John Meets Two College Age Girls


Author’s note: The following is a work of fiction that contains descriptions of explicit sexual acts and is intended for adults only. All people, places, and events are a product of my imagination and any characters described as engaging in sexual acts are over the age of eighteen. Thank you for reading. All feedback is greatly appreciated.

This is the first story in what I will be working on as a series but also work as stand alone stories. This story depicts deflowering sex scene between a guy and two young ladies who are 19 years old and in college.

=== === ===

John woke up in the hotel room after having driven the previous day. He had been heading into Winston Salem North Carolina for another location photo shoot. He got dressed and headed down to the lobby to find some breakfast. Turning into the breakfast room, his hopes were dashed for a good spread of food. He knew the hotel was just finishing up remodeling and looks like that included their free breakfast deal. Grumbling he grabbed coffee and some oatmeal and looked for a place to sit. The tables were all taken since the room was small. He spotted a few empty seats at a table and headed over to grab a chair.

“Mind if I grab a seat here?” John asked.

A tall lanky young lady was braiding the hair of her friend. Her friend looked up at John and smiled “sure, there aren’t many seats here but you are welcome to use one” She said.

“Thanks! So what are you two up to today?” John asked.

“We are doing track and field for our school.” the brunette said.

“Oh very nice! By the way, my name is John” he replied to the girls.

“I’m Jill and my tall friend behind me is Laura” Jill said.

“Are you guys in high school or college” John asked.

“College” Laura replied. She had paused braiding to look down at me and smiled.

“I envy you both. I loved my time in college and it was a great experience for me. I take it you both are enjoying your time especially on trips like this” John said.

Jill replied that both of them were enjoying college but athletics and academics sometimes consumed too much of their time.

“You both should make some time to really enjoy college especially with some socializing and dating. You girls go out on dates right?” John asked.

Both girls shook their heads

“Oh that’s too bad, but give some thought to what I said. You should be enjoying your time in college and not just the academics and sports” John said.

John finished up his food and coffee. He wished the girls well on their track and field competitions and told them he hoped to see them around again.

The rest of his day was filled with heading out to the client location and working on the images his client had requested. John’s profession was photography and he was just getting into the business. The client in North Carolina was a hook up through a friend and he hoped that doing this job would bring more business to his fledgling studio.

It was after 6pm when John as finally finished with the job and headed back to the hotel.

He entered the lobby and rounded the corner towards the elevator. Just as he reached the button panel, the doors swung open and the passengers emptied out of the elevator. He stepped in and pressed the button for his floor. The doors started to close as a hand reached out to stop it. Both Jill and Laura entered the elevator and smiled when they saw John standing there.

“We won!” both girls yelled in unison.

“We need to celebrate!” the girls said.

“That’s great, where are you girls headed to celebrate?” John asked

Laura got shy and looked down at her friend Jill. “Well, we were thinking and discussing something you said earlier this morning” Jill replied. “We were hoping you might want to buy us some beers and hang out.”

“Well ladies, as much as I would love to do that, I don’t think it would be appropriate to be buying you alcohol. Neither of you are 21 are you?” John asked.

“No, but we are 19” Jill replied.

The door to my floor opened. I remembered that they hadn’t pushed a button for a floor. “Are you guys staying on this floor” John asked the girls.

“No” Laura said.

“Well, I have an idea for celebrating. Follow me if you are interested” John told the girls.

He walked down to his room and used the key to open his door. He stood inside and held the door. The girls both followed him into the room.

“Have a seat ladies” John said

“One of the things I mentioned this morning was socializing with friends and boys. Do you guys have much experience with guys yet” John asked them.

Laura shook her head. Jill nodded and replied that she had a boyfriend in high school.

“Jill, how far did you go with your boyfriend?” John said.

“We kissed, he touched my boobs a few times and tried to get in my pants. I wouldn’t let him. I did give him a hand job a few times and tried doing a blowjob. I really didn’t know what I was doing and we were fooling around in the car so I couldn’t really see much” Jill said.

Laura bursa escort bayan looked in rapt attention as her friend spoke. She was fidgeting in her seat.

John turned to look at Laura. “Would you like to have some experiences Laura?” John asked her.

