Jenny or not


Jenny or not
I was at home with mom and it was getting late and we were just sitting on the couch together and mom was watching TV but it was some stupid reality show and I hate those but it was nice just to sit there and I only had my underwear on under this giant blanket that I have and I was just playing a game on my phone but I was quickly bored with it.
And Cait and her mom and dad had been away for almost two weeks and I had spent the weekend after they left with Lucy and Veronica and we had a great time and the first night there I slept on the floor next to Lucy’s bed and Veronica slept in her bed head to toe with Lucy like always and then the second night we switched and Veronica slept on the floor and I woke up in the middle of the night and Veronica was sitting on her knees on the floor by the bed and she had her hand in my panties and her mouth on my nipple and I let her play with me until I came and then she kissed my cheek and laid back down and went to sleep and I fell asleep too and Lucy had no idea.
But then Lucy and her mom had to leave town too and so this weekend I was at home with mom and none of them texted me or anything and so I just looked through stuff on my phone like old pictures and messages and stuff, but of course I skipped all the pictures that Cait and I had taken at the gym because I didn’t want to get all turned on sitting next to mom.
And then I found the name ‘Jenny’ in my contacts list and at first I couldn’t remember who that was because I didn’t know any Jenny and I checked and I had never called or texted this person and I almost just deleted the number when I suddenly remembered who it was.
That woman in the bus station that time, and her name wasn’t really Jenny as far as I knew and I had forgotten all about her.

And I looked at the TV and some guy was crying because some girl didn’t want to be on his team for today’s challenge of whatever, and I shuddered and said “Mom, this is so stupid” and she said “No it’s not, honey. Shh.”
And so I looked down at my phone again and I wrote ‘Hi. How are you?’ and sent it to Jenny and after just a minute or so she answered ‘Fine, thanks. Sorry, but who’s this?’ and I wrote ‘The girl from the bus station’ and this time there was no answer. So after a while I wrote ‘Remember me?’ and she answered ‘No. So please don’t contact me again’ and I almost did like she asked because I could picture her freaking out right now and I wasn’t really mean like that, but then after maybe 15 minutes of guys crying and girls being half naked and just totally brainless I sent her another text; ‘I want you to do it again’ and she answered ‘No. Absolutely not. Please leave me alone.’
Then I wrote ‘I’ll let you do more’ and it took a while for her to answer, but when she did it said ‘What?’
‘Anything you want’ I wrote.
‘No. Please don’t do this. Please leave me alone.’
‘I’ll let you eat my pussy.’
‘I taste really good.’
‘No. Please. I’m married.’
‘Where is your husband right now?’
‘They’re all asleep. Please leave me alone and delete my number. Please!’
‘Send me a pic of you naked.’
‘No! Please. I made a mistake. I’m sorry. I don’t want to do this. Please stop!’
But of course I was having too much fun to stop and it felt good to be this bad and her begging me to stop like that was turning me on a little and so I switched to the camera on my phone and put it under my blanket and I looked at mom but she was engrossed in the show and so I pulled my bra away from my left breast and took a picture and you couldn’t see the flash through the blanket and then I looked at the picture and it was just a little out of focus but it looked good and I sent it to Jenny.
Then I wrote ‘Your turn.’
And this time I figured I would give her all the time she needed to answer and it took a while and the show ended and I said “Finally” and I reached for the remote but mom snatched it away from my fingertips and said “Don’t touch that” and after the commercials it was just the next part of the same show and I sighed and said “Mo-om!” and she said “Shh!” again.

And then Jenny sent me a picture and it was of both her boobs and she had clearly taken it in her bathroom mirror and the reflection of the flash ruined most of it but her boobs were definitely nice and just a little bit saggy but not much, and the text she sent after it said ‘That’s all I will do. Bye!’

