would be able to
participate quite so much.

The young girl was flat on the bed. Her top was off
and two little tits were sticking up. Her skirt had
ridden up and it was obvious that her pants were
already off. He was a sweet little round faced girl
who also had reddish hair and little freckles round
her nose, which made her look much younger than her 16
years. I thought I could make out her slit in the
darkness but was not sure. He was on top with his
trousers off, his socks still on and his little bottom
sticking up in the air clad in a pair on slightly
unattractive Joe Boxer shorts. He pulled off his polo
shirt and his slim boyish body became visible. Then he
dived between her legs and surprised me by licking her
slit with a fervour.

“He has been training,” I thought.

She was groaning very loudly. She slipped her skirt
off as he pulled off his shorts. His cock was about 5
inches, his hair reddish but quite dark and his cock,
which seemed to be cut curved indecently up against
his belly. She opened her legs and he lay on top
kissing. I heard her talking and she seemed to
fantasising about what was going to happen to Carrie.

Gerry stopped. “That’s my brother and his friends your
talking about.” “It’s gruesome to think of them
shagging you.”

“Not to me it isn’t, “She said.

“Another kinky little girl, like Carrie,” I thought.

Gerry went back to kissing her fully on the mouth,
then each breast in turn. His hairless bottom faced me
and I could see his cock rigidly between her legs. His
rosebud hole opened and closed as he rode her between
the legs. In the hall I could hear talking and Carrie
loudly saying “Justin will be through later.”

“My cue,” I thought.

I spent a few more seconds watching Gerry. He was
showing little signs of fucking her so I figured I had
better go for the real thing.

I slipped out and through to the hall just outside our
own room. The three boys were there, looking decidedly
drunk and giggly. Carrie was also merry and doing a
slow strip in front of them. I decided to stay back
until she had them all hooked.

Her top came off and she wiggled up to Ray and turned
to get him to unclip her. He shakily did. The boys
were stealing furtive glances at each other and
smiling. Mark was rubbing the front of his chinos
again and I could see the big erection sticking out.
Carrie was now topless and writhing in front of Ray.
She took his hand and placed it on her breast. He
followed her and again looked furtively at his
friends. They egged him on.

He then took both breasts and with a little
encouragement, kissed her nipple. His kiss was very
amateurish. At that, Mark stood up and came over,
putting his hand on the top of her pants and
unclipping them. He peeled them down till she was just
standing in the tiniest pair of white briefs with a
lacy look and her trimmed pubic hair clearly showing.

“Which of you is going to take these off,” she said.

Ricky was there like a shot and put his hand down the
front to feel her patch of hair. He pushed a finger
into her and she moaned. Now all three were around

My cock was rigid.

I pulled off my shorts and entered the room.

“Want to see me fuck her,” I asked

All three heads nodded and three pairs of eyes focused
on my naked body and stiff cock. I was going to enjoy

The boys stood reverently aside and Carrie looked at
me approach with a smile on her face and her legs wide
open. I laid beside her and turned her to face away
from me so I could enter her wet cunt from behind and
also give my audience a clear view as my cock entered
her. I raised her left leg and, as her cunt splayed
open I sank the head of my cock into her. She gasped
as I went in. All three stood around quite literally
like spare pricks at a wedding and all three were
openly rubbing their crotches. The evidence of their
randiness was obvious with protruding cocks —
especially Mark. I fucked her with a vengeance and she
screamed as she came.

I looked at Mark and asked him to go to the bedside
drawer. He opened it and I told him to take out the
contents — my condom packs and KY jelly.

“Right Mark,” I said, “You are going to fuck her now,
so strip!”

He looked very embarrassed. I presumed that the
presence of the older boy, Ray was doing it.

“Look Mark, I’m here bollock naked fucking her in full
view of all of you. You all want it and you are all
going to be naked here soon.” “I want you all to

Ray started to slowly undress first and was soon down
to a cute pair of white, tight Jockeys. There was no
erection visible. I pulled out o Carrie and whispered
for her to lie on her back with her legs wide open and
cunt on full display. She did.

I stood up and the other two boys slowly stared to
strip. I pulled Ray’s briefs down. His cock was
semi-hard and, like most British boys, uncut. It was
about 4 inches so would probably rise to 6 or 6.5. I
took his balls in my hand and gently squeezed them. I
felt blood rush in. At that moment Mark was naked.

Ray uttered,” Jeesus!” I felt his cock jump to full
steam when he saw Mark’s monster.

“Interesting,” I thought.

Mark approached Carrie. He ripped open a condom and
slipped it over his cock before entering her a bit to
quickly. She wailed as he plunged in but had enough
lubrication to accept the brute. The site of the
girlish boy plunging into Carrie was a sight to behold
and I leapt over to get my camera and snap away. Ray
stood with his 6 inches in hand wanking.I went up to
him and whispered in his ear as young Ricky took
position to get his cock in Carrie’s mouth. She
slurped happily.

“Ray,” I said, ” Did Mark tell you that he stuck that
big cock up my arse last week?”

His look said, “No.”

“Ricky fucked Carrie and he fucked me and they both
came in us.” “I’d love you to fuck me in front of
them,” I said as I started stroking his cock.”

I pulled him by the cock and stretched a condom on
him. I lubricated myself as he stood helplessly
watching and saying nothing and then I went doggy
fashion and exposed my hole to him and waited. For a
second nothing happened, then I felt the springs go on
the bed and the head pushing into me. I was in heaven
with this 6 feet tall slim hunk on my back fucking me
in front of his friends.

By this time Mark had pulled out and Ricky was fucking
Carrie. Mark, still with the condom in place was at
Carries head and she was sucking her own juices off
the rubber-covered cock. I looked to the side and at
the door was Gerry and Kirsten. Gerry was standing in
their underwear bottoms and tops. Gerry’s mouth was
aghast at his best friend shagging a grown man and his
baby brother’s cock sunk into Carrie.

“Hi,” I said as casually as I could. “You too get up
to much?”

“Couldn’t for the noise,” Gerry mumbled.

“Well strip off and do it here,” I said.

Gerry was shaking his head when he noticed Kirsten’s
pants and top come off as she walked over to the bed.
She put her hand on Ray’s bum as he shagged me and
then between his legs to hold his balls as they
slapped my arse. Ray stopped and pulled out (much to
my dismay), turned and kissed her. He fell back on the
bed and she sat astride him. Within seconds, his cock
was inside her as Gerry looked on in dismay. Carrie
disentangled herself and stood up, walking over to
him. At that moment, I saw Kirsten’s face as she
caught a look at Mark’s cock.

Carrie stripped Gerry and kneeled to suck his cock. It
soon stood on end as she led him back to the bed.

“There’s something I have always wanted to do,” She
said. She pushed him on the bed, laid his brother
beside him and started to suck both cocks, one after
the other.

“I want you both to fuck me, one in the front and one
up the back.” she said. “Ricky will do the back as he
is so good at it.”

The boys lay one at the front and one at the back and
after Gerry had pulled on his protection, he entered
her. His cock was standing at full mast as it went in.

I looked across at Mark and mouthed softly, ” Want to
do me again?”

He nodded and I positioned myself for my second fuck
of the night.

I watched Kirsten take Ray with her legs wide apart
and her little fanny gaping open. I had an enormous
cock up me and Carrie was being speared by two

That was it. My hole tensed and I came what seemed
like gallons. I could feel Mark depositing his load in
my hole and Kirsten must have been pushed over the
edge judging by her screams. Ray pulled out and came
on her pubic hair and the boys were not far behind.
Six climaxes in two minutes.

The smell of cum in the air was like warm scent. I
looked to Carrie and saw her lying with the two cocks
now shrinking between her legs and the sagging cum
filled condoms still on the boy’s cocks. I licked the
head of Mark and took the last remnants of his cum on
my lips.

The usual embarrassing moments ensued as we all
fumbled for clothes and went to the lounge for a
drink. They were all suddenly sober.

Before they left, I slipped Mark our telephone number
and made a date for the following Friday. He was
showing the most promise for our interests.

He became a regular visitor we took each other to new
realms of perversion with him. I could be tempted to
tell you.

Part Three

I wouldn’t say life had been boring, but Carrie and I
had been leading a quiet life since our escapades with
some young teenagers the previous year. For those of
you who don’t know us, I am Justin who, at 41, is
beginning to feel the onslaught of age, even though I
look good for it. Carrie, my petite 31 year old wife
has a sexual appetite that one man could never

I had always been attracted to young lads in their
teen years, and even young girls for that matter. I
suppose my attraction to Carrie and probably why I
married her, is that she looks like a young man with
her short blonde hair and tom-boy shape. She has
always taken the lead in sex and, once she knew of my
bisexual leanings, told me that she too shared a
liking for lusty young virgins. There is something
about an over exuberant teen cock waiting to explode
from the first moment you touch it, that is a bit like
playing with a firework after it has been lit.

We had been extremely successful the previous year
both in the local park after school and later with a
group of lads and girls who hung around near the pub
we used to drink in from time to time. I had called a
halt as I felt it might escalate out of control and,
as we were talking groups of teenagers, it only took
the loose mouth of one of them to have an angry parent
beating our door down. They may be passed the U.K.
legal age of consent but I am sure many parents
wouldn’t see it that way.

