Marco”s Needy Nalgas

🏳️‍🌈 A short story by Josh Terrence 🏳️‍🌈


Author”s note: This short story depicts sexual acts between males of various ages. If you are offended by sex between men, teenage boys, boys or between males of any age, why are you here? If you are not a legal adult or if this content is illegal in your locale, leave now.

This story is a work of pure fictíon. The taboo acts depicted in this story are not condoned by the author, this is fantasy only. All Characters in this story are portrayed by actors 18 years of age or older. This disclaimer applies to all installments of this story, past and present.

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It was almost 7am when a combination of my full bladder and rays of sunlight through my bedroom window roused me from my slumber. I blinked a little and inhaled the scent of my abuela”s cooking. She got up early, as always, to cook us breakfast. I could smell fried potatoes and bacon, and I could smell the unmistakable aroma of a pot of pinto beans slow cooking on the stove. I used my hands to scratch my messy hair, then I reached under the covers and found my undies bunched up by my hip.

I pulled the covers back and got up, revealing my 12 year old boy boner. It was standing at full attentíon, all two inches of it straining as the cold air hit it. I raised my left leg and released a loud morning fart, then I stepped into my undies and hurried to the bathroom so I could pee.

As soon as I entered the hallway, I peaked into my cousin Jesse”s room and saw that he was still sound asleep. His brown hair looked sweaty and his bare chest was rising up and down slowly, sending a thrill through me as I drank him in. Further down, I could see the outline of his morning wood through his boxer briefs and licked my lips. I could see traces of a treasure trail running out of his undies and up his 15 year old tummy, as well as a patch of precum that stained the pouch of his white boxer briefs.

When I made it to the bathroom door, I looked into the living room and spotted my Uncle Gabe sitting in the recliner. He was shirtless and holding the tv remote in his hand. I felt a shiver in my bottom as I padded into the bathroom and took my little boy cock out so I could aim it and pee, then I relaxed and sighed as my stream hit the water. When I was done, I put my miniature sized wiener away and washed my hands, then I wandered out to the living room.

“Morning tío,” I said in a groggy voice, smiling at my sexy uncle, who turned the tv off when he spotted me.

“Good morning mijo,” he said, opening his arms for me to give him a hug. I felt him envelop my 12 year old frame and moaned softly while I melted into his embrace. He rubbed up and down my bare back, then I felt him grab a handful of my buns and turned my head to look around for my abuela.

“Where”s Abuela?” I asked curiously while my uncle licked around my ear. “Did she go outside?”

“She just left for the market,” he told me. When I let go of a moan of desire, he used his fingertips to knead my buns through my undies and said, “How about giving your tío some sugar?”

I nodded with a warm smile as I picked my head up from his shoulder, then we locked lips and his strong tongue entered my mouth. I tilted my head to the side and enjoyed our morning makeout session, especially as his strong, manly breath filled me up and made me weak at the knees for him. While we were still kissing, I reached down and found his morning wood through his sweat pants. I gave it a squeeze, then I used my fingers to try to untie his waistband so I could take it out.

Seeing that I was struggling, Uncle Gabe broke our kiss, then he untied his sweats and unleashed his monster while I smiled excitedly.

“Is this what you”re thinking about, Marco?” he asked me, and I nodded eagerly. “Are you going to take care of that for me?”

Once again, I nodded my answer as I dropped to my knees and used my small hands to push his thighs further apart. All 4″9″ of me was shaking when I reached out to wrap my hands around his long, thick hose. It was standing straight up and leaking with precum that looked like syrup running down a stack of pancakes. I moaned again, then I used my tongue to lick along the underside of his stallion. I loved how my tongue was barely as wide as his manhood, which was hot to the touch as I lovingly lapped away his salty gift.

şişli travesti When the tip of my tongue was resting against the ridge of his crown, I slurped on the end, then I slipped my mouth over the end and felt my lips stretch deliciously around it. I moaned softly as I paid tribute to my tío”s manhood by swallowing it, inch by luscious inch, until my lips were wrapped around the base and the head was practically down my throat. Batting my eyes up at him, I settled into a slow, pleasure filled deep throating of his prick while he ran his fingertips through my hair and hissed curse words in Spanish.

“Shit, mijo, you drive me crazy with that mouth of yours,” he spat while I smiled up at him around my delightful mouthful of dick. “Your culo looks incredible this morning, too.”

