I dare you Not to get Hard, reading this Story


I dare you Not to get Hard, reading this StoryThis is coming from a woman, it is a true account of a part of my life that really happened, only the names have been changed to protect the innocent.I would love to say in my defence that I was going through a stressful part in my life, but somehow that plea does appear weak, so I have to be honest with you readers, I am a pervert, and only this can excite me, let me start at the beginning, and tell you like it happened, and you will be my judge, and perhaps say something in the comments section, even call me and we can talk over coffee, I will make myself available if you are near me.After I had graduated from Nursing College and took up internship at one of the cities hospitals. There were times when my parents thought I would seek a Medical degree, but I lost interest in studying, thanks to my indulgence in weed, alcohol, and d**gs.In my second year I became a wild girl, I was turning eighteen and getting out of control, which meant sex, I was shagging everything and anything, nothing was sacred as most of the time I was stoned out of my mind.I took a year’s semester and got cleaned up, no booze or d**gs, and no sex, I was on the wagon in my twenties, and for eighteen months, almost became a nun, it had been so long now I wondered if my little lady would heal up.I would on occasions rent a porn movie to see if the spark was there, I even got friendly with old guy at the porn shop one night, and finished up giving him a hand job, but nothing, not even a twitch.After graduating I moved away again to another town where I became a ‘Pinkie’, starting at the lowest rung on the nursing ladder, where cleaning up shit, washing old men’s crotches, and taking a lot of what they put down to banter, giving hand-jobs, blow-jobs and letting yourself be groped, had its benefits, financially.A few other girls were doing it for the money, but I was rated the highest, because I had the body and the looks, I was a natural, only that all I got out of it was the money.Then one day I saw an advert in the local press for a nurse with experience to look after a comatose girl.I applied and got an interview.On the day I took a taxi out there, a big mansion house with many rooms, and a middle-aged to late aged couple.They struck me as very nice and well educated, who in return found my manner both pleasant and educated.Their daughter was a girl of sixteen, who had been involved in a car crash and had left her brain damaged, starting off in a vegetative state, and over the years had slowly showed signs of improving, but still unresponsive and unable to communicate, for most of her day she slept unresponsive.My job was on many levels, check her drips, wash and change her, and wipe her ass.The salary was good, much better than my hospital wages, and soon I settled-in with my live in position, I had an apartment all to myself, in staff quarters, within a fifteen minute walk to the main house.Their daughter was a very beautiful girl, as if she had stopped ageing or it had slowed down, but for the first six months I could detect little changes in her response, especially when bathing her, whenever I bather her in her intimate places, I could feel she was responding to my touches, it was like having a favourite doll, and playing with it.Then one day I almost walked into her room and stopped, someone was already in there, and when I heard that familiar noise she made, I froze, turned and retreated to a safe distance, and waited. Shortly later, her father walked out, looking as shifty as a naughty father could, looking around and swiftly leaving the house and driving away.I went into the room where she lay, and immediately saw he had been doing what I assumed, when I heard her moan, she had saliva stains on her cheeks, I leant into her face and could smell it, and the tip of my tongue confirmed, it was not saliva, it was semen.I took my iPhone and took photos, and then, I don’t know why, continued photographing her, peeling back the sheets, and opening her nightdress, for the next fifteen minutes I aggressively photographed her nudity, and for the first time in three years, a sudden surge of sexuality swept through me, I was alive and responsive, and for the first time touched her intimately and brought her off, leaving myself in a state of arousal, I just wanted to get back to my flat and relieve my new found sexuality.I started watching the father closely, without trying to draw attention to myself, then I hit on the idea with a spy cam, which I placed out of sight, and on an internet uplink into the companies cloud drive.Back down in my apartment, I could log-in and watch her as she lay there, until one Friday evening I