Well we moved earlier this year to another town in the
North East of England which is a little larger than
the previous one. Carrie was anxious to start hanging
about when the schools came out but I had restrained
her. We were both tied up in our jobs anyway, me with
the Northern branch of my existing company and her as
a P.A. in a large engineering works in town. So far we
had done absolutely nothing in this town.

I am sure you have realised by now that all this was
about to change. I suppose I did too because when
Carrie is on heat, nothing stops her!

My line manager, Graeme, was a fine looking guy. At
35, he was younger than me, trained, jogged and was
about 6 feet 4 inches tall with a wonderful crop of
beautiful blonde hair. Yes, I suppose I would like to
screw him — or perhaps the other way round, but he was
as heterosexual as guys come. All he talked about was
women, women and more women.

Carrie and I were invited to dinner with Graeme and
his wife Lynn. We dressed smartly, realising that the
address given was at the better end of town. Carrie
was expensively slutty, but could always carry it off
without looking like a tart. I kept to smart jacket
and trousers and off we went.

The house was indeed grand. In the large driveway
which cut across the large garden, were three cars.
>From the activity at the window it looked like we were
not the only guests. This proved to be true and on
entering, we found six other couples, two of whom I
already knew from work. We chatted and drank and made
small talk. The champagne flowed and I was thankful
that we had not driven. When dinner was called we all
sat round the table and we discovered that there were
18 people. The other two were Graeme and Lynn’s
c***dren. Liam was 16 and Marie was 14. Both were
stunningly beautiful c***dren and both shared their
father’s hair, though Liam’s had that blonde/red
colour that is so unusual in the U.K. He was about 5
feet 9 inches tall. I noted with slight dismay that he
was placed next to Carrie. Lynn was at the other end
of the large dining table round which we all sat.

The meal was delicious and the small talk pleasant. We
split up for coffee and I noted that Carrie had hardly
stopped talking to Liam all night. When I managed to
get close to her, I warned her off.

“Too close to home,” I said, “And anyway he’s still at

“Justin, what do you take me for,” she said, “He’s
just an interesting boy, that’s all!”

I relaxed and the evening progressed. I caught Carrie
from time to time in different company, and then saw
her again with Liam out in the garden. It looked as
though he was showing her around the area. By this
time, voices and music were louder and many were very
drunk. Judging by Liam’s slight stagger, I think he
might have been at the wine too. I waited until they
were out of sight and followed discreetly behind
making sure no one saw me disappear into the darkness.
I found them sitting on a bench making small talk. At
one point, Carrie put her hand on his knee, as if to
make a point and I saw Liam blush, even in the dim
light. They both stood up and as they did so, he
clumsily kissed Carrie on the cheek. They then walked
round the garden and back to the house.

On the way home in the taxi, a very drunk Carrie was
going on about how good the evening was. When I got
her home, I asked her what she had been talking to
Liam about, reminding her that he was my boss’s son.

“He’s an inquisitive lad,” She grinned. “Says his
parents don’t understand him and he has few friends
around.” “Seems to be lonely.”

“And…” I asked.

“And nothing,” She replied. He is a stunner though and
I think he was keen on me but just didn’t know where
to go with the conversation — me being married!”

When I got in from work on the Monday after the
weekend party, Carrie told me that Liam had called. He
wanted to talk to her discreetly and could he come
over after school the next day as his parents were
going out and he had said he was going to a friend’s
house until the evening. She said she had invited him
to tea and not to worry if I was there as I was very
much a man of the world and if need be she would send
me out so they could have time alone. She said that he
was settled with that.

I made a point of getting home really early the next
afternoon and was “busy with work in my office” when
Liam knocked on the door at 4.00 pm. He looked really
cute in his school uniform. Dark trousers, burgundy
blazer, white shirt and his dark school tie. I knew
Carrie was going to try to bed him if she could. He
was a tall boy and though his face was c***dlike his
body was well developed from his sport activities.

I saw Carrie kiss him on the cheek. He looked a little
disappointed when he saw me but I assured him that
Carrie and I had no secrets and he looked a little
puzzled (obviously thinking about their conversation a
couple of nights before). Carrie looked stunning in a
light cotton summer dress which showed clearly the
outline of her underwear. When she sat on the sofa the
dress hem rode up slightly and I know he could see her
panties between her legs.

We made small talk and I excused myself to the office,
asking Carrie to call me when tea was ready. We had
decided to eat really early to have some time to work
on him. I stood in the hall and listened to the
conversation. Mainly he was unsure about girls and
girlfriends. He couldn’t talk to his parents and since
they had talked a little about sex on the Saturday
prior he wanted to run a few things past her.

In a nutshell, he liked some of the girls at school
but was a bit clumsy with them. He was also confused
as he also really liked his best friend and sometimes
got excited after sports in the shower. He asked if
that made him bisexual?

“Maybe,” said Carrie, “Justin is!”

“YOUR HUSBAND,” I heard him right down the hall. “Did
he confess to you” he asked incredulously?

“Didn’t have to,” said Carrie, “I watched him with
other guys, and joined in too.” “Even some as young as

There was absolute silence.

“Let’s have tea and talk afterwards,” said Carrie

He watched me during tea and smiled from time to time.
He was just dying to ask me questions, I could tell. I
left this one to Carrie though. I noticed she had
opened some wine and offered a couple of glasses to
Liam who seemed to enjoy the adult attention. When she
came back from the kitchen with a dessert, she rustled
her fingers through his hair and he positively glowed.

When he had downed the third glass of wine, Carrie
said to him, “Since you were meant to be playing sport
with your friends, hadn’t you better go to shower and

“Would you mind,” he asked?

“I’ll show you where to go,” She replied.

She took him to the main bathroom and suggested he
leave the door unlocked and she would get him some
warm towels. Her timing, as always, was perfect and as
he switched off the shower, she entered the bathroom
with a large bath towel for him. I stood back in the
hall. He had a small towel which he used to cover
himself. I could see his reflection in the mirror.

“Let me dry you,” she suggested.

He was about to mumble that he was o.k. but she was
having none of it. She turned him round to spare his
blushes and started rubbing his back as he gripped the
small towel to his front. When she reached his
buttocks, she carefully pushed the towel between them
and dried him.

“Nice,” she asked?

“Oh yes,” he replied quietly. “Where is your husband?”

“Just out of the shower in our room,” she said, “Want
him to help?”

“Are you going to do something” he asked quietly?

“Would you like us to,” she replied?

“I think I would,” Liam said softly.

She turned him round and pulled the towel away from
his front. He stood with a beautiful erect, seven inch
penis sticking out proudly from his body. His balls
hung low between his legs and were almost hairless.
His pubic hair was a reddish sand colour and quite
thick above his proud cock. A little patch of reddish
hair could be seen on his chest and his shoulders and
arms had light freckles. Carrie slipped quickly out of
her dress and stood in her bra and pants. She kissed
him fully on the mouth, her tongue forcing its way
into it and licking its way around inside.

She turned round and made him strip her. She stood
before him with her little tits firmly jutting upwards
and her nipples standing on end. He touched each in
turn and bent forward to run his lips round them in
turn. His hand went down to her pubic patch and his
fingers pushed gently inside her.

“Where’s Justin,” he repeated.

I walked in wearing a white pair of Jockey shorts, my
erection obscenely angled across at 45 degrees. His
eyes were riveted to my stiff penis. I walked over and
stood behind him pressing my erection through the
fabric and rubbing it between his buttocks. Carrie
dropped and took his cock in her mouth.

“Oh my God,” he shouted, “You’re sucking me!”

I slipped out of my Jockeys and dropped down too,
pushing my tongue as best I could between his buttocks
and towards his little hole.

“Oh my God, oh my God,” was all he could say.

We led him to the bedroom. Carrie lay on the bed and
pulled him towards her. He lay on top of her, kissing
her tits while I continued my exploration of his hole.
My tongue traced from his bum hole down to the base of
his balls and back up. I flipped him over and took his
full cock in my mouth.

The flavour of excited teenage cock is like no other.
The skin slid back and the slit was oozing clear
liquid. The cock was large enough and thick enough but
was about half the weight of mine. It was as hard as
it was humanly possible for a cock to be and jutted
upwards at a 45 degree angle to his belly. Carrie
straddled him and lowered her vagina opening on to his
mouth. His tongue instinctively darted out and started
to lap her. I was taking it very easy with his cock, I
had no wish to make him cum this early though I had a
feeling he would be fit again within minutes if he

Muffled “Mmmmph,” sounds mingled with moist slurping
could be heard as he dined on Carrie’s open slit. I
moved up and she flipped over, opening her legs wide.
He quickly dived in between them and continued. I
joined him and licked her out with both our tongues
meeting in a vaginal kiss. I lifted his head and
opened his mouth to kiss him fully. Nervous at first,
his jaws relaxed and I was soon on top of him like a
hungry a****l, ignoring poor Carrie. She quickly dived
between us and took both cocks in her mouth slurping
one then the other and rubbing the heads together.

She pulled a packet of condoms from the drawer and
opened one slipping it carefully over Liam’s bulging
cock. It somehow looked as though it was going to
burst through the latex. As he lay on the bed, she sat
astride him and lowered her body on to him. It was a
treat to watch a virgin cock disappear into Carrie and
she started to ride up and down on him.

His limited vocabulary uttered, “Oh my God,” for a

She rode him slowly and carefully, stopping every time
he said he was going to cum. I presume the wine had
given him some staying power for which I was grateful
as I had plans for him too.

