Lady Diana


This story was written in collaboration with Russvilleman. Thank you for your help editing my work.


Chapter 1

I was shaken from my trance.

“Lick that come from my toes.” Diana’s voice had edge.

I had just shot a rather large load onto the oak floor of the bedroom and was basking in the afterglow of my release. She’d found my eyes with hers. Her eyes were dark. My heart clutched, just a little, and, I took notice of it.

“I wonder what Matthews feels like?” Diana stepped in it. She lifted from the floor ever so slightly on the balls of her feet. It squished between her toes.

“Don’t look down there, Matthew, look at me. You’re going to clean that up. That much protein is not good for wood, Matt. And there is a lot of protein down there, isn’t there, Matthew?” She’d never quite made a production of my name as she seemed to be striving to do this evening.

I smiled.

She did not return the smile.

Diana had alerted me over dinner earlier that she would be spicing things up a bit in the bedroom. I gave the alert short shrift. I was scanning the TV Guide for later. “Matt?”

“Sure, baby. I can’t wait.” Yep, there it was, back-to-back 3 Stooges at midnight . We’d be done by then. “Can’t wait, D.”

Now as she looked impassively down at me I tried to recall exactly what she’d said over dinner. Something about female dominance and cream pies. That she’d been doing some Internet surfing and the word, her word surfaced ‘determined.’ She looked determined now. She didn’t look like Diana. My Diana. No.

Diana was 5′ 2″ a bit over 100 lbs. Her thighs and calves perfection. Diana kept a tan and she never, ever failed to turn heads. Her bottom was round and proud—her breasts adorably small and pert. Her jet black hair had lit my heart the first time I laid eyes on her, and tonight, she donned a corset that was equally as black.

Diana was out of my league. I knew that. I’d never deluded myself otherwise.

Diana’s feet are size 6 1/2. She loves wearing strappy sandals and peep toes. She was wearing such footwear when I met her the prior summer. Her arches and delicately manicured toes had mesmerized me that afternoon. And she’d caught me. Diana was a sharpshooter.

“See something you like?” I was at once unraveled.

Her friend swooped in quickly. “He was staring at your feet. I think he likes you, Di.” Her voice shrill. I broke out in a thin sheen of perspiration.

I brazened it out. “As a matter a fact I do see something I really like.”

She paused her gait, the girl with the jet black hair stopped time in that instant. “Okay.” Her voice hinted at impatience. The clocks would restart any second.

Her friend blended off into the background.

It was just the girl and me. ‘Do it, Matt, it’s her.’ I implored myself.

“I think you have the most gorgeous legs I have ever seen.”

There was noise from her friend, but, it was incoherent now and mattered not.

“You and a dozen other guys here.” She squared her shoulders to me. Her voice had not re-started the clocks. “And you’re different. Why. Why would you be any different from the dozen?” Time threatened to restart.

‘Yeah, Matt, why?’ I challenged myself. Clarity came to me then. From where I’ve never been able to pinpoint.

“I’d make sure you were taken care and made to feel good each time we were together.”

Her friend was silenced forever.

“What, what did you say to me?” She came close then, her face near to mine. Her breath warm and sweet. And I thought I’d known and loved her even before that summer day.

Clarity held. “The way your mouth would open as your crisis arrived. Your breath would come in small gasps. Your muscles would tense. And I will take care of you.”

She searched my eyes then. And my soul beneath them. Time held. ‘Be still.’ I warned myself.

She touched my cheek then ever so gently with her finger tips. “My name is Diana.” She whispered—into my life.

And time was again.

Chapter 2

My baser instincts though in the intervening months had begun to tax our relationship. Clarity for most guys, me included is a fleeting thing. I’d been reckless and careless. I knew that.

Tonight though, Diana was trying to tell me something. She was talking to me. Only to me. I closed the TV Guide in my mind and I remembered the girl of last summer. She was still here. Only the boy from that summer had drifted away.

“Clean it up, Matthew. Now.”

“I’ll need malatya escort some tissue, D.”

