Lake Timberland – Day 02




I checked my phone for the time. 8:16AM

It’s hard to believe that Dad and I had only been fishing for two hours. Time seemed to drag on painfully slow as we sat in the boat, staring at our lines out in the water.

The fish must’ve been interested in anything but our hooks because neither Dad nor I had yet to feel a single bite, which left me alone with my dirty thoughts.

I couldn’t stop thinking about Mom and I’s alone time in the hot tub, how naughty she’d been with me. Every time I closed my eyes I envisioned her sliding her hand up and down my throbbing boner. “Mmm cum for Mommy,” her sexy voice rang in my ear. It was like she’d pulled a fantasy straight out of my spank-bank and acted it out for me.

A part of me wondered if this was all just a dream. I’d never seen this side of Mom before. Maybe this side of her only existed in some fantasy world I’d conjured up in my sleep. Then I remembered the wine and couldn’t help but ask myself “Was she just drunk? Had I taken advantage of my drunken mother?”

As I let the guilt set in, another memory surfaced. “Mmm, that’s it baby! Cum all over mommy,” I remembered her begging. The sudden memory made me feel like such a sleaze bag. I knew If she were sober, she’d have never said anything that vulgar, or so I thought.

PING!!, the loud tone of my cell phone snapped me from my trance. Dad heard the familiar sound and glared over his shoulder at me from the front of the boat.

“Sorry,” I muttered as I clicked the volume key down to vibrate.

He shook his head in disgust before turning back to face the water. He didn’t have to say anything for me to know what he was thinking, ‘Kid’s these days and their constant need for technology.’

I swiped my phone to life and saw the notification of a text message displayed across my screen. I gulped in fear when I noticed who it was from, then I opened it.

MOM: Morning stud!

My smile returned. It’s funny how two simple words, eleven letters, can put all your fears to rest. Clearly Mom hadn’t woken up with instant regret like I’d feared! I excitedly typed a charming reply.

DANNY: Morning beautiful! How’d you sleep?

I pictured her infamous smile as she read what I wrote. Her response came a moment later.

MOM: Aww. Like a baby actually. I’m still lying in bed lol

I was jealous. Crawling back into bed sounded nice, especially cuddling up to her in her warm and cozy bed.

MOM: Hows it going out there?

DANNY: Better now that I’m talking to you

I felt like a young teenager again, texting my crush for the first time, wondering how she’d perceive my attempt at flirting.

MOM: Well aren’t you quite the charmer this morning! Your dad can’t see who you’re texting can he?

I knew that he couldn’t, but I glanced up at him just to be sure.

DANNY: No, his chair is faced away from me

A full minute passed before my phone buzzed again. This time she’d sent a picture message. I swiped my touchscreen open and had to laugh. Mom had taken picture of the laundry pile on the bathroom floor that the four of us made collectively. She’d fished out the famous white cotton panties and placed them directly on top.

MOM: You forgot your hat in here this morning

Dad heard me chuckle and glanced back in time to catch me with my nose buried in my phone.

“Can’t you put that damn thing down for one second?” He scowled, gesturing to the water and the natural beauty surrounding our boat.

I refrained from reminding him that the fish weren’t biting anyway and waited for him to face the lake again.

DANNY: I knew I was forgetting something lol

MOM: I just hope you’re head doesn’t get sunburnt out there, silly

I loved how goofy and oddly comfortable Mom was joking about her panties with me. It was like she’d woken up in a playful mood, ready to pick up where we left off.

DANNY: I promise to be more careful from now on

MOM: You better be!

The familiar feeling of adolescent butterflies fluttered around in the pit of mmy stomach as I typed back a candid reply.

DANNY: I’m gonna have to hot tub with you more often!

MOM: I second that! Are we on for tonight?

I couldn’t help but smile. This was shaping up to be another wonderful day of vacation!

DANNY: I can’t wait!!

MOM: Want me to pick out a new hat for you?

DANNY: Haha. Only if it looks like the panties you’re wearing right now

MOM: Who says I’m wearing panties right now?

My eyes widened as did my smile. I sent her the emoji that best matches that expression.

MOM: I’m jumping in the shower goofball. Hold that thought 😉

Hold that thought is exactly what I did. A big helpless grin took over my whole face as I sat there day dreaming about Mom in the shower.

I imagined sneaking into the bathroom with her, watching her glide her soapy hands all around her naked body.

“Mmm,” I imagined myself murmuring, yozgat escort letting my presence be know.

