Meeting with Master


Meeting with Master
What was I doing? Was this really what I wanted? Geez, it’s all so easy when you’re all horny, but what about now?

Well, anyway, it looks like choices are removed from me for now, anyway. So I guess I’ll just have to accept the situation. Ha!

So, what situation is that exactly?

Well, I had corresponded with Master for some time. We’d swapped some pics and some ideas. He seemed reasonable, knowledgeable about d/s matters, quite some experience. In many ways he was pretty much what I was looking for. He did have some thoughts that we a little out of my experience and comfort zone, but he sounded sensible and sane, and ticked most of the boxes.

Also, he seemed interested in me to an extent; at least my pics had not put him off. I assumed that I was in some way what he may be looking for as well.

So, we arranged a meeting. He emailed me during the afternoon, suggesting I attend him that same evening. I was immediately both nervous and excited, at work, and took about thirty minutes to respond. “Yes, Sir,” I replied. Knowing that this sealed my fate. If I made a commitment to meet I always did so. Even if play never eventuated (and this had happened occasionally), I always honoured my promise to turn up.

Within a few minutes a reply came with the time and address. Gulp.

My experience with this play was not excessive. I was even still a virgin, well, at least as far as real human cocks went. Plastic is another story. Oh, and I guess I had, er, orally pleased a few gentlemen over the years. Even if not exactly a ‘deep throat’ expert, I liked to think I was in some manner a reasonable cock sucking sissy.

I rushed home, showered, shaved, etc, quickly. I lubed up lots, and slowly inserted a medium butt plug. Who knows, perhaps tonight my virginity would finally be taken. I locked the chastity cage in place, being careful to not lose the key. Then I turned into Robyn. Well, I’m no CD expert, don’t really convince that much. It’s way more a humiliation/embarrassment factor for me than a convincing girl situation for others. But it does feel nice, and the nylon and the lingerie and the wig, etc, all do make me feel very girly, and certainly very submissive. Oh, and very horny.

The lacy mauve panties covered my cock cage. And the black stay-up stockings left just a short fair patch of skin at the top of my thighs. A matching mauve bra encased my sensitive little titties. The very short, tight mini skirt barely covered my bottom. And the lacy black long sleeved blouse provided plenty of see-through. My hair was a girl-next-door shortish blonde. A light powder on my face, a little eye shadow, rich ruby-red lipstick. I was not an expert with makeup; I figured less was more in such cases.

A few bits and baubles, and teetering high black heels completed my look. Yes, chubby enough, certainly not to be confused with a real girl… sigh… but perhaps just slutty enough, and embarrassing enough to appeal to someone. I hoped.

Plugged and locked, I thought it not a brilliant idea to drive in heels as well, so I put some trainers on to drive to my assignment. I had a bag with some toys, and a change of clothing, a camera, and various other assorted things.

Driving, I was nervous, terrified of being pulled over, and each time I pulled up next to another vehicle, kept my eyes straight ahead. As I said, I was no expert at this.

I found the address easily enough, and was pleased the street and entrance was fairly dark. It would be intolerable to run into someone. Getting out of the car, I swapped into my heels, and tottered unstably up the path, and knocked at the door.

The gentleman soon opened the door, welcomed me inside, and led me to the lounge. I was certainly nervous enough, but he gave me a nice drink, and we sat on the couch, chatting, occasionally looking up at the (er, very nasty) naughty video playing on the screen. I was relaxing, feeling as comfortable as I could, dressed as I was, and with a plug deep inside me, and a cage encasing my little clit.

A hand on my thigh, my heart started racing. An arm around my neck. Soothing words in my ear. A hand brushing my face gently. Holding me tighter, pulling me to his body. His lips at my neck, behind my ear. Oh my. I was surrendering, I was giving in to the feelings. Lips at my lips. My breathing so heavy. Me returning his kiss. Moaning. His tongue gently exploring my mouth. His hands all over me. Me responding. Oh my.

Oh… I could take this forever. His warm body firmly against me, his mouth covering mine, his strong hands holding me firmly, yet caringly. Sucking on his tongue, my little clitty was almost bursting its cage, and the intruder in my tight little hole felt so huge and filling.

