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Gregory A. Patrick

Jaiden Chapter 97

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Greg Patrick


“Jay, this is Jaiden. Did Jeremy get to Wellstone OK?” “He did, Jaiden, and he got to the dorm in time to get your and Peyton”s old room. He was on top of the world when Jay and I left Brevard. He has his car with him, so he will be able to get around town to do what he wants to do. We took him to Tony”s so he would know where the restaurant was, and we all had lunch with Tony. Tony looked Jeremy in the eyes and told him he would be watching him to ensure he didn”t get into trouble or get in with the wrong crowd. If he catches Jeremy touching alcohol or drugs, he has promised to call Don and me and we will take care of that problem Don”s way. Jeremy Knows full-well what is expected of him, and he has promised to deliver on his responsibilities.”


“He loves math, so he signed up to take college algebra his first semester, and he will have world geography, world history and English. He is versed in all those subjects, and should do well.” “That”s good to hear, Jay. I”m glad he was able to settle in so easily, and get the subjects he wanted. I hope he has a lot of fun at Wellstone that will help him put the past further behind him.” “That”s two of us, Jaiden.”


“Peyton, I spoke with Jay this afternoon, and Jeremy got settled in at Wellstone, and got signed up for the courses he wanted. He even got there in time to get our old room in the campus apartment. Jay and Don took his car down so he would have a way to get around, and then flew back to Erie. Before they left Brevard, they took Jeremy to Tony”s for lunch so he would know how to get to the restaurant. He”ll have fun exploring the Brevard area, especially once he finds all the hidden waterfalls, trout streams, and the mall. I thought we could call him after dinner tonight and see what he has found or done so far.” “Jaiden, I wonder if he”s had lunch at the cafeteria yet, and if he liked the food. I guess we”ll find out tonight.”


After Jaiden talked with Jay, he took the boys outside to play. As soon as they went back inside the house, they laid on the blanket Ginny had placed on the den floor and went to sleep. Peyton asked, “Jaiden, how long have the boys been asleep?” “About an hour; they played hard when they were outside. I brought them in when they were ready, and they laid on the quilt Ginny had put on the floor and went to sleep as soon as they laid down. They should get up and be ready to potty in the next thirty minutes or so.” “Well, until they wake up…” Peyton walked to Jaiden and pulled him into a gentle hug and kissed him.


They stood there for a few minutes as Peyton laid his head on Jaiden”s shoulder and Jaiden softly rubbed his back. Like Jaiden had done a few days earlier, Peyton got two hands full of Jaiden”s butt cheeks. “We need to be careful in front of the boys, Peyton, we don”t want them learning something too early.” “Yea, I guess you are right, Jaiden. I”m still waiting to see what they have learned to say without us realizing it. Speaking of what they can say, when they wake up, let”s see if we can get them to say, `we love you, Aunt Jenny,” and, if they can, call Jenny and let them say it to her. That should blow her mind.” “Yes, it would, Peyton. It would be fun to be a fly on her wall and see her face if the boys do that.” “Jade, why don”t we Skype her so we can see her face and she can see the boys?” “That”s not a bad idea, Peyton. We could teach them to say, `I love you Granny and PawPaw,” and then call your parents.” “Jaiden, don”t forget their Uncle Seth, we don”t want to leave him out and hurt his feelings.” “That”s true, thanks for reminding me, Love.”


Mark woke up first and climbed into Jaiden”s lap. Jaiden looked at his son and said, “Hi, handsome, Daddy loves you.” Jaiden was taken aback when Mark gave him a kiss and said, “Lu you, Da.” He melted. As the other four boys woke up, they climbed onto the couch to sit with their Dads. As they did, Peyton said, “I love you, Pumpkins!” The boys gave Peyton and Jaiden a kiss and snuggled next to their Dads. The love and calmness in the household has rubbed off on the children, and they were very calm as they continued to wake up.


Charley and Dale walked in the door as their children began to awaken. They went and helped their children potty, and then brought them into the den to play with their cousins. When the babies got together, you could see the wheels of their minds start turning as they began plotting what pranks they were going to pull on their Dads. All the Dads had learned to hang their keys high up at the door to the garage in the kitchen, so that prank is now off the table for the children. Even so, anything not hidden or locked up was fair game for hiding, and the children were incredibly gifted at hiding things.


