LeAnn’s Babies


LeAnn’s BabiesLeAnn Samson a 28yrs 5’7″ fireball of a woman meets the man of her dreams and after only six weeks they get married. Hubby Hank is very well off and they find a big house in the best part of town, LeAnn says now all I want is k**s to fill it up. Hank is a good lover but after two years and fucking almost non-stop no k**s yet. A very upset LeAnn goes and gets checked but learns she is fine. At her wits end she is sitting at a coffee shop in town dropping her spoon and this guy picks it up for her there eyes meet and she thinks WOO he’s great but, then a woman comes up and he says this is my wife. The couple sit with her and soon they become good friends. The two couples have cookouts and double dates even camping together. Spending so much time together of course the baby thing balgat escort comes up and LeAnn finds out that Jacki can’t have k**s Tom her hubby always wanted them but loves his wife and if she can’t she can’t. Things were fine till new years eve the two couples went to the big hotel in town and got blasted Hank passed out and the three of them put him to bed still needing to party they go to the other room. Jacki looks at LeAnn and ask her to follow her in the bedroom. Once in the room Jacki ask how bad do you want k**s LeAnn’s head spins and she says very bad why? Jacki sits her down and says about two months before I meet Tom I was still in college and coming home from a party drunk and horny as hell my roommate came out of the shower naked not knowing batıkent escort I was home and well I attacked her it was my first time with a woman and hers too and it was great so great we spend the next two days in bed but, then it was over and I meet Tom and never looked back. Till now LeAnn you are so fine you make me so wet just being around you so I’ve been thinking I have a great hubby that wants k**s and I also want you so how about we all have a sex but he knows nothing about this so we need to attack him. They come out of the room both in just panties and over power Tom soon both women licking and sucking his cock then Jacki slid between LeAnn’s legs and tongue fucks her Tom eyes watch his wife eat pussy and is ready to pop so LeAnn pulls çankaya escort him inside her the thickest the same but Tom was 2-3 inches longer then Hank and LeAnn loved it as she rode him. Jacki presented her twat to LeAnn who tasted her pussy it may have been the first time but she vowed it wouldn’t be the last. They were at it all night LeAnn stunk in her room only a little before Hank woke up. Over the next three weeks the three got together five more times then Hank told her he need to go away for work she asked how long he said about two weeks she asked upset but was happy. After he left she called Jacki and they came over to stay durning the day her and Jacki humped pussies and at night all three fucked. Hank came home and LeAnn found out she was having a baby. Things were great at the hospital LeAnn hugged Tom and whispered meet your daughter handing him the baby. Hank was a proud daddy LeAnn had her k** and Jacki had a endless supply of mothers milk. As Hank took the baby LeAnn grab Tom’s cock through his pants and said get ready for the next one stud……………

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