I lubricated myself discreetly and nodded to Carrie.
As he lay on the bed with his eyes shut in ecstasy,
she pulled off his cock and I positioned myself over
his it, lowering my hole over his erect member. I was
halfway down on to it before he opened his eyes and
saw that he was losing his virginity in another way

“Oh my God,” he said yet again as I gripped his big
cock between the muscles of my sphincter. It hurt as
it went in but I knew there was no time for taking it
easy so I bore the slight pain. I rode him for all I
was worth until he again said, “I’m cumming!”

This time I gripped as tightly as the position would
allow and felt the muscles in his thick cock expand
then pump. He pushed the full seven inches straight up
to his balls as he screamed his orgasm then slumped on
the bed.

He pulled out with “plop” and the cock was still hard.
The used condom still in place and the little sac on
the end had a volume of cum that equalled two nights
of hard wanking for me. I pulled it off and drizzled
the contents on to Carrie’s pubic hair, working some
of the liquid around the lips with my fingers. I lay
on top of her and entered her in one go while Liam
looked on. I put on quite a show, fucking Carrie
doggie style, legs wide apart, from the rear and even
sideways. Liam had his cock in hand and was wanking
like mad.

“You going to cum again, Liam, ” I asked,

“You bet,” he said.

“Ok, over our faces then,” I begged.

As I lay between Carrie’s legs fucking her wildly she
started to orgasm, I started to cum and as we both
turned to look at Liam, a jet of warm thin clear cum
sprayed straight in our faces and mouths. I came
instantly. One of these gut-renching orgasms that
comes form your soul. The sperm was on my lips and in
my mouth with that sweetness that only comes from a
boy’s cock while there is more seminal fluid that
sperm. I was awash with boy cum as was Carrie who
whooped with joy as I pulled out my cock.

“Jeesus,” said Liam “Fucking Jeesus!”

“Enjoy it,” I asked in an understated way. “For a
virgin, you’re a bloody quick learner.

“When can I come back,” He asked?

“Soon, fucking soon” we replied in unison.

As always with me, the guilt set in almost
immediately. I had seduced my boss’s son and worse
than that, I had let him screw me and my wife. Carrie
was completely oblivious to this and spent the rest of
the day singing her way around the house with another
teenage scalp to her belt. Facing Graeme the next day
was not easy. Twice he asked if I was o.k.

“Yeh, fine,” I mumbled with my head down avoiding eye

When I arrived home from work that night Carrie said
she had been talking to Liam on the phone. He had
called to repeat his enthusiasm for what had happened
and confirming that he wasn’t going to breathe a word
to anyone. Part of my fear of having these young guys
is that fact that keeping a sexual conquest quiet, is
not part of teenage life. However I went along with
Carrie’s reassurances.

Thursday night, our doorbell went. You’ve guessed it —

“I’m meant to be with my friend Abbu,” he said, “But
he’s covering for me if my parents phone.”

“What do you mean by covering,” I asked.

Realising his mistake, he mumbled that he had told
Abbu about our fling so that he could get away more

“Who’s Abbu,” I asked?

“Short for Abukari,” Said Liam, “His father is into
gold in Ghana and they are a very strict and Christian
family. He loves hearing anything I can tell him.

Knowing the strict Christian way of life in Ghana I
questioned whether this was a good idea, especially
bearing in mind my involvement with Liam.

“He’s really cool about it.” He replied.” “He asked me
lots of questions about what we all did and what I did
and seemed really jealous.” “He’s a quiet guy and has
never done anything sexual except a little fun he and
I had in the changing rooms at school.” “Abbu is
resident and I stay at home so we were never going to
be able to do more anyway.”

I raised my eyebrow and looked at Carrie and I didn’t
like the smile that was playing across her face. I had
seen it before and I had an idea where she was

“What does he look like,” She asked?

“Well he is a little taller than me but much thinner
and, of course he is almost blue/black with very, very
white teeth,” He replied.

Typically, it had not crossed Liam’s mind that we
might have been entertaining when he called, and
explaining him to guests might have been difficult. I
looked at this stunningly beautiful boy and was drawn
to the front of his dark grey trousers where an
obvious lump was visible as we spoke.

“Come here,” Said Carrie, not having noticed the lump
and meaning to put her arms around him. He stepped
forward and planted a wide mouthed passionate kiss
straight on her lips. His hand went to her skirt and
he ran it straight up to her crotch. He pulled the
elastic of her panties aside and has his finger in her
hole almost within 30 seconds. Carrie was taken aback
as he pushed her against the wall and started to
unbuckle his trousers. They dropped round his ankles
and the white schoolboy Jockeys were even more
obscenely tented at the front. I slipped my trousers
off, then my briefs and walked over to stand behind
them, rubbing my erect cock against the white fabric
covering his arse.

Carrie’s pants were off, followed by her skirt till we
all stood naked from the waste down. I kneeled behind
him and parted his arse cheeks, licking in between
them. He gasped when he felt the wet, moist tongue
lick him there. I turned him round with his back to
Carrie and covered his iron stiff cock with my mouth,
pulling the foreskin back gently and running my lips
up and down. He gasped as the feelings washed over
him. He turned quickly back to Carrie and started to
push his cock between her legs. Before I knew it, his
cock was in her. I had no time to find a condom for
him. I licked the end of my cock and pushed the tip of
the head into his arse. I managed the helmet top but
little else. His legs buckled and he came inside
Carrie. He slowed down and dropped to his knees. I
pushed him to one side, lay Carrie on the floor,
dropped between her legs and stuck my tongue in as far
as it would go. This was an experience I felt I might
not get again, licking teen cum out of my wife’s hole.
There was lot of it too. It was pumping quietly out of
her and running down between her legs as I slurped.

I sat up, opened her legs and sank my cock into her.
It slipped in without a problem aided by the mixture
of teen cum, saliva and her own juices. Carrie has
always been a quick cummer and as I pumped she started
to scream as her own orgasm washed over her. I felt my
balls churn and pump into her. As I pulled back
exhausted, Liam surprised me. As Carrie lay on the
floor with her knees up and legs apart, He bent down
and started to lick the cum mixture out of her. His
tongue lapped in and out and Carrie, hit a high once
again. He held his cock in his hand as he wanked and
within five minutes, another spray of thin cum shot
over our wooden floor. Liam had been in the house no
more than 20 minutes. The urgency of youth!

“I need to go soon,” He said, pulling on his briefs.

“Liam,” Said Carrie, (and I knew what was coming),
“Your friend Abbu?”

“Yes,” Said Liam innocently.

“I feel really sorry for him.” “Do you like him — that
way,” She enquired.”

“Dunno,” said Liam.

“Why not bring him round one night for a chat.” “He
must be really lonely and if you bring him round he
will be more likely to help you again in the future.”

“We’re meant to be going out for the afternoon on
Sunday, would that be o.k.” He asked.

I wasn’t sure if he had worked out her plan or not. It
seemed fairly obvious to me, but if he had, he didn’t
let on. Perhaps he just wanted to show his “conquests”
to his friend.

When he had gone, Carrie turned to me and said, “Ooh
coloured meat and virgin too!”

I felt guilty again.

They were due at 2.00 pm on Sunday and Carrie had made
sure we had plenty of those little beer bottles that
don’t look much but still do the job. Being married to
a predatory women could be strenuous sometimes and
though she had performed miracles in the art of
seduction, I could not envisage how she was going to
bed a 6 feet tall black Christian teen virgin with
homosexual tendencies in front of a friend who had
done no more than rub the front of his trousers.

By 2.30 pm I was beginning to think something had
cropped up but a phone call said they had been held up
doing errands for Liam’s parents and were on their way
and they arrived a short while later.

Abbu’s image was striking. He was lean, tall and very
black. His hair was short and curly as you might
expect and he was timid and polite. He was dressed in
the casual school uniform of school black trousers and
white shirt. He was handsome and though tall, looked
very young for his age.

After 30 minutes, Carrie managed to get Liam on to
some beers and Abbu reluctantly joined him. After one
hour and 4 beers, Carrie broached the subject of us
and Liam.

“Do you find it embarrassing to talk about it,” She

“I’m taught not to talk to my elders about such
things,” He said

“Did you find it exciting when Liam told you?”

Sheepishly he said “Yes.”

“Are you jealous of Liam?”

“A little.”

“Would you like to do what Liam does with someone?”


I think at this point it hit Liam like a sledgehammer
where Carrie was heading. He looked at me and back at
her. I nodded to him to follow me to the kitchen and
under the pretence of going for a beer, we went.

“Is she going to get him to screw her instead of me.”
He splurted when we got there?
“I think more, that it’s as well rather than instead,”
I said. “Don’t you fancy getting your hand on his cock

Liam blushed. “You mean she’s trying to get a

“Yup,” I said

“Jeesus” he said, “That would be something.” “Do you
think he’ll do it?”

“You know him better than us,” I said, “Do you think
he’ll do it?”

“No,” Said Liam.

I rubbed the front of Liam’s jeans and his cock was
brick hard. I turned him round and kissed him on the
lips. He responded with a little whimper and grasped
the front of my trousers feeling my hard cock. We went
slowly to the door to eavesdrop on them.

“Are you a little jealous of your friend getting all
this fun and you getting nothing?”

“Yes a little.”

“How would you feel if it were you doing it to me?”
“You are a very attractive boy.”

“You are nice too.” “Would your husband not be

“Didn’t Liam tell you that he loves it to happen and
he also does it too?”