The bliss was broken as I was lifted up from the couch, to my feet. Hands around me. Body against me. Oh. What was that? Oh god. I felt his hardness against my thigh. It felt enormous. And oh-so-hard. More kissing. More feeling. His hands across the hard cage encasing my clit. And little giggles and smirks. Pushed to my knees, my head resting against his crotch, my face feeling his huge hardness. “Suck me, bitch,” were the first harsh words I had heard. Shocking me. Surprising me. I fumbled with his zipper and buttons. “Hurry up,” he ordered. Finally, I managed to free him from his trousers.

And I licked. And caressed. And nibbled. I ran my tongue top to bottom. I worked and worked his gorgeous member, at times taking it a little into my mouth, mostly just pleasuring it as I could. After a time he pulled away, and turned around. I knew what he wanted. But I just…. couldn’t… He smelt nice, and was obviously very clean. I’d done this before, but I just couldn’t…. “Do it, girl,” he barked, but I just could not stick my tongue there.

He pulled away suddenly, grabbed my arm. He was angry. He firmly led me through the house to a closed door. “Stay,” he ordered. And I waited nervously. A moment later he returned, behind me, and I felt cloth wrap around my head. Ah, a scarf, a blindfold. My sight was removed. My hands were then roughly grabbed in front of me, and I felt rope being wound around my wrists.

The door was opened, and I was led forward, unstable on my heels, and without sight. I was walked forward until I came across a hard surface. And I was bent forward at the waist. I felt cushions, or pillows, or something soft at least for my chest and my head to rest on. My arms were stretched out in front of me, and I felt them being tied off onto something.

My legs were spread apart, each leg tied at the ankle onto…. ah…. the legs of a table. I was tied bent over a table. Oh my, I was so exposed. So open. So vulnerable. I could feel my tiny skirt riding up. I’m sure my panties and stockings were totally on view. To make it worse. my skirt was further hiked up. My clit in its cage dangled under the edge of the table.

“Now, slut,” I heard. “You refused to lick my hole. You will be punished. You are lucky, I will start with the flogger.”

I heard the swish of a multi-strand rubber or leather flogger. I felt it on my bottom. Mmmmm…. Gentle. Soft. Nice. And even after ten or so strokes, it was a warm tingle, a pleasant warming sensation. The swings started getting harder. I started yelping a little. OK, this was not so nice. Ah. Ah. Ow. Ow. My thighs and bottom were certainly stinging now.

I don’t know, maybe thirty strokes or so, and then a respite. Whew. I figured it was over.

I heard a rustling, a crinkling sound. Ah… a condom wrapper. A gentle hand on my bottom. Rubbing, caressing. Nice. Slowly, and ever-so-carefully and gently, the plug buried deep within my little hole was eased out. Bit-by-bit, it was withdrawn. Finally popping out, leaving me feeling so empty. I was nervous, scared, anticipating what was to come. Although I had had toys before, I had never had the real thing. I fully expected to be penetrated just then.

But no. A loud swish sound. What?

“Slut, that wasn’t punishment,” I heard. “That was pleasure.”

“Ten strokes.”

I was confused. What? Then… crack! Yow! What was that? I wriggled, gasped. My arse on fire. Crack! Another. I don’t know. A crop. A cane. Belt. Dunno. But it hurt like hell! Crack!

“Stop, please,” I begged. “Anything. Please.”

Crack. This was not fun. Not sexy. Not horny. Just painful. No.

But for some reason, some deep reason, I didn’t use my safeword (“red”). I didn’t stop the pain and punishment. What did this say about me?

Crack! That must be it. Ten. I guess. A felt a cool finger at my hole. Adding lubricant to the already-lubed sissy hole. A finger inside me. And out. And in.

He was being so nice, and gentle. A larger finger, pressing at me. slowly entering me. Ahhhh…. actually felt quite nice… Pushing back against it.

Oh, that wasn’t a finger. Oh my. It was him! And he was in me. After whipping me, after cropping me, he was now fucking me. I was no longer a virgin. And it felt great!