“Jeremy, this is Uncle Jaiden. Your Uncle Peyton and I are hoping you had a great, first day at Wellstone.” “I did, Uncle Jaiden. I met my three roommates, and Carl Jacobson is rooming with me, and he is cute! I haven”t told him I am gay, because I am waiting to find out about him. I have my fingers crossed.” “Jeremy, be careful in what you do and with whom. If he is gay, you need to find out if he has or had a partner. You also need to find out, if you can covertly, if he has had multiple partners, and if he has, did he have an HIV test when he enrolled in Wellstone. There are some things you can”t get rid of once you get them, and I don”t want you getting yourself in a jam.”


“Uncle Jaiden, if he wants a relationship with me, he is going to the health center, with me, and we both will take an HIV test, and we will get our results together. If he doesn”t agree to that, there will be no relationship and no sex; I promise you that.” “Jeremy, I was hoping you would say that. I”ve always thought you were smarter than you let on, and you just proved me right; I”m proud of you for doing that. If you need anything, we expect you to let us know. I know you have Jay and Don, but you also have Peyton, Richard, and me. And you better not forget about Mom. She”ll want to know how you are doing.”


“I have already talked to her, Uncle Jaiden. She is going to ride down for the weekend in a couple of weeks and we”re supposed to go to Ruth Criss” Steakhouse. Tony told me he owned that restaurant, too.” “He does, Jeremy, and the steaks are excellent, and so is everything else on the menu.”


“Jeremy, the first week is going to be hectic for you, so don”t let it get to you. Don”t try to overdo everything, take things steadily, and you”ll be comfortable with your schedule. And don”t forget, while you have control of your time schedule, you must get enough rest, and exercise to keep your body healthy. I meant what I said: if you need ANYTHING, call your Uncles Peyton, Richard, or me and we”ll make sure you get what you need. Oh, yes, don”t forget that if your computer disappears, there is a theft tracer inside the computer, and we can find it wherever it might wind up, just don”t mention that to anybody.” “I won”t, Uncle Jaiden. I love you guys!” “We love you , too, buddy. We”ll call you in a week or so.”


“Jeremy, can I talk to you in the bedroom for a minute?” “Sure, Carl, I”m on my way.”


“Jeremy, please close the door.” “What”s up Carl?” “Jeremy, I don”t want to scare you away, but there is something I need to tell you.” “And that would be, Carl?” “Jeremy, I think you may have already suspected it because I am so obsessive-compulsive about cleanliness; the truth is, I am gay.” “SO! That doesn”t bother me in the least because I am also gay, and yes, I am more than attracted to you, but I won”t have any sexual relations with you unless you agree to go to the health center with me, and have an AIDS test, and agree to getting the results together.” “Jeremy, we can do that together tomorrow, and I won”t let them tell me my results unless you are with me.”


Jeremy walked over to Carl, took his face in his hands, and ever so gently kissed him. “Carl, there is something about me you need to know, and I”d rather tell you now than later. You know the names on the door, Jaiden Reynolds, and Peyton Riley?” “Yes, they are legends in these parts, and they recently won a Nobel Prize for their work in childhood education. And from what I have heard, they have done at least forty things no other graduates have done in the history of Wellstone.” “Carl, that is all true. Jaden and Peyton are my uncles.” “Jeremy, you have got to mezitli escort be shitting me!”


“I”m not, I promise. About a year ago, my biological sperm donor tried to kill me when I came out and told him I was gay. He broke my legs in two places each, and most of my ribs on the left side, and ruptured my spleen, and liver. I was in the hospital for almost two months. Jaiden and Peyton went to the hospital with me when the ambulance took me into the emergency room, and they assisted the doctor who did my surgery. That was a test for them, and a week later they were physician”s assistants working at the hospital. I have never seen Jaiden and Peyton as angry as they were that night. Peyton is a world champion martial arts expert; most people don”t know that. He wanted to get his hands on my sperm donor and the police wouldn”t let him because they knew he would kill them, and believe me, he would have.”


“They took such good care of me that I was able to get out of the hospital a month early. The car I have was a gift to me from Jaiden”s mother, whom I call Grandma. She really is a Grandma to me and I don”t think she could love me any more than a blood-related grandma could.”