We heard a quiet “Yes.”

I could hear Carrie move as she went to sit beside
Abbu. Then there was silence.

The next sound was “You are a well built boy!”

I was standing behind Liam rubbing my cock up and down
on his bum through his jeans and squeezing the front
of his trousers. He was very hard.

I was whispering in his ear,” You’re going to see his
big black cock going into her and if I get my way,
it’s going up me too.”

His head leaned back into me and his eyes were closed
as he purred, whispering “Yes, yes.”

We walked back into the room slowly and Carrie was
kissing Abbu. He didn’t see us so we both sat on the
other couch really quietly and watched them. Her hand
was between his legs and the cock head could was
sticking out promisingly. She unbuttoned the top of
his shirt and exposed a completely bald chest with two
little nipples standing out proudly. I started to kiss
Liam again, mirroring what was going on opposite us.

Carrie took Abbu’s hand and placed it firmly between
her legs. He started to finger the front of her
panties. He suddenly saw us and sat up with a start
until he saw my hand in the front of Liam’s trousers.
He looked very interested in the front of Liam’s
trousers and for a moment I wondered if his interests
lay more in cock than clitoris. I started to strip
Liam and myself until we were naked. Carrie and Abbu
were still fully dressed apart from his two top shirt

Liam was so hot that he was determined to show the
lead, lest it didn’t happen. Abbu’s eyes were like
stalks when he saw me take Liam’s cock in my mouth and
suck. He stopped everything to watch. I looked at Liam
and suggested he go and take Carrie in hand and I
walked over, lifting Abbu up of the couch. He stood
about 2 inches taller than me and I put my hand around
his tiny waist as I kissed him on the cheek. He didn’t
respond but I moved to his lips and gently pushed my
tongue between his gleaming teeth. He let me in.

Liam was stripping Carrie and by now she was in bra
and panties and sucking Liam’s cock. It stood straight
out from his body, the foreskin sliding back and forth
as she sucked.

I managed to get Abbu’s hand and place it on my hard
cock. He gripped it, cupped his other hand under my
balls and sighed. His shirt was off and I started to
unclip his loose school trousers which fell to his
feet. His pants were white boxer briefs which gleamed
against his skin but the cock was what really stood
out. It lay at an angle of 45 degrees and a large wet
spot showed the head. I knelt before him like a priest
before the altar and slowly slipped his pants down.

The cock before me was somewhere between 8 and 9
inches. It was uncut and the pink/purple head peeked
out from the top. It was thick. My hand had trouble
grasping it. His balls were much smaller and slightly
out of proportion. Hair was mainly above his organ
though fine curly hairs were all over his legs. I
noticed these details, because, with my mouth
completely surrounding it I had the time to do so. I
had two hands on its length and sucked gently on it,
not wanting to spoil the fun.

I looked up and Liam and Carrie were standing side by
side with their mouths open. Abbu was oblivious with
his head back and eyes shut. They were beside me like
shot. Liam took position behind Abbu and stuck his
cock between his legs, Carrie on her knees struggling
for a place at the “altar.”

We moved through to the bedroom and Abbu remained
quite passive, unsure what to do in front of the
experts. I licked his nipples, Liam went up to his
head, and, facing downwards put his cock on Abbu’s
lips. Carrie was heading down there with the definite
intention of sitting on it. His cock lay flat back
against his stomach stretched to about two inches
higher than his navel. Carrie reached for a condom and
opened it. She had some difficulty stretching it over
his cock and even when she managed, it still only went
just over half way down. I lifted his cock in my hand
and held it upright as she sat astride him and started
to lower herself.

She gasped as the cock slowly pushed its way into her
and after three or four minutes she was riding up and
down on it. The sight was wonderful. Liam, who by now
had his cock in Abbu’s mouth was watching with slight
jealously I thought. Abbu’s face was a blank canvas.
His mouth was slightly open and his white teeth showed
through. Liam came round and slid between my legs to
take my cock in his mouth and pulled the foreskin back
to suck the head. Abbu watched with fascination.

Carrie slid off Abbu and lay back to open her legs for
Liam. Her slit was gaping open and the juices could be
seen inside. Liam needed to second telling and was
between her legs instantly. He plunged straight in and
started to fuck her as though his life depended on it.
Abbu kneeled up to watch, his heavy cock sticking out
and downwards with the condom dangling on the end.

“Would you like to fuck me,” I asked?

He looked at me and slightly nodded. I lubricated my
hole well and knelt doggy fashion, asking him to enter
me. He started to plunge his cock in but I had to stop

“Just tease slowly around my hole and gently push it
in a little each time,” I suggested.

He was a quick learner. It took all of fifteen minutes
before I put my hand between my legs and felt the
entire cock inside me. Carrie was still stretched
before me with Liam pummelling into her, sweat
dripping off his forehead. Abbu decided to emulate him
and started to fuck me quite seriously. The pain was
delicious, that wonderful halfway house between hurt
and pleasure. I could feel the entire organ pull back
then plunge in as he held my hips. This slender and
thin black boy was giving me the fucking of my life.

Liam came first with a howl, he rammed his cock hard
into Carrie and stopped, fully inserted as the spasms
of his orgasm pumped fresh boy sperm into the pouch of
his condom deep inside Carrie. When Abbu came, I
wasn’t ready for it. The lunge as the entire cock was
pushed with force into my arse was quite painful. He
held my hips and pulled me back down onto his cock and
I felt his cum pump into me. Six or seven pumping
thrusts hammered into my hole. He slid his cock out
and the quantity of cum sagging into the end of the
condom looked as though four or five men had filled
it. I took it off him as Carrie did the same with
Liam’s and emptied his cum over my cock and balls.
Carrie tipped Liam’s there too and then took my
straining cock in her hand and started to wank me.

It was over in about 60 seconds as my own balls shot a
jet of cum over my shoulder and sprayed on Abbu’s
face. He surprised me by letting it trickle down on to
his lips, then he just licked it into his mouth. For a
virgin, he had done pretty well

Liam lay across Abbu’s body and kissed him, lowering
his mouth down to take his enormous organ into his

He looked at me and said,” I think I have found a soul

Abbu smiled for the first time and said, “Wow.”

After the boys had left, Carrie and I returned to bed
and had one of our best sessions ever. Her hole was so
wide and wet that I was able to fuck her for over an
hour and her orgasm was slow in coming but judging by
the noise, still pretty overwhelming.

Both boys visited again a couple of weeks later and I
had the pleasure of having them both come on my face.
On that particular day, Liam managed the head of
Abbu’s cock inside him but while Abbu moved on to
Carrie, I fucked Liam. He loved it and I had a feeling
it wouldn’t be long before Abbu was going to have a
regular home for his cock.

My boss never did find out and was so happy that Liam
had found a new friend. So were Carrie and I.

Part Four

Carrie and I were enjoying life in the North-East of England. My job was
doing well and I was now Assistant Manager of the engineering company and
with a number of contracts in the Far East, business was booming. Carrie was
still a PA in a local media company. At 42 next birthday I was still looking
fit and still spending time in the gym. Carrie, at 31 still had a figure
most women would die for. As we didn’t have c***dren her waistline looked
great. She had a habit of dressing on the verge of tartiness but somehow,
always carried it off well and rarely ever had negative comments.

Carrie’s infatuation with young men and boys meant that she was frequently
whistled at on the street and she loved it! Of course she knew my weaknesses
too and, apart from Carrie, I loved younger girls and also young men and
boys and Carrie had been very successful bait over the years since we
married in enticing them home for our enjoyment. We tended not to get too
involved and rarely had anyone back home more that twice. (Carrie said she
got bored with them after a couple of fucks.) There had been the odd
exception but not many.

In case the young guys didn’t fancy a naked guy with them, we had rigged up
a two-way mirror from our bedroom to the built-in wardrobe in the adjoining
bedroom which meant when it happened I could watch and wank and then dive in
and fuck Carrie after they had gone.

Due to my foreign travel we had been well behaved over the past 6 months or
so but I could tell Carrie was twitching again. She started to get a bit
kinkier in her fantasy talk during sex and I knew we were going to have to
start searching again. She positively loved being looked at by young guys,
especially in school uniform and I had to be honest that I got almost as
much a kick out of seeing them watch her as I did out of sex!

I was due to return to Kuala Lumpur within the next month for 3 days then on
to Bangkok for 3 days. Carrie had suggested she join me and we extend it to
take in a Thai beach. I agreed as we both needed a rest and I thought it
might calm her down a bit. We still had four weeks to go anyway.

As I said before, the actual unit in which I worked was quite small by
engineering standards and the town itself only had a population of around
80,000. I had a small staff working directly under me from two assistant
managers right down to a couple if “straight from school” juniors at age 16.
One young lad in particular had a “come to bed look” and yet looked
decidedly u******e. Lawrence or Lawrie, was a bright k**, even though he was
on a job placement scheme. He was slim, almost skinny, with a wild crop of
straw blonde hair which refused to lie down with any assistance from hair
gel. He was respectful of me but still managed to slip the odd cheeky word
into any sentence. Standing around 5 feet 6 inches tall his suit looked a
little too large for him and certainly gave little away of any attributes he
may have had. Despite his slightly soft look, he was definitely straight so
I kept him at the distance his position versus mine deserved.

Why should I dwell on this one lad. Well coincidence has a funny habit of
striking when you least expect it!

