I finally become a sissy gurl


I finally become a sissy gurlWhen I travel for work, I have often fantasized about meeting another sissy or a daddy from the internet. But I am usually so busy that I don’t have the time or the nerve. Time can be worked around, but I worry that they may have an STD and don’t disclose it. You can get herpes from sucking cock. Some back story – For years I have been a sissy. I sucked the cocks of a core group of three friends in high school. I got really good at it. But none of them would ever agree to top me. Also, they let me wear panties and sometimes some lingerie, but going full fem-sissy was never on the menu. As I got older I tried anal with a few guys. But no one ever taught me how to do it properly. I didn’t even know that there should be prep work involved and I knew very little about lube. Needless to say that my experience was very painful and left me wanting it only in the realm of fantasy. When I started traveling for work, I didn’t bring any panties or anything fem with me for years. I always feared that I might somehow get a random bag check in the security line and be mortified. Many times I traveled with coworkers and would have to open my carryon. Now I travel alone and check my bag every time. Most times I don’t bring anything with me. But when I get to a city, I will find a department store or boutique and pick up something new and cute to wear while sleeping in the hotel. This time however, I had packed two pairs of panties, a bra, and a nighty. Now to how it happened. My job is a corporate trainer. I travel around the country pretending I know how to teach people to run their business. There was one guy who came to my trainings and was always very friendly. We will call him Terry. I assumed that Terry was friendly with everyone, and I never thought much about it. In the last 12 months he had been in 2 other trainings and I saw him briefly at an industry meeting in Texas. This third training with Terry, was three days long, and I was just observing another trainer. I spent most of the day on my phone in the back of the room. The courses are usually held at nicer hotels but this one was in a conference room of a $200 a night business hotel. The kind that gives you free breakfast with each stay. The first training day was a normal day. Flew in the night before. Woke up, did the job. Had drinks with the students at the lobby bar and went back to my room to dress up and masturbate. I would fantasized about the guy who I talked to online. Him coming to my room and using his cock to make me into a woman for the night. It’s a pretty standard fantasy when I travel. Sometimes I will even text pics of me dressed to guys I’m trying to meet online. But at that point, I had never actually tried to schedule a meet-up. On day two, I woke up 10 minutes before the class was to start. I raced to get dressed and forgot that I had left on my panties from the night before. I was clearly hung-over. I got to the conference room, barley on-time. About an hour into the class I dropped a pen from my table and reached over to pick it up. It was then I realized I had accidentally been wearing panties and maybe, maybe, maybe for a brief second exposed a small shot of them to the only person sitting behind me. They weren’t 100% fem panties. The were from a plus size retailer. Cheetah bikinis with a black nylon hip. Very French cut and very see-thru. The kind of panties women wear when they know they are putting out. But if someone got a glimpse of just the back they might have been taken for mens underwear. Most of the time I sit in the very back and check out online personals on my phone. Trying to get the nerve to write someone and ask them to come to my hotel room and make love to me as a woman. But I am not at all passable and I usually lose the nerve. At the end of the day everyone left the class. Most would rush to get 2-3 drinks in them at the lobby bar, before going out to eat at some insanely expensive steak house. Some of them would also wind up going to strip clubs with the other students. I guess it was the only time they were away from their wives long enough to get away with it. I was alone in the room to clean up a few things. Pack up my laptop and head back to my room for a quick sissy-session before going to dinner. I leaned down to unplug my laptop from the powerstrip on the floor when I heard him say “I always wondered but now I know.” I jumped up surprised to find Terry standing very close behind me. Terry was a CEO of a family business. Very smart, very accomplished and had a presence to him sometimes. Like he had a commanding personality if he ever had to turn it on. I stood up and looked at him. Smiled and said “I thought I was alone.” I continued to gather my things and he came very