“The night I got to the hospital, Jaiden and Peyton called Dr. Don Brannen to come to the emergency room to see me because my injuries were so bad. They weren”t physician”s assistants at the time, but they were in medical school at LECOM in Erie. I had been taken to their home for them to find out what had happened to me. The police officers I told you about, they are Jaiden”s cousins. When they got to the house to talk to me, Jaiden called the meanest Judge in Erie and he came to Jaiden”s and Peyton”s house, talked to me, and he got so angry he almost had a stroke. The Judge and his husband stayed at the hospital all night to make sure I would be OK after surgery. Jaiden sat in a chair in the intensive care room I was in and held my hand the whole night.”


“Jaiden”s Mom, who is a doctor seven hours away in Virginia, came into my room the next morning to check on me. Peyton”s parents flew up from Alabama. Where they live is twelve hours from Erie. Peyton”s Dad is a big man, and if he could have gotten his hands on my sperm donor, he would have taken him apart limb-by-limb.”


The morning after my surgery, the Judge had my sperm-donor, and my mother in court at nine. In less than thirty minutes, my bio-donor had received numerous consecutive sentences which meant he would spend the rest of his life in prison. My mother wound up getting seventy-five years for what happened to me. She will probably get out of prison in 45 years, if she lives that long. Jaiden bought their house and is leasing it out until I graduate from college and start my career. He said he was going to give me the house as a graduation present. Two months after my bio-dad got to prison, he was murdered by fellow inmates.”


“It upset me for about all of thirty minutes, until I came to my senses and realized how much I was loved by the man who had custody of me. I talked to Jaiden about my foster Dad adopting me, and he talked to a lawyer friend in his synagogue, and the lawyer drew up the paperwork and had me adopted by my foster Dad by the end of the week. My foster Dad”s husband is the judge who sentenced by bio-parents to prison. Peyton”s uncle is the Dean of men here at Wellstone, and his aunt is the Director of Housing. Jaiden talked to them, and because my grades were so good, they helped Jaiden get me in college two years early. Since I told you that, I will answer the question I am sure is on your mind: I am sixteen.”


“I know that can put a damper on things, but my Dads and my uncles don”t care if I have a relationship with someone a little bit older as long as I am careful, don”t get abused, don”t do drugs, or drink. The most important thing to them is that I truly care about and can learn to love the person I choose to be my partner, and that my partner does not cheat on me. If that happens, everything is over! Now, I have to ask you: can you understand and agree with what I have said?”


Carl stood there trembling without saying a word as tears flooded from his eyes. “Carl, are you OK?” He shook his head yes, walked over to Jeremy and ever so gently hugged him and kissed the top of his head. It took quite a while for Carl to calm down, he said, “Jeremy, I have never been in a relationship, never had sex, and never told anybody except you that I am gay. That doesn”t matter because I am going to take the AIDS test with you tomorrow, and we”ll be together when we get the results. I have never felt in love with anybody, and I haven”t wanted to be in love with anybody until I walked into the apartment this past weekend and met you. Jeremy, I fell head-over-heels in love with you the minute I saw you.”


Jeremy was so stunned he was the one who now couldn”t say a word. He took his phone out of his pocket and called Jaiden. “Uncle Jaiden, this is Jeremy, I am sorry to bother you; would you please talk to Carl?” “Jeremy, if you want me to talk to Carl for you, I”d be happy to.” “Let me hand him the phone. While the two of you talk, I am going in the commons room and watch some television.” “OK, that”s fine, Jeremy”


“Hello, Mr. Reynolds, this is Carl Jacobson, Jeremy”s roommate.” “Carl, first off, my name is Jaiden, not Mr. Reynolds.” “Yes, sir.” “Jeremy asked me to talk with you, and I don”t know why. What did you two guys talk about before he called me?”


“Jaiden, Jeremy and I are going to the health center tomorrow and take an AIDS test together, and when we get the results, we are going to be there together at the same time so we both hear each other”s results. I have never been in a relationship of any kind, I have never had sex, and I have never told anybody that I am gay. I haven”t even told my parents. When I walked into the apartment and saw Jeremy, I fell head-over-heels in love with him, and I know he is the person I want to spend my life with.”