I arrived home one evening shortly after planning the final details of our
trip. Carrie was at the computer (her hormones were still playing up to she
was not going to miss the opportunity of a quick fuck before we left).

“How many engineering companies are there in the area like yours,” she

“Just us,” I replied.

“Have you any 18 year old guys in your office on job creation schemes,” came

“No, but we have a couple of 16 year olds,” was my answer. “Why?”

“Just curious.”

The subject was dropped and we had dinner.

The next night she announced that she was going to meet a straight young lad
and if we played our cards right, she had worked out a way of getting me
fucked by him.

“How straight,” I asked?

“100%,” was the reply.

“Pray tell how you are going to manage me getting fucked by a straight guy
who doesn’t want to have guys,” I joked?

She proceeded with the story. She had been chatting to this lad initially
through a swinging site. He lived locally and was full of fantasies. One
such fantasy was to be met my two older women, blindfolded and taken to
their house where he would fuck them before being taken back to where he had
met them and dumped.

“Blindfolding opens up many opportunities especially since I told him my
girlfriend loved being fucked in the arse,” she said.

“Who do you know that likes being fucked in the arse,” I asked?

“You,” she said!

“Sorry Carrie, you have had some madcap ideas in the past and even some
scary ones but this one is definitely not going to work, “I said. “You might
have to just have him and let me watch.”

“He’s so young and cute looking though,” she whimpered, “Here look!”

I looked at the picture on the screen and there was Lawrie staring back at

“Shit, he works for me and he’s only 16,” I said. “I presume the 18 thing
was to allow him on the swinging site.” “What a kinky little bugger!” “How
the fuck do they develop kinks and fetishes at age 16.” “I blame the
internet,” I said as Carrie looked at me and said, “Oh so do I.”

I looked at his sweet little face again and knew that even if it would be
great to see Carrie have him, it would be much better to get my lips round
his cock myself.

“O.K. Carrie let’s hear your plan,” I surrendered!

Three nights later Carrie set off alone to wait in a lay-by on the edge of
town. When Lawrie was in position he would sit behind the wall in the next
lay-by and call her to say there were no cars there. He would put on the
blindfold and she would park, then go to collect him, helping him back to
the car where he would sit low on the back seat. She would drive back home
and straight into our garage, adjusting his blindfold and bringing him
upstairs where her friend, “Justina,” a lady of few words, would be waiting.
Thankfully I was not very hairy but Carrie had waxed my arse and back
(painfully) and I had shaved my ball sac and trimmed pubic hair back too,
just in case of accidental brushing. Carrie would play the part of both
women except for the final fuck. I would video the whole thing so that, just
in case the blindfold came off, little Lawrie wouldn’t be likely to blab.
Carrie went alone just in case the blindfold came off in the early stages.

I waited at home, wearing my smallest pair of briefs (wearing Carrie’s
wouldn’t have turned me on) and sporting an erection that would not die
down. I prayed I did not have an attack of premature ejaculation as
explaining a face full of cum to a young man having two women might be
difficult! Carrie had put music on throughout the house to cover any noises
that might make Lawrie suspicious and had already briefed me that she would
play the part of both herself and me when it came to private parts (i.e. he
would feel her tits and cunt twice and think it was two women.

I was shaking with excitement and fear when I heard the car drive into the
garage. Carrie never felt this fear. Her view was always “go for it.”
“We’re back Justina,” I heard her call.

There was some heavy clumping downstairs which I presumed was her guiding
Lawrie into the house. Slowly he was led upstairs. I stood back at the top
of the landing and watched this straight Adonis climb towards me. I could
already see a tented cock in his track suit bottoms.

“Gorgeous isn’t he Justina,” she said as she winked.

“Mmmm,” was my reply.

“^Å.And he’s going to stick his cock in your tight little arse too,” she

“Mmmm,” was my contribution to the conversation.

I started to video as Carrie pulled off his shirt and pulled down his
bottoms. His trainers slipped off and he was there in just a pair of tight
boxer briefs. The erection looked painfully stiff pressing against the
fabric. Carrie quickly stripped and pushed him back on the bed to release
his cock for the camera. It sprung out and her mouth sprung straight over
it. In the moment’s exposure to fresh air, I saw a thick seven inch uncut
cock with a trim little dark blonde bush and little other hair other than a
trace up to his navel and a little patch between his nipples. He was
moaning. His thick cock was large in comparison to his body and seemed
slightly out of proportion — an erotic sight!

Carrie pushed him fully on to the bed as my head kept saying “This isn’t
going to work, this isn’t going to work,” and my cock was saying, “I hope it
does, I hope it does.”

She clambered up to his shoulders, opened her legs and placed her snatch
straight over his mouth. I could hear him slurp as he lapped at her cunt.
Justina took her cue and climbed on to the bed to swallow his cock whole. He
moaned. I pulled the skin back and exposed the full pink head as I sucked
carefully up and down while cupping his balls. My finger strayed into his
little rosebud hole and he raised his hips and moaned again. I lifted his
legs and started to rim him. The moan became an “Aahh.”

This was new to him I could tell. My tongue entered his hole and I pushed as
hard as I dared into his anal passage.

“Oh God, yes,” was exclaimed. Well it was a little more muffled than that
but I was sure of the interpretation. He was feeling Carrie’s tits as she
rode his face.

Carrie climbed off and lay on the bed. This was going to be scary as I
preferred him pinned down. He was too far gone to worry about me as he
straddled her and lifted her legs to eat her further. I grabbed the
opportunity to rim him even more as his arse headed into the air. Again he
moaned loudly as I licked his balls from the rear while they hung low
between his legs. I so wanted to fuck him but I think at that moment he
would have died of a heart attack if I had.

He rolled over and asked to suck Justina’s tits. Carrie climbed off the bed
and spoke to me, before climbing back on and pushing a tit into his hand. He
fell for it, commenting on the fact that we both had great breasts. I went
back to sucking him.

“Stop, Carrie,” he shouted in my direction, “Or I’ll cum!”

I stopped. Carrie took a condom from the drawer and sat astride him. His
cock slipped easily into her and she started to ride up and down while I
licked his cock and balls feeling Carrie’s juices running down into my
mouth. My cock was aching and I hadn’t even touched it. Between sessions, I
was trying to keep the camera going.

“I’m going to cum if you don’t stop,” he shouted. The sweet voice that only
ever discussed business was now talking dirty to my wife and even better,
fucking her at the same time.

Carrie slid off him and moved back up his body to position her cunt over his
mouth again. I climbed on to the bed and lubricated my hole ready for the
crowning moment of the session — being fucked by my straight junior
assistant. I faced Carrie’s back and lowered myself slowly on to his cock.

“Oh shit, is that Justina’s arse,” he shouted?

“Yes,” said Carrie, “Now you can really fuck.”

I sank slowly on to him, wanting to savour every inch as it went into me.
Then I started to ride up and down on him. The grunts and exclamations meant
he was getting all his fantasies out in this session. I rode fast and
furious. I needed him to cum in me. I pumped and rode faster and faster as I
heard Carrie cumming as his tongue did it’s job. He screamed and stopped
moving. I slowed and milked him as I felt his rod go rigid inside me before
the steady pumping feeling as the liquid disgorged into the condom. He
pushed hard into me as the final drops squirted. I quickly withdrew to get
the final shot into this condom full of liquid. The volume in the condom put
me to shame as his cock slowly shrunk back leaving the sac wilting on the
end. I was going to need that cum for later so I pulled the condom off and
quickly tied it.

“You’ll want to shower I suppose Justina,” said Carrie

“O.K.,” I murmured, in as high a pitch as I could, and scooted into the
upstairs shower room while Carrie started to dress him. I heard their
goodbyes as they left.

Carrie was gone around 20 minutes and when she returned I pounced on her. I
was so horny. She said his blindfold (which turned out to be a “professional
model”) had slipped slightly on the way to the car so he had seen a little
of her and had complimented what he had seen.

“I don’t think he would have said the same about Justina,” I said.

I entered Carrie swiftly. She was still wet from his saliva. She sat on top
of me as I lay on the bed. Her tits bouncing up and down as she rode like a
wild thing. I took the condom an opened it to pour his fresh cum on to her
tits. It ran down her chest, into her pubic hair (and mine) and mingled with
our love making. I came in her with such force and so quickly. She came at
the same time as I did and the pair of us fell over in a sweaty, sticky

“Wow,” she said!

“Have a good weekend Lawrie,” I said chirpily as he came into work on Monday

“The best,” he said. “What about you?”

“Probably as good as yours,” I responded as I watched his cheeky little 16
year old arse bounce its way into the warehouse.

b) The surprise return match

I don’t know if I am blessed with a highly sexed slut of a wife, or cursed.
She has no fear and has fantasies enough to satisfy the most twisted of
minds. She knows of my bisexual tendencies and uses them to bring me up to
her level of horniness. We had been living quite quietly up until the
experience with Lawrie. He had heightened her desires and she was now a
bitch on heat. With only two weeks now to our trip, I had a feeling my balls
were going to be aching just keeping her satisfied during our two weeks

Lawrie was back in touch within two days wanting more of Justina and Carrie.
Much as I found the young lad absolutely stunning, I had been really
frightened during the session and was very reluctant to do it again. Carrie
said, “Leave things to me!”

Two days later and she announced we were going to meet Lawrie again.

“I thought I said no,” I said to her.

