Life with: Natasha and Bobby Ep. 01


*Yes, you read correctly haha. I needed a break from C&S so I decided to start this. This will be something I update when I am facing a little writers block. Just so that I don’t lose my writing twinkle lol. Natasha and Bobby come so easy to me– this took me less than 2 days to write. I hope to do my other couples in this series of episodes as well. But C&S will be updated next and hopefully will post either a little before or after Christmas. Please let me know what you’d like to see happen with this episodes and what you want to know about each couple as their fictional lives progress haha.


Natasha had spent minutes staring at her favorite boys sleeping peacefully. She didn’t think she’d get enough of the sight. Bobby’s deep pink lips were parted wide while he snored quietly. The sound would’ve awoken a normal 18 month old boy, but not Isaac. He was a heavy sleeper and even snored lightly himself. He was such a handsome baby. Natasha was happy he was finally starting to darken up a little. The first year of his life, he was almost as pale as Bobby. She was beginning to grow accustomed to the stares and disbelieving accusations when people discovered she’d given birth to him. But he still had a few of her features; full lips with a deep cupids bow and her flat upturned nose. He had his father’s pitched black eyes that were wide and expressive. His soft honey tinted hair had just been cut the night before, so his face was perfectly framed by a nice shape up.

Natasha silently peeled back the covers and stepped out of bed. She glanced over her shoulder before she went into the bathroom to relieve herself. When she finished, she wandered to the sink to wash her hands. Her appearance caught her eye and she gave herself a hard stare in the mirror. Over the past year, her exterior had matured significantly. Isaac’s delivery had a lot to do with it, but a piece of her was ready to let go of her old self. So she took out her nose piercing and cut her hair evenly above her shoulders. The look aged her a bit but it wasn’t too much. She wasn’t the same person she’d been when she first met Bobby and definitely not the same age.

Time had also slowed down her metabolism. She was never a super thin girl so the pregnancy only added to what was borderline acceptable. Lately she’d been trying to work out more often and eat a little better. She could see improvements but not as much as she’d like. The thought of her physical activity prompted her to run. So instead of taking a shower and getting breakfast ready, she’d run a mile around the neighborhood.

Natasha arrived back in front of her house with her hands on her knees. Bruno Mars had done his duty of making her run slightly easier but it was still arduous. She placed her hands behind her head before she approached her Nissan SUV. She could see the sweat rolling down her face in the reflection. She wore simple yoga pants and a thin sweat jacket. With her weight rested against the car, she caught her breath behind closed lids.

“Natasha.” A voice called roughly. She opened her eyes and looked up the driveway. Bobby was at the front door standing tautly. She could tell he was groggy and had woken up no more than 5 minutes ago. The rising sun made his dark brown buzz cut hair shine and his broad chest glow. He shifted on his feet behind the open door and Natasha’s eyes caught sight of the bulge in his boxer briefs. He glanced around the surrounding neighborhood fleetingly before giving her a directive nod back into the house. She took her cue and began journeying her way inside. When she closed the door behind herself, Bobby was already up the steps and leading the way back to the bedroom.

Natasha could see Isaac’s room door was cracked so she took a small peek inside. He was continuing his slumber in his red racecar bed with his back turned toward her. The small rise and fall of his ribs clenched at her heart and she fought the urge to hold him. The sound of water running was her reminder and she continued into the bedroom. She kicked off her sneakers before joining Bobby in the master bathroom. In the far corner was a large glass shower. The hot water concealed most of his body but she could still the silhouette. She took a moment to strip herself before she approached the door.

Bobby’s appearance morphed over the years as well. The swimmers build Natasha had seen leaning over her that day in the grocery store had thickened up. Basketball suddenly wasn’t enough to keep off Natasha’s home cooked meals. Before he met her, the most he’d eat was a burger from McDonalds after skipping breakfast and lunch. But now Natasha cooked him breakfast before work and almost always had dinner for him when he got home. Natasha thought the weight fit him well and she loved the way he felt when he held her at night. He’d wrap his bicep around her shoulders and she could now rest her head on his forearm as she fell asleep.

