Life of Mick Ch. 09


Life of Mick — CH 9

It was Casual Friday and Sam chose to wear her incredibly tight jeans. The same jeans she had worn that first time that my attention was drawn to her in the lobby on a Saturday morning. I think back fondly to that day because it ended with Sam walking into my office while I was jerking off to memories of the DP with Hunter and Alexis an hour earlier and a porn video of Miranda being DP’d by my two sons. The sex that Sam and I had that day has progressed to a blossoming romance. Even though it was Casual Friday, I had some internal meetings scheduled and I opted for a pair of dress slacks, a Sports Jacket, and a dress shirt with no tie.

We had just spent a night of nearly non-stop sex between Sam, Misty, Monique, and me along with Hunter, Alexis, and Alyson. Sam noticed my burgeoning hard-on as we pulled into the reserved parking space. She looked from my crotch to my face and said, “Seriously. After a night of sex, you have a hard-on now? Why didn’t you say something? I could have been working on it on our way to work.”

I shrugged my shoulders and said, “Sorry. I figured it would just go away on its own. It’s your fault. You know those jeans drive me nuts.”

She glanced down at her thighs, encased in the tight denim. She giggled as she wiggled her ass in the seat. “You need some attention. I’m going to be late for a meeting with my staff. You’ll have to jerk yourself off or I can call Kay. She’s probably climbing the walls by now. It’s been a while. Will that be okay?”

I frowned and said, “I guess so, but she doesn’t wear a pair of tight jeans like you do.” Sam grinned at me and threw me an air-kiss as she headed to the lobby conference room with her cellphone at her ear. I walked, stooped over a little, to the elevator.

On the top floor, I stepped out of the elevator with my briefcase in front of my crotch in case I ran into someone. My boner was obvious. Kay met me in the hall with her cellphone pressed to her ear, saying, “Thanks, Samantha. I’ll take care of it. … Yeah. It’s my pleasure.” She laughed and pulled the phone down and hit the ‘END’ icon. Kay took my arm and stopped me. She said, “Hold on a second.” She stepped back to the doorway into the secretarial pool. She held up one hand and said, “Five minutes. Okay?” She had a huge grin on her face. I didn’t know what that was about. If she thought she was going to satisfy me and herself in five minutes, she hadn’t been paying attention.

Kay walked beside me toward my office. She kept looking down at my briefcase to see if she could see anything. God knows what Sam had told her. I set my briefcase on the credenza and removed my sport coat before turning to face Kay. Her eyes went wide when she saw the bulge in my pants. Kay said, “Jesus, Samantha wasn’t exaggerating. She wasn’t even doing it justice.” She came over to me and pushed her big tits to my ribcage. Her blouse and my dress shirt separated us. Her nipples were hard and on prominent display through her bra and thin silk blouse. She stretched up for a kiss as she reached down to unzip my fly. She struggled to free my cock but she got it. She immediately began stroking it in a hand-shake grip.

I moaned as I unbuttoned Kay’s blouse. She was unzipping the back of her skirt with her free hand and it dropped to the floor before I could shrug her blouse down her arms. She was down to her bra, thong, and high heels. She was consumed with her hand job and had made no moves to undress me. I unhooked her bra and let it drop to her blouse and then began unbuckling my pants. They fell to my feet as I kicked off my shoes and stepped out of them. She was suckling on my nipples through my shirt as she continued her hand job. I pulled my shirt off over my head and tossed it on top of my briefcase. As usual, I had dressed commando, and other than my socks, I was naked.

Kay led me to the sofa and guided me to my back. Kay swung her hips around and released my cock long enough to get her thong down and off her feet. She crawled her sopping wet pussy up to my face in a sixty-nine position and I pushed my tongue along her clitoris, which pulled a deep groan from her, and then pushed it into her pussy and started tongue fucking her. She inched further down my body so she could get her lips on my cock. Our height difference only allowed her to screw her lips onto the head of my cock. She furious stroked her right hand on the rest.

Kay bobbed her head up and down on my knob as she moaned from the attention I was paying to her sex. I knew that Kay would not be satisfied with a blow job. She was making sure I was at full size before she turned to fuck me. I wanted to get an orgasm out of her with my tongue before we got down to business.

