Yeah, I know all the usual stereotypes about wives or girlfriends catching their partner sneakily watching porn when they’re not around. But let me tell you, it isn’t always that way round. When I got home Fay’s car was already parked outside so I guessed she’d got home first. I was just fumbling for my house keys when the door burst open and Fay came dashing out, nearly knocking me over. When we’d both recovered she blurted out, “Sorry, gotta dash, Hazel is having a crisis. I’ll be back as soon as I can.” With that she jumped in her car and gouged tyre grooves in the chippings of the drive as she sped off.

I shook my head in bemusement. Women are crazy! Especially Hazel, an old friend of Fay’s, who lived about ten minutes away and was always having some sort of crisis. I breathed a sigh and resigned myself to an evening alone and a TV dinner. I consoled myself by going to the kitchen and opening a bottle of wine and pouring a generous measure. It wasn’t until I wandered into the living room that I noticed that Fay’s laptop was on the sofa, still open and, more importantly, still switched on.

I sat down on the sofa, put my glass of wine on the coffee table, and picked up her laptop. I honestly intended to simply close it and put it somewhere safe before switching on the TV. But then I noticed what was on the screen. Fuck, Fay had been watching porn! I took a better look to make sure. Yes, definitely porn and, from what little I knew, it was quite hardcore stuff. There was a video running that showed a man and two women having sex. I was at first amazed that it was running on her laptop and then puzzled and then slowly hypnotized by it.

I took a gulp of wine as I watched the action on screen. Fay must have received a call from Hazel just as she had started to watch as the actors were still undressing. The man and one of the women were sort of early middle-aged, about late thirties I guessed, and the other woman was much younger. I find it hard sometimes to judge the ages of young girls, but I knew that legally she had to be at least eighteen although she looked younger. She was, I admit, a pretty little thing with her hair in bunches. She’d already had her top removed and was wearing a pretty pink bra which she hardly needed as it only covered a pair of small breasts. Her skirt was bunched around her waist and she was wearing a pair of matching pink panties. As I watched the other woman was helping the man to undo his trousers. His penis was already erect, and I was quite impressed with it. The young girl looked a little frightened as it appeared. It was what happened next that shocked me.

I’ve not led a completely sheltered life and I freely admit to having watched porn on more than one occasion, but it had always seemed to be mutually consensual and in the spirit of fun. But this was different. When the man approached the young girl with his erection proudly thrust out in front of him she tried to move away but was stopped by the other woman who grabbed her hair and slapped her, quite viciously I thought, across her face. She was then called some very insulting names and told to “Take it or else”.

The girl seemed to be almost crying as the man’s dick was pushed into her mouth and her head was held there by the woman who had a fistful of her hair. The girl struggled and finally managed to break free and gasped for air, but she was allowed no respite as she was pushed onto it again. This seemed to me to go on for ages as the girl was forced to take his dick over and over. At some point her bra had been removed and I could see she had pretty little teenage boobs with nice perky pink nipples. As the man continued to thrust in and out of her mouth the woman’s hand had sneaked into her panties and was obviously playing with her pussy.

Despite myself I found that I was being turned on and had to move position to get more comfortable as my dick had grown considerably while watching this. The girl’s panties were pulled off roughly and revealed a lovely, smoothly shaven pussy that was already wet and gaping. The woman’s hand went back to it and she pushed what appeared to be two fingers inside. Then she shifted position and crawled between the man’s legs and started to eat her out. The girl struggled even more, and the man pulled out of her and slapped her face, once, twice before pushing back in. the woman lifted her head, reached up and took hold of the girl’s nipples and squeezed hard.

“Listen, slut, you wanted my husband to fuck you and now you’ve got what you wished for. Shut the fuck up complaining or it will just get worse.”

She went back to eating out the girl’s pussy as the man held himself deep inside her mouth. She had drooled all down her chin and it had dripped onto her tits making them glisten. Oh my god, I was enjoying this!

Eventually the man pulled out and stepped back, pulling the woman out of the way. He lifted the girl’s feet up and spread them wide. The inside off her pussy showed pink and shining with her juices. Despite her protests she was obviously turned on. The woman moved away and sat on the sofa beside her and started playing with her tits while the man knelt and rubbed his dick against the girl’s pussy. Suddenly, with no warning, he pushed it into her. The girl yelped as it disappeared inside her. He started thrusting in and out and she closed her eyes and started to moan.

