Me as maid and a couple in Greece


Me as maid and a couple in GreeceThis is a story that a guy wrote for me ……He wrote :”Last summer my girlfriend and I went on holiday to the beautiful Greek island of Lesbos for two weeks of fun in the sun. I had a met Sasha a few months earlier at a club when I was out dressed as Tania. She was fascinated by my appearance and looks even though she knew that I was a slutty transvestite. Sasha was herself a free-spirited woman who was looking to meet other open-minded people so right from the start we hit if off with each other. We quickly got involved in a relationship and she completely accepted the male and female halves of my personality. So after a couple of months we decided to go on holiday where this story really starts…Most of our days were spent lazing around the hotel swimming pool, sunbathing, wandering around the old town on this idyllic island. During our second week we woke up one morning to find much to our surprise that it was raining outside. It didn’t take us long to realise that the best way to spend the morning was in bed pleasuring each other’s bodies. Sasha whispered into my ear “I want you to dress-up, I want to have sex with Tania now”. I was hoping she might ask me that so I slipped out of bed and disappeared into the bathroom to begin my transformation. 30 minutes later I opened the bathroom door completely made up as Tania. I was wearing my sexy new red dress, stockings and my fantastic new red high heels. “Come over here you naughty bitch!” commanded Sasha from the bed where she was lying naked revealing every secret of her beautiful, slim body. As I walked over she jumped up of the bed and grabbed hold of me and kissed me fiercely on my lips whilst squeezing my buttocks. “I am going to fuck you so hard you dirty slut” Sasha said as she rubbed my cock through the material of my red dress. Within minutes Sasha had me on my hands and knees with my dress up around my waist. She quickly pulled of the lace panties I was wearing so allow my now erect cock to swing free. Pulling my cock backwards, Sasha began to lick and suck avcilar escort it whilst gently squeezing my balls. I of course became quickly aroused and started dripping pre-cum from the tip of my cock, which Sasha greedily gobbled up as soon as it appeared. “Stay like that and don’t move” Sasha commanded. Following her instructions, I stayed exactly as I was. From the other side of the room I heard the clasps of Sasha’s suitcase snap open. A few minutes later I could hear Sasha walk back across the room to where I was still patiently waiting on my hands and knees. The next thing I felt was Sasha gently rubbing lubricant into my ass and using her finger to work the muscle and start to open me up. I am ashamed to admit that being such a slut, it doesn’t take much to open my ass up these days and within seconds Sasha was able to insert three fingers into my now gaping ass. After working me for another couple of minutes, she withdrew her fingers and then I felt her thrust something hard and thick deep inside me. I realised of course that Sasha had put on her big strap-on cock and, as I knew from previous experience, that she was fully intent on giving my ass a good pounding with her rigid latex phallus. Just as Sasha began her longer strokes, causing me to moan with pleasure, we both heard a gasp of shock from the door. Turning round we saw out Greek chamber maid holding a pile of linen in one hand and covering her mouth with the other hand. The expression on her face was one embarrassment mixed with curiosity. Obviously she had knocked on the door and we hadn’t heard and now the three of us were frozen in position staring at each other. Sasha reacted first, she said to the maid, “Put the towels down and come over here”. I couldn’t believe what I was hearing! I though the maid would run from the room and probably the next thing we would hear was the sound of the manager knocking on the door. Much to my surprise the maid did as she was told. “Sit on the bed next to us” Sasha instructed her. The maid did as she was told. “What is şirinevler escort your name” Sasha asked. “Varvara” the maid replied. “I can see from your eyes that you like what you see, don’t you?” said Sasha in that seductive voice of hers. “Yes, I like what I see” the maid replied. Sasha swivelled her body around to face Varvara. “Do you want to play with my breasts Varvara?”. “Yes” she breathily replied. “Well why don’t you take them in your hands and start kissing them?”. Varvara did as she was instructed and gently cupped Sasha’s breasts in her hands and slowly at first began to kiss them. Varvara obviously had experience with other women as she soon had Sasha moaning with delight as she began to suck harder on Sasha’s now fully erect and engorged nipples. As Varvara continued to suck tit, Sasha unfastened her maid’s outfit and unclasped her bra until Varvara’s beautiful, full breasts were also revealed. “Stand-up Varvara” Sasha commanded. Sasha expertly unzipped Varvara’s skirt and then quickly pulled down her panties as Varara stood up. Soon she was standing naked before us so that we could admire her delightful body. Despite the fact she was obviously still a little shy, Varvara seemed fascinated by Sasha’s huge strap-on cock and could hardly take her eyes of it. Sasha noticed of course and beckoned Varvara over with her finger, “Kneel down and suck me”. Varvara did as she was instructed and knelt in front of Sasha and began to slowly lick her cock, which was still dripping with lube and my ass juices. Varvara then opened her mouth wide and began to gobble up the big rubber phallus attached to Sasha’s body. Until now I had only watched in rapt fascination as my girlfriend seduced our quiet little Greek chamber maid. I could no longer resist the temptation to join in. I stood up and walked behind Varvara to kneel down if front of her delicious ass.I gently inserted my finger into her dark, hairy slit to find that she was already quite wet. Slowly at first I moved my finger in and out of her cunt, which made Varvara taksim escort utter a low moan of pleasure. I pushed in a second finger inside her and began to rub both fingers around the top of Vavara’s cunt, searching for her G-spot. I knew I had found it when Vavara cried out with pleasure. I began working her cunt harder with my fingers whilst Sasha pulled Vavara’s head further onto her rubber phallus, making her gag in the process. “I want to fuck the little bitch” said Sasha. Quickly we swapped positions and as I pulled Vavara’s mouth over my swollen and very erect cock, Sasha thrust deep inside her from behind with her strap-on. Varavra almost choked on my cock with the surprise of having such a large object forced deep inside her cunt but she quickly regained her composure and began expertly to suck me off as Sasha pounded her cunt from behind. Sasha grabbed hold of Varvara’s hips for a better grip and really began to fuck our nice little Greek chamber maid really hard and deep. I was so turned on by the sight of my girlfriend fucking another woman that it wasn’t long before I could feel myself approaching an orgasm. Before I could say anything to Vavara, I exploded hot sticky cum inside her mouth. Our naughty little chamber maid continued to suck me until I was completely drained and her mouth was full of hot cum and dripping down her chin. Sasha realising what had happened so she stopped fucking Varvara and turned her round to kiss her full on the lips so that she could greedily share my cum with the chamber maid. The kissed each other passionately for several minutes until the last of the cum had disappeared down their throats after which Sasha began to lick the rest of my cum off Varvara’s chin and breasts.The girls disappeared into the bathroom to shower together and as I lay relaxing on the bed I could hear giggles of delight and pleasure mingled with the noise of water cascading from the shower. Finally they emerged from the bathroom naked. Varvara quickly put her uniform back on and picked up the linen she had been carrying when she had inadvertently burst in on us earlier. “Come back tomorrow Varvara, I want you to clean this” commanded Sasha as she pointed to her own shaven pussy. Varvara laughed quietly and gave us a naughty wink as she slipped out of the door.”I hope you like it as i do…KissesVarvara

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