He slid back the door to reveal himself soaked and covered in suds. Natasha locked his Betturkey eyes as she reached up to tie her hair. She could see his eyes taking in her sweating brown skin. He outstretched his palm to help her inside. It seemed like almost as soon as she was within his grasp, he was everywhere. He closed the shower door behind her and engulfed her body in his arms. Natasha exhaled sharply when he pressed his palm against the small of her back and meshed their bodies together. Natasha let her arms rest on his shoulders as they stared one another down. Her palms slid down the curve of his neck and gripped his ears. Bobby took a deep breath.

“I love you.” Natasha still, after hearing that phrase from him thousands of times, couldn’t help the timid smile pulling at her cheeks. She averted her gaze briefly before returning it.

“I love you too.” She whispered in reply. Bobby finally matched his lips with hers and they kissed urgently. Natasha could feel the eagerness in his lips and knew he was sexually pent up that morning. He finally took a break and rested his head against hers while he caught his breath. His black eyes were apologetic and Natasha interrupted his attempt to speak.

“I know,” She said quietly “go ahead.” Bobby always tried to do some foreplay before sex. He wanted to give her some attention before he entered his own world while inside her. But today Natasha could just tell he didn’t have the patience or tolerance to do it today. He was already so wound up; she wouldn’t make him wait any longer. Plus, he’d make it up to her next time.

He looked down onto himself as he slapped some of his saliva onto the tip of his cock. He twisted Natasha’s hips away from him and she planted her hands onto the shower door. He slowly guided himself into her core and they moaned in syncopation. Bobby could see her fingers flexing on the glass as she took his length. He ran his hands down the side of her upper back, allowing his fingertips to graze over the sides of her breasts before cupping them both in his hands. Gravity forced her nipples to push themselves into the palm of his hands and he basked in how wonderful it felt. Her wanton cries of pleasure filled the space while he rhythmically pounded into her from behind.


Bobby and Natasha’s walk in closet was connected to their bathroom so the two of them got dressed together after their long shower. She could see that it was getting late in the day and she was extremely hungry. She was shuffling around for underwear while Bobby picked out his outfit for the day.

“What do you want for breakfast?” Natasha asked, looking into the closet to see if he’d heard her. He had on a pair of dark jeans and searched for a shirt with his back toward her.

“French toast.” Natasha groaned quietly. He always chose the foods that took the most time to prepare.

“Then you’re getting Isaac dressed.” She bargained. Usually Bobby would still be asleep on a Saturday, so Natasha would have to get Isaac together. But since it was almost 12 o’clock, breakfast hadn’t been started and Bobby was very much awake, he’d help her out.

“That’s fine; just pick out what you want him to wear.” He replied.

“Mommy?” The faint cry was heard on the opposite side of the door. Natasha turned to Bobby and gave him an expectant look. He sucked his teeth before he left the bathroom to tend to Isaac. Natasha took the time to hurriedly get dressed. She planned on doing a little shopping later in the afternoon so she decided to put on a pair of light wash skinny jeans with a black baggy cable knit sweater. She lightly swiped mascara over her lashes before sheathing her lips in a deep brown gloss.

She finally exited the bathroom and grabbed her cell phone off the bed. She checked for texts while on her way to search for Bobby. She’d gotten 5 from the group chat she, Olivia, Summer and Naomi were in.

S: Somebody help me, I’m tryin to make grits

O: Hahahaha

N: Lol you have to buy them

S: I did but I want them to taste like Tash’s so I’m not followin the dirctns

O: Well w8 for tash to tell u

Natasha laughed at the conversation for a few seconds before pressing the button so she could reply.

T: Lol cheese, pepper and butter.

Once that informational text was sent, she ventured down the hall and into Isaac’s open bathroom door. She saw Bobby sitting on the hooded toilet as he clothed Isaac. Her appearance enticed a tiny yelp of pleasure from him. She smiled back at her baby as she leaned against the door frame.

“Good afternoon baby, how are you?” She cooed to him. Bobby slipped a plain blue long sleeve tee-shirt over his head just as he was about to reply with some of his own language. She watched him grow frustrated with his dad’s interruptions and wound his face up in agitation.

“Daddy’s taking too long huh?” She couldn’t help but smile as he did. He was always so responsive to her voice, she often wondered if he had even a little insight Betturkey Giriş as to what she was talking about. Bobby turned him around so that his back sat between his knees. He grabbed a pair of his black jeans and slipped them over both of his legs. Isaac rested his hands against Bobby’s forearm for support yet never let his mother’s gaze.

