Maybe i had one to many ?


Maybe i had one to many ?
I sat at the table for two nurseing my glass of wine hopefully staring at the pubs entrance willing him to walk through the door. It was starting to get embarrassing as the pub filled with evening drinkers. i started to accept the fact that he wasnt coming. Id been stood up. It hapoens every now and then. A guy talks big online about everything he wants to do to me and we arrange a date. But when the time comes they sometimes arnt brave enough to turn up.

As i looked around the pub to see if we had missed each other i made eye contact with another middle aged woman standing at the bar and she gave me a sympathetic smile and rolled her eyes as if to acknowledge id been stood up. I awkwardly smiled back before swilling my wine in the glass and downing it before standing up and shuffleing my way around the table to leave. As i passed the bar i was startled by a pinch on my shoulder. I looked up and saw the woman caressing my dress between her finger and thumb “i love this dress where did you get it?” I replied puzzled “oh.. this.. its just a market thing” the woman stepped in front of me shaking her head comicly preventing my exit “well you look great…… ha sorry im kind of a clothing buff” i nodded at her in silence feeling a little miffed as she exstended her hand with a beaming smile “sorry im natasha” i shook her hand and introduced myself “im lolly”

She leant in and whispered in my ear “whoever he is he must be blind to leave you sitting there” i felt my face flush red with embarrassment as i awkwardly tried to pretend i wasnt bothered “oh.. yeah well.. its.. its okay i dont care” the woman pouted and put her hands on her hips and demanded in a stern voice “you need a drink” i tried to politely decline saying i should really be getting back but she insisted and before i knew what was happening she had ushered me to the bar and shouted at the barman “nonsense.. dave two more”

She was actually very easy to talk to and after strategically exsplaining about my failed date she went on to tell me she owned a designer clothing store in london. She kept the drinks coming hard and fast and within an hour we was on our sixth vodka and i definitely feeling the effects. I was having a great time with her as we both rolled around the bar in hysterical laughter so when she suggested that i should come back to her place to see some of her stock she selling off cheap it didnt seem like such a bad idea and after a bit of friendly persuasion i thought what the hell and i agreed.

She clapped her hands and jumped up and down on the spot excitedly before raising her hand and waving to somebody at the other end of the bar and two middle aged men came over. She casually introduced the two guys “dont mind these two.. this is my dopey boyfriend and this is his mate.. dont worry they wont bother us” i felt a bit awkward as i assumed we would be alone but she slapped her glass down on the bar and exstended her arm towards the door “okay lets get out of here..after you” and i just went with it..

We all got into a taxi and as we drove to her house i began to feel a little nervous as i realized we was heading somewhere way out in the countryside and i didnt actually know where we was. i sheepishly asked “its not to far is it” but she assured me it wasnt and that shed see me home safe so i just tried to relax. When we got to her house it was a huge place with big iron gates and a sweeping driveway. I was in awe of the property and she offered me a tour of the place waving for me to follow her upstairs as the boys dissapeared into a room downstairs. After a brief tour of the first floor she showed me into her bedroom where there was a pile of clothes on her bed. We did the girly thing and she would hold up dresses and tops against me and i drunkenly tried them on and playfully modeled them for her.

We was in fits of laughter. I felt relaxed and i was enjoying myself when she held up a very small black lacey teddy against my body “oh my god hun this is soooo you” i giggled as i held it aginst myself and twisted my hips in a comical pose. “Go on try it on” i felt my mouth instantly dry up as i declined through nervous laughter “oh haha noooo i couldnt do that haha” she looked at me with a devilish smile as she closed the bedroom door and teased me “oh go on.. its chanel” before standing in silence with her tounge poked into her cheek. I took a deep breath and reluctantly agreed “haha okaaaaay” she clapped her hands and turned her back to me “go on then i wont peek” i reached down and slipped my dress off and span my bra around and unclipped it before quickly throwing my knickers down my legs and kicking them off. My heart raced as i stepped into the skimpy garment and pulled it up my body. It felt so nice aginst my skin my nipples instantly hardening and my pussy beginning to throb with excitement.

