I Own You


“I own you-you are my slave and mine alone” again and again, as if it is a chant, you tell me as you fuck me with long smooth thrusts, kissing me fiercely, waiting until you know I’m about to orgasm. Before I actually do, you slip out of me, pulling me up and onto my knees, grabbing and pinning my wrists together tightly. I gasp, the pain so sudden, so fierce. You tell me that you want to prove to me that I can place myself totally in your care. You ask me to surrender to you, totally, to obey you without any question; you tell me you will cherish me for it. Your blue, blue eyes stare unblinking into my soft brown ones as you wait for me to agree. I have no choice but to accept. I know, as well as you do that I am yours. I cannot refuse you.

“Yes, My Beloved, Master, I surrender myself to you and I will obey you.”

I gaze up at you, and nod. You look at me kneeling in front of you with my wrists clamped in one of your hands and the moist swell of my pussy in your other. The expression upon my face is a mixture of anxiety and desire, so poignant that your throbbing cock feels as if it’s going to explode. You pull my wrists up, grab my elbows and then roughly fling me across the bed. You push me onto my tummy and mount me roughly from behind. You grasp my buttocks and spread my anus wide open. Slowly you insert one finger, feeling my dryness, and then you spread the lube upon me so I am ready. In one deft movement you enter.

You then withdraw and then reenter, doing this several times before beginning to violently fuck me. You fuck me hard, your balls slapping against my ass, your cock inserted so deep. You ejaculate into me almost immediately. After, as we lie cuddled up together, you tell me tenderly that you are going to whip me. You describe the whip, telling me, it is very long, thin, and made of black leather. You tell me that you are going to take photographs of me, so that you can relive the moment later. I knew as I agreed to obey that it would be difficult… I hear the words you speak to me, so calm, so clear. I will myself to not be afraid. I know you choose me that you love me and own me.

I know I need to trust you, to allow you to take all of me that you need. I know I deserve to be punished, to be tested and pushed beyond the realm of myself. You stretch my limits and my strength, but I am yours, after all, so that is your right. We both want this; it is not a game-it is the reality of what is life for us. You the Master, and I your loyal, obedient slave. Laying here now with you, knowing what I know, I think how unbelievable this all is, that I want this. That I give you myself. Fully, completely, without any question. This was something I always wanted. Dreamed about, and when I met you, my dreams came true. But now, this is the first time and all….

My mind drifts back to earlier this morning, when you phoned me, exactly as you said you would. You summoned me to your studio loft, speaking with such profound grace. You described what you wanted me to wear, how to style my hair, apply my make-up and at what time to arrive. I put the phone down in a state of shock knowing that there was a clear choice; either I go to you where you will humiliate and beat me or else lose you; because you will know that my love for you has limits beyond which I will not go. I take a hot shower and give myself a warm enema, holding it in until the cramping becomes unbearable. I apply my makeup while still sitting naked on the toilet as I’m short of time; you told me to be there at 12:30 sharp-, which was barely an hour from the time of your call.

The gift box that you had delivered to me this morning sits untouched on the bed. I shift my eyes to the vase holding the spray of roses you sent with it, dark purple nearly black -never have I seen such beautiful roses. Hesitantly, I untie the ribbon and slip my hands beneath the lid feeling amongst the layers of tissue paper with trembling fingers. My fingertips trace the shape of a garment, caressing leather as soft and supple as chamois. Smiling, relieved, I lift it from the box, holding it up at arm’s length. It’s a long-line demi-cup bra, almost levent escort a bustier, in cherry-red leather. I slip into it, wrapping it around myself with a shiver of anticipation that becomes a low tingle of pleasure as I catch sight of my reflection in the mirror. The bright red against my pale flesh is quite a sight. I buckle the single strap beneath my breasts with trembling fingers then slowly begin to lace the front up.

Carefully, I criss-cross the laces between the two rows of metal hooks. By the time I’ve pulled it tight and tied the ends into a neat bow, my breasts are pushed up and together, forming a deep V, revealing provocative cleavage. I choose a black lace suspender belt to contrast with the red leather and roll a new pair of sheer black silk stockings up my legs. With a last glance into the mirror, I reach for the apparently empty box, intending to put it away.

As I lift it, something with weight shifts, sliding into a corner. Searching through the crumpled tissue, I discover another smaller package. Inside there is a wide leather collar in the same red leather as the buster with three heavy blackened steel rings attached to it. There’s also a small black rubber butt plug, shaped like a double cone with a flanged base, and a bottle of lubricant. I hold the plug in my hand, puzzled by its surprising weight and solidity. Strange conflicting emotions surge, desire vies with an edgy chill at the idea of your instructions. I have no choice. Knowing this, I lie on my bed, squeeze a little Astroglide onto my palm and caress the smooth shape of the butt-plug to a dull oily sheen that slides silkily against my palm. On my side with one leg raised, I work an oily finger into my rear with small smooth circles before pressing the rounded end of the toy against my backdoor.

