Married Friends on holiday

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Married Friends on holidayHoliday WifeYet again i have had the call to run to the airport to pick my friends up.After picking them up we drove down the short stretch of motorway, whilst on the motorway I was asked if we could find a restaurant as they hadn´t eaten for some hours. No problem. I drove to a nice fish restaurant in a small fishing village I know. As we were getting out of the car my friend gave me a remote and told me to press the button as and when I wanted to, and he would explain later.Kind of a weird thing to give to someone I thought, and even weirder thing to say. But hey I’m easy going. Whilst in the restaurant going through the menu and translating for my friends I kept pressing the button on the remote whilst wondering what it could be for.We sat drinking wine chatting whilst waiting for our meals to arrive with me still pressing the button every few minutes wondering what it does. After a few more glasses of wine His wife got up excused herself and left for the toilet. I thought she looked flushed but put it down to a long flight and long day.Whilst she was gone my friend smiled and said “looks like the remote is working, I was beginning to wonder”. I asked what it was for and he just smiled and said I will find out when we leave if not before. On her return his wife changed sides on the table and sat next to me. I felt her hand rub past me but thought it was due to the chairs being close. She asked if I was enjoying the remote and if I wanted to see the results from me pressing the button. I answered “sure, so you’re going to tell me what it’s for now then. She just replied “more show you, than tell you”.With that she slid her panties on to my lap, they were very clearly wet not just damp but very wet şişli escort in the crutch area. As she just stared out of the window looking across the bay at the sunset she picked my hand up and slid up under her skirt. Her thighs opened slightly as my hand reached the top. She was panty less and as my hand felt her wet lips she told me to press the remote. Yes her pussy buzzed ever so slightly. They had brought a new toy a remote vib that slips in place and you can use either by remote or by an app on your phone. I must admit it was a fun meal knowing that each time I pressed the remote her vib would operate inside of her. And even more so when he told me to drop him off at their hotel after the meal and just bring her home at some point.After the meal we set off on route to their hotel but as we passed a turning to an old disused loading dock I pulled in and drove down the road to the small dock yard. I couldn´t hold it any longer I had to have her. This would be a first as her husband has never watched us just dropped her off and gone off to play golf.She leaned over and asked me if I was going to do what she thought I was. I asked her what was she thinking I was going to do. “ fuck me in front of my husband” was her reply.And why not? He knows that every time he drops you off and goes off for the day playing golf you spend the day with me doesn´t he?Yes. But he has never watched me before. He hasn´t seen me naked for years. He hasn´t even got hard for me in over 5 years. “Well maybe this is what he has been waiting for and hoping for “ I replied. “ see you fucked, watch you orgasm on another man’s cock”. By now she had her hand on my cock rubbing it through my shorts. He was just sat in the back of the car mecidiyeköy escort silent. We pulled up on the harbor the last glimmers of sunlight fading. As she got out of the car I took her by her hand and kissed her hard. I led her to the front of the car and lent her back against the bonnet. My hands were working over time trying to unbutton her top as I was kissing her neck and ears. My cock was straining in my shorts as she was trying to unbutton them for me. As soon as her top came off I had my lips around her nipples my hands helping themselves to the soft flesh. She was working on my cock with her hands as my shorts dropped to the floor. By now I was trying to get her back over the bonnet of the car lifting her legs up and around my waist. I felt her hand guiding me to her it. As my cock started to press against her it was clear how aroused she was. Her juices were leaking out of her, coating me as I entered her. It was then as she buried her head in my neck that she said her husband was out of the car and watching. I don´t care I said. Let him watch. I had been inside her for less than 5 minutes before she pushed me off, slid down in front of me and took my cock in her mouth, smiling up at me as she sucked her juices off me. She was massaging my balls as she took me in her mouth when I heard a noise from behind me. As I turned my head I saw him cock in hand, wanking away happily. I lifted her up and turned her around to take her from behind, knowing that I could make her cum hard if I slapped her ass and rubbed her clit as I fucked her hard. As I entered her from behind I held her hips pulling her back onto me. She held on to the car bonnet with one hand and started rubbing her clit with esenyurt escort the other. The speed she was rubbing it lead me to believe she was close to cumming or at least in a hurry to cum. By now I wasn´t sure which was louder her moaning or the squelching noises as it fucked her. She was dripping wet, her juices coating my cock and running down her thighs and my balls.I could feel her pussy start to clench me, I knew she was close. I picked up the pace wanting to cum with her or soon after. Her hand dropped from her clit and her knees started to go, I held on to her as I slammed into her feeling my cum building and almost ready to cum. As I started to cum I pulled out of her expecting her to tell me to cum over her or her to take me in her hand. But her husband just shouted don´t stop fuck the slut, fill her pussy with fertile seed. I just pushed back inside her and with a couple of thrusts emptied myself inside of her. Spent I just lent against her holding her against me, not pulling out just leaning against her soft body. I could feel him close to us, as I slowly pulled out of her my cock was followed by a flow of cum and pussy juice.As she turned around took me in her mouth to clean me, I could see him bend down to take a close look at her used pussy. His cock was still in his hand, still wanking it. He slapped her ass and called her names, “ slut, whore, bitch” and with that he came rubbing his cock up and down her spread pussy lips his cum mixing with ours.As I dressed I didn`t know what would happen next, whether this would end our fun, or change things.Whether I would ever see them again or he would blow his stack at me.As we got back into the car he told her to leave her panties and bra off and sit in the front with me. He sat in the back of the car quiet all the way to the hotel.She leaked all the way back. Dripping onto my seat. As we arrived at their hotel he got out got their cases and told her to follow him. Cum staining the back of her skirt she walked and followed him. ………………..

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