Me and my c***dhood friends Carly


Me and my c***dhood friends CarlyThis happened about 10 years ago when I was 11/12. My mam used to take me to her friends house every weekend so they could talk and drink. This weekend was exactly the same. We arrived at 6pm and were greeted like normal. My mams friend had a daughter called Carly the same age, who I went to school with so I knew her pretty well. We usually just messed about like k**s do and annoy our parents and today was no different, other than my brother wasn’t here this time (I can’t remember why). We played hide and seek and ate our food then it came round the time we usually left to go home 9pm.My mam had drunk quite a bit more than usual and her friend didn’t want me going home with her like this. She offered us to stay which my mam accepted. My mam took the sofa and fell asleep as soon as she laid down. I was put in the room with Carly. She had a bunk bed and liked to sleep on the bottom, so I would take the top. We had to get changed for bed but I had nothing to sleep in so slept in my underwear. She got changed in the room which I didn’t mind as we have gotten changed in the same room before and seen each other naked. We couldn’t sleep and were talking for a while.I had to go to the toilet so got up and went. On my way back into the room Carly was staring at me with a weird face. I asked her what was wrong. She said “What you hiding in your pants?” Unknown to me I had an erection. I didn’t notice but must have got it on the bursa escort way back to the bedroom. I told her I wasn’t hiding anything then she demanded to show her as she was curious. I told her it was my penis and that it was excited for some reason. She didn’t believe me and though I had taken some food and wanted it all for myself. She got up and grabbed it. She soon realised that it was my penis and quickly went bright red from embarrassment. I told her not to worry about it and that it felt good when she touched it. She sat on the bed and looked at me weird again, she asked me if I would tell anybody about what just happened. I told her no as it was probably bad for me if anybody found out too. We then both got into our beds and were silent for a bit. She then asked if I have ever touched myself to get that good feeling she gave me. I replied yes and asked her the same thing. She was silent for a bit then said she was too scared as she had heard her mam making load noises while doing it. I told her that was from the enjoyment of it not pain.I asked her if she wanted too and that I could help her. She sat up and told me to come down and help her.She had already got undressed before I got down and was sitting on the edge of the bed naked. I took all my clothes off too and told her that we can both help each other. I pulled her legs apart and started to touch her pussy with my hand. Rubbing it gently, it made her gasp at first then she started to breath bursa escort bayan heavy. I told her to grab my penis like she did before and move her hand up and down. She did that and said it’s starting to feel really good.I started to rub a bit more but didn’t know what else to do. I had never watched porn and only know from what I’ve seen on tv and movies. I told her this and she said I had to put my finger inside her as that’s what her mam does to herself. I did this and she started to whimper and her legs were trying to close. She said it felt soo good.I told her that if she puts her mouth around my penis and moves up and down that it would feel better for me. She opened her mouth and put my penis in her mouth. I had never thought about how big my penis was but looking back now it must have been 6 inches which was big for 11/12yo. She could hardly get any in her small mouth. I had now inserted 2 fingers and had gone a bit deeper when I heard her say “ouch” quietly. I asked her what was wrong and she said that there is a little wall inside her that needs breaking in order for her to enjoy it even more. Little did I know at the time that her mother had talked to her about the birds and the bees earlier that week.I asked her how I should do that and she said ” put your penis in my pussy” She had now laid down with her legs open. I climbed on top of her and started to aim my penis at her hole. She helped guide it with her hand after I struggled escort bursa to do it. I started to slowly thrust it at her. The head had just touched when she started to whimper again. Then she started to push me into her slowly. It felt amazing. This little unused hole was now being entered by my 6 inch penis. After a few seconds I had reached the wall. She just told me to push it and break it and that it would hurt her at first. I did as she asked and started to thrust into it. After 10 seconds it broke and she covered her face with her pillow. I kept an ear out in case somebody heard but the house was silent.After 30 seconds I could feel myself going soft inside her. She told me she was ready for me to have sex with her which got me hard again instantly. I started to slowly thrust in and out and started to notice the blood coming out. She assured me it was normal from the wall breaking.I kept pushing in and out and after about 30 seconds I started to cum which made her start to come. We both just laid there enjoying our first time cumming.After a minute or so we both got up and she had some tissues to clean us both up a bit. We went to bed and slept.When I woke up Carly was already gone. I got dressed and went down stairs. I was relieved to see everybody was acting normal and nobody must have heard. We did it again a few more times but not until we were older which can be another story if this one get good rating.I found out 6 years later that Carly’s mam had wanted this too happen and had even told my mam that she had seen my penis and that I was well endowed and she wanted Carly and me to be together. She never found out about that night but knew about the times after.

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