“Oh no, he’s meeting me and my husband,” she replied. “I’ve talked him into
it by saying that I feel very guilty and my husband loves seeing me being
shagged by studs.” “The stud thing got him going,” she added.

“Blindfold,” I said.

“Blindfold,” she replied.
The session was the following Saturday and I waited once more for Carrie to
arrive and the clumping upstairs to begin.

This time I could speak.

“Good to meet you Lawrie.” “You can do what the Hell you want to my wife and
from what I’ve heard, you already have,” I said to reassure him. I saw his
face move into a concentrated state as he listened. I wondered if he
recognised my voice even though I had slightly changed the tone.

Carrie started stripping him and introduced me by my middle name of David. I
told him I was naked too as I started filming again. Carrie gave him no time
to be nervous and was soon sucking his cock as he stood. I went alongside
and gave a commentary as she sucked mine alongside his. It felt good rubbing
my cock against his. I put my arm on his shoulder to steady myself. His skin
felt great. Carrie licked his nipples (a little trick she has used in the
past and which often gets straight guys going for some reason.) He knelt
down and started licking Carrie. She lay back on the bed and opened her legs
to make it easier. I knelt at her head and put my cock back in her mouth,
still giving a commentary to Lawrie.

“Sounds fucking great,” he said.

He climbed on to the bed and Carrie wasted no time in getting him into the
position that she had been in just a minute before. His legs were in the air
and she was rimming him (another little trick with straight guys as few
women will do it). He loved it. She moved up his body to push her bush in
his face but kept his legs up in the air. I took her place. It took his
fully 3 minutes of ecstasy before he said, “Who’s doing that?”

“Me,” I said, “You don’t mind, do you?”

Silence for a moment, “It feels good.” “Eh doesn’t Carrie mind you doing

“No,” I said, “Actually she loves it.”

“Oh, well I suppose it’s ok,” he replied and went back to moaning as my
tongue entered his hole. I held his cock and quickly moved around to lick
his balls and on to his prick.

“I need to fuck her,” he said.

“Be my guest,” I answered.

This time Carrie lay out in the missionary position as Lawrie pulled on the
condom and started to enter her. He went at it hammer and tongs!
She was loving it! Young guys lack technique but make up for it in brick
hard hammering stamina. Carrie loves a hard fuck with the cock just banging
in and out and she orgasms very quickly when that happens. I continued to
stroke his rear and lick him when I could as he banged away at her. I
videoed as best I could and got some great shots as his cock slid in and out
of her.

“Can I fuck you in the arse, like your friend,” he asked Carrie, and
continued, “It was awesome!

“I wish you could Lawrie, but I can’t take it up there.” “My husband can

“I’m not fucking a guy,” he said.

“..But he’s a straight guy like you, Lawrie,” she replied, ” And like you
he’s is very sensitive around that area.” “I use dildos on him and it would
be lovely for him to get something real.” “You’re just replacing the dildo.”


“I’m not gay or anything.”

“I think I can vouch for that Lawrie,” she answered. “You don’t have to but
you just loved being in a tight bum hole didn’t you?”

“Ok, I’ll try,” he answered. I scuttled round pretty quickly and bent on all
fours as Carrie lubricated my arse. This was a bonus I had not expected. He
positioned his cock and pushed in a little too quickly and it hurt. It
didn’t stop him though and the seven inches were in instantly. He started to
hammer me the way he had just hammered Carrie.

She talked all the time with encouraging comments about how tight I was and
she leaned over facing him to put her tits in his hands and her cunt in my
face. I licked happily as he hammered my hole.

“Can I fuck his bum while he fucks you,” he asked?

“That sounds like fun,” Carrie responded.
We all changed positions with Carrie lying on her back sideways on the bed
and her legs in the air. I started to fuck her and his hand came round to
feel my cock as I pummelled into her. I think he actually enjoyed handling

“Fucking ace,” was his comment.

He stood behind me with his feet on the floor and entered my again just as
aggressively as the first time but much more pleasant. He pushed, I pushed
and Carrie groaned. Carrie came again as I fucked her, my experienced cock
reaching parts that obviously he couldn’t. He was banging into me and I
heard him say he was going to cum.

“So am I,” I shouted.

“Oh to Hell,” he said as he ripped off the blindfold and started to shoot
into my arse. I looked round as the blindfold landed on the bed beside me.
“Fuck, Mr Hammond,” he shouted as his face contorted and the cock spurted
load after load into the condom. I was too far gone to care as I spewed my
load straight into Carrie.

“Fuck, I didn’t know it was your wife,” he said as we all collapsed sideways
on the bed. I realised his cock was still inside me.

“The pleasure was all ours Lawrie,” I said. He was scarlet faced.

“Did you enjoy all you have done,” I asked?

Silence again.

“Shit, yes I did,” was his answer.

“Then who cares and let’s make it our little secret.” “If you enjoyed it, we
can offer you lots of other little adventures that will blow your mind.”

“Really” he answered incredulously?

“We’ve been playing games a long time Lawrie and now you’ve found us out and
know our secret, we might be able to help you enjoy them too if you keep
your mouth shut.”

Monday came and Lawrie DID come to work (I did wonder if he would).

“Have a good weekend Lawrie,” I asked?

“The best,” he replied, “And you?”

“Probably even better than yours,” I said as he once more bounced his bubble
butt into the warehouse.

I wandered if we might have time to extend his education just a little bit
more before we left for Malaysia!

Alas it was not to be. He did contact Carrie but by the time he felt horny
again, we were packing for sunnier climes. What worried me was the state
Carrie was in sexually. She as one of those people that the more she got,
the hungrier she got. I think the word is insatiable!

I cornered Lawrie the day before I left and assured him we had enjoyed the
sex and asked if he wanted to help me fuck Carrie again. He definitely did
so that was great!

B: The business trip

The flight to Kuala Lumpur was business class, no less. Thanks to a deal, my
company paid full fare business class ticket allowed me a reduced ticket for
Carrie for which of course, I had to pay. Great flight though with a brief
stopover at Dubai. The hotel was wonderful and I spent my three days in a
whirlwind of meetings. Carrie did some shopping and I managed to get a car
and driver and take us round the main attractions. We were whizzed up the
amazing KL Tower with fantastic views over their own twin Petronas towers,
the highest building(s) in the world, then on to Chinatown, and the National
monument. We had little time alone at night as the people I was talking to
insisted on entertaining us. The Malays are such polite people and their
soft natural charm was intoxicating.

Soon we were off to Bangkok. I knew I had only two days of meetings here
before we were due to take another two days in Bangkok then down to Pattaya
by road for a week by the beach in a small apartment let to us by the Thai
agent. Once more the agents ensured we were occupied on our two nights but
at least they found us the wonderful Blue Elephant restaurant with it’s
amazing Royal Thai food. Carrie shopped by day and joined me to be
entertained by night but by the end of the two days we were glad to be on
our own.

As we walked around the Patpong night market, Carrie commented on the bars
and clubs around us. “They all cater for men,” she said.

“Obviously, that is the market.” “Women don’t come to Bangkok looking for
men do they,” I retorted.

“I would,” she replied.

“Well I hear that most Thais are willing to do anything and that most of the
boys in the bars are actually straight but go with men to make money,” I
told her.

That made her ears perk up! “Let’s try a gay bar,” she said

We wondered into a go-go bar. Seating was in two layers around a stage where
a selection of young men who all looked 15 but were more than likely over 18
since the crackdown on u******e sex. The young boys were dressed in tight
white vests and white jockeys gyrating like lap dancers to loud music. Each
had a number on his briefs and I assumed that what the number you gave the
bar if you wanted to take the boys out. No one paid any attention to Carrie
though the audience was mainly men. I noticed about six male/female couples
so it was obvious we were not alone in our interests.

The boys showed little in the way of a bulge but their smooth dark skinned
bodies were very attractive. It was getting onwards to midnight when the
boys were ushered off stage and the lights dimmed. I realised there was
going to be a floorshow. The music started and a number of boys dressed as
ladies walked into the room dancing and miming to some pop number. When that
finished, a couple of boys came in gyrating around and thrusting their
obvious erections through their pants.

Next a good looking young boy of about 19 came on and rubbed himself on
stage. He then stepped out of his briefs and started to masturbate. Carrie’s
eyes were on stalks! I must admit so were mine. We were sitting at the side
of the stage as the young guy walked around naked and rubbing his stiff six
inches. People were handing him money which he stuck under a little wrist
strap he was wearing and they were also taking the opportunity to stroke his
balls at the same time. Next time I looked, Carrie was at the front with
some notes just as the lad shot a jet of cum which hit her straight on the
face. A cheer went up and Carrie, being Carrie and a good few thousand miles
from home, took the cum off her cheeks with a finger and licked it in full
view of everyone. The young boy said “Sorry,” and smiled.

As she slipped back in beside me I gave her a napkin to wipe her face and
said, “You wouldn’t do THAT in Sunderland would you?”

Various boys came out and did little pieces and a guy next to me said, “I
presume you two are straight?”

“She is, I’m bi,” I said.

“The boys will happily go with a couple you know as they don’t often get
their hands on Western women,” he said. “How long are you here?”

I told him and he suggested we hang on until Pattaya, bearing in mind we had
an apartment.

“Oh I fancy a few of them,” said Carrie.