“I can’t wait to hold you Izey.” Natasha’s hands were itching to snatch him from Bobby and hold him all day long. “Babe,” Bobby somehow knew she was addressing him so he gave her a quick glance to show that she had his attention. “Summer asked me how I made my grits.” He chuckled lightly while putting on Isaac’s socks. Once he was finished, he picked him up and approached Natasha.

“Can you make me some grits?” Just as he finished his sentence he buried his head into the indent of her neck. Natasha huffed out in annoyance before pulling back to see his face. He smirked slyly as her exasperation with him rose.

“What else do you want?”

“Scrapple, bacon and eggs.” He said it all in one breath as if it’d sound better.

“Bobby I don’t feel like cooking all that stuff. Pick one.” Bobby ran his hands down her arm and captured her hand in his before he laced their fingers together. He took an assured step toward her and forced their bodies to be only inches apart.

“Please Natty,” He pleaded faintly. “I’m starving.” His fingers toyed with the wedding ring on her finger. They stood like that for a minute before Natasha rolled her eyes. She outstretched her hands for Isaac and went downstairs to cook his breakfast.

“I love you baby!” Bobby called from the banister once she made her way down. She didn’t even reply.


Natasha watched Isaac from the kitchen. He was in his highchair, watching cartoons while munching quietly on half a banana and cheerios. When she finished the food, she’d make him a plate of real food. The grits were simmering on low heat, bacon cooked in the over with the eggs and French toast on the stove. She was almost finished, after almost 45 minutes. Her cell phone buzzed in her pocket.

S: Burned them, pissed

Natasha chuckled before she prepared to reply.

“Mama!” Her attention immediately left her phone and she wandered toward Isaac. His bib held a few cheerios and he had squashed banana on his cheek. He was finished all of his food and his sippy-cup was empty.

“More please.” He spoke to her with his eyes on the TV behind her.

“The food is almost done baby, just wait a few more minutes.” She told him. He began to whine and Natasha walked back into the kitchen, not paying him any attention. Soon, she was finished and began making Isaac a small plate of broken pieces of food. At that same moment Bobby appeared down the steps. She took a break to rest her body against the counter and admire him. His hairline was sharply shaped with the back faded and tapered. He now wore relaxed khakis with a dark wash jean button down. Natasha smirked to herself as he approached her from across the room. Sometimes she wondered if he was more high maintenance and fashion conscious than she was. He could change his outfit three times before deciding on the one he had tried on first.

“I’m hungry.” He complained. Natasha sucked her teeth before turning her back toward him and continuing Isaac’s plate. She could hear his snickering getting closer. He leaned on the counter a few inches away from her and watched silently. Natasha anticipated his touch and soon he had pressed his palm firmly against her full bottom.

“Natasha,” He called silently. She responded with a mere grunt. “Look at me.” She stifled a groan and gave him her eyes. “You take care of me, and I appreciate it—I appreciate you.” Natasha could see the sincerity in his delicate orbs.

Bobby knew that was something she needed to hear every once in awhile. Especially today, after he had pretty much commanded her into the house to satisfy his needs and then begged her to make him a large breakfast after she’d just run a mile. She was always ready to please him, even if she never acted as if she was. Natasha couldn’t help but crack a smile.

“Thank you, that means a lot.” She put a hand along the side of his jaw while she bent to line her lips with his. The kiss was quick and soft. “Can you move Isaac to the table?” Bobby didn’t reply but just strolled to do as she asked.


Bobby opened the front door, already knowing it was unlocked. He stepped to the side so that Isaac could stumble his way inside first. After ascending the large step, he tried to regain his balance. Bobby walked into the foyer of the townhome and kicked off his shoes. He bent down to take off Isaac’s hat, scarf and coat. He looked so cute all bundled up; Natasha didn’t like him to leave the house without being swaddled. Already familiar with his surroundings, Isaac began to take off down the hallway.

“Come take off your shoes.” Isaac trotted back to his father and kicked out his foot so that Bobby could unlace his sneakers and put them beside all the others.

“Izey!” Isaac perked up at the sound of Olivia calling his name. He searched around the different entrances lining the foyer with hopes that he would find his second favorite woman. Soon Olivia appeared from the living room with a large grin on her face.