got to witness her father’s talas escort visitation, and I sat there frozen, as he stripped nude and climbed on top of her, and for the few minutes he was, there was no doubting the fact he was having penetrative sex.I shamefully masturbated, the sheer audacity of the i****tuous act, seemed to thrill me to my core, the availability of such a beautiful girl helpless to his lusting, just drove my weirdness to new highs, but the icing on the cake was as he alighted the bed, his wife, her mother, walked in on him, and proceeded to clean her daughter, she was nothing more than a sex doll to be wiped clean of his illicit semen, I downloaded and stored for future reference.A few weeks later I had a surprise visit from my younger brother, he was over for the week, if I consented, which of course I did.My parents had never really known what my current position was, so he was under orders for the full low-down on my life and lifestyle, ‘Fucking boring’, I told him, his eyes widened with my whorish mouthing, he was a lot younger than I and had never heard me curse.I was glad of his company and enjoyed mothering him, and as it turned out, he was still celibate, well after-all he was still just fifteen.I got a call one evening to tell me the girl’s parents were going away for five days, and asked me if I would stay in the main house, to be on hand with the daughter, I agreed to move in in the morning, as they were leaving around ten o’clock.My brother was curious about the girl, so I gave him the back history on her, and showed him some photographs, ‘You never saw these if anyone asks’, they were just facial, but I could see he was enamoured with what he saw, as he remarked on her astounding beauty.Later that night I sat sipping a glass of wine, I had just started drinking again, and I was looking at my brother who was watching a movie, ‘You know you will get to meet her tomorrow’, I said, I was watching for a reaction, and I noticed he was liking his lips, they were suddenly dry.’What does she do all day’, he asked me during a commercial break?I felt a sudden urge within myself, ‘Nothing’, I said, watching him intently, ‘she just lies there sleeping’, I added, ‘You can talk to her and tell her you love her’, I added teasingly, his face reddened.I downed my drink and went for a refill, ‘Would you like to kiss her’, I asked him, as I sat down beside him?He appeared flustered, ‘Come on you can tell me, I’m your big sister and I can grant you things’, I said, and I put my arm around his neck and pulled him towards me, stroking his face.I could feel him responding to my touches, ‘You’ve not been with a woman yet, have you’?I whispered it soothingly, my brother’s virginity excited me, and I could feel my vagina wetting, it had been a long time since I had seen him, and we were like strangers who had grown up apart.We were intimately close on the settee, and as I drank my wine, I said suddenly, ‘If you’re curious’, I paused, then added, ‘you can sleep with me, I sleep naked and you will get used to it’.He stopped and looked up into my face, I held his gaze, then said, ‘You might be doing me a favour, it’s been years since I had a fuck’, then I bent over his face and kissed him on his mouth, he did not resist or even comment.I downed my drink then got up, ‘I’m off to bed’, paused a little, before adding, ‘You know where I am, don’t be shy’, left him sitting and went to bed.I lay nude with my room door open, perhaps visually seeing me as I am would girdle his loins, either way it was the sun shining through my open curtains that awoke me, as my brother had went to his bed.I got up, feeling a tad embarrassed, as well as a tad horny, I had fire in my belly as I made my way into the kitchen, still nude, but not really caring now, and started brewing some coffee, when he walked in and sat down watching me.’You know s*s, you really do look amazing’, I looked at him as I stood brazenly full frontal, ‘You wanna fuck me now’, I asked him?He smiled and got up, I looked at his crotch, noting he was hard, ‘Don’t fight it brother, just come over and put it in me’, my heart was racing as he took the few steps separating us, and slipped his hand around my waist, I could feel the heat from his body, and slipped both my hands down his shorts and cupped his ass cheeks and pulled him in tight, his cock was rubbing my vulva, and my tongue was licking his tonsils, ‘Let’s do doggie’, I whispered and started to turn my back to him and bend across the counter top, when the phone rang, it was the main house.’If you can break off what you’re doing and come straight up the house, we are going now’.It was the father, I looked to my right where the window was facing the main house, the curtains were drawn and he was obviously watching