JENNY’S SECRET (A lesbian tale)


JENNY’S SECRET (A lesbian tale)JENNY’S SECRET (a Lesbian tale)Jenny hated this part of town. She read the address on the small slip of paper the girl had given her in the factory’s cafeteria. It read “35 Simmons, apt. 2”. Jenny opened the outside door and faced the mailboxes and the buttons. There were only two buttons, one was so worn that the number was illegible; the other showed “2”. Jenny rang. “Here”, shouted an Asian woman in her 50s, from a half-opened door a few feet away.“You’re Jenny ?”, she asked“Yes”, answered a rather frightened Jenny. Actually she was more ashamed that frightened.“It’s 10 dollars you know”, said the lady chewing gumJenny gave her two 5 dollar bills. “Is she Asian ?”, asked Jenny, her voice shaking“No…she no Asian…you want Asian ?”, answered the woman“No…no…I mean…no I don’t need Asian”, stammered Jenny“She white..nice girl…clean…pretty…you look at picture ?”, asked the Asian madam“No..I haven’t seen picture..I mean a picture”, answered Jenny frowningThe lady shuffled her feet into the small room and came back with a small snapshot which she showed Jenny, but still holding on to it. It showed a young lady in her early 20s, sitting on a fence in the country. It was taken from a distance but Jenny could see the girl looked nice.“Ok..”, said Jenny, “now give me her address”.The woman pointed down the hallway with her chin.“She next room”, said the woman, “but not now…tomorrow night…8 o’clock”.“Yes…I know..I didn’t come to…I mean…I knew it was going to be later”, stammered“Ok…you can come back tomorrow ?”, asked the madam“Yes…of course…8 o’clock tomorrow night”, answered a blushing Jenny, “Thank you”.And she quickly left the rooming house.—————————————————————————————————-Ever since the United States had entered the war, all the men — well most of them — had been shipped out and the effort to produce what was needed overseas was tremendous. Jenny worked in a shoe factory, which made boots for the troops. Jenny was a spinster and still lived at home. Her father had always been ill and her mother spent most of her time taking care of him. Jenny had just turned 40 and at that age, everyone had given up on finding her a husband. The main problem was not that she was not attractive or bad-tempered, it was more the fact that she never put her mind to it. She seemed to always find an excuse to ignore the men who were interested in her or discourage them to persevere. Her parents were not worried about her and that was the most important thing for Jenny. As far as what the neighbors said or the people at the factory, she couldn’t care less. Jenny was by no means a fashion model but she had a pleasant face, rather bony and thin, medium-size breasts, and she was quite tall for a woman, with a lovely rear end, which when she walked quickly, was the focus of attention of many of the men. No, the problem wasn’t the men, or the war, or her parents, the problem was that Jenny, since her teen years, had always liked girls. She had told no one, some suspected it, others discarded it, and most didn’t want to know. If you were stuck in the medium-size industrial town Jenny lived in, there were very few places, if any at all, a woman could meet another woman in private. There were no special bars which catered to gay men or women. The only affair with another woman Jenny had had was with a married woman at the factory. The “affair” had been limited to some mutual kissing and groping in the woman’s car. Then the lady’s husband had to move for his work and she followed him. Jenny was devastated. That was two years ago and she never had a lover again. That is why when she met the Asian lady at the cafeteria, she thought she would give it a try. She had nothing to lose but 10 dollars. It was strange how that woman who worked in the kitchen came up to her when Jenny was smoking a cigarette on her break, and offered to help her. She didn’t say much and she didn’t have to. Jenny was looking forward to tomorrow night and then she was also quite nervous.———————————————————————————————————Jenny told her parents she had a meeting of the War Bonds committee. She said she might stay over at Rita’s but she wasn’t sure. They didn’t worry, they fethiye escort never did. She had chosen her cotton dress, the one with birds on it, and her hat, and of course her small black handbag. She hesitated about underwear. She decided to wear her usual bra and the rather provocative panties she had bought at the store a few days ago.