He was so slow at first, little by little picking up pace, going in deep and shallow, exiting completely, and then sliding back in.

I felt like such a girl. Such a slut. So submissive. So totally *used*.

After a time, he pressed hard against me, pushing me further into the table, his cock so deep inside me, so hard. He pushed my face, and I felt him pulse. I actually felt his cock throb in my hole! He groaned as he came, filling the condom with spurt after spurt.

He lay on top of me for a time, his cock still lodged inside me. I felt so pleased that I had provided him such pleasure, that my own pleasure did not matter, that I had not even slightly had a chance to cum.

Gently, carefully, he eased out of me, holding the condom. He walked around to the front of the table. I expected to be released now. “Open, girl,” he said. I was confused. He grabbed my jaw. Oh. I opened my mouth. “Stick out your tongue,” he ordered. Oh. Now I knew.

He poured the contents of the condom onto my tongue. Some spilt down my lips and mouth. I wondered if I should close my mouth, and swallow. I waited.

Something was shoved in my mouth. Ugh… A ball. Ah, a gag. And buckled behind my neck. His cum all through my mouth now. I’d taste it for ages.

And so I arrived at the scenario I mentioned at the start. My Master (as I definitely thought of him as such now) was no doubt recovering. My arse and thighs were sore. My little hole was sore and stretched. My body ached from the awkward position. My jaw ached from the gag trapping his juices in my mouth. I was still so very, very, very horny! My little clit, still trapped in its cage, my hormones raging. I was soooooo horny!!! I’d suck a table leg if Master demanded. Hell, I’d suck anyone he ordered me to. I’d let him, or anyone he wanted fuck me!

After a time, I felt Master return again. Some fiddling under the table. I figured I was to be released. Then an electrical noise. A buzzing. What? Oh. And then…. vibrating on my cage. Buzzing, directly on my clit cage. Oh my god. I would never be able to stand this. And a forced cum, wearing a chastity cage is horrible. Not very satisfying. In fact, it is very unpleasant.

Moaning into the gag I writhed, I tried to get away from it. I did not want this. I’d rather not cum at all. But he didn’t stop. Oh no. Ugh, ugh, ugh… I grunted into the gag as I came. A few little spurts, totally constrained, my girly juices more oozing out of me than spurting or shooting. I humped hopelessly. Not really an orgasm. More an unsatisfactory release.

I relaxed against the table and my restraints. Master moved to my bottom. Oh no. I was definitely not horny any more. I felt something being dripped on my bottom, on my sissy hole. Oh no! “Yes, slut, it’s your own juices,” Master said, as he applied my own mess onto my own pussy. Yuck. Disgusting. I moaned into the gag more. My hole resisted his finger. Crack! Yow! My bottom was slapped. Yow! Again and again.

“Let it in, slut,” Master commanded.

I was broken, defeated. I relaxed, I pushed back. I felt his finger, and the load of my own goo entering me, smearing on and in me. And then more pressure as…. ahhhh…. another plug was filling me. Tied, whipped, fucked, forced to cum, filled with my own mess. How could it get worse?

I was finally untied… on wobbly feet, led through the house again. Still gagged, plugged, aching, in pain…. I guess it was a bathroom, by the sound… I was pushed to the floor, sinking down with gratitude. And before I could even realise what was happening…. Oh my god! No! This was disgusting. A warm stream hit my face. It ran over my body, face to thighs. Master was pissing on me. And I felt as low as I had ever felt in my life.

It ended. At last. And just as I hoped that was all, my gag was suddenly unlocked, removed from my mouth. I gasped nice fresh, but piss-smelling air. And before I could relax, Master’s cock was at my lips. And in my mouth. And I was gasping, choking, gagging. He was surely hard again now, and using my mouth as a fuck hole.

“Clean up, slut. And come to my bed.” Master ordered. “There are some clothes here.” And with that he exited the bathroom. Leaving me to clean up and get ready for….. what? I removed the blindfold, blinking at the brightness. I saw my bag, and some flimsy lingerie Master had left. I figured I should have a shower.

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