Olivia’s hair was tied into a wide, flimsy bun on her head. It was clear she hadn’t done anything all day because she still wore plain pajamas and a matching t-shirt. Her squinted brown eyes were gleaming as she laid eyes on her Godson. Isaac giggled uncontrollably out of excitement. Olivia outstretched her arms for him and covered him in kisses once he was in her arms. Isaac clawed at the skin on her face while in her tight embrace. The two both began to laugh simultaneously.

“Hey Bobby, he’s in the basement.” Olivia asked once she decided to take her attention off of Isaac. She approached him for an embrace and he met her halfway.

“Wait,” She whispered. Bobby gave her his attention. “If Cameron talks to you about the honeymoon please convince him to take me to Barbados. He wanted it to be a surprise but I feel like he’s going to choose Jamaica.”

“What should I say if he asks me why?” She seemed to think that over. Her eyes wandered aimlessly as she tried to think of an answer suitable for Bobby to reply.

“Say…” She sucked her teeth, reminding him of Natasha. “Shit— oh sorry Izey.” She glanced fleetingly at the boy cradled in her arms. “Never mind; I should’ve planned this out.” She threw her hand up in frustration.

“Alright, well are you good with him or do you—”Olivia positioned Isaac over her hip with a hand securely under his bottom.

“I got him.” She replied a little defensively. Bobby chuckled as he held his palms up in surrender.

“That’s fine with me.” He strolled over to the townhome’s basement door and stepped down the dim steps. He could feel the ambience of the house changing as he progressed. The warm, homely feel of the first floor had morphed into a relaxing, manly cave. He could smell the scent of strong Cuban cigars and hear the pulsating beat of Jay Z’s new album. This was why he loved visiting Cameron.

The colors of the walls were a deep red with plush black carpet. He had darts set up along the back wall, a small sectional couch in the corner with a plasma TV mounted above a mini-fridge full of beer. Play Station 3 controllers were on the small coffee table beside some fantasy sports games. But in the center of the entire room was a large pool table. There was where he spotted Tyson chalking his cue stick. He wore light wash jeans with a long sleeve black and white baseball tee. His deep brown skin was flushed in golden hues and his ink black hair was cut neatly with smooth waved along the surface. Cameron aligned himself on the other end. His body was tense and Bobby could see he was pissed with himself.

“Relax Cam; you might burst that vein throbbing in your damn forehead.” Bobby joked, approaching the table with a smile. He crossed his arms under his chest as Cameron tried to focus. Tyson stifled a snicker just as Cameron struck the cue ball without pocketing anything. “Who’s stripes?” Bobby inquired, already knowing the answer.

“I am, fucker.” Cameron replied with an agitated expression. Tyson and Bobby both burst out in laughter. He turned to take a hard swallow of beer and a long pull from his cigar. Bobby and Cameron competed in a long staring match while Tyson took his turn.

“You’re getting really fat.” Cameron said with a smirk. Bobby shrugged his shoulders with a small smile.

“I could still dunk on you so it doesn’t even matter. But before you make another bet you probably won’t win, finish this one.” Bobby ended his sentence with an arrogant display of his teeth. Cameron was now seething; he was a terrible loser and Bobby got a lot of pleasure out of teasing him.


After Cameron lost the game of pool and had another beer, he’d calmed down a lot. The 3 men decided to relax on the sectional and watch basketball.

“Olivia paints so she pretty much works from home. The only thing she does is the classes but she said she’d quit when we start trying.” Cameron said after Tyson asked him about what he and Olivia would do about raising their kids.

“I want Natasha to stay home, but she stops talking to me for weeks every time I bring it up.” Cameron and Tyson both laughed heftily. Bobby ran his tongue over his teeth as he tried to suppress his own chuckle. H

“Natasha isn’t the type.” Tyson replied from Bobby’s left.

“Don’t I fucking know it.” Bobby replied.

“But I’m glad Naomi is working now, she’s happier.”

“Yeah,” Bobby reflected for a moment. “I know Natasha would be miserable if she stayed home.” So much talk about Natasha had him missing her. She went out to the mall after Bobby purposed he take Isaac with him to spend time with Cameron and Tyson. She refused to stay home by herself so she went to do what she knew best. He wondered if she was home yet, and what she was doing. The thoughts compelled him to pull out his phone and send her a text.

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