I FUCKED MOM SILLYMaybe because her pussy was the very first one I tasted. Or that both of her nipples, were at my beck and call. If I was unhappy and screamed for her to make me happy, she would undo her bra and put my face and open mouth on a swollen nipple. With nothing but titties to look at and suck on, I would stop my tantrum in seconds. At times I can remember rubbing her hot and wet pussy with with the top of my foot. Trying to wiggle my toes over her clit. Our breathing would become one, rise and fall in quicking pace, as I worked her hot young body as she dreamed of hot cock. With in minutes, her jaw agape, I would watch her lips form words like, fuck, suck and cock. This is when things became hot”Fuck honey did I hear you say you want to get fucked? Well her I come!! Thank you son for warmin your mama up for me but it time for a real man to take over!”He told me I would scream if I didn’t get to suck her tits while he fucked her raw. So he gave me a front row seat seat to some of the hottest sex a young son could imagine. Watching mom get fucked back then has turned me into the man I am today. Hard up and horny. Exposure to her pussy at such a young age gave me a huge cock that I have stretched and pounded every day of my life thinking of what her pussy would feel like. How will I enter her? From behind or side to side? Will I suck on her snatch and breasts, finger her ass, before I plant my dick in her? Or will I strip her naked with my hand lingering in between her legs only to cum with my hand on my zipper feeling my throbbing bulge?Its been decades since our naked bodies shared the same bed. Tonight this will change. It been many years since halkalı escort her nipples filled my mouth. Tonight this will change. For all to long I have only dreamed of sliding my cock in and out of her hot box. Tonight, this too will change.The dreaming of moms naked body all to myself ended when the planning took shape. Pen to paper plans has brought me only an hour away from cumming inside her mouth, puss or ass. She will be mine for the night. When I place my mouth on her nipple will she remember me and moan? Or will it take my mouth parting her pubic lips to open her eyes? If she is to slumber as my cock begins to shoot hot cum deep inside her as she snores, will I care? Fuck me in 30 minutes, I will enter her room and begin to strip. First my cock will be in shadows from the light caste from her bedside lamp. Her night gown will be pulled over her resting head on soft down pillows. All I can see from there is her open legs being pounded by my fucking crotch.In 10 minutes, she will be mine. I cant wait and strip my body naked in the darkened hallway outside her bedroom door. Pre cum is at the head of my cock as I count down the last of the seconds that have taken a lifetime to cum.Click errrrchhhh is the last sound I remember as I walk into her room. She snores with every breath she takes and her lips flutter as she exhales hot breath from her half open mouth. Then my first impulse urge of the young night comes to me. Her mouth with its warm breath is where I will first place my throbbing cock. Before I realize the action I will take, I find myself cock in hand, working taksim escort with the other opening her mouth. The head of my cock has entered my mothers mouth and I will soon begin to orgasm- one minute has passed and my balls are tucked inside ready for their solo.FUCK MOM SUCK MY FUCKING COCK–FUCK IM GOING TO CUM IN YOUR MOUTH–FUCK ME FUCK FUCK YOURMAKINGMECUUUUUUUMM!!!!OH MY FUCKING GOD I JUST SHOT A LOAD IN MY MOMS OPEN MOUTH AND SHE DIDN’T SAY A FUCKING WORD. FUCK THAT WAS HOTI slipped her a little something in her tea and she will be out for hours. If she does wake and finds that my cock is buried 9 inches deep inside her ass, she will not remember a thing, so i am told. SO FAR SO FUCKING GOOD.I have the rest of her clothes off and she has begun to squirm. Her head has begun to move side to side and her lips are moving. It looks as she is about to wake as my fingers enter her moist pussy. I plant my head on her naked left tit and begin to flick her nipple with my darting tongh. My fingers now two side by side open her pulsating puss. Fuck she is wet and needs to be fucked. My cock is grown back even larger and is turning into a redheaded cum monster. Fuck my cock is big and getting bigger. My fingers have picked up the pace and she is getting so fucking wet her skin between her legs begin to glisten.I want to taste her pussy so bad but I really need to bury my cock as deep as possible inside her and fuck mom silly. I remove my fingers, bring them to my mouth and taste her cum. FUUUCK THATS IT IM GOING TO FUCK HER FUCK YA IM GOING TO FUCK MY MOTHEER. FUUUCK YAAAAAA OH MY FUCKKKKKING GOD FUCK MY COCK IS GOING INSIDE DEAR şişli escort OLD MOM AND SHE IS PASSED OUT COLD-FUCK ME FUUUUUUCK ME AND IM FUUUUUCKKKKING HERNo sooner then I fell into a steady pace and began to pant on the right side of her face, SHE WOKE UP. She was mumbling “oh my oh my oh my” as I slammed my cock as hard as I could and as deep inside her as her pussy mound would allow me. The sounds of genitally slapping into one another echoed off the walls and fuck juices laded heavy in the air.”WHAT IN THE HELL IS GOING ON? OH MY GOD BABY! WHAT ARE YOU DOING TO ME?I wanted to jump from her motherfucking hot ass old lady body, thinking I was busted. But I was unable to move away from her naked and flushed body. With every word from her mouth making me want to pussy out and leave her room, I was slave to the visions of her being fucked and was forced to stay. Her words were from a mouth only inches from my ear and they sounded like my dear old mom. Fucking her in her own bed, face to face, looking in each others eyes as I fuck the holes of her granny body, rarely cross my mind, jacking off. And now I’m balls deep inside her pusssy as she talks shit about who, what and why?”Johnny what has gotten into you?” “Why are you doing this to me I’m your Mother for CHRIST’S SAKE!!!” ” OH mom your so funny! It looks and feels like I HAVE GOTTEN INTO YOU!! FUCK YA MOM!””” JOHNNY STOP RIGHT NOW AND IT WILL BE OK STOP NOW DAM-IT IM YOUR MOTHER OH OH MY GOD PUT THAT THING AWAY FROM ME OF MY GOD ………I’M YOUR MOTHER IM YOOOUUR MOTHEEEEER”IM YOUR MOTHERFUCKER MOM AHHHHH OOOOOOHHH FUCK MOM YOU HAVE SUCH A NICE FUCKING PUSSSYY FUCK OH FUCK YOUR SO FUCK HOT GRANDMA FUCK LOOK AT THESE HUGE FUCKING TITS FUCK I NEED TO SUCK ON THEM””OH BABY SUCK ON MOMMY LIKE YOU USE TO OH MY BABY SUCK MOMMY SUCK MOMMIES TITTIES””OH FUCK MOM IM GOING TO CUM MOOOOOMMMMM IM CUMMING OOOOOHHH FUCK MOM'”OH GOOOOD COMMMME ON MOMMMY CUM ON MY TITS BABY COME ON MOMMMYS FACE””AHHHHH OHHHHHFUCK IMMMM MOM CUUUMING”

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