Laura looked at John shyly and nodded.

John stood up and held out his hand indicating he wanted Laura to stand. Her height matched his and she stood in front of him and attempted to look into his eyes. She averted her eyes as her shyness took over. John reached over and lifted her chin with his hand to bring her eyes back to his. Sensing she was OK with it, he leaned in to give her a kiss. At first, she didn’t do anything but then she started kissing back.

John leaned back and looked into her eyes. “Are you OK there?” he asked.

Laura nodded and asked “Can I kiss you some more?”

She leaned in towards John and resumed kissing him. John opened his mouth this time and snaked out his tongue. Laura was surprised at first but then responded in kind. She melted into him as their kissing became heavier. She continued to experiment and play with his tongue and kissing.

As Laura continued kissing him, John ran his hands up her sides then reached around to cup her breast. Laura’s breathing hitched in surprised and then he heard her moan. Her breathing was becoming heavier. John continued to run his hands over her small mounds. He could feel her nipple poking through the shirt as her excitement rose.

“Before we go further, I want to make sure you both are OK with what we are doing here. If at anytime you want to stop, you let me know, OK?” John said.

Both girls nodded.

Laura looked at John and asked if she could take off his shirt. John told her that he was OK with that and encouraged her. She reached down and pulled his shirt out of his pants and started unbuttoning his shirt. Laura copied John’s earlier movement of bringing her hand along his side then up in front of his chest feeling his pec muscles. She noticed his nipple and very lightly played with it.

“Are your nipples sensitive? I see yours are becoming harder as I play with them. My nipples are extremely sensitive” Laura said.

“Why not lick and play with my nipples? I want you both to explore and experiment. Just remember that anytime you want to stop or don’t feel comfortable, just let me know. I want you both to feel safe and no pressure OK?” John said.

Laura nodded.

“Jill, are you OK?” John asked.

John saw Jill was squirming in her seat as she watched Laura and him explore.

“Oh I’m having fun watching you both but I wouldn’t mind getting a kiss too. That was hot watching you two” Jill replied.

John reached his hand down as an invitation for Jill to stand. He turned to face her. Jill stood expectantly waited for John to kiss her. Having had previous experience with her old boyfriend, Jill started off with french kissing John. She took a bit more initiative and reached down to feel his hardon in his jeans.

“Laura, check this out!” Jill reached over and grabbed Laura’s hand and moved it towards John’s bulge. Jill went back to kissing John as Laura continued to feel his bulge.

John lifted Jill’s shirt up bringing it up and carefully over her head trying to avoid tangling her braids. Her bra was a modest one which contained her grapefruit sized boobs. He leaned in and kissed her again while he fumbled with the bra hook mechanism. He was able to quickly figure out how to unsnap it and moved back to remove her bra.

Jill got shy and brought her hands up to cover her boobs.

“There is no need to be shy Jill” John said.

“I’ve never gone this far with a guy before. My ex-boyfriend copped a few feels in the backseat of his car during a drive in movie but not like this” Jill replied.

John looked into her eyes and gently grabbed both hands lifting them off her boobs.

“Very nice Jill. You are a very lovely girl and you have nothing to be shy about” John told her.

John moved his hands to cup her boobs and play with her nipples. Jill’s breathing became heavier and she started getting more excited. John licked her nipples and they hardened with her excitement. He leaned in to kiss her.

He turned his attention to Laura who had been watching them both. John reached down to pull her shirt off as well. He lifted her shirt up over her head and saw her bra. Laura’s bra was more of a training or sports type bra. John lifted her sports bra up carefully over her sensitive nipples. Her boobs were much smaller about a A cup possibly B with a tiny mound and more nipple. John ran his hands up her chest and lightly played with her nipples. She became very excited as he continued playing with her.

“I love feeling your hands on my nipples like that. I didn’t know it could feel that good. I feel a tingle down lower when you do that”. Laura said.

“I want you both to tell me what you like or don’t like. I want you both to experience new things here and I will need you to tell me what excites görükle escort you” John said.

“OK” Jill replied. She looked over at her friend and smiled. “I do want to do something right now though” Jill said.

“What’s that?” John replied.

“We both want to see your cock. Neither of us has really gotten to see one in bright daylight and up close.” Jill said.