“Carl, do you have any idea what you have described to me?” “No, sir.” “You have just described what happened to me when Peyton and I met on our first day in the apartment. We have been together six years and we have been married two of those years, and we have five sons. I know what you are feeling, what you are going through, so I will give you this advice: take it easy, and take everything one day at a time. Always be calm with each other. If you get angry about something, don”t try to talk about it while you are mad; calm down first.”


“And above all, don”t fuss with, cuss at, or argue with each other about anything. If you think you must argue about something, it doesn”t need to be a part of your life. Do you understand what I am saying to you?” “”Yes, sir: we need to love each other, not fight each other; that love and concern for each other is the most important thing to have in our relationship.” “Precisely, Carl. The last part of that is if someone you know becomes toxic to your relationship, and causes you problems, no matter who they are, they don”t need to be in your life.”


“If it is your parents who become angry, they will get over it. It may take some time, but they will get over whatever makes them angry. If they don”t, I know a short, dark-haired, stubborn, obstinate, Jewish doctor who is not afraid to “explain” things her way. The other two names on the door to the apartment, they are also legal uncles to Jeremy. I want you to call them Saturday, and ask them what my mother did to their parents, and what happened afterward. I am not going to give it away, just call and speak to Dale and Charley, and that is what you are to call them, understand?” “Yes, sir, I Understand?” “Go in the living room and tell Jeremy I want to talk to him for a minute.” “Yes, sir, hold on just a moment.”


“Jeremy, Jaiden wants to talk to you for a moment.” “Hey, Jaiden.” “Jeremy, I think Carl is me all over again, and you are the Peyton in the budding relationship. Are the beds still together or apart. They are still together, but we talked about separating them because we weren”t sure what to do.”


“Jeremy, go to the Schwartz Home Store at the mall, and ask for Jason. If he is there, get him to call me on your phone. If he isn”t there, ask if there is anybody there who knows me personally, and if there is, get them to call me, and I”ll tell them what I want them to do.” “OK, Jaiden, we”re headed there now.” “Good. Don”t forget to call me.”


“This is Jason Schwartz at Schwartz Home Store in Brevard; may I speak to Jaiden Reynolds?” “Jason, this is Jaiden; how are you, dude?” “Jaiden, I am great. Congrats on everything that has occurred for you. We”re incredibly proud of you here. You getting the Nobel Prize in Education blew our minds.” “It blew ours, too. The hardest thing Peyton and I had to do was leave our children in Erie while we flew to Oslo.” “Jaiden, did you say children?”


“Jason, I did. Peyton”s sister, Jenny, was a surrogate for me, and her friend, Jennifer, was a surrogate for Peyton. Jenny wound up having triplet boys, and Jennifer had twin boys, so Peyton and I have five sons, all eight months old, and already walking, running, and saying things we didn”t know they could say. Do you remember Dale and Charley?” “I do, how are they doing?” “They are doing well and will graduate from Penn State on June second, and then we all will travel to Brevard on June fourth for their graduation on June fifth. They will be the second Co-Valedictorians in Wellstone”s history. They also have five children, 1 girl, and four boys, and we are all in one big house.”


“Ten babies in one house? Jaiden, how do y”all pozcu escort manage that?” “Jason, the babies are exceptionally good, they never fuss or fight except over French fries, and they don”t cry. They are just turning eight months old; they have been potty trained for a month; they walk and run, and they are talking. Unfortunately, their first words were, `damn cat,” that they learned from Peyton and me when a neighbor”s cat pees on a post holding up our deck.”


“Man, that is awesome to hear about. Jeremy and Carl are here, and asked me to call you; they said you wanted to talk to me.” “I do. I want them to get two sets of 100% combed Egyptian cotton sheets, 1,000 thread count, and two sets of Royal Blue Satin sheets, all queen size, and the high thread count. Get them two of the best queen size pillows you have, and pillow cases to match the sheets if they don”t come with the sheets. The last thing is a memory foam mattress pad, 6 inches thick if you have it.”


