Subject: The Making of Daniel 46 This is a fictional story … any similarities to actual people, places, events, or other entities is purely coincidental. The story involves gay sex between family members and their friends, and is written solely for the reading enjoyment of people who aren’t offended by material of this type! The content is not appropriate for minors of 18 years of age or younger, 16 in the UK, and 21 in some countries; or if this type of material is illegal where you live, please leave now The Author retains rights to and title to these submitted works. Please do not copy or use without the Author’s sole permission The Making of Daniel Chapter 46 Still naked, my cock soft, with the remnants of my recent orgasm dripping from the head of my ass grease dick, my mind was lost in what I had just done. I don’t know how long I had been lying there, but all I know is that Sven left happy, with a huge load of my cum lodged deep in his virgin asshole. When I finally looked over at the clock it was 10:30, but that’s not what brought me out of my sexual real life fantasy. It was the date; oh shit, I totally forgot….it’s my birthday! Well what a way to start it off! But Sean and I had made plans, or should I say Sean had made plans, and I was supposed to be at his house at 11. Not willing to let the cum that was dripping out of my cock go to waste, I grabbed my dick and pulled on it, squeezing out a nice amount of trapped cum onto my finger, and sucked it down my throat before I made my way to the shower. Paul, Sean’s father, answered the door, dressed in a suit. “Happy Birthday, Daniel” he said, and before I could thank him, Sean’s mother came around the corner. “Oh, Daniel, is it your birthday? Happy Birthday,” she said, and hugged me close. “Honey, we are going to be late if you don’t hurry.” Paul said to his wife. “Just let me get my purse and I be right with you.” she said as she left the kitchen. “Is Sean in his room?” I asked, as I moved towards the stairs. As I walked past his father, he grabbed my dangling cock and balls through my jeans, stopping me in my tracks. “Boy, I am going to fuck that cute ass of yours one day real soon, and you will then know what a real man’s cock feels like.” he said, quite seriously. “I look forward to that day, Paul.” I said, staring him right in the eyes, as my cock began to stiffen in his grip. We both stood there, my cock getting harder by the second, until his wife walked back into the room. Sean’s door was closed, and when I opened it, I saw that he was sitting up in bed, reading a book. His smooth chiseled chest was bare, and as I looked closer, I could see that he was completely naked, since only a thin sheet covered his lap, giving me a nice view of his soft cock. I walked over, and kissed him hard on the lips, and sat down on his bed. His tongue was deep in my mouth, as I climbed on top of him, pinning him down. My hips began to thrust into him, and I could feel his cock get harder against my jeans. His hands began to work off my shirt, and it was soon lying on the floor. At the same time, I tossed my shoes off, and worked my pants down my legs, without even unbuttoning them. Now we were both naked, and the only thing between our hard leaking cocks was the thin sheet covering Sean’s body, which I quickly pulled out from between us. Our lips were still stuck together, as our wet tongues exchanged our spit back and forth. My ass was humping up and down on Sean’s hips, as our hard cocks crushed against each other. That was when Sean, twisted and jerked; suddenly, he was sitting on my chest, with his hard cock right in my face. I grabbed the hard flesh of his cock and pulled him closer, until his hairless ball sack was dangling just above my mouth. As I moved my hands to his ass, I pulled him lower, sinking his left nut deep into my mouth. I loved giving his balls a bath; they were so firm and fat; first the left, then the right. He moaned wildly as I pulled and sucked on each one, and as I was about to try and get both in my mouth, he pulled back, and sat back on my chest. All I could see was the arch of his semi hard cock, and the bulbous head slanted towards my mouth. I wrapped my lips around the tip of his cock, with my mouth just covering the slit on gaziantep travesti top of his head, knowing what was coming. Suddenly, my mouth was flush with hot fluid that streamed rapidly from his cock. His piss was smooth, and almost creamy to the taste, as it drained into my mouth, past my tongue, and finally down my throat. Gulp after gulp I drank, not letting a drop leak out onto my chest, as my stomach was being filled with his sweet yellow piss. He swooned as his bladder emptied its contents into my mouth. I drank and drank until his piss was finished. And knowing Sean as I do, I didn’t swallow the last mouth full, and I was right. Immediately after he stopped pissing, his cock was pulled from my lips, and his face was on mine. His lips sank deep into mine, and his tongue tried to force its way into my mouth. But I held tight, keeping his golden nectar safe in my mouth, teasing him with little spurts of his hot piss. He tried effortlessly to get his reward, but I wouldn’t budge. He looked down at me, and my mouth bulging with his piss. His eyes were sad, as looked at me wantonly. Slowly, I wrapped my arms around him, and we twisted again. I was now lying on top of him, our naked flesh bound together as one, except for our faces. I then looked down at him, his mouth open, waiting, wanting, almost begging. Finally I gave it to him. Just slightly above his face, I dribbled a bit of his still hot, yellow piss directly into his mouth. He drank it eagerly, wanting more. I let another small steady stream