Indecent Connections Version 02 Ch. 08


I liked waking up the warmth of another body next to me. At first all that I noticed waking up was that warmth. Then I heard the soft voice of Ava calling for me. I opened my eyes and saw her lying beside me. She smiled see me wake up. I shifted to bring her closer and reminded how naked we were.

“Good morning, sir, it is six thirty. Would you like me to make you breakfast?”

“No so fast, I like having you in my arms.” I kissed her. She relaxed back into the bed. We both let out a content sigh. This was the epitome of a good morning. A comfortable bed and a beautiful woman to share it with. What more could I ask for? It couldn’t last forever though. I still had to work today.

“Unfortunately, babe, I’m getting hunger and I can’t be late to work.” She moved to step of the bed but I stop her. “Wait a minute. Did you think you were going to be naked in my bed and not pay the price?”

“So now there is a price for being in bed?” Her dry humor wasn’t very respectful in my opinion. I gave her a swift swat to her ass. Her eyes were filled with confusion at first. When she took a moment to rethink her actions, she saw what she had done to deserve her punishment. She lowered her head and apologized to me. I didn’t say a word. Instead, I took a handful of her hair and pulled her towards my crotch. She understood what she was being told, and pulled the bed sheet back.

Her mouth worked off my morning wood with expertise. After some time, I grabbed her head and started guiding her. I shot my cum down her throat, then held her head on me to make sure she swallowed it all. I released her and she came up gasping for air.

I rolled over and out of bed. I was running out of time to get ready for work very quickly. I gave Ava quick orders trying to hurry us along.

“Wear the red one that we bought. Then you can make breakfast.” She knew the lingerie piece that I was talking about. I dressed myself for work and went to the bathroom to take care of my bed head. When I was done, I went to the kitchen where Ava was preparing our food.

It took every ounce of my self-control to not attack her again. The lingerie was hugging her body in just the right places. She looked delicious. I was disappointed that our weekend had to be interrupted by something as menial as office work. Ava finished preparing the food and brought the plates to the table.

She glided across the room. I was a little surprised that she was so comfortable cooking in what she was wearing. I expected some type of embarrassment from being so exposed in a living space of the house. There was another part of me that loved the confidence in her. I liked her being this comfortable with me. I finished my food and turned to look at the clock.

“I have to go to work. I want the house clean when I get back. If you finish the rooms, you can relax and watch TV, but not before. When you are working around the house you can wear jeans and a shirt. I don’t want you running around like that for someone else to see. I should be home by five thirty; I want dinner ready by then.” I ordered her. I leaned over to give her a goodbye kiss.

“Of course, sir, I will have everything ready by the time you come home.” I left my plate at the table for her to take care of. When I was pulling out of my driveway, I looked at the house and saw Ava, in my bathrobe, standing on the front steps to wave me off. She made it very hard to leave.

Much my chagrin, things were more hectic at the office than I expected them to be. It was clear to me almost immediately that I would not be able to leave early like I had intended. I was not pleased, but started digging myself out of the pile of work figuring the sooner I started, the sooner I would finish.

Lunch time rolled around and my coworkers tried to entice me into going out to eat. While I had made a significant dent in my work, I was no where near done and decided to work through lunch.

“Aiden, you’re working like a mad man. Got a date tonight or something?” One of my coworkers teased me.

“Actually, I do; and I want to get out of here before the sun rises tomorrow. Weekends are not normally my shift, for this exact reason.” I waved a stack of papers in the air frustrated. The tried a little more to convince me to take a break. I wasn’t going to change my mind. They were still trying when the secretary started to call me on my desk phone. I answered asking what she needed.

“Mr. Swann, you have someone here to see eryaman orospu numaraları you at the front desk. I had no clue who was here. I told Joan to let them up. A few minutes later, Ava walked into the office from the elevator. She smiled at me as she trotted over.

“Who is she Aiden?” A coworker asked nudging my shoulder. I rolled my eyes. Ava must have noticed I was on edge because her smile drooped a little.

“This is my girlfriend,” I announced. I got up from my chair and put a possessive arm around her waist. “It would seem she has business with me, and only me. So why don’t you all go to lunch so we can talk.” They said their goodbyes and finally left.

“What are you doing here.” I whispered in her ear with a stern tone of voice. She swallowed hard picking up on my tense body language. I walked around to sit in my desk chair again and pulled her closer so she was standing in front of me.

“‘You left this morning without any lunch. I thought I would bring it to you. If you wanted to go out with them, I can take it home. I’m sorry if I bothered you.” She tried stepping away, but I stopped her.

“No, it’s fine. I just don’t remember giving you permission to leave the house.” I pushed some hair behind her ear and leaned in. “We’ll have to deal with that later. For now…” my hands gripped her hips drawing her close, “I think I need a snack.”

With a gentle pull she fell into my lap. She clearly hadn’t been expecting it the way she squeaked. Her head snapped to the elevator door. I didn’t allow it to have her attention for long. I planted gentle, butterfly kisses to her neck and collarbone. She moaned lowly. I could tell that Ava was enjoying this, but was scared to be caught.