I moaned hotly at his compliment and gave my hips a stir to let him know how hot and horny my culo was for a rooting. Anxious to send the signal to him that I wanted a dick to slide up my ass, I hooked the waistband of my undies with my fingertips and slid them off of my hips, then I arched my back to present my ass for him while I stayed on his dick.

That was all it took for Uncle Gabe to lose control. He moaned erotically and his ass came off the seat of the recliner, then he howled, “¡Mi polla! ”

With that, he filled my mouth with a hot, generous load of la leche that rushed from the end of his dick and practically made my cheeks bulge. I felt it shoot against the roof of my mouth and invade my nasal passage, making my eyes water as I coughed and frantically swallowed so I wouldn”t lose any.

While he was still unloading, his dick popped out of my mouth and he spunked against my cheek and all over my saliva covered lips. I managed to recover and slip my mouth over the end just in time to enjoy having one more watery gush of cum shot into it while his thick seed ran down my face.

I swallowed what was left, then I sucked lustily on his prick while he used his forefinger to wipe the mecco from my cheek. When I pulled his dick out for the final time, I licked strands of his offering from my braces while he smiled down at me, then he let me suck his finger clean while I beamed with joy.

When his digits were licked clean, he helped me stand up and guided me to his lap so we could cuddle. As soon as I was resting on his legs, he treated me to a deep, passion filled kiss while my little wiener stood straight up like a small, 2 inch statue from my hairless pubic bone. His palm ran up and down my back, then he slid a finger into my crevice and found my ojete. I moaned with desire when he pressed the tip of his digit against it, then he rubbed it down while we wrapped up our makeout session.

When we broke our kiss, he caressed my smiling face and said, “Let”s go down the hall and see if your cousin has a load for you. I bet you”d love to have one in your culo.”

I nodded eagerly, then I reminded him, “I”d love to have one of yours up my culo, too.”

“Such a sweet little puta,” he praised me. “Let”s get Jesse to open you up, then we”ll see if you”re still in the mood for your tío.”

“I will be,” I declared as he scooted me out of his lap.

With a knowing grin, he took my hand and we went to Jesse”s room so I could have my culo serviced.

My cute cousin had a serious look on his face as he slept. Uncle Gabe and I stopped in the doorway and shared a warm smile, then he patted my plump nalgas and I anxiously crawled into bed with my cousin and snuggled into his side. My tío sat on the side of the mattress and leaned down to kiss Jesse on the lips. This roused my cute cousin, who blinked a few times and smiled when he saw his daddy”s face. I bit my lower lip and shivered when I saw his mouth open and my tío”s tongue slide in, then they shared a kiss while I nuzzled my head against Jesse”s warm chest.

“I love you, mijo,” Uncle Gabe declared when their tongues disengaged.

“I love you too, papi,” Jesse declared with stars in his eyes, then he wrapped his arm around my shoulders and gave me a warm hug.

“Your cousin needs some cock in his culo,” Uncle Gabe said, brushing the bangs out of Jesse”s eyes while I nodded to affirm that I was horny for a lay. “Do you think you can help him with that?”

Much to my delight, Jesse responded by planting a deep kiss on my mouth while I reached down and groped his package through his boxer briefs. At just 15 years old, he”s very well equipped with a nice, 6 inch polla that never fails to satisfy me. Whether it”s a fast, dirty romp first beylikdüzü travesti thing in the morning or a long, devoted lovemaking session like the ones we share after my abuela goes to bed, I”m always left glowing like a lightbulb when he”s done.

We broke our kiss and I scrambled to get on my hands and knees while my cousin lost his undies, then he crawled up behind me and put the head of his raging boner right at my back door. I could feel a strand of precum painting my crevice and tickling my hole as he used his hand to press the glans against it. I moaned with need and pressed my hands hard into his mattress, then I arched my back and felt his glans melting through the entrance of my culo. It felt so good as his head melted past my sphincter, then he reached out and held onto my ribcage as his length slid up my culo with a swift, delicious thrust.

I let go of a long, feminine moan and called out, “Mi ano esta tan caliente.”

“We know that, mijo,” Uncle Gabe assured me in a soothing tone, rubbing my back while I moaned like the little puta I am. “It”s gonna be all better soon.”