us through binoculars.I put the phone down, I was angry with myself, I was too casual with my nudity, now the father had obviously been seeing me traipsing around naked every morning, but it was my own fault on many levels.’I need to leave now’, I said, they are leaving earlier than promised, my poor brother’s face was as long as his cock, and I was as wet as the water making the coffee.I arrived at the house twenty minutes later, ‘Sorry Sir’, I said, not really giving a shit, ‘you caught me at an awkward moment’, I added, with a note of sarcasm edged in my voice.We were standing aside from the others when he asked me, ‘I thought he was your family, your brother’?I looked at him and just said, ‘It’s a long story, but kind off at a distance’, he just looked at me, and I could see there was a change in his attitude, he was still a good thirty years my senior. Once all the formalities were dealt with, they both left, and I went to the huge window and followed the car all the way down the long driveway and out the main gate.I poured a coffee and called my brother, ‘You can come up now, they are gone’, I heard him rasp, ‘OK’, and I sat down and waited for him.When he arrived I met him at the front door, and showed him inside, ‘She’s up those steps’, and I pointed to them and we both started ascending them to her chambers.I opened the door and ushered him inside, and as he brushed past me his eyes remained fixed on her lying on the bed, with her tubes and all the machinery.He was watching my every move, I knew he had a fixation with her, ‘What do you think, little brother’?He came closer to her bedside and looked down on her beautiful face, ‘She is stunning’, he said, and I saw his hand start to instinctively reach out to touch her, but stop and draw back.’It’s OK, she is asleep’, and he looked at me as I bent over and kissed her full on the mouth’, and when I eventually straightened up, he was staring at me, the bulge in his pants had returned.’Do you like doing that to her’, he asked inquisitively?’I have to’, I lied, ‘she needs to be sexually relieved a couple of times a week’, I continued, and I went across to my bag and took out a ‘Rabbit’ vibrator, ‘I stick this in her pussy and watch her shake one out’, I was teasing him into a state of mind, I needed a fuck myself and would do it on the bed beside her.’Your turn’, I said to him, and his face went ashen, ‘For what’, he asked, clearly shocked at my aggression?’Kiss her’ I replied, and as he stood there with a blank expression on his face, I added, ‘She won’t mind, in fact, she will appreciate it’, and as he bent over her upturned face he started kissing her mouth, and neck, I could feel the primeval urge spread from my cunt to my brain, and I started to peel back the sheet covering naked body.Her near perfect b**sts came into vies as his tongue found her soft pouting mouth, her nipple sprang to life, hardening as I looked, and her soft whinnying, told him she was responding, and her perfect ‘V’, revealed her hot flush as her labia soaked in her warm blood and swelled like a bud in Spring, ‘Look brother’, I said, as she transformed in her dark World of feeling, her thighs quivered and her buttocks squirmed, everything about her screamed, ‘Fuck me’, my poor brother had witnessed, in one morning, two near perfect woman, wanting their cunt’s filled with cock, and he acted as in a mesmerized state, he was shaking, and no wonder why.I walked around to his side of the bed, ‘See’, I whispered into his ear, ‘women are sex a****ls too’, and as I spoke I reached around his waist and started to unbuckle his belt, and undo his zipper, and ease his denims down to his ankles.’Put your cock into her mouth and let her feed on it’, and as I spoke I walked to where her head was and lowered the boarding so her head fell back and left her throat in a straight line.’What are you doing s*s’?I watched he stripped off everything, and I groaned my approval, and momentary sought my own wet cunt and touched my clitoris, as I answered him, ‘You are going to put your balls on her chin, and feel the thrill of throat fucking her’, I saw him swallow hard, his eyes on my finger as I self excited myself, how many men have watched their sisters ‘Jilling’ themselves?I put my fingers into her mouth and took my brothers erection and guided him into her pliable mouth, ‘That’s it baby, push it in’, and as he slowly and gingerly pushed, I watched her swan-like neck bulge as his cock went into her throat, my fingers either side of the bulge he was creating massaging her ‘Gagging reflex’, all the way, until his tight balls indeed rested on her pointy little chin.’Hold it baby’, I was waiting for her gasping for air, he was starting to panic as she convulsed on the table, ‘Let