“What is it baby?” I sensually whispered in her ear. I wanted to remove her apprehension. Her voice was shaky as she answered me.

“People could come in…” I looked at her face. It was no secret to me that she wanted to continue; but the fear that we might get caught outweighed her desires. My thoughts flashed to the list of likes and dislikes. On her list of dislikes was ‘public humiliation,’ this was on the cusp of being under that category. I backed down immediately. I leaned back in my chair to give her space and rubbed her back to sooth her.

“So, what did you bring me to eat beautiful?” I asked. She seemed relieved by the fact that I had stopped. She picked up the bag that she had dropped on my desk. As she unpacked the items I saw how much thought she had put into what I would like. I left her perched on my lap as I devoured my lunch. Ava threw it in the trash for me when I was done.

“I should go back; you seem to have a lot of work. I don’t want to interrupt you.” She said turning back to me. I stopped her.

“Hold up, you walked here, right? Don’t do that again; it’s still winter and it’s not the safest route. I will drive you. Besides, that way I’ll get to have a little more time with you.”

“It OK, the walk was fine. I got here, didn’t I?” My expression turned serious.

“We’re going to nip that habit in the butt.” She cocked her head asking what I mean. “If I say something, I don’t want you telling me it is not necessary. You should listen respectfully.” She looked shocked at what I had just told her. I grabbed my keys on my desk. Ava was still looking at me shocked.

“What? I meant what I said, and I am not going to take it back.” I took her hand and started to take her with me. She had no idea where I was taking her. In the back of the office was a conference room that was barely ever used. It could be locked. I pulled her in and locked it.

“Well, we are all alone. Everyone is out to lunch. Whatever shall I do with you.” Ava looked at the door nervously.

“Promise that no one will know?” I dimmed the lights in the room. From outside it would look like no one was even inside.

“Now, no one will even know we are in here.” I walked over and pinned her against a table that she was standing in front of. “There is an exit door right over there, we can leave from there when we’re done. No one will know a thing.” She smiled coyly and wrapped her arms around my neck. I chuckled as I pushed some hair away so I could get to her neck easier.

I turned Ava around to face the table and pushed her down so she was bent at the waist over it. I pulled down her pants and took a knee. My tongue slid up her pussy. I was rewarded with a gasp from Ava. I rubbed her gölbaşı orospu numaraları slit as I spoke.

“You smell like soap.”

“I used a wash cloth and took the morning after pill sir. I didn’t take a full shower yet. I didn’t think I should without permission.”

“I am actually pleased, now we get to take one together when I get home. But if you ask me, I should make you even messier so we really have a reason to shower.” She turned back to look at me and my heart nearly stopped. Ava was drop dead gorgeous. Her hair framed her face angelically. Her cheeks were rosy and her eyes shone like diamonds. My cock was straining in my pants like a magnet eager to connect with a metal object. She entranced me. I took a step back and told Ava to kneel.

She was on the ground in nearly a half a second. It was always pleasant to know that she desired me as much as I did her. She didn’t need any prompting to release the rod from my pants. Her eyes sparkled as y member jumped out at her, showing her how horny I was for her. She looked up waiting for permission. I nodded, and she went to work. She moaned on my cock and used her mouth and hands to please me. Her mouth came off me and she shyly asked a question.

“Sir, may I please pleasure myself?” I reached down and ran my hand on her cheek, then through her hair. I grabbed a bundle of hair and brought her back to what she should be focused on. Ava bobbed up and down getting enamored by the flesh in her mouth. I enjoyed how much enjoyment Ava got from giving me head. I closed my eyes to relax while being serviced. When I reopened them I caught Ava’s hand slowly, in an attempt to be sneaky, moving closer and closer to the space between her legs.

“What do you think you are doing?” She pulled her hand away quickly and withdrew from my cock. Her eyes were wide as she looked at me, she knew she had been caught. It was clear that she understood she was in trouble, and would be punished. Her doe-like eyes were amusing to me, but I managed to keep a straight face with her. My hand was still tangled in her hair so I tightened my grip. I pulled her up off the floor. She whimpered from it a bit, but she didn’t fight back.

“I asked what you were doing Ava.” I restated. She swallowed hard and winced, so I loosened my grip on her hair slightly.

“I am sorry sir, I wasn’t thinking.” Very slowly, and without saying a word, I pulled my tie off. I turned her around and quickly tied her hands behind her back. I pushed her against the table again. I stood back to see my work. It was a delicious sight. Ava’s hair was messy from my hand toying with it. Her jeans and panties were around her ankles. Her hands tied behind her back made her look so vulnerable to me.

“Ava, why are you being punished?” I watched her squirm under my gaze.

“I attempted to touch myself without your permission sir.” I raised my hand and gave one ass cheek a hard swat. She whimpered and curled her hands into fists. I started to massage the area to soothe it. From there, I traveled lower so my thumb could gently massage her clit. She arched her back and moaned. When I got a reaction out of her, I slapped her other cheek. She squeaked, and jumped in fright, but relaxed back into my soft touch again soon.