She smiled over her shoulder at me. “Morning stud! When’d you get here?”

“Just now,” I answered, mesmerized by her naked backside.

“Took you long enough,” she teased.

My leering eyes dropped to her magnificent ass lathered in suds. “You seriously have the nicest ass, Mom!”

“Aww, thank you baby!” She reached back and grasped the swells of her soapy cheeks. “You really think so?”


She jiggled her ass in her hands. “You like that?” she giggled.

“What’s got you so smiley?” questioned Dad, waking me from my dream.

“Nothing,” I snapped, frantically shaking the dirty thought from my head. I regained my composure and noticed Dad’s chair swiveled in my direction. He was giving me an off look.

“You were sitting there smiling like you won the lottery or something,” he chuckled.

“Was I?”

He cocked an eyebrow with a knowing smirk. “You we’re day dreaming about a girl weren’t you?”

Obviously I couldn’t tell him who, but I figured I could maybe skirt the truth, just a little.

“Yeah,” I sighed. “A girl I recently started talking to actually.”

“Well I guess that explains why you’ve been attached to that damn phone all morning.”

I glanced down at my phone lying in my lap. “Yeah I guess we’ve been texting a lot today.”

“How long you been seeing this one?” He asked, genuinely curious.

“Um…a few months.”

“Months!?” He seemed surprised. “Does this mean you’ll finally be bringing a girl home for your mother and I to meet?”

I chuckled lightly. “No. Not this girl, Dad.”

“Why not?”

This was a question I seemed to hear more and more each year. Dad was always on my case about settling down with nice girl and getting my life started.

I chose my words carefully, trying not to say too much. “She’s a bit older than me for one,” I began, offering only a sliver of truth.

He cocked an eye brow. “How much older?”

“Um…let’s just say older,” I chuckled. “Anyway, we’ve both agreed this is nothing serious. We’re just having a little fun.”

“Just having a little fun huh?” he smirked, reaching down for a couple beers from the cooler by his feet. He handed me one, then held his up for a cheers. “No harm in having a little fun I guess!”

I almost felt guilty as we clinked our cans together. Dad took a healthy swig from his before swiveling his chair to face the water again. A few minutes later my phone buzzed in my lap.

MOM: Black

I was confused at first.

DANNY: Black??

MOM: You asked about the panties I’m wearing, remember? I just slipped on a pair of black satin panties 😉

My guilt was overtaken by desire as I pictured Mom sliding a pair of sexy black panties up her freshly showered legs. I did a flashback of all the panties I’d discovered in her suit case the night before and figured out which pair she was referring to.

DANNY: These panties you’re wearing, they wouldn’t happen to be trimmed in white lace would they?

MOM: lol maybe 

Luckily I didn’t have spend too long drawing the image in my head, my phone buzzed a moment later with an actual picture. A close-up of Mom’s midsection filled my four inch screen. The exact pair of black satin panties clung to her form, shimmering in the light, making her covered poochie sparkle like a diamond.

MOM: I forgot how comfy these are!!

DANNY: Damn! Those look even better on you than I fantasized!

MOM: Haha!! You know, mr snoopy pants, it’s not gonna be as much fun flashing you my panties all week when you already know everything I packed

I smiled wider than ever, wondering how long she’d been planning this.

DANNY: Trust me I’ll still enjoy it!!

MOM: Perhaps Molly and I will have to go on a little shopping trip today

DANNY: I can’t wait to see what you buy

MOM: Lol! Speaking of your sleepy head little sis, I think I hear her finally getting up. I better get dressed. Ttyl baby. Love you!!

DANNY: Love you too mom

I slid my phone into my pocket, figuring I was done texting for a while. The next few hours practically flew by. Dad and I tried a different fishing hole and ended up reeling in a few nice fish. We celebrated in a cheers after each catch. It wasn’t until fishing slowed back down that my pocket vibrated with another text. I couldn’t yank my phone out of my pocket fast enough.

MOM: May I ask for your opinion on something?

I could only imagine what that might be. I excitedly texted her my answer.

DANNY: Of course!! Anything!

A minute later I received another picture message. This time she was standing in a dressing room, taking a picture of herself in the full length mirror. She had an even skimpier bikini on than she wore the night before.

MOM: How does this look on me?

My mouth fell open, staring in awe at the screen of my phone. yozgat escort bayan I zoomed in on her tightly encased boobies cupped in navy-blue spandex. I could just barely make out the shapes of her thick nipples hidden within. I then zoomed in on her covered pussy. The triangular crotch was narrow, leaving the sides of her creamy mound partially exposed.