Jill started working to unbutton his jeans. She pulled his jeans down over his hips and they dropped to the floor.

She looked back at Laura and asked “Are you ready to see your first cock up close?” Laura shyly nodded at her friend. Jill grabbed his boxer briefs and slowly brought them down over his hardened cock. His cock popped out and almost hit her in the face. “Holy shit Laura, check this out!” Jill said.

Jill was playing and exploring with John’s hard on and showing her friend.

“How big are you John? I know this is not the normal size for most guys right?” Jill asked.

“I measure about 7.5 inches so I’m slightly larger than most guys. Many will average around 5 to 6 inches” John replied.

The excitement of watching these two lovely ladies explore his manhood had him pumped up a bit. John encouraged Laura to join in and explore. She reached out her hand and touched his cock and played with his ball sac.

“Be careful with the balls, they can be extremely sensitive for guys. If you learn how to handle them properly they can be a source of pleasure.” John said

Jill and Laura both played with John’s cock. “It’s so warm, soft but yet hard at the same time!” Laura said as she marveled at her new found toy. Jill noticed some pre-cum seeping out from his cock eye-hole. “Look Laura! He’s leaking already. That means he’s excited”. She said.

“Is that what cum looks like” Laura asked.

“No, that is pre-cum. A guy will leak this as he becomes more excited, this is what the body does to lube things up before sex or “intercourse” John replied.

“Very cool!” Laura said.

Jill leaned forward and stuck out her tongue touching the tip of his cock.

“What are you doing Jill?” Laura asked her friend.

“I’ve given my ex boyfriend a blowjob in his car but I didn’t get to fully experience it like I want to. I’m going to take advantage of this. My ex was also not this big either!” Jill said. She smiled then leaned in and resumed experimenting with John’s cock.

“Laura, I assume you have little or no experience with blowjobs?” John asked her.

Laura looked sheepish and replied, “No, never. I thought blowjobs involved blowing air on something, but not this” she chuckled.

“Just remember when you take my cock in your mouth that you don’t use any teeth. That’s the only thing guys will really care about. I just want you both to explore and try things. I’ll provide feedback to you when something feels good. For most guys, the head of their cock is most sensitive, especially underneath.” John instructed.

Jill flicked out her tongue to give the head a lick. She licked the length of it and cupped his balls in her hand. She took his cock in her mouth as deep as she could go. “I like the feel of your cock in my mouth” Jill said. She plunged his cock in her mouth again while stroking the remaining length of his dick. She was only able to get a few inches in.

“Laura, I want you to try now” John instructed her.

Jill pointed his cock towards her. Laura leaned forward and played with his cock marveling in the feeling of his hard on. She leaned forward and tried to follow Jill’s earlier attempts by licking the length of his cock to the top where it became most sensitive. She plunged his cock into her throat and went further than Jill had.

“Holy shit girl! How did you do that? You got halfway down his cock!” Jill said.

“I practiced. I wanted to impress the first guy who let me do that so I checked out porn videos and how to deep throat. I practiced with bananas” Laura replied.

Laura plunged John’s cock in her mouth again and tried to reach further down. She got all but the last two inches before she was hitting her gag reflex. She backed off and continued to lick and play with the end of his cock before trying a third time. She relished the experience of doing her first blowjob but didn’t get any further.

“There is plenty of time to practice more later if you want. Right now I want to taste both of you ladies” John said.

Both girls were topless but still had on their yoga pants from earlier. John instructed both girls to stand up in front of him.

He grabbed the back of Jills head with his hand and leaned in to kiss her. He dropped down to her boobs and planted kisses on each one then flicking his tongue on the nipples. Her nipples stood at attention. He ran his hands down her side to the top of her yoga pants and began to tug them down. He managed to catch her thong as he removed the pants until she was standing completely naked before him. He stood back to admire her body. She was shorter than him in height at about 5’3″. Her boobs bursa escort bayan were about the size of grapefruits. She had a nice handful without being too big or small. She had brunette hair on her head and she had a neatly trimmed patch covering her pussy.

