In the night garden

Big Clit

In the night gardenI just woke up completely Naked in the house aloneIv been having those naughty dreams again. odd thing was my night dress was down stairs in the living room. The Dream I was laying naked in a beautiful walled garden head dreamily resting in the green grass! the warm sun beating down onto my body. No one could see in and the walls to high to see out. surrounded by beautiful flowers in this English country garden Beautiful roses, ivy, thick leathy Rhododendrons, cherry trees and a beautiful magnolia tree. a little stream ran across bakırköy escort the bottom I took a stroll down to the stream Leaving the grand 18th century house in the back ground. I dipped my toe inside the stream Chilly but nice. I stepped in As the stream swallowed my body and the water so chilled left my breasts tingling and my nipples so erect. I cupped my breasts and let my right hand fall into the water and my fingers slid between my lines. My head leans back into the water and im floating beşiktaş escort while touching myself, my eyes looking up to the sky I’m floaty all over, as the birds flocking over head. As I reach my and stretch my labia to tease my clitoris. I feel strong manly hands cup my breasts for a moment I’m startled and slide under the water bubbles he pulls me up this soaking wet stranger his body rough and manly our lips lock together our tongues and lips start to fight as he slightly pulls my hair i feel beylikdüzü escort my body shudder His throbbing cock is stabbing at me His kisses are over taking me im weak at the knees I cant breath. His rough stubble on my smooth face. His hand squeezing my bum cheek.. He pushes me onto the bank his manly wet hands slide all over my body He parts my labia and slides his wet rough tongue all over my clit. my insides are pounding im in a daze who is this man THis very wet man. He slides out of the water, the water dribbles and gushes off his rippled tanned body. He flicks his shoulder length hair. I’m laying on the grass watching him as my breasts pounding as im bare naked on the damp wet grass. he sits on top of me and kisses me nibbling biting my lips And slides his hard throbbing cock deep inside my…………………. And then I woke up To be continued ….

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