close to me. Terry stood about 4-6 inches taller than me and he was close enough to touch me. “I say to him, I hope that you enjoyed to course. You’re becoming a regular here.” Then he says to me “The courses are helpful but the surprise view this time was better than anything I could have planned.” “What view is that?” “Oh each time you lean forward today I could see something poking up from your waistline. It was the same thing I just saw again, but maybe I shouldn’t call it a waistline maybe I should call it your panty line.” He didn’t back up or move forward. Terry just looked at me. He was probably focusing on how quickly the color drained from my face and I began to start shaking. I began to mumble and stammer “my I guess I” I tried to think of a spin to his comment but nothing was coming. I knew now that I had flashed him earlier in the day when I dropped my pen and I flashed him again when I thought I was alone in the room. If I had taken the time to get ready I would have had a shirt long enough to tuck in and probably not worn panties. Something I had only done once before. What made it even more difficult to deny is that that tag on these panties suck out the back like a giant sissy flag screaming “this guy is wearing CACIQUE PANTIES!!!”Before I could get a thought together Terry stepped close enough to me that I could feel his breath. “I have suspected you were a sissy since the first time I saw you. But I wasn’t sure. There could have been an explanation for your shopping, I’ve bought lingerie for my wife before. But I don’t wear her panties to work.”When Terry said that he slightly motioned his right had towards my waistline. My mind had come to me by now and I responded “I think your confused and probably have a mistaken something for…”Terry interrupted “I saw you back in January I saw you shopping in Atlanta. I was almost sure you were a sissy then. Buying panties and makeup. But it could have been for your wife. But now I know that isn’t the case. The question is how far are you looking to take it.” When I have gone shopping while at a training, I try to go to place I wont run into anyone. I take a taxi at least 10 miles away, I wear clothes that don’t call any attention, and I try to go before anyone gets into town, or after everyone has flown home. But this time I was dumb enough to go to a mall. Something I had wanted to do so many times before but lost the nerve. Fuck I was stupid. I backed up and put on a masculine attitude. “Dude I think you have me confused with someone else and I am not comfortable with…”He came right back into my personal space, and then like a cheesy rom-com, puts his finger over my lips and said “Shhhh. I saw you, and I knew it was you. I’ve been looking at your ass all day and I knew I had to try.”Then without warning he took his long arm reached around my body and stuck his hand down my pants. Rubbing my panties and pinching my ass. Surprised I didn’t jump away. After all this is something I wanted right?Terry then says to me “you may not look like a sissy, but I’m sure you act like one. Now lets just see if your playing sissy or if you really are one.” Then he grabbed my hand and pressed it against his crotch. He was big and hard. I knew instantly that he must be dripping precum from how warm it felt. If my hand stayed there it would probably soak through his jeans. My cock was also starting to get hard. Terry’s hand kept rubbing and pinching my ass, while his other hand forced my hand to rub his cock. As you can guess, I had no idea what to do. My mind began racing with questions. Do I give in? bayburt escort What is he going to do next? Was he going to just take me right there? Was he going to kiss me? What should I do with my hands? Terry had instantly taken control of the room and the situation. I was in a complete submissive role. At the same time, my adrenaline was pumping like it had never before. My hands shook, my mouth was instantly dry, and I felt like my eyes were losing focus. Terry just stood there. Rubbing my ass with one hand, using his other hand to force me to massage his cock. I didn’t realize it instantly, but we were no longer face-to-face, he had pivoted to my side and I had started to close my eyes. I could feel my shoulder almost touching his chest. He started to push his finger into my bottom a little more and a little more, to he was almost massaging then entrance to my hole. When my adrenaline had rushed I lost track of time. All I knew when I got my head back was that I had not said no, I didn’t say to stop. I had my one hand rubbing his jeans and what did happen was that far too much time had pasted for me to protest. Terry then said “I don’t need a yes, I just need you to meet me in 304 in 30 minutes. I need to let them men know I wont be joining