John then stood and moved in front of Laura. He leaned in to kiss her and she grabbed his head more forcefully and kissed him. The moved surprised him but let him know that there was more to this lanky girl than she let on. Her boobs were much smaller but her nipples were far more sensitive and prominent. He leaned down and planted kisses on each of her nipples and teased them with his tongue. She moaned in pleasure. John ran his hands down her side pulling her yoga pants down. He also managed to grab her thong and noticed her scent was really strong. He had also noticed the crotch of her pants were soaked. She was really enjoying this.

He stood back and admired her body as well. She was taller at about his height with blonde hair, skinnier than Jill, smaller breasts and her pussy was covered by sparse blonde hair.

“You both are beautiful young ladies.” John said

Both girls smiled at him.

“I would like give you both an experience now. Jill I want you to lay down on the bed on your back. I’m going to eat your pussy” John said.

“Fuck yeah” Jill replied.

“Laura, I want you to lay down on the bed too. You can watch and even play with yourself if you want to.” John told her.

Jill spread her legs lewdly as John turned her attention to her hot little pussy. John tongued his way down her inner thigh coming close to her pussy. Jill jumped at the contact and moaned. He turned and went down her other leg towards her pussy. “Stop teasing me” Jill said. John saw her pussy was very wet with arousal. He took his tongue and swiped her slit from the bottom of her pussy to the top. John continued to lavish his tongue on her pussy. He slid his finger inside her hot wet pussy searching for that rough patch on the roof of her pussy. He found what he was looking for and rubbed the spot. This quickly set off a huge orgasm in Jill, “OH SHIT!!” Jill cried out. “Wow! I never knew it would be like that! My ex boyfriend knew absolutely nothing about women. But you John…Thank You!!”. Jill leaned up and kissed John.

Both John and Jill noticed Laura was enjoying the moment and she had been playing with her pussy the entire time. “Holy shit that was hot to watch!” Laura said.

John moved towards Laura on the bed. He motioned for her to spread her legs as Jill had done. He used some of the same techniques on Laura getting her primed up. She was already wet from watching Jill and him play so he just wanted her to experience oral sex for first time. Using a combination of fingers and his tongue, she was soon screaming out her second orgasm. Her pussy was extremely wet and she was ready.

“Laura, are you OK with what we are about to do? I am only asking because this is your last chance to say no. You will no longer be a virgin after this. That goes for you too Jill!”. John looked at both girls waiting to see their answer. “We both talked earlier and we both wanted to do this.” Laura replied. John looked towards Jill and she nodded.

John lined up his cock with Laura’s slit and pushed in. She was very tight so he took it slow. Inch by inch he pushed in until he felt an obstruction. “This may hurt but you will feel pleasure afterwards” John said. Laura nodded and told him “do it, make me a woman!” John pushed hard to break through the obstruction and there was little resistance.

“Ohhh” Laura cried out. “It felt like a little pinch but not so bad.” John held still for a minute. “Ok, start fucking me” she said. He complied and started moving in and out of her tight little pussy. Each time he pulled out, her pussy grabbed his cock and looked as if it would turn inside out. He continued thrusting into her silky depths. Laura squealed as John continued pistoning in and out of her.

“Oh god I feel something happening” Laura said.

“Come with me baby…I want you to come when I come” John said.

Laura felt her pussy squeezing around John’s cock as her orgasm peaked. John felt her pussy tightening and that set him off. Laura felt his hot cum flood her pussy setting off another orgasm. John slowed down and kept his cock inside her pussy until his cock shrunk and slid out of her.

“Jill that was so fantastic! I never thought it would be like that! I’ve given myself smaller orgasm from just playing with myself but that was another level” Laura gushed.

Laura laid on the bed and John’s cum slowly started pooling out of her pussy. Jill leaned over and ran her hands under Laura’s pussy catching some of the cum dripping out of her. She brought some cum up to her mouth to taste it. “not bad” she said.

Jill knelt down in front of John and started sucking his cock with Laura’s cunt juice all over him. Once John’s cock was cleaned, Jill motioned for him to lay down on the bed. “I want you to lay down so I can be on top and control the penetration.” she said.

“OK but you’ll need to give me a little bit of time to recuperate” John said. He played with Jill’s pussy and talked to the girls for a little bit while Jill stroked him back to hardness. Soon he was ready.

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