Julia and Rob Ch. 05


I had been secretly having Julia’s milk for breakfast every day that week. Casey left for work a little earlier than I did and Julia didn’t work at all, so I had a glorious window where all I had to think about—and all I could think about—was gulping down fresh milk straight from Julia’s breasts. She liked to sit in my lap with her legs wrapped around me, nuzzling her face against my head as she pressed me to her. Since she was short, that would become too much for my neck, and then she would sit cross-legged and stroke my cock as I lay across her. She still loved when I called her baby, and in those moments she would call me baby too, begging me to take her milk and give me her cum. One morning my cum emerged so suddenly and strongly that a jet went straight into her open mouth. Watching her gasp and salivate over that one delicious mouthful made me need to come again in the shower alone only fifteen minutes later.

But soon it was Saturday again, and not a working Saturday for Casey, so I knew I wouldn’t be having my milky breakfast again that day. What I did not expect was to pass by Julia’s room after making an omelette for myself and to hear Casey’s low, tremulous voice pleading with her cousin.

“I just don’t understand why you couldn’t tell me you were lactating again,” she said tearily. “I TOLD you how much I wanted to share that with you. I told you when we were making love that I wanted to drink your milk so badly. I’ve always wanted it, ever since Aunt June talked about your lactation.”

“You’re embarrassing yourself,” Julia said haughtily. It was a little bit of a turn-on to hear her talking to my girlfriend that way. “Just because you want it doesn’t mean I have to give it to you.”

“I know! I really know,” Casey sobbed. “But I thought you wanted this with me too. It was so beautiful when we kissed that night. And not just that—it was so beautiful falling asleep with Rob, like we were his women, together. I thought you agreed with me.”

“I did like that, Casey,” said Julia. “I did like kissing you, and I did like falling asleep with you and Rob.”

“But it was more than that for me!” Casey insisted. “I loved—ugh, you’re going to judge me.”

Julia softened, and I could tell by the shadows spilling out of the door left ajar that she had moved a little closer to Casey. “I’m konyaaltı üniversiteli escort not going to judge you. I’m really not. Tell me what you loved.”

“I loved—I loved feeling like we were both Rob’s wives, and each other’s wives. Working together to love him like he deserves, and making each other feel so good at the same time. It’s hard to explain. It made me realize that I want us both to feel good, but I also want us to serve him. I know I sound crazy right now, but he’s my man, he’s my god. I want for him to have everything he wants.”

Julia inhaled slowly. “You don’t sound crazy. But I don’t know. Maybe our goals are at odds. I want a man who needs everything from me. I want to be able to satisfy him with my body. With my milk, too.”

Casey seemed to jerk away from Julia. “What are you saying? Do you want that with Rob?”

“No! I don’t know.”

“Julia, are you trying to steal my man? Are you trying to steal my future husband after I invited you into my home?”

“Girl, honestly, calm down. You don’t know for sure that he’s your future husband.”

“Oh my god,” Casey said. “You are, aren’t you? Have you been fucking him behind my back? Have you been—have you been feeding him behind my back?”

“Let’s not say anything we’re going to regret,” Julia said. “I don’t think you should be accusing me of anything right now, or being mean to me right now.”

Casey gasped softly. “I really can’t believe this. My worst nightmare is coming true. You’re threatening me, aren’t you? Because you have him under your spell?”

I heard Julia tap her foot on the floor. “I’m not threatening you. But maybe I am saying that my breasts are starting to ache because I haven’t been milked yet today, and if you’re a little nicer to me right now, maybe we can both soothe each other a little bit.”

I felt a wave of massive jealous and horniness all at the same time. I didn’t want to ruin the love that was about to be shared between these two beautiful cousins, but I also suddenly felt protective of Julia’s milk—my milk. I was the man she was producing it for, after all.

But I could hear the need in her voice, and she seemed intent to patch things up with Casey in that moment.

“Oh, Julia,” Casey breathed. “They look kurtköy escort so beautiful.”

“Yeah, sweetie,” Julia said softly. “Suck on me. Suck on my milky nipples.”

Something about the fact that Julia had neither called Casey baby nor told her to love her titties made me swell up a little with pride. We were still special to each other. She was still mine, and I was still hers.

