Lissy the Gloryhole Stripper


Lissy showed up on time for her interview. She is a slender blonde female, about 23, with an engaging, sweet smile. Her yellow hair nicely framed her young-college-girl face. She wore a white blouse, jeans, and sandals. her attractive feet showed off her red-polished toenails.

She told me that her name is Melissa, and she prefers that to her stage name of Lissy. I asked how she got started in the scene.

“I was a math major at State, and basically I ran out of money. An older girl I knew told me about the place, and said that if I was interested she’s put in a good word for me. I said sure, why not, and she said that I’d have to work my way up to the better paying jobs there. She didn’t tell me what they were, but I figured if I didn’t like it I could always say no.”

How did you start there?

“I went in and talked to the guy in charge. He had me take off all my clothes and show him my body. I knew he liked what he saw, and he said he thought I’d do well. Then we went out into the lounge area and watched some of the girls prance around to the music. I told him I could easily do that and I came back at six to start work. I did the stripping act for about a month and then I told him I wanted something more interesting or I was out of there. He told me about the gloryhole part of the club which was at a different location. Told me that the pay is per customer, and that the girls there basically give guys handjobs and BJs. The thought kind of grossed me out at first but curiosity got the better of me and I went along.”

What was it like?

“There are different levels of jobs there, and I had to start at the bottom. Basically there was this room, about niğde escort the size of a small bedroom, and three or four girls worked each room. There were holes in one of the walls – about five of them, each one about four inches across. When there was a customer he was on the other side of the wall and he’d stick his thing through the hole. Then one of the girls gave him a hand job until he squirted. Then they’d be on their way. The girls wore their bikinis when they were on the job.”

How did you like working that one?

“It was okay. The goal was to get the guys to pop off as soon as possible, and I learned some things from the other girls there. By the time the guys would come to the club, they were usually pretty desperate and nervous, so it was usually possible to make them pop fairly quick. I got to where I’d oil up my hands and the instant a guy poked his thing through, both hands were on him. I kind of like seeing a cock get even harder and helplessly cum when I work on it. There were times when one or two of the girls didn’t show, and I worked two of the gloryholes at the same time – I worked one cock in each hand. The girls in that room got five dollars a pop.”

How long did you stay there?

“A month or so. Then I moved to the next step up, which is a better deal. I have a room to myself, as does every girl at that level. It has a hole in the wall for the guy’s thing, and the hole is a little bigger. It also has a one-way mirror so the guy can see into the room, but I can’t see him. There’s a little light that comes on when he’s on the other side of the wall, so I know somebody’s there. I’ll start with a dance – a strip dance. By then nişantaşı escort I get an idea of what he likes to see, ’cause I can feel what part of my body he’s looking at, even though I can’t see him.”

Amazing – what then?

“Well, I move around and get him aroused, and at some point I put my finger through the hole and make a ‘come here’ signal. Within a minute there’s that hard cock sticking through the hole. I’ll tease him some more, making suggestive movements and faces, and then I squat down in front of his cock. Remember, he can see all this.”

Yes – and then…

“Then I’ll handle his cock for a while, and sometimes his testicles – that drives some guys wild. Then I’ll take him into my mouth, and look up. I vary the tempo, and by then the guy shoots his wad. I pull back just as he starts to cum, and I let him splat all over my face. When he’s done, I stand up and make sexy faces as the cum trickles down my face and drips off onto the floor.”

Wow – I bet you get repeat customers.

“I do all right. I see that bulge in your pants – why don’t you take them off and I’ll demonstrate how I do a gloryhole strip for my best customers – without the wall in the way, of course. In fact, take all your clothes off. Yes, that’s it.”

I had my clothes off, and, naturally, my rock-hard boner stuck out like a flagpole. Lissy stood about ten feet away and began her show.

She cocked her head down, looked into my eyes, and placed her hands on her hips for a moment. Then with a serious expression she kicked off her sandals, unbuttoned her blouse and removed it. She arched her back and her beautiful ankara olgun escort small breasts jutted out. Her hands went to her midsection and she slowly unsnapped her jeans and climbed out of them.

Lissy slowly turned around while kicking one leg back, then the other. She faced me, put her knees and shins together, and sensuously rubbed her hands up and down her legs several times. My erection throbbed. Then with one hand on her hip, she extended her other hand and beckoned me to come hither. I went over to where she stood.

She squatted in front of me and spread her thighs well apart. With puckered lips near the tip of my erection, she tickle-touched my testicles and erect cock until I began to seep. Then she opened her mouth and wrapped her lips around my member. With slurping sounds she moved her head back and forth. Some of the time her mouth was very loosely around my member, which was shiny from her drool. Several times I thought that any further stimulation would cause me to blast forth, but Lissy always managed to restrain me.

After several minutes she probably sensed that my nuts ached and that I was more than ready to give her a good serving. She closed her eyes and sensuously went to work on my throbbing erection. In only a few moments I felt the inevitability of approaching orgasm. Just before I started to ejaculate she pulled back. She puckered her lips and smiled at the same time and aimed my erection at her mouth. While my cock throbbed and pulsed in her hand, jets of milky fluid shot out and splattered on her face, her lips, her chin.

When I had finished spurting, she milked the remaining semen from me by hand. Then she smiled sweetly. The splatters of cum accentuated the sensuous expressions on her face. She opened her mouth and put one finger inside and moved it around as if exploring her own mouth. I could almost feel my erection returning at that point.

Then, with an innocent look on her face, she got dressed and left.

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