“Oh, you like it now, little slut. You like his dick in your tight cunt?” said the woman.

I had started to rub myself through my trousers and was almost at the point of getting my dick out when I stopped in panic. The front door had just opened and then closed again. I quickly put the movie on ‘pause’ as Fay called out, “I’m back, it was a false alarm.”

She came into the living room to find me with her laptop on my knees and a bulge in my trousers. At least she had the decency to blush.

“Oh shit,” she said, “don’t tell me I forgot to log off.”

There wasn’t much need for me to say anything, so I just nodded. She sat down beside me and looked at the screen. It showed a still of the three of them, the girl impaled by the now naked man with the woman sat beside her, boobs hanging out and her dress hiked up and her panties pulled to one side.

“Have you been having fun?” she asked.

There was no sense in denying it, so I nodded again. Her hand came over and felt the front of my trousers.

“Been spying on me?” she asked.

“Only accidentally,” I ventured, “and this was not what I expected to find.”

“Ahhh, I should have mentioned it before maybe.”

“Mentioned what?”

“My secret craving.”

“What secret craving?” I asked as her hand now gripped my hard dick.

“I just came across it one night and it really turned me on. Don’t you love how helpless she is and yet ends up loving it?”

“Well …” I started to say.

“Daft question, obviously its turning you on as well,” she said starting to unzip me. “Don’t you love the way they gang up on her?”

“It is rather … compelling,” I managed to reply. My dick was now liberated from my clothing and her soft hand held it in a firm grip that slid back and forth.

“Wanna press ‘play’?” she asked, “and watch the rest.”

Almost automatically I clicked on ‘play’ and the scene started up once more. Her hand almost stopped moving on my dick as she concentrated on the video. We watched as the man continued to fuck the girl, pushing deep inside her and her eyes glazed over as the woman began to play with her clit. Suddenly the man pulled out and dragged her off the sofa and made her kneel on the floor with her head down and her backside high in the air. Without delay he plunged inside her once more. The woman got up from the sofa and pulled her dress over her head and slid her panties down. She too was shaved and her pussy was leaking down her thighs. She sat on the floor facing the girl’s head and spread her legs wide. Grabbing a handful of hair, she lifted her head, forcing her to stare directly at her shaven pussy. She shimmied forward on the carpet and pushed it directly at the girl’s face.

“Eat my cunt, you little whore,” she said and pulled the girls face tight against her pussy before lying back as the girl went to work. By now, it seemed, she knew her place and that resistance was futile, and had resigned herself to her fate. There was a close-up of her licking the offered pussy and, to be honest, she now seemed to be enjoying herself. The man was still busily battering her from behind. I glanced sideways, and Fay now had one hand on my dick and the other inside her own panties playing wildly with herself.

Suddenly the man stopped his fucking and pulled out. The woman immediately sprang into action and sat up, pulling the girl to her knees. Her head was tilted back, and the man’s dick was pushed inside her once again. This time he pumped into her only a couple of times before he pulled out. A fountain of cum spewed over her face and hair before he pushed into her mouth again. I was impressed as he had come with quite a force and quite a quantity. He pulled out and collapsed onto the sofa. There was a close-up of the girl’s face and it was a mess to say the least. Her face was splattered with cum and her eye make-up had run, and she had drool still dripping off her chin.

The woman stood up and went around the room picking up the girl’s blouse, bra, panties and shoes. She took the panties and smeared them across the girl’s face before holding out the blouse, bra and shoes. The girl looked puzzled as she took them.

Holding up the panties the woman said, “we’ll keep these as a souvenir. Now, fuck off!”

With that she grabbed the girl by the arm and marched over to a door, opened it and pushed her out. With a smile of satisfaction, she turned and came back to the sofa and sat down next to the man. He was grinning from ear to ear.