them for dinner. My dinner is already served.” And with that, Terry pinched my ass as hard as he possible could. It hurt so much I thought that he was going to rip part of my cheek off. And he walked away. I stood there like a c***d “what the fuck just happened?”I grabbed my bag and almost ran back to my room. As I walked to the elevator I saw Terry talking to some of the other people in the training at the lobby bar. He didn’t even act like he saw me. He played it very cool. I got back to my room and at that point I was furious, “dinner is served”. Fuck you Terry. You can eat my ass if you think I am doing anything with you. I took off my pants. I wanted to get out of those panties as quickly as possible. I was embarrassed and kind of scared and a whole lot of other feelings. As I went to throw my panties away, I grabbed my nighty and my bra, then I saw the second pair of panties I brought. They were a pair I had bought with one intention. I told myself “you only wear these when you decide you are going to give into a real man.” They were powder blue flower print, satin, with purple lace trim around the waist, and purple lace ruffles around the legs. They were the sexist panties I had ever bought. They were the panties that tell a man, if you are seeing these, my pussy is already wet. I looked at them and for a brief second I thought why the fuck not? This is someone who isn’t going to have a disease. He is probably safe. He is always nice. But I was also scared. He had a big cock. What if I wanted to stop and he didn’t? What if he told people? How far did he want to go?I thought about getting on the bra, nighty, and panties, going to his room and trying to figure out what happened. I would only suck his cock. I wouldn’t do anything more. But what if he says he wants more and doesn’t take no???With in a few minutes it was time to meet him and I found myself knocking on his door. Instead of wearing anything other than jeans and a t-shirt, I opted to put my sissy clothes in a runners bag. In case for whatever reason he was able to settle me down enough to get into character. Terry answered the door to his room. But it wasn’t predator Terry, it was nice friendly Terry. He invited me. It wasn’t a suite, this hotel didn’t have them, but it was probably the largest room they had. “Do you want a drink to loosen up?” I said “we need to talk.” Terry responded rather quickly “I hope the subject isn’t how we aren’t going to do this thing, cuz you wouldn’t be here if it were.” Terry had a bottle of Johnny Walker, he pour a drink and handed it to me and topped off his glass. At that moment my guy brain kicked in, I was as clear thinking as I had been since his hand grabbed my ass in the room downstairs. So I began “Terry, I am not going to try and pretend that I don’t wear womens clothes. I do. And lets be honest you had me pegged when you called me a sissy, I am. But what that means to you, and what it means to me might be very different.” He interrupted “tell me what it means to you and I will tell you what it means to me.” “You go first” I responded. But that was a mistake. I gave him the chance to take control of the conversation, and while he didn’t become a predator, he didn’t answer the question either. What Terry did say was “I am glad you came, and so please drink up and relax. I’m happily married, but I have always wanted to experiment. I love my family I discretion is a must. I used to let my roommate in collage blow me. He gave the best head. He was probably bi or some shit like that. But in collage…look he used to get drunk and put on panties and blow me. You reminded me of him from the second I met you. I know you want this too. So lets just get to it.” He was sitting on the edge of the bed drinking his scotch and I sat in a chair across from him. Normally I might have thought that he only wanted head. I could blow him and leave. But finding a dick to suck is never a challenge. I was clear in my head and I wanted more. I wanted someone to make me their wife for the night. I then said to him, “Terry I am going to be really honest here, if all you want is for me to suck your dick, probably not gonna happen. I am not saying yes, I am not saying no. But what I came here for is more. If I am going to do this, then we need to have a conversation. You may just want to cum and send me on my way, but that isn’t what I want.” He interrupted “then say what you want. Stop being a pussy, let me see those panties and the back of your head in my crotch. If you want something more then you need to ask me for it.”Annoyed I finally blurted out at a place that was far longer than I ever should have “I want a daddy! I can suck a random cock every day of the week. I want someone to make love to me like their wife. For fuck sakes, I don’t want to