“Jason, I have everything you asked for in stock.” “Great, I want to put it on my debit card. If they find they need something else, put it on the same card and just let me know. I have my bank account open on the computer, so I”ll see the charge and record it. Tell Jeremy to call me as soon as he gets back to their apartment. “Will do, Jaiden. When you guys come down in June, please call me, and let”s do lunch at Ruth Criss” Steak House.” “We”ll do that, Jason, have a great week.” “You, too, Jaiden.”


“Jeremy, Jaiden said to call him as soon as you walk into your apartment.” “OK. Jason, thank you.!” “You guys are welcome. Here are your sheets. Jaiden said if you need anything else to get it and let him know. Do you need study lamps for your desks in the apartment?” “No, they have LED lamps installed under the book shelf on the desks, so we have great, shadow-free lighting.” “Good, if you need something, let me know and I”ll get it for you. Don”t forget to call Jaiden.” “We won”t. Thanks!”


“Jaiden, this is Jeremy. We just got back to the apartment, and Jason said to call you when we did.” “I, did, Jeremy. You told me the beds were still hooked together, didn”t you?” “Yes, sir, they are.” “Good, you and Carl unpack the memory foam mattress topper and let it expand; It shouldn”t take but a minute or two. Lay it over the mattresses when you unpack it.” “OK, Jaiden, we have that done.” Now, put the mattress cover on the topper.” “Done, Jaiden.” “Now put the satin sheets on the bed and put the blanket on top.” “OK, we have the bed made.”


“Now that the bed is made, make Carl go take a long, warm shower. While he is in the shower, get undressed and walk into the bathroom. When you get into the bathroom, open the shower door, and quickly push Carl against the back wall of the shower, and climb into the shower with him. As soon as you get into the shower, keep him pinned against the shower wall and kiss him as sensually as you can. Don”t have sex until you both have the test at the health center, but you can give him a hand job to get him to relax, and if you want, he can give you one.”


“Then take a washcloth and bathe him from head to toe, and then wash his hair with shampoo. Turn him around and wash his pubes with the same shampoo, and then let him bathe you. Dry each other off and then climb under the satin sheets naked, and cuddle until you get up for breakfast in the morning. You both will wake up with the most amazing feeling you have ever had; and don”t ask me how I know!”


The next morning, Jeremy and Carl woke up in each other”s arms, and Jaiden was right: they woke up with the most amazing feelings they have ever had. Jeremy called Jaiden and said, “Jaiden, we did exactly what you said to do last night. The way you said we”d wake up feeling this morning, we did. Thank you! We love you, bye,” and with that, Jeremy hung up the phone.


“Jaiden, what”s so funny?” “Peyton, do you remember the first night in the apartment after we put the beds together, what you did to me in the shower, and how we felt after you snuck the satin sheets on the bed for the first night we slept comfortably together?” “Jaiden, I”ll never forget that night.” “Peyton, I told Jeremy to do that last night. I called Jason Schwartz and had him get them some satin and regular sheets. The satin sheets are royal blue. Jeremy put them on the bed while Carl was taking a shower and then got into the shower with Carl, and they did what we did, except they used their hands. I told Jeremy they would wake up this morning with the most amazing feelings they would ever have. He called to say we did, and we did! Then he said thank you and hung up before I could say anything.”


“Jaiden, that is awesome that Jeremy would call like that. We”ll have to call him at the end of the week and see how things are going for him.” “Peyton, from the way he sounded, they are probably going to be busy this weekend.” “You think! After what you told them?” “Yep, they are going to the health center today and get their HIV test to make sure they are safe. I know Jeremy has had a partner, but they didn”t have intercourse. Carl talked to me in depth, and he has never had a partner or any sexual relations.”


“The first person he ever came out to was Jeremy. His parents don”t even know he is gay. Does that sound familiar to you?” “Too familiar. I hope when he does tell his parents they will be understanding and as accepting as our parents were.” “Well, if they aren”t, he knows about Mom, and he”s supposed to call Dale and Charley Saturday morning to talk to them about what he may expect when he tells his parents. They are supposed to visit Saturday week.”


At ten Saturday morning, Dale”s phone rang. It was Jeremy calling to let Carl speak to Dale and Charley. Dale motioned for Jaiden and Peyton to come into the den with him and Charley. “Jeremy, is it ok with you and Carl if I put the phone on speakerphone so Charley and I can talk to you two together?” “That”s fine Uncle Dale. Carl, Uncle Dale and Uncle Charley are on the phone, talk to them about coming out to your parents.”