When the video finished I leant back and breathed a sigh. I closed the laptop and put it to one side. I was about to say something to Fay when I felt the delicious smoothness of a pair of lips close over my dick. Now, Fay and I have a very good, and quite adventurous, sex life together and there’s almost nothing we haven’t tried between us. Fay will give me a blow-job and she is very good at it but it’s not her favourite and I always have to ask her. When I looked down and saw her head bobbing up and down I just thought, let her get on with it. It wasn’t just that she was doing it without being asked but she was going deeper than I’d ever known her before.

Then I noticed that her hand was inside her panties and extremely busy. There was little I could do so I just placed an encouraging hand on her shoulder and closed my eyes and enjoyed it. Enjoyed it until I knew I was about to cum. It was one thing that Fay had always hated, if I tried to cum in her mouth. So, I tried to pull on her shoulder as a signal for her to ease up but all she did was push her head lower. Her hand was frantically doing its thing inside her panties. And then I came! And so did she!

It’s something we always try for but very rarely succeed in doing. One of us always seems to be first however hard we try. This time, however, we were together. I felt her body tense and spasm as I blew my load deep in her mouth. She was sucking like mad trying to capture every drop as her hand slowly came to rest. I could see a damp patch slowly spreading across her panties. Then she was still for a moment before she lifted her head off my dick, turned to look at me, and smiled the loveliest smile I’d ever seen. Slowly she sat up and cuddled into me. It took both of us a long time to come back to our senses but eventually I spoke.

“Fuck, Fay, what was that all about? What came over you?”

She didn’t reply straight away but snuggled in closer. Eventually she stirred and without looking up spoke very quietly.

“Is it bad that it really turned me on?”

I didn’t quite know what to say so I kept silent.

“I feel bad,” she continued, “that I have fantasies about things like that.”

“Like what?” I asked, still unsure where this was leading.

“About having a threesome with some innocent young girl.”

“You never told me …” I trailed off hardly believing what I was hearing.

“I also liked the way they roughed her up,” she added shyly.

It took a while for this to sink in. as I said Fay and I are quite adventurous when it comes to sex, but I’d never before got a hint of this sort of thing.

“Wouldn’t it be even yummier if they’d spanked her,” she said with a sort of giggle.

I had all sorts of images whirling through my head and I was beginning to get aroused again. My dick was still where Fay had left it, limply hanging outside my trousers but now it was beginning to stir again. Fuck, yeah, the idea of that lovely teenage arse being spanked was turning me on. I watched as Fay’s hand crept back inside her panties.

“Before tonight I’d never have thought of it but now …” I admitted to her.

“Yeah, I know, it would be hot wouldn’t it?” she said, “it’d be great to have a scene like that here.”

I paused as I realised she was being serious. “Where would we ever find a girl like that?” I asked.

“No idea, but there must be somewhere on the internet.”

Her lips had once again drifted down and were busily kissing along the length of my now fully hard dick. She briefly stopped and told me to switch off the laptop.

“I want to be fucked!” she announced.

She stood up, her clothes in a state of disarray, took my hand and started to pull me towards the bedroom. I hastily closed the laptop and chucked it on the sofa beside me and then allowed myself to be dragged away. I’d never managed it twice this close together but, fuck, I wanted her again right now! I stripped and threw myself on the bed and watched as she did her best to give me a little show as she stripped off. My dick was twitching as she got on the bed and climbed over me in a sixty-nine position. We’ve done this often before as I love eating her out. The taste and smell of her pussy always turns me on, but I always feel she is doing her part out of gratitude. Not tonight! She plunged her mouth over my dick and I felt it hit the back of her throat. She stayed there, her nose against my balls for what seemed like ages before she came up for air, gasping and coughing. She went down again, and I started playing my part by pulling her gaping pussy lips down and pushing my tongue deep inside her. Fuck, was she wet! I was a bit slow this second time and she came at least twice before I finally came, again in her mouth, and again she swallowed it all. I was covered in her juices and when she swivelled round on the bed her face was streaked with drool and cum.

She cuddled into me and we both drifted off. An hour later I woke up and I could hear her having a shower. She came out wearing a towel looking scrubbed and gorgeous. She sat on the side of the bed and leant over and kissed my limp dick.

“I’m starving,” she said, “I’m going downstairs to raid the freezer for a couple of ready-meals. You have ten minutes max.”

With that she sashayed out of the room with a smile and a cheeky wink.

To be continued…

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