Pleasure swirls and spreads as the first few centimeters slip into me. I push harder and a sharp twist of pain sears my rectum. I bite my lower lip, tasting fresh lipstick and blood as with a final push, the butt-plug fills me. I lie there, eyes watering as the pain subsides. As I stand up, an odd sensation in my ass tells me that the toy is filled with a dense liquid that moves as I move. Clenching my pelvis around the unfamiliar bulk in my rear, I pull the plain black dress over my head and fasten the buttons down the front. I put my foot up on the chair and bend to lace my ankle-high stiletto heel boots, catching a glimpse of myself in the mirror. I peer at the reflection, seeing the arc of pale bare thigh between my stocking top and the hem of my skirt, feeling the cool air on my bare pussy. A hot twist of desire sends a shudder down my spine as I straighten up and fasten the leather collar over the lump in my throat. The journey to your place is unnerving as my imagination dwells on you and the strangeness of your desires. I’m also acutely aware of my short skirt and the pressure of the dildo in my rear.

My breasts throb in the tight embrace of the leather, my pussy is wet and tingling. Adrenaline surges and pumps, my pulse tics fast and giddy under the collar that holds my neck rigid. By the time I step from the subway at the top of your street, I’m trembling with nervousness. Sitting at least keeps the plug pressed inside me, but walking normally is difficult and embarrassing as my bowels convulse painfully against the plug. I stop outside your door, thinking to myself that this is my last chance to change my mind. I could just turn and walk away, but I love you and I need you. With a shaky hand I reach up and press the buzzer. You arrive at the door not soon enough. I can’t help but smile when you appear. You gaze at me and tell me to enter. You’re dressed in black leather pants and a blood red silk shirt, your hair is tied in a ponytail and your feet are bare.

You look at me with what appears to me to be casual indifference, but your cock’s already straining in your pants. I search your eyes for some sign of affection as you say. “Don’t speak my Pet, not even a sigh or a whisper because now that you are here there is nothing for you to say.” Your voice is warm yet flat, mecidiyeköy escort you don’t touch me; you just turn and walk down the hall, beckoning me to follow. Which I do so willingly, as I really have no choice, I keep reminding myself of this. You lead me into the main bedroom, which is large yet sparsely decorated, painted a muted shade of purple with a darker blue ceiling; there are double windows upon which heavy black curtains are hung, mirrors nearly every and the king size black wrought iron bed, in the very middle of the room.

This is where we are now; I lay upon it recalling how I came to be here at this moment. Here lying under my Master. I had barely gotten into the door, when he had me naked and upon my knees. In no time at all he was fucking me. Now, His words ring in my ears. “Come pet, it is time-I own you. It is my duty to teach you. “And I knew from the moment we met that you needed discipline” he tells me, now at bed’s edge. I gaze up at him; not exactly sure” I said come, now!”

You reach for me pulling me quickly to my feet. You walk behind me, your hand upon my back. You lead me into a large room in which the photographic lights are already burning. You turn and put your arms around me, pulling me close into you and embracing me tightly. One of your fingers trails up my thighs. Goosebumps rise on my arms and I shudder visibly as you kiss me, desire races like fire. You reach behind me and forcefully re-insert the black butt plug. I gasp, clinging to you. Your mouth is hot on mine and your hand grasps the butt-plug moving it in me as we kiss. My whole body throbs and trembles, the room shimmers and vibrates around me while the hot needles of searing desire lick at my pearl. Your fingers stroke and circle in the wetness there, pressing my pearl as waves of dizzy sensations begin to be twist me inside out.

My pulse is still pounding in my ears as you push me away. I stand there trembling under the bright hot lights, looking at you for the slightest sign of my future, any clue as to what you want. You stand perfectly still a meter in front of me. I’ve never seen you in this mood before so the tension begins to frighten me. A metallic chill begins just under the knot in my throat and spreads downward through my chest. I begin to cry silently, tears roll down my cheeks but you make no move to comfort or reassure me. Your hand reaches towards me and your fingertips beneath my chin tilt my face gently upwards. “I’m going to gag you now Fiona so that your screams won’t alarm the neighbors.” You say it softly as you produce the ball gag, grabbing me by my neck and pulling me to you.