“Mr. Jacobs-Anderson…” “Stop right there, Carl, I am Dale and my husband is Charley, understand?” “Yes, sir. My parents don”t know I am gay, at least I don”t think they do, and I don”t know how to tell them.” “Carl, you don”t know how to tell them, or are you scared to tell them? Sir, it is both. I can”t go to college if they get mad and disown me.” “The hell you can”t, we”ll take care of that, so don”t worry about affording college; there are too many scholarships flying around for you to be worried about affording college!” “Are you sure, Dale. No, Carl, I”m not sure, I”m positive. Don”t worry about that. Your college will be taken care of if they get mad and stop supporting you.” “How?” “Carl, I have told you twice, don”t worry about that, it will be taken care of, so stop fretting. Jeremy will explain that to you after we hang up.”


“Carl, where do your parents live?” “Dale, they live in Pensacola, Florida, on the corner of St. Amatus Road and Davis Boulevard.” “Carl, you”re shitting me!” “No, I”m not, why would you say that to me?” My parents live in Pensacola, Charley”s parents live in Milton, and Peyton”s parents live in Orange Beach.”


“Carl, let me throw a proposal at you: I will call my Dad, Charley will call his Dad, and we”ll get them to Call Peyton”s Dad and then the three of them can have lunch with your Dad and talk to him so you won”t have to face that fear. After they talk to your Dad, they can call you and let you know how things went at lunch.” “Dale, you and Charley would do that for me?” “In a heartbeat, buddy!”


Dale got the name of Carl”s Dad, Randy, his parent`s address, and their telephone number.


“Carl, did Jaiden tell you what his mother did for us?” “No, sir, he told us you would tell us about it.” “Well, without us knowing it, Jaiden”s mother flew from Virginia to Orange Beach and she, and Peyton”s Mom and Dad confronted our Dad”s at their offices. She backed them up against a wall and reamed them a new asshole. My Dad said she was like a lioness protecting her cubs. Our Dads apologized to us in a very public venue in front of over a thousand people. We have had a beautiful relationship since, and they are incredibly involved in our children”s lives, their only grandchildren.”


“Charley”s Dad spent two months here in Erie, and had a crew add an extensive addition onto the house because of the number of children we had on the way, and so the surrogate moms would have rooms to stay in when they returned to Erie for the births of the babies.”


“I will call Peyton”s Dad, and get him to get with Charley”s and my Dad, and then call your Dad and make a lunch date with him so they can talk to him about you being gay; so, you don”t have to face that fear. As soon as we know something, we”ll call and let you know.” “OK, thank you so much.” “You are welcome, Buddy.”


“Hi, Mom, is Dad at home?” “He is, Peyton, let me get him on the phone.” “Hey, son, what”s up?” “Dad, I need a special favor. You can say no if you want to, and I will understand.” “What”s the favor, Peyton?” “Dad, Jeremy started Wellstone on Monday, and he has a roommate who had never come out as gay until he told Jeremy yesterday. He doesn”t know if his parents know or not, and he is scared to death.” “Peyton, where do his parent”s live?” They live in Pensacola at the corner of St. Amatus Road and Davis Boulevard.” “And his Dad”s name is?” “Dad, his name is Randy Jacobson.” Peyton, would his son”s name be Carl?” “Yes, sir, how did you know?”


“Peyton, Randy and I have been friends for years, escort bayan and they are members of the synagogue here. They never joined the synagogue in Pensacola when they moved there, and still attend the synagogue here in Orange Beach. Let me call Randy, and I will call you back.” “Thanks, Dad.” “Sure thing, son.”


“Randy, this is Jim Riley, how are you doing?” “I am doing well, Jim, how about you.” “:Fit as a fiddle, Randy.” “I haven”t had a chance to talk to you yet, but Helen and I were so proud of Peyton and Jaiden for being awarded the Nobel Prize in Education. We cried when we heard the news.” “Randy, I appreciate you saying that. You know about our grandchildren?” “Yes, we do, and we love hearing of their exploits. Dale Anderson tells us what all ten children are up to, and says they have Jenny”s sense of humor.” “That they do, Randy, and it is on 24/7.” “I feel so sorry for Peyton and Jaiden if that is the case.” “So do Phyllis and I. At least Jaiden has learned to put his keys where the boys can”t get to them and hide them.”