I heard Casey suckling loudly, gasping after every gulping swallow.

“You’re such a hungry milk slut,” Julia laughed throatily. “You’re gobbling my nipple.”

I finally mustered up the courage to try to catch a glimpse of them through the just-open door. They both had their eyes closed as Casey lay on the bed and Julia held her tits hanging in Casey’s face. Julia was wearing a short wrap dress and had clearly easily exposed her breasts with the deep v. Its skirt rode up her ass. She had a thong on, but it couldn’t possibly have been easier for me to walk in, rip the thong to the side, and start railing her from behind as my girlfriend drank her milk.

So that’s what I did.

“Rob! What are you doing?” Casey cried.

I speared Julia and milk sprayed from her hanging udders onto Casey’s open mouth.

“Please let him, sweetie,” Julia begged. “Fuck, this massive cock feels so good.”

Casey crawled out from under Julia and stood standing next to the bed. The short dress she had been wearing was askew, in part because it didn’t fit as well now that her ass was getting rounder and fatter. She looked hot, but not hot enough for me to stop fucking Julia in that moment.

“Both of you are betraying me,” Casey cried.

I slid my cock slowly in and out of Julia, not stopping, but slowing enough to address Casey. “Honey, you need to chill,” I said. “This started with a kiss from you to her, and it’s not going to stop now. If you’re having a hard time keeping your mouth shut, I suggest you channel that energy into attention for my penis.”

I took my cock out of Julia and presented it to Casey, dripping with Julia’s juices. Julia turned around on the bed and looked at Julia smugly.

“I mean—I always want your cock,” Casey said quietly.

“Then suck it,” I said.

Casey knelt before me and took my cock deep in her throat. ankara kurtuluş escort She swirled her tongue in a way I had never felt from her before. I don’t think she wanted to admit it, but she was hungry for the taste of Julia’s pussy. I saw the nipples of her fattening tits grow harder as she enjoyed Julia’s juice on my rod.

“Lick my pussy off of my lover,” Julia told Casey, and then came over to kiss me sloppily.

“He’s still my boyfriend,” Casey whimpered. I shoved my cock back into her throat.

“Kind of,” Julia said. “I mean, if we get what you said you wanted, we’re both going to be his wives. So maybe you just have to deal with that. On the other hand, if we get what I wanted, you’re totally out of the picture.”

Julia’s fat, milky tits were dribbling down my side as I held her tightly to me. Grabbing her ass, I shook her body a little to make the milk run faster toward my cock. Casey lapped at it, so thirsty and full of desire for Julia’s milk that the creamy liquid barely had time to linger on my cock and balls.

“Good job,” Julia said tauntingly. “You need that so your skinny ass gains a little weight. You know Rob likes my fat ass and big titties the best.”

“Hey,” I said, spanking that fat ass Julia was bragging about. “Don’t make her feel bad. It’s no one else’s fault that you have the body of a goddess.”

Julia blossomed with pride and kissed me lovingly. Casey looked up at us with longing as she tried to take my cock deeper and deeper, bobbing up and down on it, clearly hoping to please me.

“This is so hot,” I murmured. “I do love having two women begging to make me feel good.”

Julia and I continued to watch Casey deepthroat me. Julia slowly lifted her own tit to her mouth to suckle. “Oh, fuck,” I said, watching both women fill their mouths trying to please me and seek their own pleasure. Julia nursed herself and began to rub her pussy on my leg. She deserved more.

I lay down on the bed and instructed Casey to keep blowing me. Julia, meanwhile, sat behind me, suckling her tit and letting the other hang in my face so that I could nurse from her as my cock was suckled. With both of her sensitive nipples getting so much attention, Julia began to come, an extended, gorgeous wave of pleasure that made me shoot my load into Casey’s mouth, though I was honestly thinking more about the milk flowing through my mouth than I was about the mouth around my cock. We both came for so long I wasn’t sure when it would end.

Poor Casey sat patiently at the foot of the bed. I didn’t know how to comfort her—there probably wasn’t a way. She had done her best, but who could compete with someone like Julia in the house?

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