She was grinding her sex into my face and I was trying to drive my cock deeper in her mouth. Kay pulled off my cock and slurped on a wad of saliva. She ran her hand down my shaft and I felt her lips struggling to get back on again. Whatever she was doing was a different sensation with a different yalova escort technique. I wondered if she had been experimenting with her husband’s cock. She was always complaining that it was too small and that he was a lousy fuck. Her new technique was distracting me and she dragged her sex on my tongue to pull my attention back to her. I got my tongue going again.

Then an odd thing happened. Kay pushed her arms out straight and sat up on my face. The odd part was that the blow job continued. I tried to look between Kay’s legs to see how she was able to sit up straight on my face and still apply what felt like a blow job.

Kay coursed through an orgasm and then pulled her body up to sit partially on the arm of the sofa and partially on my forehead. Her juices were running down my face and I was collecting as much as I could and then I saw the answer to the question. The young lady with the curly red hair and emerald green eyes that I had met with Kay in the hall was looking me in the eyes as my cock appeared and disappeared into her mouth. I was startled, but I couldn’t move. The young woman now placed her hands on my thighs as she picked up the pace and depth of her blow job. Kay’s weight was on my forehead and I couldn’t move. The young lady’s name was Mariah, as I recalled. Jesus, she was giving me an incredible blow job. She grinned around my cock and I stopped struggling underneath them.

Kay slid off the back of the arm of the sofa and came around to sit on the floor with her face beside Mariah’s. They shared my cock back and forth for several minutes and then Mariah pulled back to sit on her heels and offered first dibs to Kay. While Kay pulled herself up from the floor, I assessed Mariah’s naked body. Her breasts were firm and smallish as I had noted when I first met her. Her nipples were long and hard. Her neatly trimmed pubic hair revealed that she was a true redhead. Her green eyes were ablaze as she reached out to assist Kay’s efforts to straddle my hips.

As Kay began thrusting her sex on my cock, she whimpered, “Oh my God. I’ve really missed this cock.” Mariah came up off her heels and pushed her tits to Kay’s back and wrapped her hands around to her front and cupped as much of Kay’s tits in her hands as she could get.

Mariah looked down at me over Kay’s shoulder and whispered, just loud enough for me to hear, “Save some for me. Okay?”

Kay groaned hard and nodded as she said, “Let me get off, and then he is all yours.”

I looked up at Mariah and I could tell that she was frowning as she nibbled on her lower lip. I guessed that she was concerned that there wouldn’t be anything left for her by the time Kay finished with me. As Kay continued to grind her sex and then go back to vigorous thrusts, she turned to look back at Mariah over her shoulder. She recognized the same look from her that I had seen. Between gasps for air, she said, “Oh, don’t worry. There will be more than enough for you. This cock is the energizer bunny.” A watched as Mariah broke into a huge grin.

Mariah was mauling Kay’s tits from behind and Kay’s coordinated movement suddenly became erratic. She muttered, “Oh gaawwd, YES. I’m cumming.” Her hips flailed at me and she came off my cock. She groaned, “No. No. Get it back in.” I reached down and pushed my cock back to her vagina and she pushed back on. She pushed her right hand down to her sex and began flagellating her clitoris with extended fingers flying from side to side. Her mouth opened in a silent scream with her face pointed to the ceiling. Mariah grinned down at me with a look that said, “Yes. It’s my turn.” When Kay settled down, she pulled herself off my cock and stepped over to a chair, and dropped her naked body into it.

Mariah took her position above my hips and guided my rigid hard cock to her sex. She seemed to be in a hurry as though she was afraid, she’d miss out if I went soft. I knew there was no chance of that. She pushed herself too quickly to her depth and screeched when she bottomed out. She muttered, “Jesus Christ. What a cock. It’s huge.” She hurried into a rhythm and put her hands down on my chest and began furiously fucking me on no more than half of my cock. I reached up and fondled her smallish breasts and tweaked her long hard nipples. Mariah was in heat as she fucked herself through her first orgasm. She paused, expecting that we were done, and then she realized that I hadn’t cum yet. She looked back at Kay, who was watching closely.

Kay grinned and said, “He hasn’t cum yet has he?” Mariah shook her head at Kay and went back to fucking me again. She groaned through a second orgasm and then through a third. I was determined that she was going to get a load out of me. My orgasm was swirling around and coming closer when Mariah pulled her hips up and pulled her sex off my cock. She motioned for Kay to help her suck me off.