DANNY: Oh god! You have to buy that

MOM: Do you think your father would approve? Lol

If Dad had hang-up’s about the bikini she wore the night before, he definitely wouldn’t approve of this one.

DANNY: Sadly I don’t think he would

MOM: Well we’re about to find out. Hahaha

Just then, I heard Dad scoff from the front of the boat. I looked up and could tell he was looking down at his cell phone. He typed something angrily into the screen, shaking his head, then shoved the phone back into his pocket in a huff. A few seconds later I received Mom’s text.

MOM: You were right lol. He thinks I need to start being modest in front of you and Molly

DANNY: Hey I’m not complaining! Haha!

MOM: Don’t worry sweetie, that’s not gonna happen. And I’m still buying that damn bikini!

DANNY: It looks so good on you!!!

A few minutes went by before I received another text, followed by a picture.

MOM: One more question. Pink or yellow?

In the picture, she had two separate pantie-sets laid out on the dressing room bench. One yellow, one pink. The yellow pair was made of a sheer see-through material that I could only assume would do very little to hide her pussy. The pink pair was a basic thong that would cover her pussy but then wrap around and disappear into her ass. Both scenarios sounded delicious.

DANNY: I’m a sucker for thongs, but that yellow pair looks interesting. I imagine either pair would look better on you than lying on that bench lol

MOM: You’re cute! Thanks for your input

I waited for a follow-up text but it never came. After about 10 minutes, the suspense was killing me, I had to know which pair she bought.

DANNY: So which pair did you buy??

Her teasing response came a few minutes later.

MOM: Play your cards right and you might just find out

I didn’t exactly know what she meant by that, but I knew I definitely didn’t want to play my cards wrong.

DANNY: Okay! Deal!

Secretly I hoped she’d bought the see-through yellow panties. The thought of possibly seeing her pussy so clearly through the transparent material had my mouth watering.

MOM: Molly and I are driving back to the cabin now. Text me when you guys head for the dock okay?

DANNY: Okay I will

I put my phone away and struck up a conversation with Dad to pass the time. We chatted about little of this, little of that, covering all the topics guys really care about: football, money, cars, even politics. Before I knew it, an hour had passed and it was time to head in.

“What do you say we head in for the day,” Dad said, reeling his line in one last time. “We’ll take a crack at em’ again tomorrow.”

“Yeah sounds good to me Dad” I nodded, reeled my line in too.

DANNY: We’re headed for the dock

MOM: Yay! See you soon

It was about 10 minutes later when we rounded the bend into our private cove. I spied Mom already standing on the dock waiting for us. She looked stunning as usual, wearing a loose fitting sun dress with no shoes on.

She spotted us and gave us a cute wave.

Dad showed his talented boating skills by weaving around all the boulders sticking up out of the water. He killed the motor once we got within coasting distance of the dock.

“Hiya boys,” Mom greeted us with her infectious smile as we drifted to her.

“Hi Mom!”

Dad immediately started barking out orders. “Hold on to the dock!” “Tie this rope here!” “Tie that rope there!” “Danny, go grab that five gallon bucket in the cabin.”

“Actually honey, would you mind grabbing that bucket? I need to have a word alone with Danny.”

Dad detected urgency in Mom’s undertone. He shot me sorrowful look, assuming I was in trouble for something. He knew better than to stick around and ask questions. He quickly climbed out of the boat and marched to the cabin.

Mom waited until Dad was out of earshot before feeding me a playfully smile, motioning me to sit down.

“Sit? Why?”

“Trust me, you’ll want to be sitting for this.”

“Sitting for what?”

“Just sit down!” She giggled.

I did as I was told, sitting in my chair, which put me at about eye level with her knees.

Mom looked back to make sure the coast was clear, then squat down, arching her pretty bare feet in the process. She grabbed the front of her flimsy dress and bunched it over her knees.

“I decided to get the yellow panties,” she smiled, spreading her knees to explain why.

I was instantly captivated at the sight of Mom’s pretty pink pussy through her transparent panties. I could make out every single detail. escort yozgat It was the most beautiful thing I’d ever seen.

“Cat got your tongue?” Mom teased.

“God! I love it!” I exclaimed a bit louder than I should have, then lowered my voice. “I’m so glad you bought those panties!”

Mom giggled. “I know. Me too. I can’t believe how see-through they are!”