“Randy, talking about Peyton and Jaiden, I was asked to call you about another matter.” “Jim, is it about Carl being gay? “It is, Randy. He came out to his roommate so there wouldn”t be any question about anything. You are talking about Jeremy, aren”t you?” “Yes, how did you know?”

“Jeremy”s Dads, Don and Jay, and I are also old friends from when Don lived in this area, and Don and I have already talked.” “Amazing! Carl is quaking in his boots he is so scared to come out to you and Helen.” “Jim, it breaks my heart to hear that.” “Carl told Jaiden and Peyton he is scared to death you will disown him when he comes out to you and Helen, and that you won”t help him through school.”


“Damn it!…


“Excuse me, Jim, I am sorry I got so upset about this. I need to call Carl right now, and talk to him. Let me call you back.” “OK, Randy. Let me know if I can help with anything. If you need to talk, call me any time.” “Thanks, Jim, I may have to do that.”


“Carl, this is Dad. Get Jeremy in the room with you, and put your phone on speaker phone?” “Yes, sir.” “Jeremy, can you come in the bedroom, please.” “What”s up, Carl? ” “My Dad is on the phone and he wants to speak to both of us.” When Carl said that, Jeremy turned as white as a sheet.


“Dad, the speakerphone is on.” “Son, it broke my heart when I found out you were scared to come out to your Mom and me. We”ve known you were gay since you were a child. We didn”t say anything because we wanted you to be comfortable in your own skin, and because we wanted you to be as well-adjusted as possible. We aren”t going to disown you because you are gay, and we certainly aren”t going to stop loving you. You are our son, and we will always love you, and we will love whomever you love, and choose as your mate. And we damn sure, are not going to stop helping you with college, so please stop worrying about that. Jeremy, are you listening?” “Yes, sir.” “Don, Jay, and Peyton”s parents and I have been friends for years, and as soon as Jay and Don found out the two of you were rooming together, they called me. I think it is an incredible blessing that the two of you wound up together, especially after all you went through, Jeremy. I have known about that since it happened, and Jay and Don were working so hard to adopt you. So, all I have to say to you is this: welcome to the family, son.”


Randy Jacobson held the phone for some time, until Carl, and Jeremy stopped crying. They were so relieved that everything was ok. When they calmed down, Carl said, “Dad, thank you for understanding and being so loving.” “Carl, you are my son, and nothing will change that, and nothing will change your Mom”s or my love for you. Now, when we hang up, give Jeremy a kiss, and you two lie down and hold each other until you calm down.” “Yes sir, thanks Dad.” “You are welcome, son. Now calm down, enjoy college, enjoy your relationship with Jeremy, and enjoy life. I love you, and I always will.”


“Jim, this is Randy. I talked with Jeremy and Carl together ,and everything is settled and OK. I put both at ease and I did it your way.” “What do you mean, Randy?” “Jim, I told Carl that when we hung up, I wanted him to kiss Jeremy, and I wanted them to lie down and hold each other until they calmed down. Thank you for cluing me in, that meant so much to me.” “Randy, that”s how I thought you”d feel, but I promised Jaiden I would call you for the boys.” “Jim, would you please give me Peyton”s cell number.” “Sure, I”ll text it to you right now.” “Thanks, Jim, I”ll call Peyton right now.”


“Peyton, this is Randy Jacobson. Did you and your husband encourage my son in a gay relationship?” “Yes, sir, we did. He called and talked to us, and was scared to death to tell you.” “Well, let me tell you something right now! Thank you sincerely from the bottom of my heart for doing that. You have no idea how much your kindness to Carl means to me.”


“Peyton, your Dad, and I have been friends since before you were born, and so have Dale and Angie Anderson and I. I have followed your and Jaiden”s accomplishments, and saying I am incredibly proud of you both, doesn”t come close to adequately expressing how proud I am for you, and the same goes for Dale and Charley, so yes, I know about them as well. Please continue to encourage Carl and Jeremy. As soon as Don and Jay found out they were rooming together, they called me with the news and made my day. Don and I go way back since he grew up in this area.”


