Me, Jen and Jill.

Me, Jen and Jill.
When I was at college I dated a girl called Jen, she was a hot petite brunette with a fit athletic body, small round white tits and at times really liked to go nuts and just let loose.
Those times were my favourite, like the time she streaked through the building, or the time she mooned a police car on the other side of the motorway, or the time she stripped to her underwear on the bar to get a free drink, those were some great times with her, but the best was the time she scored us a threesome.
It happened one afternoon when we were supposed to be studying, things were getting serious, we had papers due on several different subjects and several big tests coming up and we were both struggling.
Then there was a knock on our room door, Jen went an answered it and in walked a similar size petite blonde haired girl in glasses and wearing a knee length summer dress.
Her names was Jill, she was a top achieving student who Jen had found in one of her classes, who for a small fee would help tutor us in the subjects we were struggling with, and to be honest she was pretty cute as well.
Jill sat down beside me, between me and Jen, and quickly began talking over the work we doing and trying her best to help us work through it, and a good solid hour or more later, we actually began to get some where, and soon things began to feel less scary.
It was around that time Jill then suggested we take a break, and as I went and got us some drinks from the vending machine down in the cafeteria, Jill and Jen sat chatting about life at college and as I walked back in I heard Jen say “So you never even seen a boy naked?”
Jill immediately blushed seeing me walking on this moment and quickly replied “Shhhhhhh… Please, don’t make a big deal out of it!”
“No, but it is” Jen replied “College isn’t just about learning, its also about experiencing things and you aren’t even experiencing the basics!”
“It doesn’t matter” retorted Jill still blushing “i’m okay with just achieving my academic goals, it’s what i’m here for”
“But qualifications aren’t everything” Jill retorted back “Experience also counts!” then she turned to me “Aren’t I right babe? This girl needs experience!”
“If you say so” I replied trying not to get involved in such a touchy subject.
“Well, I do, so why don’t you get your clothes off, and let Jill take a look at what you have?” my girlfriend then said grinning at me.
“Really?” I replied unsure.
“Yes, show this girl what she needs to see!” Jen said firmly.
I glanced at Jill who was now sitting looking a little nervous and a little confused “You don’t have to!” she then said looking at me, before glancing at Jen “He really doesn’t” she then said.
“No, he does and you need to see this!” Jen replied and so I put the drinks down on the side draws, and quickly pulled off my T-shirt, and then looking at Jill I kicked off my trainers, and then began undoing my jeans.
“I don’t think I want to be here anymore” Jill said nervously before trying to get up.
“Sit” replied Jen quickly holding her arm “You need to see a boys body naked and close up, trust me!”
Jill sat back down and stared at me as undid the last button on my jeans, and then I let them fall down, and immediately Jill and Jen could see my whole naked skinny body including my slight awakening soft cock and balls.
“Oh!” I heard Jill gasp as she sat just a few feet away.
“Come here babe!” said Jen grinning again.
So I moved over to her and standing beside my hot college girlfriend, she reached up and wrapped her soft small hand around my shaft and began stroking my cock into life.
“Oh, your going to touch him in front of me?” muttered Jill in disbelief.
“You need to see him in his full glory!” grinned Jen.
After a few more seconds of stroking and squeezing my cock, and with a hot blonde geeky girl watching I quickly grew and filled out to my full eight inches.
“Oh yeah babe, you like having your cock stroked in front of this girl, don’t you?” asked my girlfriend
“Yes” I replied staring at Jill the whole time.
Jill sat transfixed on my cock, watching Jen’s little hand run up and down my mighty thick shaft with all it’s bulging veins and occasionally cupping my big hairy balls.
“Hey, Jill you want to touch a big thick cock?” asked Jen after a minute or so.
Jill sat staring for a moment before replying “Oh no, no, I couldn’t, I shouldn’t..”
“Oh come Jill, no ones going to see us in here, and it’s just touching it for a moment!” Jen said trying to tempt her.
Jill hesitated for another second or so and then Jen almost kind of waved my hard cock at her “Come on Jill, just touch it, just wrap your hand around it and see what it feels like!” she said
Jill was just a couple of feet away, I could feel her breath on my thigh every time she breathed out, and from that distance all she had to do was reach out and her small soft hand would have touched my hard ready cock.
And then she did, as if in a trance, she said nothing, but her hand reached out and as Jen held my cock steady by the bottom half, Jill slowly wrapped her hand around the top half.
“Oh!” Jill exclaimed as her hand gripped my thick hot rod “It’s so thick and hard and hot!”
“Yeah, big fat cocks are always, thick, hard and hot!” grinned Jen “Give it a stroke, see what it feels like!”
Jill didn’t hesitate this time, her hand gently moved down my shaft and then back up, and then back down again and then back up again.
“Oh my!” I heard Jill whisper as her hand began jerking my cock.
“Yeah, that’s good Jill, stroke that cock, he likes it just like that, nice and steady!” Jen whispered grinning and watching this girl eagerly.
Then Jen’s hand began stroking my shaft as well, and soon two little soft hands were stroking my big thick cock.