I couldn’t tear my eyes away even if I wanted to. The cute patch of pubic hair Mom proudly sported was manicured into an upside-down triangle, pointing down at her pussy like an arrow.

“So, what do you think?” she asked cutely. “Is this what you imagined your mother’s pussy would look like?”

I swallowed the lump in my throat. “It’s the most beautiful thing I’ve ever seen,” I muttered, hypnotized by the fleshy folds framing her beautiful pink hole.

I heard footsteps and quickly spotted Dad strolling towards us over mom’s shoulder. He was almost to the dock, swinging a bucket in his hand.

“Dad’s coming!” I warned.

Mom stood up, making the hem of her dress magically fall back into place like nothing had even happened. She winked, then narrowed her eyes at me for a harsh reprimand. “You know that thing I just showed you?” she scowled in mock anger.

I nodded obediently.

“Yeah? Well next time you make it as wet as you did last night, you’re gonna take care of it yourself! Do I make myself clear?”

“Yes Mom.”

“You’re a grown man now, Daniel, I shouldn’t have to be cleaning up after you all the time!”

Dad caught the tail end of my ass chewing and approached with caution. “Everything okay?” he cautiously tiptoed past Mom.

“Yes, everythings fine,” Mom softened. “Danny and I were just having a little chat.”

Dad looked back and forth at us, assessing the situation. “Anything I need to be concerned about?”

Mom’s smile returned. “No, just silly mother-son stuff. I’ll spare you the details.”

“Oh,” Dad chuckled. “Thanks.”

Mom went to Dad and placed a loving hand upon his cheek.

“Dinner will be ready in about an hour. Don’t be late!” she teased, then turned and sashayed back to the cabin on pretty bare feet.

We opted to eat dinner out on the deck that evening. Each of us took a chair gathered round the four-sided patio table. Mom cooked us my favorite dish, her signature meatloaf.

After not eating all day, I was starved. I scarfed my food down like an uncivilized caveman. Mom had to remind me to “breath” a couple times between mouthfuls of food.

As a result, I was the first to be done eating, so I pushed my plate to the side and relaxed in my chair, taking a moment to enjoy the beautiful sights and sounds surrounding our cabin. As I sat there looking around, I reflected back on all the good memories over the years. Lake Timberland had been home to each and every one of our summer vacations. Mom and Dad claimed to have discovered this beautiful place years ago, said they fell in love with it on their honeymoon and vowed to return every summer, or so the story goes.

Mom looked over at me and noticed my head on a swivel.

“Remember when we used to camp down there?” she asked, pointing at a small grassy area about 50 yards off the deck.

I looked in the direction she was pointing. There was a small patch of grass carpeting a section of forest floor that was otherwise covered in dense timber. It looked like the perfect little place for a camp site. I couldn’t remember ever having camped there, or anywhere else for that matter.

“We used to camp??” Molly stole the words from my mouth.

“We sure did!” Mom smiled. “We used to be quite the adventurers. We’d set up a tent, build a fire, roast marshmallows, the whole nine yards.”

“What about the cabin?” Molly asked.

“We’d still rent the cabin of course. We needed it for cooking and showers and all that, but at night, we’d sleep in a tent right down there,” Mom pointed at the spot again. “It was wonderful.”

“Welllll, I don’t know if I’d call it wonderful,” Dad countered, remembering the event in a different light.

“Oh it wasn’t that bad,” Mom countered back. “So maybe we had that one rough night.”

Dad chuckled, thinking back to the night Mom was referring to. “You were just a baby, Molly. You wanted nothing to do with sleeping in a stuffy tent. You kept us up all night with your fussing. After that miserable night of no sleep, I decided we were done sleeping on the ground forever. We’ve been sleeping in the cabin ever since.”

“Wow, I don’t remember any of that,” Molly said.

Mom looked at Dad. “What ever happened to all that old camping gear anyway?”

“As far as I know, It’s still in the shed out front,” he answered, pointing a thumb over his shoulder in the direction of the shed.

“Really??” Mom perked up. “I figured that stuff was gone for good… wouldn’t it be so fun to dig it out again, use it one last time for old times sake?”

Dad chuckled at the impracticality of tent camping now days. “And do what? Run an extension cord all the way through the forest just so I can breath at night?”

“Oh that’s right…” Mom sighed, remembered Dad’s recent diagnosis of sleep apnea and the noisy machine they were still getting used to sleeping next to. She thought for a moment then quickly perked up.

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