I’m Your Prisoner Pt. 03


If you’re interested in my inspiration for the “steam” this time around, please feel free to tune in to “Skin” by Rihanna. It was on repeat for me to get into the mood. (X’D)

This is part three of “I’m His Prisoner”… What will Damien do?

Hope you enjoy!


I slid my shirt on, reaching out to open the door when I felt arms around my waist. I hesitated, my heart threatening to explode out of my chest.

“Don’t go,” Adryan mumbled. I grit my teeth, closing my eyes tight. I felt like I could cry. This was frustrating, maddening, I always felt confused and defeated when I was with him. My fingers slid off the handle as I sighed heavily.

“Adryan if I stay-“

“Make me yours,” he cut me off, my stomach flipping as my chest tightened.

“Adryan what are you-“

“I told you I didn’t want you to just fuck me and leave anymore. So pick. Make me yours, choose this. Or walk out that door and don’t ever come back,” he mumbled, his arms tightening. I knew he was serious, a cool chill washing over me.

What do I do now?!

“You spineless bastard,” Adryan grumbled, biting my shoulder blade. I know I hesitated too long but I was afraid. I turned grabbing the back of his head as I pressed my face against his. My chest felt like it was going to collapse, my heart threatening to shatter, anxiety choking me as I closed my eyes.

“I don’t know how to do this,” I muttered, his hands sliding up under my shirt. His nose bumped my cheek as his lips captured mine. I groaned, clawing at his hair as I pushed his mouth open. We both groaned as my tongue slid against his. I felt his fingers clutching at the curve of my back, his body leaning into mine.

“Figure it the fuck out,” he gasped, pulling away as we both panted. “I can’t keep doing this Damien. This stupid fucking cat and mouse game. I’m tired of it. I don’t want to hurt anymore,” he insisted, his forehead wrinkled slightly as he stared at me intently. I took a deep breath, pulling him close as I crushed his mouth with mine. He pushed my shirt up, our lips parting just enough for us to get it off. He grabbed the back of my head, his fingers sliding into my hair as our bodies collided desperately.

We stumbled toward his room, falling into the wall across from his bathroom. I leaned into him, sliding my hands down his back and grabbing his ass roughly. We both groaned, our faces wet with saliva as we panted. I sucked on his mouth again, trembling as his tongue swirled around and teased mine. I ripped my mouth away, his body already hot and trembling as I devoured his neck.

I kissed and sucked on it, biting the curve of his neck and then his shoulder as I humped at his crotch. “Hmm,” he moaned softly, sending a delicious thrill down my spine. I cupped his ass, pulling him up slightly as I slammed my body into his. He groaned, losing his breath as I licked and sucked all over his chest. God his skin was so fucking hot and soft, his chest firm and protruding slightly because of his muscles. I sucked his nipple and his pec into my mouth roughly, his head snapping back and slamming into the wall as he shuddered.

“Mmmm,” I moaned happily, my tongue flicking his nipple and rubbing the subtle curve under his pec. He was twitching, his ass clenching occasionally as he started grinding his cock against my crotch. I closed my teeth around his nipple, flicking it deviously before sighing and sucking on his chest again.

“Fuck Damien!” he groaned, pulling on my hair. I obeyed, letting him pull my face toward his. His eyes were half shut, his lips puffy and slick with spit as he panted. “You better fucking show me how much you need me,” he grumbled then, capturing my mouth. I groaned, my chest vibrating with my excitement as I carried him to the bedroom. I threw him down onto the bed, taking a second to catch my breath as I admired him.

“How are you so fucking sexy?” I demanded, sliding my hand into my pants to adjust my aching cock. I rubbed myself a bit, groaning slightly as I couldn’t help but stare. He looked long and lean, his muscles defined enough that every inch of his body looked fucking perfect. Immaculate. His hair was hanging over his forehead a bit, his pink nipples pert and begging to be chewed. And his face… I licked my lip sliding my knee onto the bed as I ran my hands up his thighs. His gorgeous fucking face flushed and begging to be fucked. That was my biggest weakness.

“Hnnnng, yes!” he hissed as I knelt on the bed, hooking my arms under his thighs as I gripped his hips. My mouth closed over his balls, my eyes rolling back as I moaned. He trembled, his hands gripping my hair as he humped at my face excitedly. They were so hot and heavy, feeling swollen as I sucked and gnawed on them. I pushed my shoulders into his thighs, his legs falling open eagerly. I shoved my face into his ass, licking from his puckering hole all the way up to his balls, running my mouth and tongue along his shaft before closing my lips around it. He groaned and thrusted, lunging his dick into my mouth.