“I’ll have to take them off anyway”, she said smiling and shaking her head. An hour later, she found herself facing the same door she had faced the day before. She opened the outside door but this time she pressed the button with no number. There was no answer. Nothing moved in the hallway. Jenny was about to ring the Asian lady when the hallway door opened. A thin blonde woman with her hair wet and in a bathrobe stood behind it.“Sorry…I was in the shower”, she said as she let Jenny into the corridor“Oh…maybe I should wait…I was a bit early I guess”, stammered Jenny blushing“No..no….don’t be silly,….you’re Jenny I take it….”, said the girl“Oh yes…I’m Jenny…”, answered Jenny as she shook hands with the girl rather awkwardly.“Let’s get out of the public area”, said the girl pushing Jenny quietly into her room.“I’ll just be a few minutes”, said the girl who asked to be called Nickie.Nickie took off her robe and walked around naked in the room. She was drying herself and then changed towels to finish drying her hair. Jenny sat on the chair, then she sat on the bed and then she finally got up, trying not to stare at the attractive naked girl. She noticed that Nickie’s breasts were larger than hers and that she had an attractive round bottom. The room was divided into two parts, each containing a bed, and separated by a long white sheet which hid the two beds from each other. The hostess disappeared in the bathroom for a few more minutes and came out again, dry and smelling of perfume. Nickie approached Jenny and gently held her arms.“Don’t worry….It’s ok…I know how you feel…I’ve done this before”, said Nickie in a soothing voice.“We’ll only do what you want to do”, repeated Nickie putting her arms around Jenny’s neck. “I’m naked and you’re not”, whispered the blonde girl“Oh..of course…damn…It’s not that I’m not interested…it’s…”, stuttered Jenny her face becoming beet red. Nickie cut her speech short by covering her mouth with hers in a lip to lip kiss. Jenny was breathing through her nose, put her arms around the blonde and held her tight. Jenny heart was beating wildly and she pushed her tongue into the girl’s mouth. Nickie gently pushed her away, laughing. “Baby…get undressed….and we’ll pick it up later”, said Nickie undoing the buttons on Jenny’s dress. She started the work and let Jenny finish. Nickie slipped under the covers and waited for her guest to finish undressing.Jenny’s hand were shaking as she undid the buttons, then slipped the dress off. She had kept her hat on all this time and felt so silly that she threw it on the table. She took off her shoes and her socks. She stood in bra and panties next to the bed for a minute and stared at Nickie.“You look wonderful Jenny”, said Nickie smilingJenny quickly took off her undies and Nickie could admire her pear-shaped breasts and her small black pubic patch, so furry that it didn’t show much of her lips. Jenny lifted the covers and slipped in next to Nickie. “We can take those off if you want…it’s kind of warm”, suggested Nickie, referring to the covers“If you don’t mind…I’ll feel better with them on…at least for a while…you know… the beginning”, said Jenny still not touching Nickie. “Sure..”, said Nickie smiling and reaching for Jenny’s body under the white sheets.Jenny suddenly climbed on top of the girl and began kissing her and squeezing her large breasts, her public patch already wet and grinding against Nickie’s thigh.Nickie closed her eyes and moved her mouth away from Jenny’s, then she wrapped her arms around Jenny’s midsection and swung her around so that the factory worker was under her. “Listen…Jenny….you want to fuck or you want to make love ?”, said Nickie with some anger in her voice.“Oh..I’m sorry…what do you mean ? Am I too rough ?, asked Jenny embarrassed.