My head was spinning when he bottomed out, then he started to thrust and my vision went cloudy. My little wiener was sizzling as I received stroke after decadent stroke of his teenhood, making me shiver and call out with pleasure over and over again. I heard the moist smacking of lips and watched helplessly over my shoulder as my Uncle Gabe French kissed Jesse while I was effortlessly pleasured and quickly satisfied.

In the grip of my ecstasy, I felt Uncle Gabe”s fingertips under my chin. He lifted my head and tilted it back, then he planted a long, tongue filled kiss on my mouth that sent me into the clouds as I experienced anal rapture around my cousin”s hard polla. While my tongue was dancing with my tío”s, Jesse buried his stalk up my squeezing culo and pumped a hot load of mecco into it.

When he pulled out, my tío broke our kiss and I rolled onto my back, then I sat up and sucked Jesse”s dick clean with a sated smile. While I was moaning blissfully around his dick, my tío petted my face and said, “Do you still need more meccos in your culo, mijo?”

With a guttural moan, I nodded in the affirmative and reached out to wrap my hand around his manhood. I pulled off of Jesse”s dick and licked my braces clean while Uncle Gabe kissed me on top of the head.

“Let”s go get in the shower before your abuela comes home,” he told me. When I gave him a distressed look, he assured me, “I”m going to take good care of your culo, mijo.”

“Thanks tío,” I said with a shy smile, then I got up and followed him down the hall.

We spotted my undies on the floor by the recliner so he quickly snatched them up while Jesse ran into the bathroom to pee. When we got in the tub, Uncle Gabe spread the cheeks of my nalgas and rubbed my horny entrance down with his fingertips, then he slipped his middle finger up my culo and I moaned hotly.

I spread my feet for him and placed my hands against the shower wall. He knelt behind me and ate my chico coño while I moaned lasciviously. While he was still feasting, I whimpered, “Tío?”

“Yes, mijo?” he hissed.

“Mi culo tiene hambre,” I pleaded. “De prisa por favor”

“Por supuesto mi hijo,” he said, his voice soft and filled with passion.

Once again, I arched my back as I pressed my chest and palms into the bath tile and presented my culo for servicing. He grabbed my hips tight and placed the head of his mammoth prick up to my horny entrance, then he pushed forward with his hips and I moaned with delight as his long, man sized polla filled my hungry culo.

I pulled in a sharp breath through my teeth and hissed, “Tan Bueno, tío!”

He slowly started to move his hips back, then he pressed forward and fed me a full, deep thrust while he shivered and moaned, “Tan caliente y apretado.”

“I love you, tío,” I declared as powerful pleasure signals plagued my body.

“I love you too, mijo,” he whispered, then he settled into a steady, rhythmic dance in my culo that catapulted me into the skies of anal satiation. I lost track of time as my culo was brought off over and over again. Finally, he buried his polla inside me and gave me a batch of la leche that put the finishing touches on my early morning culo service.

When he pulled out, I slid down to my knees and sucked him clean while he reached over and turned the shower on. I sat on the floor of the tub and recovered while he washed his sexy body, then he helped me to my feet istanbul travesti and washed me from head to toe while I cooed with satisfaction.

When our shower was done, he dried us both off, then he swatted my relaxed culo and sent me to my room to get dressed so we could eat breakfast. I slipped into some clean chones and a pair of blue sweatpants, then I went to the kitchen. I smiled excitedly when I saw my abuela was home from the market. She was putting her groceries away while Uncle Gabe was frying eggs at the stove.

“Good morning mijo,” she said, giving me a kiss on the cheek and smiling when she sniffed me. “I heard your tío got you to take a shower.”

“His culo was out of control this morning,” Uncle Gabe announced, then he gave me a wink. “He came out to the living room and I could smell it right away. I had him get out of those nasty chones he was wearing so I could try to tame his culo in the shower.”

“I don”t know what”s been going on with his nalgas lately, but it”s been fierce,” Abuela complained.

“Maybe he”s getting too much la leche in his diet,” Uncle Gabe joked while I gave him a playful pout and stuck my tongue out at him while shaking my head no. “Or maybe he”s taking in too much carne everyday.”

“Nonsense,” my abuela said, taking me in with a hug while I smiled up at her. “My Niño needs all the carne and la leche he can get so he can grow up to be just like his tío.”

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