I gagged as he filled my throat but kıbrıs escort didn’t want to stop. His dick was so pungent and sweaty, the flavor tangy. I was addicted. I bobbed my head eagerly as he held my hair and fucked my face. He was moaning and panting, his thighs tensing as his dick started to throb and stiffen. I gasped, his dick making a lewd slurping sound as I pulled my lips off him. He groaned in frustration, his hips twitching slightly as his dick bounced against my lips. “Not yet,” I mumbled and he tugged on my hair, whimpering quietly as I buried my face into his ass again.

“Fuck!” he groaned, his legs lifting up and back to spread his ass more. I groaned, clawing at his thighs as I teased and prodded his eager hole. I pulled my knees in, my back arching as I pushed my face into him more. The smell of his sweat, his crusty semen from earlier, his pungent musk, all of it was driving me wild.

“This is mine,” I grumbled, biting his cheek. He moaned, his ass clenching slightly. “And this,” I licked his ass up along his taint. “And these,” I slurped his balls into my mouth and he groaned, the sound deep and guttural. “And this,” I sighed, grabbing his cock and shoving it into my mouth. He pulled my head down, his hips lurching up as he cried out happily. I slid my tongue along his shaft, stroking him as I sucked and slurped his throbbing cock.

“Oh fuck yes! Damien I’m gonna, oh god!” his thighs and ass clenched as he jerked his hips. I let his cock go, taking him deeper into my mouth. He thrusted again, groaning loudly as he trembled. Then I felt it. His thick, salty ropes of cum filling my throat and mouth. I sucked and guzzled him eagerly, my tongue lapping at his shaft hoping for more. “Haa!” he hissed, shaking again as his hips lurched slightly, another violent burst coating the back of my throat. He collapsed in my arms and I sighed, sucking hard as I pulled my mouth off his cock with a satisfying pop. He whimpered, his dick slapping his stomach with a lewd and wet smack.

“That’s mine too,” I grumbled, sitting back slightly as I wiped the spit off my lips. His eyes were barely open as he panted, his hands clawing at the pillows behind his head now.

“What else is yours?” he muttered, and I smirked leaning down to kiss his stomach. I studied his face as I pressed my tongue against him, licking up his abs as I slid my body against his. He rolled his head back as I made my way to his neck, my lips closing around the curve of it. I bit down and sucked on him, working all over his neck and shoulders. I wanted to eat him up, make him tremble and whimper with every fucking touch.

I ran my hands down his sides, sliding my arm up under the curve of his back as the other gripped his thigh. I pulled his leg up onto my hip, pressing my lips to his chin as I smirked and watched the cute little grimace on his face as I humped his ass and cock. I did it again, rolling my back, really pressing into him and his back arched, his neck straining as he inhaled sharply. “Mmm, you like that don’t you?” I mused and he whimpered. I adjusted, sucking his lips into my mouth and he groaned, his lips parting immediately as his tongue begged for mine. His arms wrapped around me as he started rolling his body against mine too.

“Please,” he gasped and I groaned, slamming my body into his. His head snapped back as he cried out, his fingers clawing at me. I held myself up over him, biting my lip as I watched him squirm and whimper under me as I continued to hump and grind against him. My dick was throbbing, almost painfully, but it was so fucking sexy watching him writhe and twitch with need.

“Please what?” I demanded, dropping my weight into him. I slid and rolled my whole body against his, my lips by his ear as we both panted. He licked my ear, sucking on it before gasping and moaning. I bit his shoulder, groaning. Why was he so fucking sexy?! “Fuck what am I going to do with you?” I grumbled, pushing up off him. He licked his lip, pulling it into his teeth as he bit down on it and smiled.

“I have a few ideas,” he muttered then, his hands reaching out to me. His palms pressed against my stomach, sliding down to my pants. He pulled them down enough to slide his hands in. I gripped his hips, letting my head fall back as I moaned. His hands were hot and strong as they teased and groped my balls and cock. Then I felt his palm curl around my shaft, his fingers pressing against it. He fondled my balls, his fingers even teasing my taint as he started stroking my shaft. It was so rough and hot, my mind swimming as my blood boiled. I didn’t want to cum like this though. I wanted his fucking ass. I grabbed his wrists, pushing his hands down to the bed as I leaned down.

“I’m going to fuck you until I can’t anymore,” I muttered. He whimpered when my lips closed around his. I reached down, sliding my pants down to my knees. He gripped the pillows, his chest heaving as I reached down and pushed his thighs apart more. I gripped my dick, rubbing it along his taint and balls. He groaned, pulling me closer as his hips kıbrıs escort bayan twitched. “Fuck, you’re so hot. Feels so fucking good,” I moaned, holding his thighs as I started grinding my cock against him.