With Mariah’s knees between my legs and Kay on her knees on the floor beside the sofa. They worked my cock over with their hands and mouths. Kay was sucking yalova escort bayan on my balls while Mariah knob-fucked my cock with her lips and furiously stroked the shaft with both hands. Then they swapped and I could feel that incredible sensation. I blew my load just as Mariah was pushing back on my knob. The sheer size of the load blew her off my cock and Kay laughed. She said, “I should have warned you. He cums a ton.” While Kay apologized, I blasted Mariah square in the face and she pulled back further. It still wasn’t far enough and the next shot arced through the air into her hair. She shrieked and got completely off the sofa. I covered the knob with my hand and knocked the streaming cum into my pubic hair.

Mariah’s eyes were as big as saucers as cum drooled down her face to her tits. Kay looked up at Mariah’s wide-eyed look and started laughing. “I guess I should have warned you that he shoots a long way too.”

Mariah was still gawking down at my cock and said, “Jesus, Kay. That would have helped. I’m a mess. I can’t go back to work like this.” She was holding her arms out to her sides before she wiped her fingers across her face and pushed her cum covered fingers into her mouth.

Kay looked at me and said, “Can she use your shower to clean up?” She looked at the mess in my pubic hair and said, “It looks like you need one too.” I dragged my fingers through my gooey pubic hair and grinned at Kay. I spun around to sit on the sofa and pulled my socks off. Mariah bent down and unfastened her high heels and kicked them off. I offered my hand and headed for the bathroom door beside the credenza.

Before we left the office, Kay said, “I’m going to get dressed and go back to my office.” She looked at Mariah and continued, “I don’t think I have to tell you that this is to be a secret that you can’t ever share with your co-workers.” Mariah nodded and followed me to the shower. She stopped at the sink and examined the damage in the mirror. Large and small dollops of cum gleamed in her hair. I picked at them. She couldn’t wash her hair and then have a reason for doing so when she returned to her office. I got the temperature right and handed her a hair cap which she pulled on and tucked her red hair inside.

We washed each other as she stroked my cock back up again and I washed cum off her tits. We fucked doggy-style until she had two more orgasms. I tried but I couldn’t get off again. She was a rag-doll by the time we finished. She washed her sex and then mine, which was still hard. She just shook her head and said, “I’ve never seen anything like you before.” I figured that at age twenty-two or so, she hadn’t had much experience to base her comment on.

She pulled off the shower-cap and fixed her hair in the mirror and then we returned to the office. Kay was gone. Mariah collected her clothes from the arm of the sofa, where Kay must have left them and redressed. Before she left, she asked me if Samantha knew about what the three of us had just done. I told her that Samantha knew about Kay but she didn’t know about her. I told her that I would tell her all of this and she seemed concerned. I had no idea how Sam was going to react to what Kay had done. I didn’t think Mariah or I was in trouble, but it was likely that Kay would be.

Mariah opened my office door and disappeared behind it only to poke her head back in to say, “I hope we can do this again sometime soon.” She stared for a moment at my rigid cock and just shook her head before pulling the door shut behind her.

I opened my briefcase and pulled out my iPad. I sat down on the sofa and set up the iPad so I could watch the video of Sam in Vegas with her teammates. I could have just jerked myself off as Sam had suggested in the car and I’d be done with the erection and now, here I was doing just that after fucking Kay and Mariah only to wind up with another erection. While I got the video going, I thought of fucking Mariah doggy-style in the shower.

I dressed after I was done jerking off and went to work at my desk. My thoughts occasionally drifted off to how Sam would react to Kay’s little scheme. Kay was always pushing the envelope and Sam was getting a little miffed with her even though she had called Kay to give her permission.

I got up at noon and decided to go to the cafeteria for lunch. If I ran into Sam on the way, we could go out for lunch. Sam wasn’t in the lobby when I exited the elevator. Jason was on duty on the podium with the security cameras. I had never taken the time to see what views our cameras had around the company. I walked over to the podium and greeted Jason as I stood behind him looking at the small frames of a dozen camera shots. I was particularly interested in the view on ‘Mahogany Row’, which was where my office is. The view was from the end of the hall looking past my office toward the elevator.