I managed to keep her on the boil for the next day and then we were driven
down to Pattaya. The drive took around 2 hours and the apartment was ideal.
It wasn’t a block as I expected, but the upstairs of a villa-type house,
with another apartment downstairs and a shared pool. Entrance was through a
secure gate and up some outside stairs. It was great as the lower apartment
was not occupied. We had a splash around the pool and then went out for a
meal, quite early by our standards. After a few “Singha” beers and a bottle
of wine, Carrie was hot and horny. We watched one of the transvestite shows
on the outskirts of the town before ending back in the main part of Pattaya
town and started around the boy bars.

Carrie had deliberately dressed quite boyishly though still obviously a
woman but she had trousers and a light pale lemon t-shirt. Her hair was
already cropped quite short. The reason was just to avoid looking too odd in
the bars. No sex show here but some lightly titillating entertainment with
young boys gyrating on the stage in little white briefs. All were over 18
but to be honest few looked it! The Thais have a habit of looking much
younger than their years.

Two boys, who had watched us, came down to join us and sat either side. They
introduced themselves but I didn’t hear and probably couldn’t have
remembered anyway. They were very pretty. Though feminine and small in look,
they were not in manner. They didn’t know what to make of Carrie until she
said we were husband and wife. They apologised but she asked them if they
were gay. Both boys giggled and lifted their hands, palm down to tilt them
back and forth as if to say “either way.”

We struggled with their limited English until I noticed Carrie had her hand
under the boy on her side’s briefs and had nursed him to erection. The cock
popped out and was a sweet little 5 inches. “I like lots of boys,” Carrie

“You want more to fucky,” the boy said. “We have friend with very big cock.”

“How big,” joked Carrie?

The boy spread his hands to show about 11 inches.

“In Thailand,” she shreaked?

“Amerasian boy,” he said, “Cock made big by operation like woman’s,” he
said, pointing at Carrie’s tits. That was it, Carrie had to have a fucking.

We organised to take the two boys. We paid the bar a fee and the boys
dressed and came with us. One of them s**ttered off to find the Amerasian
while we waited in a street bar with a drink. He returned some 15 minutes
later with this stunning Western looking boy who was about 5 feet 10 inches
but half black and half Thai. He was like a lanky but well built schoolboy.
“I am Matt, after my father from America,” he said.

No ceremony and we walked the half mile to the apartment. The boys loved the
place and we insisted they shower and clean for what was to come. Carrie and
I used our en-suite while they spent ages in the main bathroom. Carrie
stripped to simple white top and briefs while I changed into CK tight grey
boxers. The boys came out dressed in their trademark whiteys.

I expected them to be shy and perhaps a bit lost but the smallest boy, a
pretty little thing and quite tiny, came up to me and pulled my head down to
kiss me. His tongue entered my mouth as Carrie watched. The other two made a
beeline for Carrie and lay either side of her kissing her body. By now, my
pants were down and this little lad was sucking my cock. The other two had
Carrie completely naked and had a tit each with fingers jointly opening her
crack. I went over, dragging my young attachment with me and started to lick
her out. I have always found that when people see me having sex with my
wife, they feel more relaxed about doing it.

The young lad was behind me licking my bum and ball sac as it hung between
my legs. “Strip,” I ordered. The three boys pulled off their whites to
reveal almost p*****n proportioned cocks on two and a neat little dark
patch above and naked balls. Matt was a different story. His cock WAS eleven
inches but soft, it sat at nearly nine! I presume the silicone implant did
not allow for the full shrinkage. “You like,” he said looking down proudly.

Carrie’s mouth was round it and very soon eleven inches was reached. His
balls were normal size so quite small but the boy had obviously had a
moderately big cock to start with. He was circumcised which made it look
massive. The two little boys looked at us both and smiled, proud of their
friend. They both had something around the five inch mark and uncut. I
grabbed both cocks and started on them leaving Carrie to the prize. He sat
across her chest and the monster lay between both tits and up to her mouth
and touched her nose. I grabbed the video and took some footage. I decided
to become director.

“Right, Carrie you lie on the bed and I want each boy to queue and fuck you
for 3 minutes from the smallest cock upwards.” I grabbed the condoms and
distributed them. Matt had serious problems but got over half his cock
covered. He stroked his cock as the smallest little boy got between Carries
legs and pulled them apart to plunge his dick in her without ceremony. Her
legs were wide apart and the dark cock against her white flesh was great to
watch. Young he may be but he fucked with energy. He was able to pull back
the plunge at a slight angle as he went in which rubbed her clit each time.
He had definitely done this before. Carrie orgasmed quite quickly and he
knew just how to hold her there too. She grabbed his little back and held
him into her. This tiny body pumping my wife was exciting and I stroked as I

Number two pulled him off and decided it was his turn. I noticed the condom
on number one was still empty and his cock was rigid to the point of curving
upwards. Carrie was turned over doggie fashion and number two pushed against
her slit from the back. She was cursing and encouraging as he also pumped
her ruthlessly. Number one had run over to me and was sucking my cock as I
stood filming. These boys were good! I got some great shots as he pumped
into her with his hands on both hips and his little body half standing to
gain entry. His hairless bum was pumping in and up and his rosebud opened
and shut as he went in and out. Matt stood and stroked himself.

Number two pulled out and came over to help number one with my cock as Matt
prepared. He knew I was turned on and was going to put on a show. He made
Carrie lie sideways on the bed in almost an “S” shape. He lay behind her and
lifted one leg so that all of us had an uninterrupted view as he fucked. Oh
this was going to be good! His cock head pushed gently in and she gasped as
the head entered. The gasp was not pain. She was well lubricated.

This little preamble went on for some minutes with him teasing his cock head
in and out, going in no more than five inches. He held his organ and wiggled
it about in her. The two boys behind me were pushing me down on to the base
of the bed facing Carrie, camera still in hand. I was now kneeling on the
floor with my upper torso resting on the bed. I felt the activity behind me
and knew someone was lubricating my arse. I got the feeling these little
imps wanting to say they had fucked both of us. The first one emulated his
larger friend by teasing his cock into my hole and wiggling it about. I saw
Matt look at him and wink. At the exact same time Matt and my rear assailant
plunged all the way in. Both Carrie and I expelled air as though the wind
had been knocked out of us.

Matt was pummelling Carrie. Her tits were bouncing all over the place and my
camera was suddenly useless as I realised behind me the two boys were
actually both fucking one after the other. The first would push in and pump
up and down about three or four times, pull out and the other would go
straight in behind him to do the same. Meanwhile Carrie was on another
planet. They could have been ripping my throat apart and I doubt she would
have noticed. Small cocks they were but amazing technique. I was going to
cum without even touching my cock if I didn’t stop them. Matt pulled out
leaving Carrie dripping with perspiration and I assumed he had cum. I was
abandoned by the other two who scuttled over to do the same to Carrie
(though what her vagina would feel like with these two little carrot sticks
after the black pudding she had just had. I was fascinated watching them and
went to get my camera from the floor beside me.

I felt the weight behind me and the cock head push against my arse. “I don’t
think I could manage that,” I said politely to Matt. Obviously his English
understanding had temporarily abandoned him as the entire length (well about
eight inches of the eleven) slid into me as I said something like

Number one came inside Carrie. Her legs were akimbo, her tits were bouncing
and this little runt was pumping between her legs. Number two, without even
asking, send a jet of Thai coconut cream over Carrie’s face from the top of
her head to her tits. I came. I didn’t actually touch myself. I just felt a
strange numb feeling in my cock as if it had paralysed and cum jetted out.
The monster inside me was pulled out and Matt started to fill the condom as
he wanked himself.

“You liked,” he asked?

“That’s an understatement,” said Carrie. “How many boys do you know who
would do this sort of thing,” she asked.

“How much money do you have,” he said, as though to imply that the amount
was only as big as out bankroll.

“Oh Justin, she begged, “Can I get gangbanged by a group?”

I didn’t answer but was busy handing the boys their payment. To be honest it
wasn’t expensive at all (certainly not by U.K. standards). They seemed
pleased with their “tip” so it was obviously a good amount.

“Tomorrow at six, ten boys,” I said.

“Any age,” he asked.

“Not too old,” I said, “She likes young boys.

He smiled and said, “No problem.”

When they left, I fucked Carrie as if I had never fucked her before. It was
a pity they couldn’t cum in her as I would have liked sloppy seconds but
made do with kissing and tasting the boys cum from her face and lips. I came
quickly in her as I wanted her to be ready for the next night.

By next morning I was beginning to get nervous. We were inviting “God knows
who” to our apartment. Carrie had no such worries. “This is the ultimate for
me,” she said, “Being gang-banged by a group of young lads one after the
other while you watch and video.”

One thing for sure, anything that wasn’t bolted down was hidden before we
went out for the day. We came home mid afternoon and lay by the pool before
washing and bathing. Carrie douched herself (I noticed at both ends) and I
decided to do the same (you never know). I pulled on some shorts and looked
out of the window. There were some Thai k**s hanging about outside but it
was only around 5.00 pm to I assumed they weren’t for us. They looked too
young anyway. Carrie pulled on a long thin top (which she used for going
down to the pool) but wore nothing underneath so her nipples and “V” shaped
pubic area was clear to see. My next glance out of the window show around 9
or 10 young boys standing around casually outside including those from
earlier. A couple of them glanced up and me and smiled. I couldn’t see Matt,
but I had assumed he would be arriving with his entourage.