“Oh fuck! Damien, huh… mmmm! Please! Oh god!” he was whining and moaning, his eyes seeming dazed as he clung to me.

“Tell me,” I murmured, an exciting thrill consuming me.

“Put it in,” he choked out when I felt my balls rub against his taint. I bit my lip, leaning over him as I sucked on his lips. I alternated, letting my tongue tease them and his mouth as I continued toying with him.

“Say it right,” I grumbled and he whimpered, his mouth hanging open. I licked the roof of his mouth and the back of his teeth, sucking his tongue into my mouth as I continued to grind myself against him. I pulled away and he groaned, biting his lip.

“Fuck me in the ass, please!” he begged finally and I groaned, reaching down to guide my dick against his asshole.

“You asked for it,” I grumbled, easing it in just enough. He whimpered and I bit my lip, hesitating before thrusting all the way in. He arched his back, his arms falling off me as he cried out. His eyes watered immediately, his face red as he cringed in pain. “This is mine Adryan,” I grumbled, kissing his wet eyelashes as I held myself deep inside of him. “All of you is mine,” I muttered. He sniveled and whimpered, panting as his body trembled.

* * *Adryan* * *

“Damien please!” I cried out, my legs trembling. I was on my knees, my chest and face pressed into the bed. He was holding my wrists back as he railed me relentlessly. “It’s numb!” I insisted as he slammed into me. He let my arms go, grabbing my hips and pushing me down to the bed. I trembled as my ass quivered, feeling empty but relieved now.

“Is this better?” he asked, pulling my ass open as he pressed himself back inside of me. I groaned, reaching back. My hands gripped his thighs as he straddled me, his hands by my shoulders how. “Hmm?” he demanded, pushing in deeper.

“Fuck! Too deep!” I cried out and he chuckled.

“Not deep enough?” he muttered playfully. I felt his hand on my ass, pushing it open as he slid out and then pushed in even deeper. I felt a jolt up my back, a flash across my eyes as I lost my breath. It felt like he was stuffing himself all the way into my stomach.

“No stop!” I groaned as he started doing that over and over again, going faster and harder. “I-I can’t… It’s too de-huuuun!” I groaned, trembling as I gasped for air. My stomach felt heavy and fully, my body tingling as he kept at it.

“You’re not being honest with me,” he grumbled. I felt his arms reach under me, pulling me up off the bed. I groaned, my back arching and twisting painfully. I pressed my hands into the bed to help support my weight as he leaned over and kissed my cheek. “Be honest with me and maybe I’ll be nicer,” he muttered and I grit my teeth.

“Fucking bastard,” I groaned and he chuckled. His hand grabbed my face turning my head. I gasped and then groaned, my eyes rolling back as his mouth pushed mine open. Our tongues twisted and swirled around erotically, his hand holding my chin as the other pushed down into the bed. He rolled his body against mine as he devoured my lips and tongue. It was painful but felt so damn good too. I didn’t want it to stop.

“God your ass is amazing,” he groaned and I felt my face get hot as he sucked on my ear. His tongue teased and caressed it, pressing it between his lips and teeth. I could feel his hot breath on my skin as he huffed and grunted with his efforts. He pushed me back down into the bed and I groaned, clawing at the blankets as he pushed in deeper. I felt his hand on the back of my neck, the other pressing into the curve of my back. “Come on Adryan, show me how much you love this,” he muttered, his voice heavy. He pushed on my back more and I winced, curving my back to shove my ass up at him. “Mmmm, that’s it baby. Fuuuuuh,” he pushed in slow and deep, his hips pressing into my ass. A jolt shot through me and I yelped, covering my mouth as I closed my eyes tight.

“Too deep!” I groaned and he chuckled, slapping my ass before grabbing it and jiggling it.

“Not deep enough,” he grumbled, his hand gripping my hip then as he pushed my chest down into the bed. He started slamming himself into me at that angle, driving his dick deep into my ass. It felt like he was pushing into my stomach, twisting and churning me from the inside out.

“No please! It hurts! Damien!” I begged, my eyes stinging from the tears as my body tingled and burned all over. That only seemed to egg him on. “Haa! Please! No! Hmmm, Akh!” I groaned and whimpered, my body jostling under his force. He adjusted a bit and then thrusted in again and I gasped, my body feeling zapped as my head tilted back. What the fuck was that?

“Hmmm, was that good?” he chuckled and I bit my lip, my face wrinkling as I tried to ignore his teasing. He thrusted in again and I gasped, my body lurching and trembling. “Oh fuck, your ass is getting escort kıbrıs tighter!” he almost growled, leaning over me a bit more. His hand held my shoulder down, the other gripping my hip roughly as he thrusted down into me. Each thrust electrified me, sent my body into overdrive. My vision blurred as tears filled my eyes but I couldn’t ignore the burning and throbbing pleasure that consumed me.