So then I put my phone under the blanket again and between my thighs this time and I reached around my thigh with my other hand and pulled my panties a little to the side and took a picture and I looked at it and seeing a picture of my own pussy like that actually turned me on more and I took another picture just because, and the second one looked better and you could even see I was a little wet and so I sent that one.
‘Please stop!’ she wrote and I just wrote ‘Your turn’ again.
And then after maybe 10 minutes she sent me a picture of her pussy, just from the front with her legs together and it was really pretty with just a tiny triangle of hair above it and it was a little red and nubby like she had just shaved before she took the picture, and then I took another picture of mine and this time when I pulled my panties aside I also put the tip of my middle finger inside.
And she actually sent me another picture almost right away and in it she was doing the same thing I did, but she had two fingers inside of her and she had them deeper in than what I had done and now it was like she was daring me to do more but there wasn’t really much more I could do without the risk of mom noticing so I took a picture of my pussy with my middle finger and my ring finger all the way in like she had done and sent it to her and while I waited for her to send me another I kept my fingers inside of me and pushed them in and out a little just very slowly and it felt so good and mom was just completely absorbed in the show so I kept fucking myself carefully. And then suddenly and like totally out of the blue I came and I had to kind of choke it and it turned into one of those slow orgasms that almost hurt a little because it never peaks because you can’t go faster or harder to make it do that and so it just goes on and on and you’re exhausted when it’s over but you still need one more right away, and then there was another message on my phone but it was just a text and it said ‘No more’ and when I could breathe normally again I wrote ‘Not fair. You owe me one’ and then she sent me another and she was holding her pussy open with two fingers and then she wrote ‘Enough now! Please go away” and I wrote ‘No. I want to see more’ because I did and it took a few minutes again but she wrote ‘It’s your turn’.
And I put my phone under the blanket and between my thighs again but then mom turned around and I froze like that and there was a commercial break on and she said “Hungry, honey?” and I said “No thanks” and then she said “Well I’m having something” and then she got up from the couch and so I said “Yeah me too, I think. Just whatever you’re having” and she went into the kitchen and I quickly kicked my blanket off and pulled my panties off and dropped them on the floor and then I stood up and put my phone behind me and spread my legs standing up like that so I could take a picture of my ass and pussy and then I sat back down and pulled the blanket over me before I sent it to her.

And mom came back with half a ham and cheese sandwich for herself and the other half for me but I didn’t touch mine and we just sat there and watched TV and I waited for Jenny and the show ended and mom got up from the couch and said “I think I’m going to bed” and that’s when she called me.
And I never would have thought that she would do that and I jumped up from the couch and said “Okaygoodnightmom” because I had to run to my room before I answered of course but mom was standing on a piece of the blanket and so when I ran I got stuck in it and tripped and fell forward and I landed face down on the floor and the phone slid out of my hand and disappeared . And I got up on all fours to look for it and it was caught between the front paws of this really ugly porcelain dalmatian that we had had since forever and I crawled over there to get it and it was still ringing and then mom said “What in the world have you been doing??” and that’s when I remembered I had taken my panties off.

And I spun around and grabbed for the blanket but it was just out of reach and then I realized I now had my legs spread and my pussy wide open for mom to see and I slammed my thighs together and said “Fuck, mom, don’t look!” and I slid on my ass across the floor and under the blanket and tried to find my panties and mom walked over and picked up my phone and she looked at it and then she turned it towards me and the screen said ‘Jenny calling’ but it also showed the last message sent and of course that was the picture of my ass and pussy, and mom said “Do you want me to answer this for you?” and I said “No!!”

And I put my panties on and got up and the phone stopped ringing and I tried to grab it from her but she snatched it away from me and said “So who’s Jenny” and I said “Just a friend, mom” and then she shook the phone in my face and said “This isn’t fair to Caitlin, you know” and I said “What? She doesn’t mind” and mom said “I’m not so sure”.
And we just stood there for a few seconds and then mom gave me the phone and she said “Look, it’s none of my business. But just think it through, okay?” and I said “Yes, mom”.
And then she said “And doing… that… in front of your mother, is not okay” and I said “I know, mom. I’m sorry”.

So I went to my room and laid down on the bed and my hands were actually shaking a little and my heart was beating fast, because I was embarrassed and because I was angry. I was angry at mom and I was angry at Jenny for trying to call me and kinda breaking the rules of our game like that.
And I was angry at myself because I was actually hornier now than before mom caught me.

And then Jenny texted me again as if she had read my mind from wherever she was;
‘I’m so sorry. It was stupid of me to call. I’m glad you didn’t pick up.’
So I wrote ‘I wasn’t alone. But I am now. Call again.’ But she answered ‘No. Stop. This is over. DON’T contact me again!!’
And when I read that I suddenly wasn’t horny anymore, and this game wasn’t fun anymore and I was just tired so I sent ‘I won’t. Bye.’

So I went to wash up and brush my teeth and mom was already done and was in her room and when I went back to bed I fell asleep right away and I remember I had this strange dream where I was on a train going somewhere and I was standing by the window looking out and there were hundreds of unicorns on a field outside and it looked so peaceful and nice and then someone behind me yelled “Fire!” and an alarm went off and I turned around and it was Cait yelling and she threw burning hot coffee in my face and then I woke up because the alarm was my phone beeping and it was the middle of the night and it was a text from Jenny and it said ‘Are you awake?’

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