flow from my lips down into his open mouth, and he drank thirstily, until my mouth was dry. We kissed, and his tongue darted into my mouth, savoring the taste of his piss that we had both just enjoyed. As our lips pressed against one another, Sean wrapped his legs around my waist, until my hard cock was soon pressing against this moist asshole. With a slight move to the left, the head of my hard cock found his fuck hole, and with a small thrust of my hips my hard cock was sliding deep inside. His muffled moans sang into my mouth as my cock plunged deep into the cavity of his hot, wet asshole. But something wasn’t quite right! Without hesitation, I grabbed his ankles and pushed his ass up to my face. My cock slid out, and my mouth was instantly covering his sweet fuck hole. My tongue was soon deep inside him, digging and sucking on his moist asshole. And it didn’t take long for me to confirm my suspicions, as my tongue grabbed hold of a large wad of spent cum, lodged in his ass. I pulled my face away from his ass and lowered his legs. Sean looked up at me, a wad of cum hanging off my tongue. He quickly jerked up, and his mouth was on mine as he ingested the sperm I had sucked out of his ass. “Who fucked you?” I said, not really mad, just curious. “My father fucked me late last night, or maybe early this morning. I didn’t look at the time,” he said “When did this start?” I asked “Remember when we had that party at your house?” I nodded. “Well, right after that. He came into my room the next night, and sat on the side of my bed. I woke up to him just staring down at me. We didn’t say a word to each other, I just pushed the sheets off me and rolled over onto my stomach. He pulled his boxers off, and then my underwear, and he got on top of me, and fucked me,” Sean explained, as I was lowering his legs, and reinserted my cock, balls deep into his ass. “But before he left me that night, he whispered in my ear that real men sleep naked, and that’s the way he wants to find me whenever he comes back. Since then, he’s been fucking me once or twice a week. Actually last week, when my mother was shopping, he fucked me in the shower. It was hot!” he said, as I slowly began humping his well fucked ass. I was really getting into Sean’s story as I was slowly fucking his ass. His legs were still wrapped tightly around my waist, as I gyrated my hips in and around his ass. His cock was hard, as I pulled on it. Stroking it softly, as my cock sank deeper and deeper into his ass, I bent down, and again our lips met, and we kissed passionately, until my balls were ready to burst. And when they finally did, Sean felt the heat of my massive orgasm fill his ass, as his own cock began spewing gaziantep masaj salonları loads of warm cum all over the both of us. It was turning out to be a pretty good birthday! Sean and I went out to lunch, his treat; and then to a movie, his treat as well. Actually, his treat didn’t stop there; when we got to the theater, he sat us in the back row. Halfway through the movie, he got on his knees and sucked me off until he drank a load of my spunk; it was about a 10-minute blowjob. Oh yea, it was a fucking awesome birthday! After saying good-bye to Sean at his house, I drove home just in wonderment of the day. First, I got fucked by Sven; and then I fucked him….WOW! Then Sean fed me a huge load of piss, and then I fucked him, giving him a load of my cum. Then he blew me in the theater …a first for me! When I pulled into our driveway, mine was the only car. Oh yea, my parents had taken Todd back to school and wouldn’t be back until tomorrow. I walked into the house, and, as usual, stripped naked at the door. It felt good to get my clothes off again. As I stood naked in front of the refrigerator, Dave came in from the living room, his cock sticking straight out in front of him, nothing unusual for him. “Hey bro, happy birthday!” he said, as he pulled my face to his, and we kissed deeply, causing my cock to harden and his to bounce up against his bare pubs. I reached down, as our kiss continued, and wrapped my hands around his balls. They were smooth and tight, very tight. As I moved my hand around, I felt the rubber substance of my ball stretcher wrapped around, pulling his balls tight. That got me so fucking hot, my mouth crushed his, as my hand pulled and jerked his rubber-clad balls. Our kiss lasted a good minute, or maybe even two, as we caressed each other’s manhood. Finally, David pulled his mouth away, and looked at me. “Little Dude, have I got the best fucking birthday present for you!” he said, as he pulled something black from the drawer next to him. “Here, put this on and cover your eyes, it’s a surprise.” Like a good little brother, I did as I was told. Actually, I thought that was the present, as Dave helped me, making sure everything was completely black for me. He then grabbed my hand gently, and led me towards the cellar stairs. Slowly, he walked me down to the basement, and around the corner to my father’s room, which was now referred to as the boys’ room. I heard nothing, except the sound of my own breathing, and Dave’s bare feet hitting the hard cement floor. When he pulled the mask off, I was in complete shock! The room was filled with naked guys; there had to be at least 20 or more. I looked around, each one hotter than the next. I could see their hard cocks standing against their flat pubic bone. Some I recognized, and there were some guys that I had never seen before, but all I could think was …the more the merrier. But suddenly, they parted, and I saw my actual present. I don’t know how I didn’t notice it when I first walked into the room …..maybe I was too preoccupied with the hot guys standing around naked and