My balls started to tingle as they slapped against my cock, my body on fire as he powered himself into me. He slowed down a bit, rolling his weight to force himself as deep as possible. That did it. That broke me. “Oh god, mmm, right there!” I cried out when he hit that spot that made my body jittery. He adjusted and pressed in again, rubbing against it beautifully. “Oh fuck yes!” I groaned, my mouth hanging open as I lost all control over my body. My head was swimming, my spine tingling, my balls swelling and aching for release as he continued to drive himself into that magical spot.

“That’s it Adryan, mmmm, fucking take all of me,” he groaned, panting and grunting as he started going harder. The sound of our bodies slapping together, our labored breathing, my moaning and whimpering as pleasure consumed me… all of it filled the room. It was so fucking hot I was losing my damn mind.

“Faster!” I groaned, frustrated at the mounting pleasure. It was suffocating, my body on a high that was almost nauseating. He moaned, his hands gripping my body so tight I knew he’d leave marks. But I didn’t care. I wanted him to ravage me. I wanted him to make me scream with pleasure. “God don’t stop!” I cried out, my stomach spasming as I trembled and panted. I was crying out and jerking, even pushing myself back into him a few times.

“Oh fuck, gonna cum!” he gasped and I groaned. Just the thought of him filling my ass with everything he had drove me over the edge.

“Cum in my ass!” I begged, losing my mind entirely as my eyes shut tight. I was in a lust filled daze, my body screaming for more. My skin was on fire, my whole body tingling and spasming in anticipation. He was slamming his body into me relentlessly, each thrust pushing me closer and closer. My heart raced, my breathing erratic as I felt the pleasure consume me.

“Oh shit!” he cried out a second before my entire body seized up. I cried out, feeling myself explode. My balls ached, my dick trembling and throbbing painfully as cum rocketed out of me. “So tight!” Damien groaned, going faster. He was reckless now, not even trying to make me feel good as he used me for his own pleasure. He slammed into me, his hips jerking as he gasped and moaned. I collapsed, my eyes feeling heavy. That was the third time he got me to cum since throwing me onto my bed. My body felt lifeless.

“What are you-” I cried out weakly as he pulled me up like a ragdoll. His cock was still deep inside of me. “Are you still fucking hard?” I groaned in disbelief. He chuckled, sitting back into the headboard as he sat me on his lap. He slid his hands under my thighs, gripping my ass as I laid back against him.

“I can’t anymore. I won’t cum again,” I insisted weakly, whimpering as I covered my face. He was holding my ass open, working himself in and out of me eagerly.

“I think you will,” he murmured, sucking my neck. I had no will to fight, my body trembling as my ass ached. “Kiss me,” he grumbled and I groaned, turning my head to meet his. Our lips touched and then he slammed up into me. I gasped and he moaned, shoving his tongue into my mouth. His hot, wet tongue filling my mouth made me tremble. God, everything about him was maddening. He grabbed my hips letting my weight drop onto his lap and we both gasped, panting and moaning into each other’s mouths as he filled me up.

“It’s so hard to breathe,” I gasped and he groaned, holding my face as he kissed me again. Before we could get into it he pulled away.

“Face me,” he breathed and I whimpered. “Get up and face me,” he pressed and I sighed, adjusting as I turned around on his lap. He laid down a bit on the pillows, reaching down to hold his cock as I lowered myself onto it. His hands slid over my thighs and he groaned. “So fucking hot,” he muttered and I bit my lip, the look on his face intoxicating.

His neck was strained, his jaw taut, and his forehead wrinkled as he licked his lip. “How about this?” I muttered, my stomach tingling. Seeing him get like this made me want to tease him. I pressed my hands onto his thighs, spreading my legs more as I leaned back.

“Fuck yes!” he sighed. I grunted, my body feeling weak as I tried to work myself up and down on his cock. I groaned when I felt his hands against my thighs, his thumbs stroking from my straining asshole up along my taint and to my balls. It was sweet torture. “Stay just like that!” he mumbled as I pulled up. I whimpered, my hips on fire already. He grabbed my hips and slammed up into me.

My head fell back, stars dancing across my eyes as I cried out. He kept at it, grunting and panting as he thrusted himself up into me. I could feel him pulling me down to meet his hips, my ass throbbing from the force. And then an unfamiliar sensation consumed me. I panted, my heart racing as my body tingled. “Feels weird!” I cried out, grabbing his arms. I cringed, not understanding what was happening. My stomach and balls were almost rumbling and throbbing. I couldn’t make sense of this feeling.

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