“No. Uh, uh. You’re going to clean that up with your tongue.” She was playing in it with her toes.

“You’re looking down again, Matthew. Look at me.”

“I don’t know, Diana. I, I, I,…”

“I do know, Matthew. On your knees.”

I sat there. I didn’t know what to do.

“I’m losing patience, Matthew. Either get on your knees now, or, you can go watch television for all I care.”

She’s seen me with that Guide. ‘Well, of course she’d seen you. You were sitting across the table from her an hour ago.’ I berated myself.

I went down to my knees at her feet. Though I remembered to keep eye contact with her.

“Go ahead. Both of us, Matthew. We both know you want to.” Her eyes were different. Better. I wanted to spend the rest of my life in those eyes.

“You’ll start with my right foot. Pick it up and lick it clean. Nobody, Matthew. Absolutely nobody will ever find out what you’re going to do tonight.”

I couldn’t move.

“I’m not a patient girl, Matthew. You know this. I won’t pick it up for you. You have to do that yourself, Matt. Time, Matthew. Time is running out.”

I leaned forward and took her right foot into my mouth engulfing her toes at once. My essence had grown cold on that wooden floor. It was sticky now. I was surprised by the taste of my goodness. I cleansed each part of her foot, finishing along the bottom with deep strokes of my tongue.

“That will do, Matthew.” Instead of placing her clean foot once again upon the floor she rested it on my left shoulder. Her foot smooth & warm. I knew instinctively I shouldn’t, but, I glanced immediately at her private treasures as they exposed.

“No, Matthew, no. Look at my feet. You still have work to do, Matthew.”

Chapter 3.

As I moved to take her left foot, she then placed her right foot upon the floor.

I repeated the process on her other foot, savoring my leavings before swallowing them.

I’d released not too long ago, and yet my cock was once again stiffening. Diana wanted my surrender. She’d wanted it that day last summer. I denied her then, trying to equalize us that afternoon. I would surrender now. This night, I would deny her nothing. She could take me. She could do anything she wanted to me. ‘Diana, Diana, Diana.’ I silently chanted to myself.

“How did you taste, Matthew?”

I was silent.

“That’s okay. I’ll find out for myself.” I heard her giggle. I think she did. I’ve never been sure though. I’ve wanted to ask, but, I was afraid she would tell me she hadn’t.

“You can sit on the edge of the bed again, Matt. C’mon, it’s okay.”

I did as I was told.

She stepped between my legs, parting my thighs widely.

She touched my shoulders with her finger tips. They were so smooth & warm. She firmly pushed me down onto the bed, and straddled my chest. “Let me taste you, Matthew. Close you eyes.” Diana licked the remaining traces of my essence from my lips, then with her tongue opened my mouth and kissed me. She was insistent and dominant in our kiss. I let her. I had surrendered. I hoped she knew.

She broke the kiss and straightened her body. She was high above me. I looked into her eyes, pleading for direction. The room closed in. Her gaze was steel.

“Okay.” I harkened back to that summer afternoon when she had had uttered that exact same word, in the exact same tone.

“Move around Matthew. Hang your head slightly off the edge of the bed here.” I started to move, but, quickly got discombobulated. My breathing was ragged.

“Just turn around and lay down flat.” Her voice firm with authority, so self assured and comforting. I immediately found my way.

“That’s the ticket, Matthew. My goodness, look at you. You’re all excited again.” I couldn’t see because my head was a little below mattress level, but, I felt like I was 6 feet long and of solid concrete.

“You’d better not come, Matthew. That would not be good. I’d have punish Matthew then.” Diana was talking in some kind of third person mode now. ‘I’ll never watch television again.’ I swore to myself.

“Now, I’m going to get into position. You’re not to touch, Matthew. You may look–&–lick–&– kiss–&–sniff, but, no touching. I’d have to punish Matthew if he touches.”

She straddled my face, settled on her knees just on the edge of the bed. Vertigo hit, but, I fought it tooth & nail. Her pussy was right there. ‘Go ahead, maltepe escort Matt, she said it was okay.’ I prompted myself.