“Mr. Jacobson, thank you for your kind words. We weren”t sure what to expect when you found out Carl was gay. You have no idea how relieved Jaiden and I are, and Charley and Dale are sitting here in tears listening to what you have said.” “Peyton, I knew what they went through as well, and it broke my heart. When Helen and I found out Dale”s and Dale Jr”s relationship had been mended, we sat on the couch and cried for an hour. If Peggy and Jim hadn”t done what they did…Peggy is one gutsy lady.” “That she is, Mr. Jacobson, and very lovingly so.” “Guys, if you hear Carl is going through any rough times, please call and let me know; I would appreciate that so much. And by the way, Jaiden, I have an idea what you told Jeremy when you talked with him. He didn”t say, it is just a feeling I had and still have. When I talked with the two of them, they cried their hearts out. It was so heartbreaking to me. I told Carl that when we hung up, I wanted him to kiss Jeremy, and then I wanted them to lie down and hold each other until they calmed down.” “Mr. Jacobson, you have no idea how badly Jaiden needed to hear that. He just walked out on the deck, and he is sitting in a chair crying his heart out, so thank you for what you said to him.”


“Peyton, you are welcome. Keep up the good work, and I will talk to you later. We will be flying to Erie at some point in the future so Carl can see Jeremy during school holidays, so perhaps we can meet and have dinner together.” “That would be nice, Mr. Jacobson, call us when you are going to be in the area, and thanks for calling.”


“Holy cow, Dale, Charley; I didn”t expect that call. Let me go out on the deck and see if I can get Jaiden calmed down.”


As Peyton walked out on the deck, Jaiden”s phone rang. Peyton was surprised when he heard Jaiden say, “Hi, Mom, what”s up?” “Jaiden, I got a call from Randy Jacobson saying you got very emotional when he called to talk with you four about Carl and Jeremy.” “Mom, do you know Mr. Jacobson as well?” “I do. Jaiden, he, Phyllis, Jim, and I go way back to when my family used to visit Phyllis”s. I just wanted to make sure you are OK.” “I”m OK, Mom, we just didn”t expect his telephone call to be so loving and understanding, and it got to me. Jeremy has been through so much, and to have someone we don”t know tell us they love Jeremy the way you said early on that you loved Peyton…”


“Son, I still do, way more than in the earlier times.” “Mom, thanks for calling and supporting me. I wish I knew how to tell you what your support means to me.” “Son, you don”t have to tell me because you always show me, and that speaks volumes for me.” “Thanks, Mom, I think I am going to bed early and try to get some rest.” “Son, I hope you and Peyton can calm down and rest peacefully tonight.” “We will, Mom, thanks for calling.” “Jaiden, I”ll talk to you later in the week.”


When Jaiden”s Mom hung up, Peyton”s phone rang. “Peyton, this is Carl. How did you do what you did so quickly?” “Carl, I did not know my parents, and Jaiden”s Mom, were longtime friends with your parents, and that your family are members of my home synagogue. When I talked to my Dad, he told me your Dad, and he were long-time friends and he would speak to your Dad. Your Dad called us after he spoke to you and Jeremy, and we didn”t expect him to be so loving and understanding.” “I didn”t either, Peyton. Thank you so much for what you did, for getting rid of my fear about coming out to my parents. I will always love you guys, like Jeremy does, for what you have done for both of us.” “We love you two as well, Carl. You be good to each other. If you don”t, you will have to deal with me, and Jeremy will tell you, you don”t want to have to do that. If you two need anything, you better let us know. We won”t be happy campers if we find out you needed something and didn”t tell us.”


“Now, you two are supposed to be lying down and holding each other. So, get naked, get under the satin sheets, and hold each other. We”ll talk to you this weekend to see how things are going for you two.” “Yes Sir, thank you again for what you did.” You are welcome, buddy, now get to bed and get some sleep.” “Yes, sir!”


Carl took Jeremy by the hand, and led him into the bedroom where he slowly undressed him. When Jeremy was naked, he undressed Carl, and they warmly embraced, and shared a tender kiss before crawling under the satin sheets for the first peaceful sleep Carl has had in years.

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