hard. Whatever the case, as they moved away, the black leather type hammock, that was supported by chains hanging from the ceiling, came into view. “FUCK ME!” I screamed …. “Ooh, fucking awesome ….A sling!” My ass was immediately twitching, as I walked up to the suspended leather sling. Dave helped me up onto the bed of the sling; and, as I lifted each leg, he secured them in the straps that hung from the chains that hung down from the ceiling. My ass was open to all, as I laid back on the cool leather, my hard cock lying against my bare pubic area. One of the guys handed David something, as he stood in front of me, between my out- strechted legs. It looked much like one of Mom’s turkey basters; and then I felt the cold hard plastic push into my ass hole, and immediately the feel of cool jell engulfed my lower area. OHHHH YEA . . . my ass was now filled with lube! Dave was the first to shove his cock deep inside me. Oh my god! I couldn’t believe how fucking wonderful it felt. It went straight in, balls deep with his first thrust. “OH fuck yea!” . . . I moaned loudly. Dave began to pound my ass hard, fucking gaziantep escort bayan his cock so deep into my ass his rubber-clad balls were slamming against my ass with a loud thud each time he swung his hips into me. Someone behind me reached over and grabbed both my nipples and pinched them hard. I was in painful pleasure, as they worked my body into an intense orgasm. My balls were tight against the base of my hard cock, which was leaking a steady stream of clear juice all over my stomach. The guy pinched my firming nipples harder. I looked up at him, wondering who he was, but all I could really see was his hairy balls, and his hard large cock that was tight against his pubic hair. I reached for his balls, which were dangling above my face, with my tongue, and licked them, until I could grab one with my mouth. His balls fit nicely, as my tongue swirled them around in my mouth, until Dave’s balls were about to explode with a large load of his seed, deep inside me. That’s when he began to pound my ass, causing the sling to swing violently back and forth, making me lose the two large hairy orbs that were lodged deep in my mouth. The heat of his orgasm was intense, I could feel it radiate through my ass with each thrust of his hips, and spurt of his orgasm. Thrust after hard thrust, Dave’s balls emptied their swimming boys into me, until he was spent. I felt the long withdrawal of his hard, 10 inch, cum dripping cock from my ass. But the void in my wet, sperm soaked asshole didn’t last long. First, I felt someone’s cold hands on my hips, pulling me close, onto a hard, flesh-covered cock. “Oh fuck yea; keep those cocks cumming!” I said as the guy holding me tight began to swing his hips, fucking my cum-filled asshole. The guy fucking me was a stranger; I had never seen him before. He looked to be Dave’s age, so he was probably in one of his classes, or sports team. But as I looked around the room, I really only recognized a few of the hot, hard guys standing around the sling, watching this guy fuck my ass. Dave stepped behind the sling with his soft cock dangling over his balls. I could see it was slick with my ass juices, and cum. I opened my mouth, and he slid it down my throat. The warmth of my ass was still eminent on his cock. The taste of cum and my ass filled my mouth, causing my cock to jump. I sucked his cock until it began to harden, and was completely clean. And when he pulled it free from my mouth, he bent down and kissed me, his tongue licking the inside of my mouth, savoring all the juices I had cleaned off his freshly fucked cock. Again, I felt the warmth of my fucker’s orgasm, as he was pushing his cum-spewing cock, deeper and deeper into my hole. And with every jerk of his body, and bounce of my cock, he dumped more and more sperm inside me. The line up of hard, hot men was long, and after each one deposited his load in my ass, he would walk around, and shove his ass- and cum-covered cock in my mouth. And, of course, I gladly sucked them clean. My dick was still hard, despite the 2 loads of cum that had exploded out of my cock and were covering my chest and hard, smooth abs. Each orgasm had occurred with little or no stroking. Again, my cock was bouncing up and down on my tight torso, as Tom, David’s friend, whom I discovered in the shower with him all those years ago, was pounding my asshole with the full length of his 9 inch fat uncut cock, really fucking hard . . . he had to be the 7th or 8th guy in a row to use my asshole to drop a huge load of his hot, white seed. But this time, it was a piss hard-on that was keeping my cock hard. I had downed one of those big ass drinks at the theater all by myself, and now my bladder was begging for release. I couldn’t hold it any longer, and what started out as a small stream, pooling with the spent cum on my chest, soon became a full hard stream pissing the length of my body. Instantly, I was soaked with hot piss. Tom picked up my pissing cock, and directed the hard stream to my face, and when I opened my mouth, it was soon filled with my hot delicious piss. I drank from my own fountain, until he directed it away, and pulled my cock upright, so the stream was climbing his body, and soon reached his open mouth, which he then drank like a water fountain at school. After Tom had had his fill, he started swinging my cock from side to side, up and down, soaking all around us with my piss. It was fucking hot! I am sorry it has taken me so long to get out new chapters. But beleive me, Daniel is still fucking in head, so there are a lot more to cum. Thanks for being a loyal reader. Michael Dee.

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