I sniffed at it and it was sublime. It was so moist and clean. She was so beautiful. It was her honey pot and I’d been remiss. I’d never be remiss again. ‘Ever.’ I vowed silently to her and I both.

“That’s a good boy.” Her voice sweet, like a girl. My girl.

She gently wiggled her pucker onto my nose. “Did you want that, Matthew?” Her woman tone again.

“Diana, yes, please, yes.”

She giggled. The girl giggled. I heard it plain this time.

“Are you going to take care of me now, Matthew? You promised. Remember?”

The first promise I’d ever made her. I remembered. I would never forget again.

“I will take care of you.” My echo sounding from that summer, our summer.

I worked earnestly as she played joyously in my cock and balls.

Her body too soon was racked by orgasm as it tore thru like wild fire. She gripped my sack, screamed my name and convulsed violently above me. She wound down presently and collapsed onto my body.

Her weight was the most precious force I’d ever known.


I closed my eyes then and existed in her scent. I returned to that summer day, to her sunglasses, and her tan, and her sandals, and to when time had stopped, only for us.

“You want this, don’t you, Matthew?” She whispered quietly as she lightly rubbed her index finger across the opening of my bottom.

I kept quiet. I wouldn’t answer. No. I wouldn’t.

She pierced me there. And she giggled. I know she did. She denied doing so afterward, but, I heard her clearly.

Slowly with that one finger she stroked in & out. Deeper each time until she bumped gently against my prostate.

“It’s so plump and spongy, Matthew. My finger bounces right off it.” She sounded so delightful. The swings in her attitude and voice inflection were driving me near insane.

Her breasts gently rubbed against my turgid cock. I was close to spending. Diana had told me ‘no.’ I’d listened and I would abide her decree.

She lifted a bit.

“Whenever you’re ready, Matthew,,,,,,,,,,,,,you have my permission.”

She grabbed on tightly to my ankles, lowered her pussy barely onto my cock and started gently rocking back & forth. Just the head was buried in her liquid warmth. In this position and by tilting her pelvis forward she was able to provide friction onto her clitoris with each and every pass. Vertigo hit me again, the blood struggling to pump into my dangling head.

I knew I shouldn’t.—I knew it would cause an immediate emergency crisis.—I knew it would end me. I struggled to raise my head so I could see her, to watch her, to bear witness to her gorgeous ass sliding back and forth. I was right—It was too much.—I was right—I went into immediate emergency crisis.—I was right—It ended me.

I didn’t care about the noise, I opened my mouth to loose everything that had emotionally happened to me in the past hour as my cock maniacally loosed inside Diana. She was way ahead of me, lifted off my erupting cock, exposing it to the elements and locked her lips on mine, silencing my scream of torment and release.

I opened my eyes after she released my tongue and lips. Her eyes were on fire, her jaw set firmly.

“You’ll need to clean me up now. Like you did my feet. C’mon, follow me.”

She helped me up from the edge of the bed. As the blood rushed back into my head, I felt at once woozy. She laid down, her head resting on her pillow as she brought her knees close to her small breasts.

“Don’t miss any, Matthew. Not a single drop. That’s you, Matthew. That’s you inside me. You’re so beautiful.” Diana’s eyes were glistening. They were bright and new. Diana was in a league all her own.

“Suck yourself from my body, Matthew. I need you to. I want you to.”

And I did.


In silence Diana rose from my body, went into the bathroom and closed the door. I heard the lock engage.

I closed my eyes in fear that it was over. My face began to tighten as our melded essences began to dry. The scent embedded in my nostrils was unmistakable. And thankfully, unforgettable.

She threw the lock and the door opened.

“You don’t have to be afraid.” I heard her words. I could not move my head to face her.

“Look at me, Matthew. Now.” I had no other option. I was compelled.

Diana had attached a 7 inch strap on cock to her mamak escort body. She was holding a vibrator in her right hand.

“Please, Diana.”