Jason looked back over his shoulder at me and said, “Is there anything particular you would like to see. We record everything for a month, 24/7. Then we escort yalova dump the data onto several 25 gigabyte DVDs and wipe the main drive clean and start again. I noticed that one of the screens displayed the lobby and I could see Jason and myself at the podium. I looked to see if I could locate the camera based on the view. I found it but it was tiny and was virtually invisible. I was primarily interested because my company had made huge strides in the surveillance camera industry and had many patents that contributed to our growth.

I thanked Jason and went toward the cafeteria. I grabbed up a pre-made cheeseburger and fries and a soda and after checking out with Harriet, I looked around to see if I knew anyone to sit down with. As my eyes searched a hand waved in the air that caught my attention. I smiled. It was Misty, Peter and Claire. Misty waved me over and I sat down beside Claire. Peter and Misty were sitting beside each other on the opposite side of the table.

Claire acted nothing like the awestruck girl I had witnessed before. She had started to loosen up as time went on but today, she wanted to flirt with me. I was cautious about flirting back and I looked at Misty’s grinning face to see if she thought Claire was going too far. She was no help. She was amused by Claire’s aggressive flirting. Claire had made a one-eighty turn since the day I had first met her and I was struggling with how to parry her questions and comments that were so obviously sexual.

Misty and Peter were listening to us and they got laughing. Claire ignored them and continued. She kept glancing down into my lap and the last straw was when she put her hand on my left thigh. The flirting had put my cock on standby and it jumped against her hand. I jumped in my seat and Misty burst out laughing as Peter jumped and dropped his head to look down at his lap. By his reaction, I guessed that Misty’s hand was in his crotch.

I stood up and Claire’s hand slid off my thigh. I gathered up my trash on my tray and said, “Well. Ummm … I guess I had better get back to work.” I looked over at Misty and softly asked, “Will you be home right after work?”

Misty shook her head and said, “Peter is taking me out to dinner. We’ll leave right from work. I’m not sure when I’ll be home.” She glanced at Peter and from his reaction, Misty must have squeezed his junk. I felt a little embarrassed to even be involved in this conversation. Peter seemed to be a very nice guy but I thought things were moving a little too fast. To my knowledge, this would be their first real date. I wasn’t so naïve as to think couples didn’t have sex on their first date but they were practically having sex right here in the cafeteria.

I turned to Claire who was now blatantly staring at my semi-erection as it lifted my left pantleg. I said, “Peter. Claire. It was nice to see you again.” I turned with my tray held low on my hip trying to block Claire’s view and dumped the trash and left the cafeteria without looking back. I returned to the elevator and hoped that Kay wouldn’t see me with a semi-erection. She wasn’t in her office as I walked by but Mariah was at her desk. She smiled and gave a four-finger wave. I smiled and waved back but I didn’t even slow down.

I went back to work and the erection subsided. I refused to jerk off twice in one day after all the sex last night and this morning. I couldn’t believe that I’d become a walking, talking boner, just like in high school and I was far from being a teenager. I wasn’t upset by that fact. I had three beautiful and insatiable women to please at home, plus whatever else came up, like last night with the Wests, this morning with Kay and then Mariah, or the lovely Miss Hayes, as I thought back. There were many others from Vegas to Moe’s graduation pool party to the ‘Three Amigas’. It all seemed to start with whatever concoction that Misty got from a friend and put in my drink at Moe’s eighteenth birthday party. That was months ago and it was still working, if in fact, that was the cause. I had asked Misty to get some more from her friend, just in case.

After dinner, I sat beside Sam on the sofa. Monique was getting the last of the day’s sunrays out by the pool. I expressed my concerns for Misty and her historical poor choices of boyfriends. Sam did not know particulars because she hadn’t lived through any of them. She soothed my concerns by saying the past was the past but Peter was a good guy with his head on straight. She thought that Misty’s bad choices in men stemmed from poor self-worth, but she hadn’t seen any lack of confidence from Misty since she’d been part of the family. She thought it was just the opposite.

Misty was home by eleven o’clock. She wanted to discuss her date with Sam. Sam was surprised but it pleased her that Misty wanted to have a conversation like she normally would have with her mother. Monique and I went to the living room to watch TV. I was pleased too that Misty was taking to Sam in this way.

We rarely used the living room. The furniture was like new. Moe and I cuddled up together on the long sofa and Moe said, “Misty had sex with Peter tonight. I can smell it on her.” I wasn’t surprised and I just nodded at Moe’s comment. “At least Peter isn’t one of Misty’s imbecilic idiots she usually hooks up with.” Again, I just nodded.

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