After a minute or two Jen then asked “Do you know what’s even better than stroking a big, thick, cock?”
“No” replied Jill
“Tasting a big thick cock!” and then Jen leant in and gave my tip, that was poking up just above Jill’s hand, a quick lick.
I groaned excitedly and then Jen grinned and licked her red little lips at Jill “See tasty!” she said.
Jill hesitated for a moment, even though her hand was still stroking my shaft, and then slowly lowered her head and I watched her little pink tongue stick out, and quickly she wiped it across my cock head.
I don’t know if it was the way she did, or the fact she wasn’t my current girlfriend but I instantly let out a louder more excited groan and Jill quickly licked her lips like Jen had done.
“Well?” Jen asked
“I’m not sure” replied Jill nervously
“Then give it another taste, in fact just keeping going until your sure!” grinned Jen and to my surprise Jill lowered her head, and gave my cock another lick, and then another and another, and very quickly just sat there licking away at my red bulbous head.
Jen then let go of my cock and stood up, before pulling off her t-shirt, undoing her bra and letting her small round tits tumble out, she then stuffed them into my mouth, and as I sat sucking on her pink hard nipples, she continued watching Jill licking my cock.
“Move your head lower, get it in your mouth, if you really want to taste it in full, suck on that big thick cock like you want it!” urged Jen
Jill immediately complied and her head dropped lower engulfing my cockhead, and quickly she was sucking my whole head into her mouth and slobbering down my shaft.
Her hand was now jerking quickly up and down my shaft, increased by the saliva that was lubbing it up and soon after that her little blonde head was bobbing excitedly in my lap.
“Yeah, she’s loving your cock” grinned Jen looking at me “Are you loving her mouth?”
“Oh yeah!” I grinned happily, and then Jen leant in and kissed me.
After another minute or two of this, and beginning to think I was probably going to cum in this hot blondes little eager mouth, Jen moved away from me, moved around behind Jill and slowly ran her hands around either side of Jill’s little petite body and began massaging her little perky boobs through her dress.
Jill let out a groan of pleasure but did not stop sucking on my cock, so Jill continued touching her body, and then after a minute or so more I heard her whisper “Would you like me to play with your boobs properly?”
“Yes” I heard a muffled reply come back, and then I watched as Jen took hold of the zip on the back of Jill’s dress and slowly pull it down, and when it reached the bottom, I saw her slide her hands inside of Jill’s dress and begin to fondle her naked soft boobs.
Jill let out another excited groan, louder but still muffled by my cock that was half deep her wet mouth, and from the angle I was sat, I could almost see down her open dress and see those soft little hands touching those soft little boobs.
We stayed like that for another few minutes, until I heard Jill whisper again “So, do you want to see how a big, thick, cock like that fills a little pussy?”
Jill glanced up with a look of disbelief on her face again “Okay” she replied nervously again.
Then Jen got her to stand up and move to my bed, I quickly laid back on the bed, before Jen quickly kicked off her tracksuit bottoms and blue panties and then showed off her bald little smooth snatch to both us before she climbed up onto the bed, mounted my waist and slowly lowered herself onto my hard ready cock.
Jill watched intensely as Jen’s little pink pussy lips parted and began to stretch around my cockhead, and then with a happy groan her pussy opened wide and slid down onto my cock.
“Oh fuck yeah!” groaned Jen as she swallowed almost half my cock into her wet hot hole.
Jill was now almost wide eyed in amazement on seeing Jen’s little pussy taking in so much big thick cock, and then watched even more amazed as it began moving up and down my shaft swallowing more and more of my member and coating it in her juices.
“Oh wow!” I heard Jill gasp.
Then we began fucking properly, Jen was facing me and quickly moved her little ass up and down, her little boobs jiggled about and she groaned happily with every movement as she fucked herself on my cock.
For a good few minutes Jen just bounced around on top of me, her pussy slurping up my hard big cock and then letting it go again in quicker and quicker movements, her breathing was getting more rapid and louder and it was clear that both me and Jill weren’t the only ones turned on by this situation.
As Jen was fucking her self on my cock to a inevitable orgasm, I glanced around her hot little naked body to see Jill, sitting on the end of the bed with her dress half off, her little perky boobs were sticking out all hard and in need of touching, and one of her hands had slipped inside her dress, and was clearly touching her own little hot pussy.
That was enough to spur me on, and thrusting up to meet Jen’s movement, my girlfriend got louder and louder as her orgasm quickly approached, while I kept eye contact with Jill who was intensely watching us.
“Oh god! oh god! oh god!” Jen began crying “Oh god I’m cumming! I’m cumming! i’m CUMMING!” she then cried before tensing up on top of me and jerking hard a couple of times as her tight little pussy clamped around my cock.
“OH FUCK I’M CUMMING!” she cried as her orgasm washed over her.
For a few seconds Jen just sat on top of me breathing hard and not moving, then slowly she relaxed and a big grin crossed her face “Oh fuck I need that!” she grinned before leaning and kissing me.
Then she turned and grinned at Jill “So you want to try my boyfriends cock?”