“If you want to rub against me and get off in the next few minutes, that’s fine…and sometimes you want that and need that…but Jenny… I think, right now, you want to make love…so let me take the lead”, explained escort fethiye Nickie calmly.Nickie slowly let her body slide next to Jenny’s and began to kiss her, lying on her side and motioning to Jenny to do the same. The two women kissed on the lips and then mixed saliva as they opened their mouth to each other. Nickie touched Jenny’s cheeks and felt some tears. She hugged her and continued kissing her on her nose, both her eyelids, she nibbled on her earlobes, while Jenny’s head rolled back and forth on the pillow. Nickie and Jenny faced each other, their head on the white pillow, both faces and pillow already smeared with lipstick. Nickie took Jenny’s right hand and placed it between her legs. She squeezed it with her thighs. Jenny opened her thighs when Nickie moved her own hand towards her midsection.They licked each other’s tongue as their hand massaged their labia. Jenny’s finger moved inside Nickie’s canal and the blonde girl slapped her hand.“I said let me lead”, snarled Nickie, then burst out laughing“Butch”, snarled Jenny back, smiling“You’re wet, Miss Jenny…Do I excite you ?”, purred Nickie“Yes you excite me, Miss Nickie”, said Jenny“Just relax and I’m gonna suck you”, stated Nickie who started to lick Jenny’s neck. She continued by sucking on Jenny’s nipples.“Don’t pretend you want those…go where you want to go”, said Jenny playfullyNickie kissed her way down the older woman’s belly and reached her pubic patch. Her labia was already puffed up but her pubic hair was dense and curly. Nickie felt Janet’s hands on her head, her nails digging into Nickie’s scalp without noticing it. The blonde was worried she would get carried away so she grabbed Janet’s wrists without looking up and flattened her hands on her head.Jenny’s head was spinning. Nickie was smelling Jenny’s labia on which the older woman had obviously spattered perfume. She began to lick the lips and the juices between them. Her tongue continued upwards past her lover’s piss slit to finally reach her clit. Jenny moaned and pushed the young woman’s head against her cunt. Nickie rubbed her nose against the woman’s small clit. Jenny mumbled something about her crack. Nickie understood that she wanted it serviced and the younger but experienced lesbian twisted her tongue inside the mature woman’s crack and extended it as deep into her hole as she could. Jenny moved her hips a few times against Nickie’s tongue and then she came. Nickie could feel the canal hug her tongue as a strong orgasm racked the woman’s body. Jenny’s thighs had closed Nickie’s ears so the blonde didn’t know if her lover had screamed or not. She was used to women responding to their clit being stimulated rather than their hole being filled. Nickie felt like discussing it with Jenny but then thought it would be rather a silly thing to do. Nickie pushed herself up on the bed and joined Jenny to give her a hug. Jenny was crying , her head against the pillow. Nickie kissed her wet cheeks, hugged her and told her it was ok. “It’s my first time with a girl…I mean like… cumming with a girl”, sobbed Jenny“Did you like it ?”, asked Nickie still holding her lover in her arms.“Oh yes…it was so good….so strong…much stronger than when I do it myself”, answered Jenny naively.“Then why are you crying ?”, asked Nickie“Because I feel so relieved…I suspected I was going to love it”, said Jenny between sobs, “but now I am sure.”“Do you feel like … going all the way”, laughed Nickie“I could lick you…”, suggested Jenny“You can save that for next time”, said the blonde who moved her smaller body on top of the older woman’s. “Let’s fuck”, grinned Nickie looking straight at Jenny, who broke into a big smile also.“You little butch”, teased Jenny“You’ll be my bitch”, laughed Nickie, who kissed the older woman on the mouth and began moving her body up and down against her lover’s.Jenny didn’t really know what to do and she just followed what seemed natural. Although she was young, Nickie was a pro. The young blonde began to rub her breasts against Jenny’s and both women squeezed the other’s nipples. Nickie could feel Jenny was very excited and her nipples were hard and long. Nickie wanted to give Jenny a good set of preliminaries but she was also longing for an orgasm. The blonde moved her hips between the older woman’s thighs. Jenny naturally opened her fethiye escort bayan legs wider and bent her knees. She figured a fuck between women must be similar to one between a man and a woman, and she had seen plenty of those in dirty magazines. Nickie bit her lower lip as her furry