“All you have to say is ‘no,’ Matthew.”


“Just say ‘no,’ and it all goes away. You can go watch television then.”


“Either say ‘no,’ or get up on all fours so I can fuck that ass. One, or the other, Matthew.”

I scrambled into position. I laid my head on her pillow. Her scent still on it. It reminded me of that summer. It was my eyes that now glistened.

I clenched my eyes tightly shut.

Diana pressed the vibrator against my lips. I bathed it with my spittle, preparing it for it’s eventual home.

She removed it presently and held it tight against my opening. I pushed back, I think involuntarily.

“Oh, yeah, you’re ready. Such a hot bottom, Matthew. You like to bend over, don’t you, Matthew?”

I kept my eyes closed and my mouth shut. I prayed she wouldn’t ask me again. And I prayed she would repeat the question, so I could screw up enough courage to answer her with the truth.

It was bigger than it had appeared in the bathroom doorway. My face clinched in pain as Diana worked it past my sphincter.

“That’s okay, baby, Diana is right here.” Her voice soft and comforting.

She went an inch more than held position while I adjusted to it’s girth.

I felt her move up toward me on the bed.

“You are mine to do with and use as I see fit.” Diana hissed. “Open your eyes.”


In & out she moved the vibrator at a brisk pace. My eyes would open wide as she went deep, and I’d feel empty & forsaken as she would nearly extract it from my body.

I was starting to get into a rhythm that was going to lead me to orgasm when she pulled the vibrator from my body.

I was near panicked with an emptiness and a need of release.

“Please, Diana.” I cried aloud.

She slid a leg between mine and placed her other leg on top of my back. Pulling me slightly backward and down she eased the strap on into my now all too willing ass. The strap on, like the vibrator was bigger than I was anticipating.

“You may bite my pillow, Matthew. My cock is very wide across.” She softly laughed.

I took her advice as she started to fuck me good and proper. She started to lift her body off the bed. Her left foot was just about under my face. I kept my ass high in the air so she would be able to take advantage and then leaned down to suck on her toes. She gasped as she felt her toes in my warm, wet mouth.

“Oh my God, this is so hot.” She softly whispered. And she admitted so later.

She then started to jackhammer my bottom. I’d loosened up and was able to take the full length of her cock. I looked over my shoulder to watch her work me and found her with her eyes clenched shut and a fine layer of sweat glistening on her body. I once again bit her pillow, and immersed my nose in her scent as she worked my bottom till I felt the boiling below initiate.

“I’m going to come without you touching my dick.” I implored Diana. My Diana. No one else’s. Ever.

“A thick rope of semen launched out of my cock and landed on her calve that was lodged under my body. Strand after strand landed on the sheets. I could not & would not stop ejaculating, until finally they were just dry heaves and then nothing more. She eased her strap on out of my ass. I collapsed into the pool of all that is me on the sheets.

I felt her breath close to my face. It was hot and so fresh and so beautiful. I opened my eyes. My Diana had returned to me.

“Hey, you. You don’t get off that easy, youngster.” Her wicked smile upon her face.

“C’mon, come over here and eat me, you. Make me come. I am so very close it won’t take long to take care of me, Matthew.” She was talking to me again. And I would listen forever more.

I fluffed and turned over her pillow and then helped her lay her head upon it.

She unabashedly laid before me. My eyes welled at the sight. And I so hoped she wouldn’t notice. I crawled between her legs, removed the strap on and licked between her folds. She was so warm and so wet and so very good. Diana’s scent was intoxicating and I ventured to get lost in it. To never appear again anywhere on earth. I would just exist there in the center of her body. And never leave her again. She held my head steady and was insistent that I be forceful in my ministrations. Her orgasm came then, her crisis consuming her as I watched and bore witness to us. Not to her. Or, to me. But, to us. Us.

The last thing she saw before sleep came to her was my eyes. The summer before was in those eyes. The promise of that summer. Our summer. And Diana saw that.

I know she did.

The End.

– Fix8ion

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