“Are you enjoying this Ava?”

“Yes sir, very much. Your hands on me always feel-good sir.” I slapped her ass again.

“That is right, my hands on you. So why were your hands trying to touch where my hands belong?”

“It was a mistake sir.”

‘SLAP!’ I think she was starting to catch on that every time she answered, I would spank her.

“Do you think that is a good enough excuse for being naught?”

“No sir, it is not a good excuse. My pussy couldn’t take not being touched while I was sucking your cock.” I responded with two consecutive slaps to her rosy ass.

“Oh, so now it is your pussy; and what you want?”

“No! I’m sorry sir, I didn’t mean that!” I gave her two more slaps.

“If you didn’t mean it, then what did you mean? It sounded like you were pretty sure of yourself.”

“I was only trying to say that I was very aroused sir. All I could think about was how badly I wanted to be touched.”

“Weren’t you supposed to be working on my arousal, and how badly I wanted to be touched?”

“Yes sir, it was foolish. It will not happen again.”

“Won’t happen again? We are working on the now little slut. I’m not concerned about the gölbaşı azeri escort future just yet. What I want to know is what is going to be done about this right now.”

“Anything you deem fit sir. My punishment will be your decision alone. I will accept my punishment sir.” I slapped her ass again.

“Of course you will. I would expect nothing less from my perfect slut.” She didn’t say anything more. Her ass cheeks were red. She moved fearful that another strike might come down on her. My cock was still out, and hard from Ava’s blowjob and from striking her juicy ass. I stepped up behind her and let my cock rub against her.

Ava’s body tensed to keep herself still. She knew right now it was in her best interest to remain still. I had no intention of fucking Ava here. I slid between her legs and pressed them together around my shaft. She moaned as I moved between her thighs like I was fucking her. My dick grazed her clit and her back instantly arched in delight. I pushed her back down onto the table so she would not forget who was in control.

“Listen here slut. I want you to keep your legs closed. You’re going to do that for me, right? I don’t want to have to punish my sweet girl again, do I?”

“Of course, sir, anything you want.” I could tell she had more to say. I told her to tell me.

“Please sir, fuck me. I am desperate for your cock.” I pulled her head up by her hair. She whimpered as I pulled her up off the table so that I could whisper in her ear.

“No, this is what I want; so, this is what I am going to do. Today you are being very demanding and I don’t particularly like it. If you don’t start behaving then you won’t have any fun when I get home. Your punishment for demanding so much is silence. I do not want to hear another word out of your mouth unless I ask it. Is that understood?” She nodded her head already following my orders. I felt a little cruel, but it was clear by Ava’s arousal dripping down on my cock that she was aroused.

I used that lubrication to help myself enjoy between her legs. I kept my hand tangled in her hair. I was noticing more and more that Ava enjoyed a little bit of pain with her pleasure. It was a new experience for me. I had never been even remotely rough with any of my girlfriends before. With Ava, I reveled in whatever pleasure, or pain I could give her.

For the first time ever, I could describe a woman as mine. No one would ever touch Ava’s trim body, luscious tits, even each strand of hair was mine. I was always desperate to leave my marks on her. It seemed ridiculous that in such a short time my feelings had become so intense. I was also struggling with the reality that I was having these feelings for my sister. At the same time that knowledge excited me even more. It didn’t make sense, but I loved it all the same.

My intense thrusts were starting to make the table bang against the wall. I didn’t want the noise to attract anyone so pulled Ava up by her shoulders. I pinned her against my chest. I let go of her hair and put my hand around her neck. I was careful not to apply to much pressure. Ava clawed at my shirt with her tied hands.

“You like this slut? Do you like being my little fuck toy? Are your sweet legs going to milk the cum out of me?” I tried to trick Ava. She passed. She didn’t answer, but instead nodded her head. I smiled at her obedience.

“Good girl, you remembered. I may let you have some fun tonight after all.” The promise of tonight made her bit her lip and stifle a moan. Ava tightened her legs and I sprayed my load getting it on the floor and table.

I heard Ava whimper as I stopped. She was having a difficult time remaining calm. I had lost track of the number of times today that I had pleasured her, but did not ‘finish the job.’ I turned her around to tuck her into my chest so that I could untie her hands. I basked in the glow of our moment planting kisses on her cheek and neck. I cleaned up the area, and us, and then started pulling us out of the building. She gladly followed me to the back exit, and outside.

“I think it is safe to say I will be home a little later than expected. Maybe around 7 or 8. I still want dinner ready when I return. I’ll text you when I know what time I’ll be able to get out.” I told Ava as I drove her home. Ava responded with a nod of her head. I liked this obedience. I enjoyed that she would devote herself so seriously to following orders that I gave her. I held her hand as we drove.

“You’re so beautiful. I don’t know what to do with you anymore.” Ava kissed the back of my hand in thanks. I pulled up to the house and watched her go into the house. I had to force myself to turn around to go back to the office. I wanted to get things done as fast as possible so I could get home and be with Ava.

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