patch met Janet’s wet labia. The blonde was getting pretty wet herself and their hairy triangles were sticking together as Nickie pulled away slightly. Jenny put her arms around Nickie’s neck and insisted they kiss. Nickie took advantage of the proximity to give her lover instructions:“Move it against mine until our lips touch each other”, she whispered in Jenny’s ear“Grab my ass with both hands and pull towards you”, continued the experienced lesbianJenny was putting in practice what Nickie was telling her. The older woman didn’t want to fuck without kissing her lover at the same time. She told Nickie that. “Don’t worry…we’ll kiss when the time comes”, soothed NickieActually Nickie felt that the time was going to come sooner than she had expected. Both women were moving against each other and clits were being crushed and rubbed, sending electrical shock waves through both lesbians. “Ohhhhhhhh..GODDDD…..OH MY GOD….”, started to yell Jenny, her eyes as wide as silver dollars“YESSSSS….OH YESSSSS….BABY….OPEN UP FOR ME…”, cried NickieJenny grabbed Nickie’s shoulders and pulled her towards her as their mouth crushed together, their front teeth smalling together. Nickie pushed her tongue inside Jenny’s mouth and her crack gushed all over the older woman’s labia. Both women banged their hips together, sometimes at the same time, sometimes one after the other. They were both drenched in sweat and the smell of cheap perfume and sweat soon filled the room. The two lesbians remained in each other’s arms for a long time. Thinking about it later, Jenny suspected she may have dozed off for a few minutes. Each girl murmured “fuck” in the other’s ear. “Does that make me your bitch ?”, asked Jenny laughing“Yes…it does…now don’t go pregnant on me “, teased Nickie“Silly girl…”, answered Jenny blushingAt that moment, the door of the room opened and the Asian lady walked in. Jenny pulled the sheets over both their bodies and looked frightened.“Don’t worry…it’s ok…I should have warned you she might come in”, said Nickie calmly“Everything ok ?”, asked the Asian lady“Yes…it’s fine…thanks”, answered NickieThe lady lifted the white sheet and disappeared as she made her way to the other bed.“Maybe it’s time for you to go”, suggested Nickie“She’ll have company soon…and I guess we went a little over time”, said Nickie with a forced smile.“Oh yes…you’re right…It’s already 11PM…Oh my god…I’m so sorry”, stammered Jenny“Hey…don’t worry about it. It was great.” Said Nickie kissing Jenny on the lips.“Can I see you again ?”, asked Jenny grabbing Nickie’s arms.“Of course you can…You have to go through this lady or the other one where you work”, said Nickie.“Thanks”, said Jenny as she got up and began to put her clothes on.The Asian lady suddenly came out of the other partition and walked by the two girls stark naked. Her rather heavy breasts and her large buttocks contrasted with the other two ladies nakedness. She walked into the bathroom and closed the door.Jenny was nearly fully dressed when the door opened again and another mature Asian lady came in. Jenny looked at Nickie who mouthed “It’s ok”. “She’s in there”, said Nickie to the lady.“Ah…she ready, you know ?”, asked the lady who obviously was a regular.“I would say so”, answered Nickie The lady entered and a few minutes later both women could hear talking and laughing in Chinese. Then there was splashing of water.“What are they doing in there ? “, asked Jenny, sitting on the side of Nickie’s bed“I’ll explain next time”, answered Nickie, smiling and blushing a little“Nooooooo ….”, said Jenny wide-eyed“Yep….Hey..don’t knock it if you haven’t tried it”, said Nickie with a wicked smile“You want to try it with me next time ?”, said Jenny boldly“Yes…we will…now get out of here”, cried Nickie, “they’ll be out any minute”. “Ok…ok…what’s the big rush ?”, said Jenny getting bolder by the minute“They’re a****ls when they’re horny…both of them..for your own good, get out”, urged Nickie.“Ok…ok…bye for now”, said Jenny as she walked to the door in haste.She walked out of the rooming house and looked left and right before she crossed the street to her car.Jenny realized she reeked of perfume and sex. Her parents would be asleep. No one would know. That was the most important thing. No one would know.THE END

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