just be a cock sucking whore. I want someone to make me open up. I want someone who will entice and seduce me to the point where I want them in my pussy. Yes that’s what I call! I am a fucking sissy and I want someone to make me give them my pussy. To cuddle me and do it slow and help me. I don’t want my pussy ripped open. I want sex. I want it the way that a man gives it to a woman. I want to be treated like a woman. If that is what you want then fine lets get to it. If you just want to shoot a load because you want a better blow job than your wife then this is a fucking waste of my time.” Terry responds “We both know you didn’t come here to leave. You want to show me your panties, you want my cock. We both know it.” I interrupt him “I don’t want your cock Terry, I want a daddy. I want to be someone’s sissy for real. Not for a quick BJ and high five.” He then gets up from the end of the bed. I thought he was going to hit me. He came over towards my chair, but then stopped short and grabbed the whiskey bottle. Filled his glass again. He takes a drink and doesn’t say anything for a second. Then he says “do you want more?” Motions with the bottle. I lift my glass to him and realize that I had finished off my glass of scotch. He fills my glass and then goes back to the end of the bed. “I told you that my roommate wore panties. But that was only the beginning. We were roommates for 2 ½ years. I expected there to be more on the menu, and that’s why I prepared.” He then got up and walked over to me, lean down. Terry ran his giant hand through my hair, then he kissed me long and slow. We kissed long enough that it was like making out. Daddy bought you a gift and its in the bathroom. But first daddy wants to know your name. “You know my name” I replied. “No baby girl I want your sissy name, if you want a daddy then you already have one, and daddy wants to know what’s in your bag there, I bet you brought something you want daddy to see. Go into the bathroom and see what daddy bought you, then come out and show daddy what you brought for him.” He then kissed me again, took the glass from my hand. He took my by the hand and led me to the bathroom. He opened the door, turned on the bathroom light and gently pushed me into it by the small of my back. bayburt escort bayan I walked into the bathroom. Then said that my gift was in the box. Sitting on the floor was three large boxes, from….. lets just call it the most famous online retailer. I could hear Terry from the other side of the door say, I ordered them yesterday while we were in training. I guessed that they would fit. Inside was a bright white cocktail dress, black heels, a wig, several different kinds of makeup. There was some trashy cheap lingerie, a black bra, a black thong, and some cheap costume jewelry, and an enema kit. My cock went insta hard. Now if you have read the story to this point you may be thinking “GET TO THE SEX ALREADY.” Well I am getting there and trust me it happened. I wont go into detail about getting dressed. Suffice to say I put everything he bought on. I didn’t think to put on anything that I wore. When I came out Terry handed me a glass of vodka in a martini glass. I said asked him what it was and he said “scotch it for the boys, vodka is for the girls.”I sat down on the bed. I was in full female mode at this point. Terry came over and sat down next to me. He leaned in and kissed me. Then said “I hope you like it, I cant wait to see your present for me.” I responded “later.” Then we started making out. I reached down and rubbed his hard cock while he kissed me. Then he slide his hand up my thigh. Eventually he pushed his hand in between my legs to my extremely hard cock. “Oh feels like someone is ready.” “Yes I am Daddy, and it feels like your ready as well.” I moved down from the bed to get on my knees in front of him, he then made me stand up and pull up my dress and show him the thong. As I kind of twirled around he pulled my onto his lap and positioned me to face away from him and kissed my neck. At the same time I could feel him grinding against my pussy. He pulled my dress up enough to get his hand onto my panty-covered cock. He jerked me a little and then said, daddy wants to taste you. Like a good gurl, I wanted him to suck me. But I also didn’t want to cum and then lose my nerve. I said to him, no daddy, not yet. Later. I want to thank you for the generous gift first. I laid him down on the bed and unzipped his pants. After a little maneuvering I had Terry’s pants around his knees. To my surprise Terry had on a pair of Vanity Fair full cut briefs. Which are one of my favorites. I looked at him and said, “these are so sexy”, as I rubbed and stroked his cock through them. They were absolutely drenched in precum, which I liked from them. Then I pulled