My voice trembled as i asked “so what do you think?” She turned around and licked her lips slowly as she looked me up and down “mmmm honey that looks delish” she exstended her hand and wiggled her fingers looking at me with that devious grin. “Cmon.. lets go and show the boys” i stood with my mouth open agasp slowly shaking my head before whispering “nooooo are you mad !! I cant do that!” I heard a hint of authority in her voice as she insisted “yes you can.. cmon hun” our fingers slowly interlocked and she nodded at me reasuringly softly telling me “cmon.. its okay” as she slowly lead me out of the bedroom and out onto the landing. My legs felt like jelly and my heart was thumping in my ears as we made our way down the stairs towards the voices of the men and she called out to them “ooooooh boys.. lolly wants your oppinion on a little something” i heard them fall silent as we approached the door and natasha lead me by my hand into the room.

I stood there in front of them with my fingers interlocked in front of me bright red in the face struggerling to even look at them as natasha asked “well ? What do you think boys?” The two lads instantly burst into a chorus of praise “very very nice”.. “mmmmm now that looks good” i looked back at natasha over my shoulder as she gently pushed me towards them “go on then hon .. go and sit with them.. its ok.. go on” the two guys shifted up to opposite ends on the sofa leaving a space in the middle while patting the cusion “yeah come and sit with us lolly” i wobbled on my jelly legs as i sat down in between the two men and natasha stood in front of us and encouraged them “feel that material boys its lush”

I began to breathe heavy as the guy to my left gently brushed the back of his knuckles up and down my ribs “mmm thats sooo soft. Does it feel nice to wear lolly?” I looked at him and quietly squeaked “ya”. jumping slightly as his friend ran his finger tips up my spine before laying his palm onto my back and confidently careesing the material. My  whole body tingled as their hands gradually gained confidence and started to exsplore my body.

I looked left and right at each man in turn as their hands glided across my tummy before they both cupped one of my breasts each and gently fondled them through the thin material. I heard the tone of natashas voice alter slightly as she commanded them “open her legs”

I stared up at her as they obeyed her instructions and dragged my legs onto their laps spreading them wide apart exposing the flimsy black gusset which was sticking into my soaked slit with my clean shaven pussy lips peeking out the sides. She stood smilng down at us and silently mouthed the words “good girl” as she reached into her back pocket and took out her phone and pointed it down at us.

I shyed away closing my eyes and turning my head to one side and was immedietly greeted with a long passionate french kiss as my breasts were lifted out of the little teddy and my stiff nipples licked and sucked by the other man. I gasped into his open mouth as he reached down and brushed the soaking wet gusset to one side and smeared my throbbing clit up and down before delving his fingers into my hot wet opening.

He kissed and sucked down my jawline as i turned my head and saw natasha standing over us with her mobile phone filming as she quietly whispered “good girl lolly… thats it just relax and let it happen” i gasped for breath staring helplessly into the little black lense as the two mens fingers both took turns to dunk into my soaked opening.  I raised my hips up off the sofa as they wiggled deep inside me.

my hips were turned until i slid off the sofa onto all fours on the living room floor. The first guy walked on his knees in front of me and offered his hard cock to my lips. I opened my mouth and sucked it in moaning onto him as i felt his friend effortlessly glide up my soaking wet tunnel.

Natasha bent down and put her camera phone right in my face and filmed my puckered lips sliding up and down her partners solid shaft wrinkerling her nose and demanding “okay come on guys fucking give it to her” i moaned through the mouthfull of cock as the slapping sound of the guy behind slamming into me hard and fast verberated around the room and her partner ran his fingers through my hair and held my head against his pelvis until i gargled on his cock.