You then open my mouth with your finger and thumb, push it inside and fasten it behind my neck. After you grab my arms, and buckle a set of studded black leather cuffs around my wrists snapping them together. You stroke my hair and know that I quiver with pleasure at this tiny act of reassurance. Reaching above my head, you pull down a long thick rope and fasten the cuffs to it, spreading my legs wide apart, then hoist me up until my arms are pulled above my head and I have to stand on my toes. You have me positioned, as you desire. The camera clicks for the first time, as I swing there looking at you adoringly through tear stained eyes, you step forward and pinch the soft flesh of my midriff between your finger and thumb, squeezing hard and twisting.

The pain sears like steam and I try to cry out but only a dull moan escapes the gag. “Ah you look lovely positioned like that Fiona my pet.” Posed this way, I’m bent slightly forward, spread and stretched into the ultimate erotic pose, but my wrists are throbbing, my arms feel like lead and worst of all, my bowels keep oozing and chafing around the plug. God, I wish I were irresistible! I’d give anything for you to feel so moved by my misery that you took me down and fucked me tenderly now. The camera flashes again and again, with my last reserves of energy, I begin another strenuous attempt to expel the butt-plug. “I’m going to whip you.” You whisper brandishing the riding crop. “A dozen stripes across your perfect derriere. Remain very kağıthane escort still. If you move I may hurt you more than I intend to.” The polished hardwood floor spins before my eyes under the heat and glare of the photographic lights but as you flourish the whip, everything snaps back into sharp focus. You hold it out for me to see, thin and black with all the venomous menace of a rearing cobra. It looks exactly as you described it would. I watch it like a hypnotized rabbit, then your arm flicks rapidly and the whistling arc of it cuts the air so close to my face that I feel it like a fingertip’s caress across my cheek. Flinching and trembling, fear crawls across my skin and slithers, cold and shuddering into my orifices as you touch me with the tip of it, brushing it lightly down my torso. Slowly, gently, you begin to feel my breasts.

You lift them tenderly and suck on the swollen nipples. As I shudder with passion your teeth close around one stiff teat, sending blinding waves of electricity through my body. I feel your hand between my thighs and then the smooth thrust of your fingers entering me. I bite into the gag as you pull the butt-plug out. The white heat of its passing out of my rectum hurts me more than anything has ever hurt in my whole life. I shudder and tremble as you finger me hardly noticing when you change your grip, inserting your thumb in my anus and two fingers in my pussy. When you kneel between my thighs, I tell myself that everything’s okay again and you’re trying to excite me.

You nudge the lips of my cunt apart, nibbling, caressing with long strokes of your tongue. It spirals around my pearl until I’m squirming on the verge of orgasm. I feel your hands forcing my thighs wider, pulling my body into a bow as you get to your feet. My weight, swinging on my wrists is suddenly forgotten as you raise the sleek black switch. I cringe and bite down on the gag as my whole world flares blood red and barbs of pain tear into me like silver hooks. I sway on the rope, blood pounding in my temples, watching you ready yourself to hit me again. If the gag wasn’t in my mouth I would beg you to stop – promise you anything! I try to avoid the second stroke and it lands on the outside of my thigh and again my whole universe turns blood red.

After the third or forth stroke I lose count and lose the will to resist. I no longer care. Tears run down my face and under the gag. I can’t believe how cruel you are. The white heat explodes every few seconds across my bottom and thighs. The camera flashes again, “I know I had planned to only give you twelve” You say breathlessly, “but…” Your foot sweeps mine away and as I dangle spinning and screaming inside my head, the whip bites into my calves, shoulders and back in a flurry of blows so fast that everything stings and smarts at once.

Vertigo throws a black cloak over me as I hear you say from so far away. “My pet, oh my beautiful pet… those are the last words I hear you speak…. Face down on your bed, naked, my wrists still shackled, every breath a symphony of aches and stinging glowing heat. You’re kneeling beside me, cool strong hands moving in circles over my shoulders massaging cream into the welts. I lie perfectly still, too drained even to wince as your hands soothe the bruised flesh of my back and thighs. I don’t even move, and I recall nothing, when you slide your fingers into my anus to apply the cream there. I take a big breath and exhale slowly. Everything stings aches, and throbs. Though the gag is gone I have nothing to say. I feel you beside me, I hope I pleased you.”

My pet you were so wonderful-gave such a fine performance for me. Welcome home my sweet pet-this haven is now yours and you shall never leave me. In the morning we shall have more lessons, there is so much you need to learn” You tell me. I know now that I don’t need to say anything because I have the power. The power I had longed for, the power of another to Own Me. To use me and love me. I know I’m as special to you now as any woman will ever be. You excite me gently, kissing my welts and bruises, pouring your kisses into my mouth and my liquefying womb, tonguing my wounded rear.

Later as you fuck me as if you’re running a marathon, smooth deep strokes plunging into my upturned womb with perfect precision, I say all those dirty little things you love to hear. I want you to know how special you are because you already know how special I am.

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