his cock free and began sucking his cock. Like a good sissy, I showed my gratitude for him by kissing the tip of his cock first. His precum lined my lips and stuck my tongue out and licked it off my lips. After that I ran my tongue up the shaft of his cock, got to the top then went down and licked his balls. I worked on them briefly before hungrily devouring his cock. He was much larger than I was able to take in. He began breathing heavy and rubbing the hair of my wig. I stopped for a second and said, “Daddy, your far too big for me to take all of this.” I reached up and took his hand into mine. I then lowered my head and began sucking him again. At the same time, I placed his hand on the back of my head. His hand sandwiched between the back of my head and his cock, I pushed my head down onto him crotch. Instructing him to force me down. Terry knew what I wanted took both of his hands onto the back of my head and began pushing his cock into my mouth while pushing my head. He was gentle as I gagged on his cock. My eyes watered. I then stopped looked at him and said, “Daddy push me all the way.” I went back down on his cock and Terry gagged his entire cock into the back of my throat. He kept my head pressed into his crotch and let me gag for a second. Then he realized his pressure and I came up for air. I looked at him, wiped the tears from my eyes and then said “Again.” This time Terry pushed his cock even harder into my mouth. Relaxed his pressure I came up and the second I motioned back down, he thrust his cock into my mouth. He did this five or six more times. Then I said Daddy, I want to feel you inside me. I realized I just offered to let this giant cock inside me, and I never thought about lube or anything else. I was a submissive woman and I didn’t want the moment to pass. But I had not brought protection or lube. Terry leaned over to the bedside table. Opened the top drawer and pulled out lube and condoms. I had planned on coloring his cock the same color as my lipstick but I was too into it now. Terry got up, pulled his pants all the way off. Took off all his clothes except for his panties and put on a condom. Then put a ton of lube in his hand. I was now on my knees on the bed. I wanted him to lay down and I was going to go cowgirl. He walked behind me, climbed onto the bed and spooned me. He rubbed his hands together. Then with one hand rubbed my lil sissy clit and the other he moved his fingers around then entrance to my pussy. The more how was stroking the further his fingers went. I was growing closer and closer or orgasm. At the same time I was pushing against his fingers more and more. Terry reached down and picked up the lube, put more on his fingers and then began probing me with them. It wasn’t long before I found myself bending over a little with each push. I felt on finger go in all the way, then two. He fingered me and I was really losing up and getting into it.I was bent over and I assumed Terry put lube on his cock. Then I felt him start to rub his cock up and down inside the entrance to my pussy. I responded instantly by pushing back into him. We tried for a few minutes to get inside me without it hurting. Each time I tried and tried. I wanted to be the kind of gurl that he could just jam his massive cock into and start pounding me. I was spirited in my effort but it hurt. Each time he would pull out, he would say something reassuring. The first time, he said “don’t worry baby girl.” The next time “Relax, your pussy for me.” Again he said “It hurts every woman the first time, I am patient, take as long as you need.” But I wanted it and it was hurting a lot. After several attempts I asked him to lay down. His cock was so hard it stood up from him like a flag pole. Maybe he was too big for me to take. Maybe I should have tried other guys first. I applied more lube to my pussy. Then I startled him and lowered my pussy onto him. At first the tip went in easily. But this time, I had flashes of all the tranny porn I had watched. I was finally that gurl. I pushed on. It hurt. But it is something I had to know about. With in a few minutes I lowered myself all the way on to him. Retreated my pussy back up to his tip and went all the way down again. I then relaxed myself and laid my head down to his chest. This last time he went into my pussy much easier and it actually felt really good. I then quietly whispered to him “its finally happening, I have been dreaming about this moment for a long time.” Terry ran his fingers through the hair of my wig, and then started rocking his hips. He did it slowly and with minor strokes at first. There was still some residual pain, but I composed myself and propped myself up and started to ride him. At first Terry was pushing into me, but as it got better I began to lift up and