Laney’s Deflowering Pt. 03


Julie and Nadia were going to take that weekend retreat. The road had been reopened, and the avalanche danger had been mitigated, so the weekend after the barbeque, they were going to hit the road Friday afternoon.

Wednesday night, Laney had called Tony on his cellphone, she had heard from Nadia about the trip. Tony had hurried out to the garage, so he could talk to her in private.

“Hello my sexy Uncle Tony, so nice to talk to you, text messages can be so impersonal. Nadia told me about the rescheduling of the trip, and you having the house all to yourself. My body has been sizzling, looking forward to a sexual frenzy. Mmmm, the idea of my sweet Uncle taking my asshole virginity. I had to rub my tight little pussy just before I called you, to calm down a little bit! Are you as eager as I am to take my tight little virgin rosebud?”

Tony growled, “Oh yes, my sweet niece, that tight young asshole won’t be so tight when I’m finished with your teen ass.”

Laney purred, “God! Your words are making me so wet. This time, I’m going to spend the weekend with you, tell me what else you want to do to my teen body!”

Tony growled, “I’m going to lick and slobber all over that tight teen ass, you’re going to give your asshole cherry to me, and you’re gonna love it when my cock is ramming your tight virgin ass like a jackhammer.”

Laney was making little whimpers of passion, and she murmured, “Nice and dirty, more, tell me more.”

Tony growled, “Once your teen ass has been taken care of, I am going to probe you all over, my tongue, fingers, and cock will be working you into a stick frenzy.”

Laney was now making moans of passion, and she gasped, “Don’t stop, keep going!”

Tiny growled, “I’ll have you down on the bed, with you under me like the subservient little teen slut, in your place to service your Uncle’s hard cock, I’ll pin your feet behind your ears, and drive into you!”

Laney was gasping and grunting, and she gasped, “A little bit more, finish me!”

“Feel my cock riding deep inside, ramming your niğde escort heat, testing the hot liquid depths of your teen cunt. That sweet teen hole is so tight, having kept it virgin for me. Power fucking your teen cunt, make you scream, grunt, growl and cum like a bitch in heat, feel the hot wet splatter as my cock erupts inside you, flooding your womb with a steaming load of incestuous spunk!”

Laney cried out, “Yes, yes, flood my ass, my cunt, CREAM MEEEE!”

Tony enjoyed the sounds of Laney cumming while she listened to him telling her what they were going to do.

When Laney got her voice back, it was dreamy with contentment, and she cooed, ”Mmmm, that made me cum so hard. My hand is so wet, and you must be so hard.”

When Tony agreed, she cooed, “Now, go and get your sweet wife, and fuck her, really ram her, and while you do, think about all the things we’ve done, and all the things we are going to do this weekend. Until then, stay hard Uncle Tony!”

With a giggle, she broke the connection. Yeah, she was right, Tony’s dick was as hard as steel, and he went in search of Julie.


“Let me have it, fuck me!”

Tony was poised above the body of his wife, her eyes glowing with lust, the plump lips of her pussy swollen up with sexual desire. Tony nudged against her and visualizing the body of his sexy 18-year-old niece Laney, how she had looked spread out, her virgin tightness eagerly awaiting his dick, just as Julie was at this moment, Tony drove into his wife’s heated fuckhole with a fierce thrust, hearing Julie’s cry of pleasure as he bottomed out, stuffing the heated center.

Julie wrapped her legs around Tony’s waist, and let him take her. He fucked her at a strong, steady pace, she could feel her silky walls clasping eagerly as his plunging cock tested the liquid depths of her pussy. Mmmm, he’d been a real tiger, and she again wondered idly, if it was seeing her sister Jill at the barbeque that had fired up his lust.

Jill had been looking very sexy, the white escort niğde shorts she had been wearing had clung to her ass and hips, clearly advertising that she was not wearing panties, and the red checked shirt had been knotted up to just below her breasts, with no bra in the way, the swell of her 36D breasts was displayed very well. Her sister had a few extra pounds, giving her a lush, curvaceous figure. Her mind tickled at her, what would it be like to watch Tony fucking Jill? Imaging Jill’s full-curved body under Tony, impaled with that stiff 8 inches, seeing Tony driving into her sister, the way he was driving into her, would it disgust her? Turn her on? Make her so hot that she’d jump in?

Another vision jumped to mind, being in on the hot action, her sister being fucked doggy style, while Jill was eagerly servicing Julie’s steamy box. My sister, licking MY cunt ran through her mind, and she felt orgasm race at her.

Tony was similarly mentally engaged, but not with Jill. His mind had Laney underneath him, pinned to the bed by his rampant cock, her 18-year-old body writhing and squirming, the motions of her excited body were really making her pussy twist and rotate around his prick, oh yeah, he felt his balls churning madly.

Julie cried out, ”Let me have it, flood my cunt, yes, CREAM MEEEE!”

She shrieked as she tumbled into orgasm, her mind fixated on the fantasy of her sister Jill, finger fucking her cunt while sucking her clit as Tony blew his load into her excited box.

Tony heard the hallmark sounds of Julie hitting orgasm, and he climaxed to the remembered sounds of Laney in climax, her cries of orgasmic delight. As his cock erupted in Julie’s eager pink hole, he slammed as deep as possible inside her, his spurting cock jerking and throbbing and pumping a flood, gushing thick ropes of cum deep into the hungry grip of his wife’s greedy fuckhole.

As the glorious explosion of pleasure started to wane, the fantasies faded into the background, and neither of them knew that the niğde escort bayan other was fantasizing most if not all the way through. Not that it was a problem, quite the contrary, it made for very hot fucking.


Friday afternoon and Julie gave Tony a hot, dick stiffening kiss before she went to pick up Nadia, they were heading out straight from her last class.

“When I get home, I’m going to be VERY horny, and your cock will get a hot, wet ride! I’ll call you when we get there, so you know we are okay.”

Two hours later, he got the call. Julie and Nadia were safe and in their hotel room. Tony could feel the rising of lust, the coast was clear. Tony quickly sent a text to Laney, just a single word, “Now.” In just a couple of minutes, he received her reply, and his dick soared up. She had taken a selfie, and the way her ass was displayed by the reflection of the mirror, and the sexy, lust-filled smile, she was very ready. Tony imagined her nude, on the bed, her ass cocked up, gently parting her cheeks to lick and gently probe that tight virgin territory, and the extra tight grip he would feel when he took that cherry. She also sent a heart emoji, a red-lipped mouth emoji, and the phrase, “See U soon.”

Tony downloaded that amazing selfie to the desktop, and it was quickly stored away in his private files. It was way too good to delete from his smartphone without having it stored in a safe place for his viewing pleasure. His cock was a raging hardon, and he was eager for Laney to take care of that for him.

When Laney pulled into the driveway, Tony activated the garage door opener, and she nosed her car slowly into the open space where Julie’s car would normally be. When the door rumbled down, he opened the door from the utility room and saw Laney getting out of her car. She had an overnight bag with her, oh yes, keep her here all weekend, and fuck and suck as much as possible. God, she looked ethereal, she seemed to float towards him, and she grabbed him, pulling him in tight, her lips against his, mouths hungry and eager, tongues coming out to play. She could feel his cock, hard as steel and she moaned and wiggled against it, feeling the solid press against her jeans.

“Mmmm, you are so hard, so ready. Take me to bed, my sweet Uncle, I am so eager to give up my last virginity.”

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