We had a couple of drinks and waited. At 6.15 pm there was still no Matt but
the group outside had swollen to around 10. They didn’t really look
suspicious as they were all talking in small groups. In the distance I saw
Matt talking to a young tall lad and assumed this was him on his way. When
the bell rang at 6.30 pm, I pressed for entry to the garden. I was shocked
to find a group of lads of all ages and sizes and types in our area all
smiling eagerly. I tried to count but there must have been 12 young

Matt was all smiles and a little embarrassed. “Sorry I guess more people
wanted to earn money to fuck a Western woman that I thought.” At that
another two came through the gate into the garden.

I guess they thought there was going to be an interview with the winners
being picked. At that Carrie came to the door behind me. I knew this because
28 eyes came out on stalks!

“Sorry Carrie,” I said, “I guess you get to pick the best for your little
session.” “Which do you want?”

“Seems a pity to send them away disappointed,” she said. “Surely we can find
a little space for all of them Justin?”
I looked at her incredulously. This motley crowd seemed to go from the tall,
fit Matt, to some suspiciously u******e teenagers, standing less than 5
feet. There was even a tubby little lad of about 15 or so.

While I tried to gather my senses, Carrie shouted, “I need them all washed
and showered so get the towels.”

Matt said something in Thai and there was a rush for the door leaving me
pushed to one side (though one of the little blighters squeezed my cock as
he passed.) There was a cacophony of noise inside as they stripped out of
their shabby clothes and washed in the two shower rooms and outside shower.
I deliberately didn’t watch them.

I pushed Carrie into our large master bedroom. “We could get arrested for
this.” “Some of them are definitely not of age.”

Carrie was in a haze as she lay on the bed and stroked herself between the
legs. “I so wanted to be fucked stupid by masses of young strong boys and
this is going to be my only chance.” “Let it happen Justin and who knows you
might get a multiple fucking too!”

My cock was already ignoring my head as I took over fingering her. I heard
hushed talking and saw a small group at the door watching. Some were naked
and some had pants on. I love an audience! I beaconed and sunk between
Carrie’s legs to give her a good licking. I could feel the lads gather round
and hear the sound of masturbation en-masse. Matt appeared and stuck his big
cock in Carrie’s mouth at the other end. She took it gratefully. The time
had come.

I stood up, my cock sticking straight out and dwarfing those around me in
size with the one obvious exception. I looked at the smallest lad there. His
size was less than 4 feet. He was slim with a small patch of black hair
above his cock and nothing else other than the hair on his body. I pointed
to the condoms on the dresser and told him to fuck her. I expected shyness
but got none of that. The lad took the condom and easily pulled it over his
small cock. What it lacked in size, it made up in hardness. He had to hold
the end of the condom as he pushed into Carrie’s open cunt and without any
skill whatsoever, he pulled her legs apart and fucked her. His little cock
slipped in and out easily and I wondered if Carrie knew someone was there at
all as she slurped happily on Matt. Then she moaned. She could feel him. I
dropped behind his eager pumping arse and started to lick it, the smoothness
really exciting me as I struggled to get to his rosebud with my tongue. I
felt hands on my bum and some lubricant being worked in with little fingers
are realised the guys had guessed I was up for anything.

I stood up and noted that everyone was naked and present and all eyes were
on the action. I half expected them to start on each other but they didn’t.
This was Carrie’s time and I was going to take a few crumbs off the table
but she was getting it. I pulled the little one off and motioned to the next
lad in line. He looked about 18 and had a slightly thicker cock. It was in
her in a flash, just as eager and again with little skill or preamble. I
crawled round the bed to watch the detail exposing my arse as I did. The
little horndog who had just pulled out of Carrie, slipped round and rammed
his 4 inches straight into me. It might have only been four inches but it
was rock hard and boy could he fuck. He held my hips while his light weight
was a delight. All I focused my sensations on was this delightful
finger-like penetration of my arsehole.

Matt stayed put and the others were moving on. Each boy got around 3 to 4
minutes inside Carrie and it was working. She was howling so much I couldn’t
tell which were her orgasms, and which were just the whoops of pleasure. I
had my second boy inside me while Carrie was on her sixth. As my second saw
his chance with Carrie, he quickly pulled out of me and as I stood up to
prevent me becoming the second gang-bang subject, I noted a small Thai lad
at the back. He was slightly stocky and his head was at the “shaved but
growing in” stage. I assumed he had just completed his period at a Buddhist
monastery judging by his look. He was holding a small cock with small balls
in his hand and it was obvious he was keen to be involved. I went over to
him and offered my cock. He took it in his mouth hungrily and started to
suck. A number of other boys came over and stood around, some fondling my
bum and another cupping my balls. One tried to pull my cock away from the
lad but I pushed it back in.

I stood him up and sat him on a chair. I knelt before him and sucked his
little cock. It stood about 4 inches long but was quite unusually thick,
probably about 2.5 inches across, which gave it all almost rectangular look.
He had foreskin too and this flurry of fine black hairs around it. I was
able to suck its full length and the pre-sum trickled into my mouth as I
heard his sharp intake of breath. I licked his balls and lifted his legs to
rim him. He loved it! I took his hand and led him over to the bed and
pointed to Carrie. He nodded enthusiastically. I put the condom on him
myself. The grip was better due to his width and he climbed on to enter his
first female.

He gingerly slipped his cock in her. She liked the feel of this one. I
presume the thickness meant it touched the sides on entry. He kept looking
at me as I encouraged him. Within a couple of minutes he was humping like a
professional. Carrie had lost interest in Matt’s cock and she was digging
her nails into this little lad’s back as he fucked her hard. She came!
Judging by the scream from the little lad, so did he as he thumped his body
hard against her three or four times and then slumped. As his cock pulled
out, the evidence was there with a pocket of semen in the sac at the end of
the condom. A cheer went up to the first cum and the feeding frenzy took on
a new energy.

So keen were they to fuck that both Carrie and I ended up doggie fashion
kneeling on the bed and just left it to the boys. As one pulled out the
other slid in. I was able to watch Carrie’s every entry. One lanky thin lad
who looked like an overgrown schoolboy, fucked her in the arse. Whether by
error of aim or not, I don’t know but she took it. I had been the only
person every to fuck her there and here was a 17 or 18 year old Thai
schoolboy sticking his cock up her hole.

At that moment, there was a flurry of movement behind us. We had been
fucking for about 45 minutes at this stage. The boys parted and Matt stood
there. He was quite a presence as his black American build made him taller
and better built than the others. He spoke in Thai to the boys and in
English to me.

“I will fuck her now and cum with her.” “You should let her suck you and all
the boys will cum on her with you.” “You like?”

“Oh boy, I like?” “I like all right!”

Everyone took position. Carrie halfway down the bed, Matt between her legs,
me at the head and a line of boys jostling to get close and wank, including
I noticed, an erect little tubby one who had obviously recovered. Matt lay
on Carrie and kissed her fully on the mouth, the first to do it. He kissed
her tits one by one and licked down her body to caress her vagina lips with
his tongue. They looked slightly red but she had had at least 11 cocks in
there. He worked his way back up to her and then gently started to push his
adult size cock into her. He did it ever so slowly, pulling back out,
twisting the head around her clitoris while guiding with his hand. She
shuddered with the pleasure after all the rough shagging. He continued the
teasing for over ten minutes while we all watched and wanked. He was
deriving great pleasure from the show in front of his less experienced

He lunged into her and she gasped. Then the pace increased. The boys all
gathered to get a better actual view as he pumped into her. He was going now
at breakneck speed and Carrie wailed as another orgasm approached. She made
little yelping sounds as it built steadily. One young lad (I think the first
to shag Carrie) shot a little clear squirt straight across her chest landing
on her left tit. That was it as a dozen or so orgasms started. The thin
white liquid was jetting in all directions over Carrie. I came on her face,
but then so did two or three others. She screamed as she hit her climax and
Matt pulled out to deposit his generous load over her entire body, reaching
her chin and mouth. My little chubby friend was alongside me and as he came
I pushed his body so that his second squirt of the day hit Carrie straight
in the mouth.

As they all slowly pulled back, I looked down at Carrie. Her face was awash
with light clear liquid. My cum and Matt’s could clearly be seen, the
copious quantities of thicker white liquid running off her chin and nose.
Her lips were coated in liquid and her mouth had some running out of the
side. All her body glistened as she said, “WOW!!!”

I assumed her fantasy had been fulfilled.

As the boys showered or dressed, I talked to Matt and we agreed a figure for
each boy and, of course, a bonus for him. Trust me, I didn’t pay them
peanuts, but for what we got, it was well worth it. The boys all seemed
happy with the pay off and so were we.

The session fulfilled us and Carrie (we were both a little too sore for much
more) and kept us happy until the end of the break.

A few days later and we were back in the old routine. Carrie seemed very
satisfied (more so than in ages). I walked into work on day one to be met
with, “How was the trip,” from Lawrie?

“Great and very successful,” I replied.

In a whispered voice he said, “You can’t imagine how I have felt for two
weeks.” “I suppose Carrie will be horny as hell after her time away and
ready for my big dick?”

This was a first in such a public place from Lawrie and it was obvious that
when he said he was horny, he was, as I looked at the pointed bulge in his
trousers. I thought about Carrie’s battered cunt. I thought about my aching
hole. I thought about our absolute feast of teen cock over the last few days
and I said to Lawrie, “How about Saturday?”

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