her struggle’, I said to ease his fears, and as I spoke I saw her throat tighten around his bulge.’Look see her throat tighten around you’.He looked down in horror as her throat looked as if it had a life of it’s own.’Now baby brother, now’, I repeated ‘Fuck her’.I was as excited as he was, as he tried to move his cock in and out, but she was tightly holding him in her throat, he was experiencing what we in the medical profession call ‘Autoerotic asphyxiation’, a form of strangling or suffocating themselves to heighten sexual arousal and orgasm, except of course that would be her pleasure, and as I was in control I was more concerned for my brothers sexual pleasure, so, her gagging was essential.her body convulsed her ass bounced as if she was alive as much as she was dead, ‘Now’, I cried out, ‘give her air, give her air’, repeated, as my two fingers massaged and pushed his cock back up her tight throat and into her mouth.She gasped as her throat regained normal appearance, ‘Let her gasp a few more time’, I said, but he was experiencing another erotic by product of choking the female, her tongue dancing merry circles on his cock.I watched him feel that strange auto-pleasure, then said callously, ‘Shove it back in, all the way down as far as it will go’, and as he complied, I moved between her open legs and started going down on her pussy, this time, she will feel the effect, and as she started to ‘ Autoerotic asphyxiate’, I was determined to make sure they both went all the way.I gripped her thighs as tight as I could, my tongue deep inside her pussy, feeling her inner cunt tighten and relax as it would if it were a cock in it, ‘She’s cumming’, I called from her lips, she was convulsing wildly and I was having difficulty in restraining her response to this sexual high, then I heard my brother call out, as he came in her throat.I looked up, she had gone silent, her lips were turning blue, and she was gurgling deeply, her mouth was open and my brothers sperm filled it.He had fallen back in a sexual trance, and why not, he had just experienced the highest of highs in sexual experience, as I suspected she had, but now she was dying and I had to bring her back, so I started resuscitation, mouth to mouth, heart massage, and fetal positioning.The monitors showed my success, ‘Your cum is sweeter than most I have tasted’, I said, relieved that I had restored her back to calm position’.I looked down at the mess on her naked body, ‘What I would give to have a cock right now’, I said to my brother, ‘I would love to fuck her like a man’, I added wistfully, as I walked over to her relaxed form and touched her breast.I stripped naked and lay on the bed beside her, ‘Touch us both brother’, and he came over and started to touch me, ‘Your very wet’, he said softly as his fingers searched inside me.I was cupping his balls and felt his cock stiffen, ‘Do me a big favour, little brother’, I groaned, ‘Get on top of me and fuck me’, family or not, but when a cock is inside a grateful pussy, believe me, from a woman’s point of view, make me cum, and worry about the consequences later, that’s why sibling do it, trust me, I am doing it as we speak, so it must be true.We lay exhausted enmeshed in each others grip. I finally had my craved orgasm, and my brothers cock lay in-situ, a nice after feeling most women like to feel.’You guys finished’? The voice sounded tired, sounded extremely feminine and cultured, and we both turned in its direction, and were shocked to see the most beautiful of creatures sit up beside us.’WTF’, escaped my lips, as we both disentangled ourselves and got of the bed. She was alive and sitting up, and what’s more smiling.My eyes scanned the monitors, all functions normal, ‘How do you feel’, I asked her, I was panicking and astonished at the same time.’I feel weak and great at the same time’, she said, as she studied both myself and my brothers nudity, ‘I could hear you both, but never imagined how you both looked, she said smiling.’Now you see us what do you think’, I asked her candidly, she looked directly at me, ‘Horny’, and we all laughed, relieved and excited.Later that day with her free from all the wires and monitors, we talked and talked, I knew I was bi-sexual, and I was attracted to her in a very big way, was there going to be a future for us, I can honestly say yes, we both had that fatal attraction, ‘I don’t a cock down my throat again’, she teased me with, but as you my dear readers can see, this has been a bit of an epic telling, so I shall leave it here for now.Please respond if you enjoyed this story of female perversion, comment allow me to judge responses to the types of stories I write, thank you and love Mariel

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