Natasha lowered her phone closer to my face and barked loudly insisting “hold her right there . hold .. hold” as i gaped my mouth open around his base desperately sucking in air and his friend mercilessly pounded into me from behind causing the flesh on my thighs to ripple and my breasts to violently swing.

The guy behind me began to groan loudly through his gritted teeth “arrghh tash..  im gonna cum … im gonna cum right up her tash” natasha stood upright and filmed his cock pounding into me as she  encouraged him “go on darling.. deep inside her yeah” her husband released me and a rope of precum and saliva stretched between my bottom lip and his tip as i felt my tunnel grip his friends cock as i spluttered for air just as he exsploded deep inside me. The feeling of his boiling hot spunk squirting against my cervix tickled so much i could feel my own orgasm building deep in my womb.

I pushed back against him and franticly stirred my hips as i looked back at natashas camera phone and showed her my sticky tounge. She encouraged me “thats it babe show us how much you love it” i looked at her with my mouth wide open gasping for air before bitting down on my bottom lip and groaning long and loud. my body stiffend and my tummy cramped as my insides spasmed into a huge gut wrenching orgasm.

Natasha placed her hand on my hips as i trembled on all fours “stay there a sec babe” she filmed his cock slowly withdrawing from me. “open her lips so i can get the cum shot” i stared down at the carpet cringing to myself as i felt his fingers spread my pussy lips until his warm sperm run out of my opening and down my slit coating my clit as he asked natasha “got it?” And she chuckled sarcasticly “ha yeah i got it”

I flopped onto my knees and gazed up at the other guy as he furiously jerked off over me hissing through his gritted teeth “open your mouth for me darling” i obeyed him put out my tounge as natasha clicked her fingers and requested that i “look here babe .. at the camera” i stared into the lense with a blank exspression as i berated myself inside “what the fuck am i doing !! How is this happening”

My guilty thoughts where interupted by the man growling loudly “arggghhh yeeeah argggghhh yeeeeah” i braced myself as he layed his bell end on my tounge and multiple jets of warm salty spunk suddenly sprayed into my mouth. I instinctively swallowed it down while natasha filmed a closeup of my blushed embaressed face before asking me “all gone?” i showed her my empty mouth to confirm it was and she told me i was a “good lass” before asking me in a chipper tone “you gonna clean the lads up now yeah?” I nodded silently and the two men presented both there cocks to my mouth as natasha took photographs. I sucked them both clean posing for pics as she softly told me “hold there.. thats great”

When we was finished natasha sent the guys out of the room before swiftly disapearing upstairs saying “ill get your clothes and call you a cab” the reality of what id done was dawning on me. I started to feel a little nieve as i stood up and waited alone in the room.

natasha appeared again and i questioned her as she handed me my clothes and dialed a taxi. “tash whats the video for?” she held her hand over the phone and casually replied “oh nothing hun.. its just for fun”. I waited for her to put the phone down and i persued the subject. “The thing is tash im.. well im married?” She laughed awkwardly and reassured me again “dont worry about it.. like i said it just for personal use” i nodded reluctantly as i wiggled my toes into my high heels “can i see it? I mean will you send it to me?”. She looked a little frustrated by my request and shook her head “babe it will take to long to send now the taxi will be here soon”

I nodded in silence before asking one last time “can i see the pictures at least?” She smiled at me and reasuringly rubbed my arm “of course you can silly ill bluetooth them to you”

She sent me some pictures and we exchanged emails agreeing that she would send me the video later on before we heard the cabs horn toot outside and she ushered me to the front door. I felt a little foolish as she walked me down the driveway to the waiting taxi asking her before i got in the car “nobody will see the video will they?” She gave me that sadistic smile as she opened the car door and gestured for me to get in. I sat in the car and she replied with a casual chuckle “go on.. off you go silly” before closing the door and waving as she walked away.

I sent multiple emails asking to see the video but frustratingly Natasha never replied.

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