Meeting Helena’s gynecologist

Meeting Helena’s gynecologist
Meeting Helena’s gynecologist

Friday afternoon my girlfriend Helena asked me if I could go with her to meet her gynecologist. She had an appointment after office…

She told me I would like her gynecologist Doctor; she was a woman; a lesbian one, very beautiful, with a nice smile and a killer body.

But when we were there a male Doctor called Helena from an examination room. My girlfriend asked for her own usual gynecologist, but this kind young man said she would not be available that day.

“Mrs. D’Angelo, are you ready? Come this way, if you please.”

The Doctor looked at me and told me I could go in with my friend.
Helena was told to go behind a screen; to undress and put a robe on.

She undressed, put on the robe and came back into the room.
Then she was asked to climb on the chair and put her feet in the stirrups.
She did as she was told and spread her legs for the Doctor.

He bent over her and put his fingers between her pussy lips. He palpated her outer labia and then he inserted two fingers deep inside her vagina.
Helena let out a little gasp when she felt his fingers inside.
Then the young Doctor put gel on his fingers and said he was going to inspect her ovaries. He gently pushed two fingers even deeper…

“I think you have not had a proper examination for quite a while, Mrs. D’Angelo. I think we better do an ultrasound and check your anal passage.”

Helena was ordered to turn over and told to get in a position which was basically “doggy style”. In this the man looked again at her vagina, pulling it open with his thumbs and inspecting her labia again. He then put more gel on his gloved hand and slowly inserted a finger into her anus. He probed her anal passage for a minute, making Helena whimper and breath deep.

She looked me in my eyes and I knew she was enjoying the Doctor´s touch.

“That all seems perfect” The Doctor announced, ordering Helena to stay in that position; he would have a quick scan.”

Helena could not see what was happening behind her, but suddenly I saw she felt the hard rigid length of the ultrasound probe pushing against her labia. With the gel and her natural lubrication it slid in inch by inch, opening her up. I saw the Doctor smiling as he pushed the instrument more and more inside Helena’s cunt.

After an eternity of time, while Helena had her eyes closed and breathed heavily, the Doctor finally pulled that thick thing out slowly.

“Would you please sit in the chair again and put your feet in the stirrups.”

He sat on a small stool and scooted himself between Helena’s spread thighs and put his face some inches from her sweet vagina. He rubbed gel along the length of a speculum, then along of her pink lips and slit. He then started to insert the speculum into her. He opened the speculum then leant forward and peered into Helena’s very intimate depths.

The Doctor announced he needed to check the membrane between the vaginal and anal passages.
He put more gel on his index and middle fingers and slowly inserted one into her vagina and one into her anus. I could imagine Helena feeling both fingers moving and bending, touching each other through the walls of her insides… I smile behind the Doctor and Helena sent me a kiss…

Suddenly my sweet Helena shuddered and tensed her back. I knew he had come to an orgasm with those two fingers inserted in her orifices…

The young Doctor acknowledged the situation, but I saw him smiling and leaving her fingers deep inside Helena´s holes…

After her orgasm subsided, he took out both fingers from her, as nothing ever had occurred…

Helena was still shaking in an incontrollable way when she got out of the chair. But then the Doctor asked her if she would agree allowing some students to participate in her examination. Helena smiled and agreed, of course; she was not missing some other hands in her cunt and ass…

He then called on a student to come forward and instructed him to do likewise she had done before in Helena’s cunt.
My friend lay there as a young trainee invaded her vagina with his fingers, whilst being watched by others.
“Would you please turn over on all fours, Madam”. Commanded the Doctor.

The only female student present there approached Helena`s buttocks and examined her outer and inner labia for any abnormalities she could find. The young girl inserted her fingers, including the insertion of one finger into her asshole.

She also conducted another ultrasound exam on Helena; pushing again the large hard probe into her depths for what seemed an eternity. I looked to me like a scene from a cheap porno film, one woman doing that to another whilst the remaining men watched.

Helena later sat back in the gyno chair. She was helped to put my legs into the stirrups by a handsome young male student, who immediately shoved his fingers deep inside her both holes…

My girlfriend had her second orgasm of the days in the hands of that young trainee. But this time she looked with embarrassment, because she had come in front of all six young people and her cunt was soaking wet…

She calmed down and then the Doctor and another student unbuttoned her robe and started checking her breasts for any lumps. All the male students came forward and took turns on her nice round tits. They probed with fingers making circular motions and many often a hand lightly brushed her nipples…
Finally the Doctor inserted the speculum into Helena’s vagina and opened her to the world. He took a swab of her cervix. Then he invited all the guys there to come forward individually. Each one sat on the low stool and scooted between her open legs.

With their faces inches from Helena’s wide open labia, they peered into her pink wet vagina. The Doctor explained what a healthy cervix should look like, and then instructed them to inspect hers, looking for any differences. They then, each in turn, took a swab from there.
Right there came in another student; a very attractive oriental like young woman in her mid-thirties. She was late for the class, but she had arrived yet in time to touch Helena`s cunt.
The young lady sat down between my girlfriend open legs and she proceeded to insert her fingers in her. But this time I could see she was not inspecting Helena’s vagina: she was masturbating her.

I saw Helena twisting and trying to resist the young woman touch.
But then a third orgasm came through her body, making her shudder…

The female student smiled satisfied and then abandoned the room, after talking quietly with the Doctor.

“Thank you Mrs. D’Angelo, we are done now” The Doctor announced, helping Helena to climb off from the chair. She walked almost naked among the young students, who looked at her body with lust in their eyes…

When we came out of the clinic, Helena laughed and told me:

“Ana dear, you really should have to try the fingers of that Chinese bitch… She made me cum better than you…”
I smiled and said I had scanned her name. I would surely look for her on my next visit to the gynecologist…

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