Lusty Big Sister Rosie Pt. 05


**(Reader’s Note: This story follows “Lusty Big Sister Rosie Pt. 04” To enjoy maximum reading pleasure I suggest you read them all in order! Check out my author’s page!)

Rosie’s memoirs continue…

Carol Luv, I stood at the foot of Tony’s creaky bed and watched what unfolded next with a new and heightened appreciation for how open and totally in synch your dad could be with any lover, playmate or total stranger in a sexual situation. He was malleable and a master of pleasure, both giving and receiving. Giving to others was always first on his list. I am well sure your mum must have shard that with you before her death. Tony is like no other, still is, even as a senior citizen now, still a pleasure giver!

I watched this man, truly a stranger in most respects, I mean I knew very little about him really, and there he was holding your dad’s cock like he owned it and I was rubbing my panties openly.

The intimacy level rose to new heights. I never imagined this, yes, the blue movie I could picture when I made the tentative arrangements with Mr. Pudgy, but this, this was so damn personal and in your face. Tony lay fully down alongside of Mr. Pudgy and both men rested on Tony’s old feather pillows.

Mr. Pudgy fully dressed apart from his shirt being a few buttons undone and his tie all pulled loose and it dangled at a cockeyed angle from his partly button suit coat.

Carol, the suit looked like flipping brown tweed, zonguldak escort so seedy and tacky. We might have some bum in Tony’s bedroom, and he did not smell great. Heaven knows the last tub or shower he took; he reckoned if you throw on enough cheap aftershave, you’ll smell great. NO! Not so!

Hell, Carol, he still had on his old black shoes. The guy looked about as comfy as sitting on a subway going to work.

“Hey, Get those clothes off.” I encouraged to our overdressed guest.

“No, not tonight. Too nervous. Let me just enjoy your brother this way. But hell, you can pop off those panties, Rosie.” He said smiling and still holding fast to Tony’s very hard cock.

“I just might, we’ll see. Tony calls the shots. If he wants my snatch on show. He’ll have it.” I said as thrust my hips from side to side.

“That’s my sister Rosie, talks like a tramp. Snatch, how revolting.” Tony said beaming a smile my way.

“Pardon me, Mr. university graduate. My, let me see, my fucking gash, no, my cuntie poo, no, my fannykins!” I laughed like a drunken sailor and both Tony and Pudgy giggled along.

I always kidded your dad about his posh ways, his degree and his classy airs and graces. I was, a common girl, just a girl riding on her very successful brother’s coat tails. And, Carol Luv, proud of it.

My hand kept rubbing at my hidden bush and making contact with my very aroused clit. zonguldak escort bayan My panties were indeed all wet and it showed!

Tony took Mr. Pudgy’s hand and covered it in his own, together they gently stroked the swollen cock that stood in the centre of your dad’s mostly naked body. Mr. Pudgy rolled onto one shoulder and got really close, hovering over the cock and watching the foreskin roll down and expose your dad’s wet sticky knob. The purpled reddish head kept popping out as the strokes went down and vanished with each upward thrust.

Tony sighed and encouraged our guest to carry on, he let go and Mr. Pudgy happily continued the stroking.

“Nice. Love the extra skin, Tony. I’m cut. Religious reasons I guess. Never met my foreskin and miss it. Playing with yours is fun. Look at how long it is!” He wondered as he pulled the skin with his fingers up and over Tony’s cock-knob and pinched the skin tight.

“Look at all the extra, lots of skin, shit!” He gaped as he held the skin, pulling it up and making it really long.

“Ouch, you really are stretching it and when I am hard, it kind of hurts.” Tony simpered politely but he kept his hands by his side and did not slap our guest away.

Mr. Pudgy relaxed the foreskin pulling experiment but still kept the top extra skin all bunched up with his now very moist fingers. Your dad’s juice all over them!

“Got carried away. escort zonguldak Blame the drink and my parents for chopping my skin off at birth. I want one!” He sounded like a spoiled baby, it was cute.

I moved up and stood by Tony’s socked toes. I could smell his sheer nylon blend socks from where I stood, all moist and warm. He’d worn them all day.

I moved forward and let my crotch just hit one of his big toes. The sock toe hit my pussy and nudged my clit slightly.

“MMM, feels nice. Rub your toe back and forth while he strokes you. I want some fun now.” I played along and pushed my vag right up on his warm socked foot.

Mr. Pudgy went back to pulling and pushing the generous foreskin up and down along your dad’s rock hard shaft but he did keep a keen eye on my crotch as your dad’s skilled toe went to work stimulating my clit and making me weak-kneed as well. My own orgasmic shuddering and tingling was overtaking my chubby body. Tony could do this to me every time with so little effort and Carol honey, the smart cheeky man I adored knew it! He still knows it!

“We do this, we play little games. She uses her feet on me and I on her. We do it on the couch some nights. It’s fun.” Tony explained in a breathy voice as he enjoyed being stimulated by our guest and as he stimulated his over-horny big sister. A big sister who was just about to fall over and put her brother’s cock right in her cake hole. My nylon clad feet were almost sliding on the floor as stood, sweaty, eager and so wanting your dad in every way possible and some impossible ways, too!


More of my sex starved aunt’s memories of my daddy all those years ago will follow in “Lusty Big Sister Rosie Pt. 06” Keep commenting and thank you!

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