Me being sissy

Me being sissy
Let me start at the beginning .. I have always known I was bi having been married bit enjoying the taste and feel of solid cock.
I first started wearing panties stockings a few years ago and soon began to love the feel and look of being dressed sexy. It was about 3 months ago I was on grndr and started chatting with a guy called David he was 57 I am 46 slim tonned he much bigger than me… after a while of chatting and flirting swapping pics I asked if he likes guys in panties stockings his response was fuck yes and let’s meet..
He got to mine within the hour and told me to be in panties stockings to open the door… I was sat waiting with dressing gown over nervous as hell but so excited about having a real man use me like a good sissy slut.
As the door knocked I reluctantly opened it as soon as I stepped back and door was shut David reached and in one movement pulled dressing gown open and off my shoulders… I stood in panties stockings head down he took my hand led me in the front room sat down and told me to kneel between him feet .. I did as told as nervous of his build and size I’m 5.8 he well over 6.2..
He asked me if I was ready to be his slut and to be a good sissy.. I looked up at him nodded and yes sir I was told no daddy this made my cock spring to life in my panties..Yes daddy .. He reached in his pocket and bought out a pink collar and chain I was shocked but extremely excited he placed it around my neck and told me to sit look at him as I did he removed his t-shirt jeans stood in front of me his cock semi but so big ..
He pulled the chain for me to e right in front of his cock I slowly reached up to waistband of boxers and pulled them down his now hard cock (9inch) at least sprang into my face the weight and size hurt but I was soon kissing down the length of it cupping his balls in my mouth … out of nowhere a bottle of poppers was put under my nose I sniffed deep feeling that rush explode through my body making me feel so horny I began lapping at his massive cock going down more for taste of his ass… with this he turns around telling me I’m a good sissy eat my ass pushing back my tounge now deep in his ass he pulls me up telling me to ask for cock.. I was so horny I was begging him to feed me i was pulled down forcing his cock in my mouth I gagged as so big but was determined to take it all with spit and pre cunt dribbling for my mouth he scooped it of and wiped it into my ass pulling panties to side I felt a sting as he pushed 2 fat fingers straight into my ass pulling me onto his cock …
He was finger fucking my ass open so good I began grinding into him feeling his knuckles against my ass fucking my mouth deep now holding me pinned to his groin until I gagged…
I was handed the poppers helping myself sniffing deep..
I heard myself asking no begging to be fucked PLEASE DADDY FUCK ME ..
He turned me around on all fours still holding the chain as he placed his solid cock against my ass I could feel the size of it wondering if I could take it … As he pulled me on to it he said sniffing bitch I did and that’s when she slammed his cock k deep in one movement the pleasure was out of this world with his cock deep and rush of poppers I was soon pushing back like a wild sissy slut he fucked me for what felt like a life time stopping and starting when close to cumming then with one final deep hard thrust I felt him explode inside me his cock throbbing as wave after wave of cumming shot In me he held himself inside me after until every drop was in .. As he pulled his cock out I cum without touching my cock I could feel it dripping from my cock as I felt his cumming dribbling from my ass…
David dressed said I was his slut now… I have seen him 3 times since but that’s another story

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