down on him. Eventually, I was doing all the work and it felt amazing. I had his cock inside me, fucking me. I don’t know when it happened, but I realized that I was no longer wearing my dress. I was there with my thong pulled to the side. Rubbing my tits and bouncing on this mans cock. After a little while of enjoying this ride I needed to catch my breath and I slowed then stopped. Terry told me to lay down on my back and I did as I was told. Then he took off his condom. I freaked out. At first I thought that he was going to bareback me. I didn’t protest, just looked at him. But he reached down and put on another condom and more lube. I could see that then condom he was wearing was leaking a lot of precum out of it as he dropped it onto the floor. Then he came to me and pushed my legs apart. He then put his cock inside me and fucked me missionary style for a few minutes. I kept arching my back into his thrusts and before escort bayburt long I was moaning and then I found myself saying things like “oh fuck me daddy, please use my pussy, I belong to you, this feels so amazing. I moaned and thrust. After what felt like ages he quickened his pace then said “ I want you in so many different ways.” I was confused but then realized his statement was an apology, because then he thrust harder than before, and then harder again, and then he started to shake. I had made my daddy cum. He was cuming in my pussy. He let out a huge breath when it was done and then laid down next to me. I could feel the lube around me and what felt like it was inside me. He laid there looking at the ceiling and rolled over and placed my head on his chest laying next to him. After a few minutes, he asked me, if I wanted him to finish me. I was not going to let this night end with a cheap hand job. I thought we had been fucking for hours, but in reality it had not even been 30 minutes. I laid there, told him no and then I reached down and started caressing his balls. What I had hoped for was for him to get his second wind. I was going to start sucking him again and then get one more good fuck from him. But eventually he got up, went to the bathroom and cleaned himself off. He came back and asked me if I wanted another drink. He had taken off his panties and clearly he acted like it was time for me to go. I had to figure out how to be enough of a woman to get him back in bed. I began rubbing my balls like they were labia of a vagina. I liked my fingers and then went back to rubbing them more. I said to him, I would love another drink. He poured one and handed it to him, I drank it all down in one swift swig. Handed him the glass. I liked my fingers and went back to rubbing my balls. As I handed him the glass, I said “another please.” Then I folded my balls to look like a vagina. I did that while he poured another glass. He hands me the glass and asks if I want to take a shower. I said, I can shower in the morning. But first I want to finish. I sipped the drink laying on the bed. Eventually he came back into bed. He said “its clear you are not letting me call it a night.”“Do you want to call it a night?”“I’m exhausted and unless you are planning on sleeping here so should you.”“I don’t thin we will get much sleep if I stay, but I don’t want to be alone.” “Do you want to stay here? You can, but you will have to leave early so no one sees you.”“Then get up form the bed, I walk/prance to the bathroom. And say “fine by me.” I went into the bathroom and cleaned myself up. I didn’t notice it the first time, but inside the box was a small sampler of some cheap knock-off version of perfume. After I cleaned up, I sprayed it all over me. I put on the panties I brought, the bra I brought, and the nighty.” I came out of the bathroom. He had already dimmed the lights and was in bed in a bathrobe. He was on one side of the bed, on the other was a full glass of vodka waiting for me. His lamp and my lamp were the only lights in the room. I walked a feminine as I could muster over to my side of the bed, pulled back the sheets, and said to him “this is daddies present.” I then got into bed. Terry and I cuddled for a bit. But I could tell that my body was done. I was exhausted, he was yawning and I could feel the anal pain in my pussy and stomach. It was probably good that we didn’t go for round 2. The next thing I knew, I could feel a hand rubbing on my soft clitty. I had fallen asleep at some point and the clock on the table said 1:37am. Was it correct? Had I been asleep that long. It was dark, but it’s a hotel. Do people actually set them? As Terry rubbed me I came to life. I could feel him in a more subdued mood, but also like he was hungry. He stroked my cock and rubbed my ass with slow, but purposeful motions. It didn’t take long and I went right back down to his cock. No