Jill once again looked nervous “I…I… I’m not…” she stuttered trying to reply.
“Come on! It’ll be the best thing you’ll ever do here!” said Jen, before slipping off my still hard cock.
“Look at this thing, it wants you to sit on it Jill, it wants to be inside of you!” Jen said waving my big thick wet juicy covered cock at her.
Jill stared at my glistening fat cock, and then slowly replied “Oh, okay”
“Great!” grinned Jen, and quickly she moved over to Jill.
Jill stood up and Jen quickly pulled her dress all the way down leaving her in a pair of white panties, and then slowly Jen took hold of Jill’s panties and slowly pulled them down as well.
I immediately could see Jill’s little pussy, it was a nicely trimmed blonde hairy thing that looked pretty cute, and it wasn’t my girlfriends but my girlfriend was happy for me to fuck it, bonus!
Then Jen held Jill’s hand as she climbed onto the bed, and moved over the top of me.
“Okay girl, your in control here! Just sit on as much as you want, he’ll just lay there until you tell him otherwise, got it?” Jen then said
“Okay” nodded Jill, then slowly she lowered herself down, and we watched eagerly as this hot little geek touched down on my big hard cock, her little hairy mound split open, her little pink pussy parted and slowly my big fat cock entered her wet hot hole.
We both groaned excitedly, and then Jill even more as my cock slid in where no man had been before, and in a second or so my first few inches were inside that virgin pussy.
“Oh, it’s so big, it feels like it’s stretching me!” groaned Jill.
“And it will sweetie, just let it, it’ll be alright!” whispered Jen holding onto her new fuck friend.
Jill slowly lowered herself another inch or two until I was nearly half up inside of her, and then gently she began riding my cock.
“Oh god this feels… this feels… so good!” groaned Jill as her hands clamped around her own little breasts.
“Yeah it does babe, and it only gets better!” replied Jen grinning.
Then for a good few minutes Jill became lost in her own pleasure as she rode my big hard cock, slowly but steadily, enjoying the feeling of my hard meat for the first time inside that tight little pussy, while Jen knelt beside grinning and helping her.
Then Jen began fondling Jill’s tits again, and Jill quickly began groaning louder “Oh god! oh god! I never thought it would be like this!”
“Yeah, babe go faster feel that cock going harder and deeper into you!” Jen whispered in her ear.
Jill did pick up the pace and the instant she did, and her pussy was sliding up and down my hard shaft quicker faster, she began groaning even louder.
“Oh god! oh god! oh god! This is amazing! This is so amazing!” she groaned over and over.
“Yeah fuck my boyfriends cock, fuck that big fat pole, take it all inside of you!” urged Jen still playing with her friends boobs.
Jill was soon dropping right down and taking every inch I had deep up inside of her, and her groans got louder and her breathing got quicker and with Jen playing with her tits still, Jill wasn’t long from her first orgasm.
“Oh god! I think i’m cumming!” she cried “Oh god! I think i’m cumming! Oh god! oh god!”
And then she plunged hard down onto my cock, and as her little round ass slapped against my hairy balls, she began crying out “oh god! I’M CUMMING! I’M CUMMING!”
And then her little petite body began to tremble and jerk as she had her first orgasm on top of me.
“OH FUCK! FUCK! FUCK!” she then exclaimed as her orgasmed intensified.
Jen gripped her friends body as it shook over me, Jill’s eyes were closed and lost in her moment and all I could do was lay there and watch eagerly as this hot little nerd came.
Then a few seconds later Jill took a deep breath, stopped jerking and relaxed, and practically fell into Jen’s arms.
“Was that good for you babe?” Jen asked looking down at Jill.
“Oh yeah! oh god yeah!” grinned Jill lying sweaty and slumped on her new naked friend.
Then Jen suggested we try a new position, and the girls got on their knees on the edge of the bed, before I got up behind them, and took it turns fucking their sweet little pussies from behind, after another quick orgasm for Jill, and knowing I wouldn’t last much longer, Jen suggested we try one more position, and the girls lay back on the bed beside each other, and I once again got to fuck each of them switching back and forth, doing my best to try and bring them to another orgasm while struggling to hold on to my own.
Then finally as they were both groaning and breathing heavily beneath me, covered in sweat and now sharing kisses to excite me even more, I couldn’t hold on any longer and I felt my balls tighten and with a groan, I whipped my big hard pussy juice covered cock out of Jill’s sweet little pussy, and with a roar began shooting my load all over their bodies.
“Yeah babe! make it rain!” cried my girlfriend excitedly “Make it rain!”
I pumped what felt like a gallon or more of hot sticky cum all over those two hot college girls, soaking their pretty little naked bodies in my juices until finally I couldn’t shoot no more, and with a sigh I staggered back to catch my breathe.
I then watched in amazement as they then began licking and kissing each others naked bodies, sucking up all my cum that was splattered all over each others sexual parts, before they eventually ended up in a 69 position licking each others wet leaking pussies and bring each other to another orgasm.
Well, after that day Jill came round for more study sessions which always finished in big sex sessions, and I was one very lucky k** at college.

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