longer wearing a wig, he pushed my head down, but didn’t choke or gag me this time. It didn’t take long before he was pulling me up to his massive chest. I reached around and started stroking his cock. He let out precum the more I was able to move my hands. I was laying on his belt line now. Rubbing his cock against my pussy. The only thing that separated us was my panties and parts of my nighty as it fell up and down. Eventually he said to me, take your panties off. I rolled over, and got up. I stood on the floor of the hotel room and as I took them off I bent straight over. Basically acting like some cheap version of a whore or a stripper. But Terry didn’t notice. He had already rolled over and was getting lube from the nightstand. Neither of us could see well as none of the lights were on. I could hear him lubing up, then he mounted me again and put his fingers inside me missionary style. I relaxed and forced myself against them. I could feel some residual pain from earlier, but I wanted to loosen up faster. Terry then leaned down and put my cock in his mouth. He fingered me while he applied several different doses of lube. I was getting close to Cumming for the first time that night, when terry said roll over. He puller his fingers out of my and positioned me on my knees bent over. I fingered my a few more times, then I felt him enter into me. It only took a few thrusts and he was inside me. I could feel him pushing and fucking me. After only a few thrusts, I relaxed my head down onto the mattress. There I was wear a bra and nighty. A man was pushing his cock into me. I was for the first time, face down, ass up and I felt like a woman. My nighty slipped down my down with each thrust till it was almost bunched up on my head. He fucked my like that then stopped. Pushed me onto my back again. In the missionary position he put my legs above his head and started fucking me again. This time he was really fucking me. He pushed my legs almost above my head and slammed his cock into me. A few times it hurt, but it also felt so amazing. I was feeling like a used woman having her pussy enjoyed by a man. Daddy got much more verbal this time, he was saying things like oh sissy, your pussy is so tight and feels amazing. I would respond saying things like, daddy you own this pussy. Its yours. “Take it all sissy, take everything I have”“Oh daddy, don’t ever stop. This pussy belongs to your cock. You own this pussy.” Then it happened. He sped up his strokes and began to climax. It wasn’t until that moment I realized, it felt like something more was happening. I knew he was about to cum so I reached down and started stoking my cock. I wanted for us to cum at the same time. But if not the same time, then I wanted to cum with him still inside me and hard. Daddy began to cum just a few seconds before I did. I could feel him pushing and I couldn’t tell if that was his cock throbbing or my prostate. I cam all over my stomach. I was amazing. Daddy also cam. When he was done he stayed inside me. On his knees. Staying upright. He stayed in longer than last time. At first I thought it was because I had covered my belly in cum. But that wasn’t it. It felt different this time. Then he said to me “i’m sorry.” That was the moment I realized he forgot to put on a condom. He had cum inside me. I didn’t know what to do. I panicked for a second. But it had happened. I have always wanted a daddy to take me. In my fantasies, he doesn’t wear a condom. I would never in a million years let him do it. But it was done. I had let my daddy breed me. His cum was inside me and I wanted it there. After a few minutes, he moved to go clean up. I grabbed his hand. I didn’t want anything to be weird between us. My cum had begun to drip off my stomach. I took his hand and laid in on my stomach. I then moved it around and used his hand to rub my cum all over me. Eventually when it was sufficiently cleaned, I liked one of his fingers. He stopped me and then he proceeded to lick the others. I could tell it was not a flavor he was accustom to and he didn’t like it. I rolled over. Got out of bed and put my panties back on. I had to keep my behind tight. I didn’t know if his cum would leak out of me, but I didn’t want him to see that. I jumped back into to bed. I tried to act normal and I set my phone alarm for 4am. When my alarm did go off, I got up. Put on my jeans and left his room without saying anything. I walked back to my room. His cum had gone somewhere in the time I slept. But all I could focus on was not accidentally running into any students. Because I still had one more day of training with Terry and the rest of the class. And as you can imagine, it was not the last interaction I had with Terry or have had with Terry.

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